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Today’s blacklisted American: Assistant principal harassed and forced to resign for rejecting school’s insistence that all whites are racists

A view slide from the school's bigoted training
A view slide from the school’s bigoted training, annotated to
illustrate the program’s goals.

“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” When Emily Mais, assistant principal at Agnor-Hurt Elementary School in Virginia strongly objected to training materials being used by the Albemarle County school district that preached that only whites could be racists, and in fact all were, she found herself endlessly harassed, forced to make numerous public apologies, and eventually was forced to resign in the face of numerous insults and threats against her.

She has now enlisted the Alliance Defending Freedom to sue the Albemarle County School Board. From the first link above:

Mais’ problems with the district began in Feb. 2019 when the district adopted an “Anti-Racism Policy.” In Nov. 2020, the school held a “mandatory online orientation presentation for all [district] staff to introduce the Policy.” “During the orientation, the [district] suggested that anyone opposed to their Policy was a ‘racist’ and should consider finding a different job,” the lawsuit alleges.

In March 2021, Mais attended a district-wide professional development webinar entitled, “Becoming an Anti-Racist School System: A Courageous Conversation.” The curriculum taught educators that acts of racism can only be committed by members of the so-called “dominant race,” which is defined as white people.

The training curriculum was based on the book “Courageous Conversations About Race,” which the Virginia Office of Public Instruction dubbed as an “inherently divisive concept” that is “harmful to students and staff members alike.”

When Mais and other whites attempted to participate in these sessions, they were “…shut down or dismissed in front of other staff members and told they could not understand the topic because of the color of their skin.”

Mais subsequently found herself increasingly harassed and threatened by other teachers for her attempt to speak at this session, led apparently by the teacher who had run one session, Sheila Avery.

“Multiple employees” reportedly told Mais that Avery was “openly slandering” the administrator and “openly cursing about her and calling her vulgar names at work, telling other employees she was a racist and that she intentionally demeaned black people, and trying to turn other employees against her.”

Examples of slanderous phrases included, “That white racist b***h” and “That two-faced racist b***h,” according to the lawsuit. Mais allegedly reported this harassment to “numerous [district] officials, none of whom take any action to stop it.”

Faced with these constant displays of hate, Mais eventually was forced to resign. Her only crime? She rejected the district’s bigoted insistence that all whites are racists.

You can read the actual lawsuit complaint here [pdf]. As is usual for these cases, it reveals a level of viciousness and hate by these racist government goons that is appalling.

The lawsuit outlines how the school board’s treatment of Mais violated Virginia’s constitution by punishing her for her opinions and denying her guaranteed right of free speech. It also details how the school board also violated her rights in numerous ways under Virginia’s Human Rights Act, which outlaws discrimination and ill treatment against anyone based on their race.

As compensation for this illegal behavior, the lawsuit demands the school board provide back pay, front pay, compensatory and punitive damages, and “such other legal and/or equitable relief the court may deem just and proper.”

Whether Mais can win remains unclear. Her treatment by the school was patently evil. The racist training program it is imposing is equally evil and immoral, and illegal in so many ways they almost cannot be counted. Unfortunately, in modern America it is presently uncertain whether — on matters of race — morality and the law will be respected.

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  • Cotour


    And what have the “Woke”, “Progressive”, compassionate (?) Liberal now Leftist pandering Democrats accomplished in their reimagined no bail no jail America?

    “The finding is shocking — but not surprising. After all, New York proved decades ago that reducing crime disproportionally benefited blacks and Latinos because they comprise most of crime’s victims. Fewer crimes mean fewer victims of all races, but the drop is most pronounced among nonwhites. ”

    “a staggering 43% increase in the murders of black Americans in 2020 compared to the past 10-year average.”

    You call this equity? Now what? Do black lives really matter to you? Or is that just a corporate extortion operation that is really just focused on buying multi-million-dollar real estate properties?

    The evidence is what it is, what are you going to do? Comments? Opinions? Suggestions? Revelations?

  • Cotour:

    I have written about this on my blog, and your provocation may actually get me off my rear to write more. Black America has demanded a close look the past couple of years, and if you are going to demand attention, you’d better have something to show. That is not the case, here. A close, or even cursory, examination, reveals a failed culture celebrating victimization. This is no bueno if you want to succeed.

    But maybe Black America doesn’t want to succeed. Reparations seem to be the ‘magic solution’ to Black America’s woes. If you are successful independent of government help, the case for additional help becomes weaker.

  • Alex Andrite

    Please provide a link to a larger format of “A view slide from the school’s bigoted training, annotated to
    illustrate the program’s goals. ”
    I am not able to read it completely, and no longer have the magnifying dealybob on my desk top.

    Cotour, in answer to your “what am I going to do ?”
    I am doing it throughout each day. Struggling with all my heart and soul ….

  • Alex Andrite: Click on the link to download the pdf of the lawsuit complaint. You will find this graphic on page 10.

  • BLSinSC

    WHO is driving all this WHITE HATE?? WHEN did ALL WHITE PEOPLE become the DEVIL?? I would bet my home, life savings, and my LIFE that there have been MORE BLACK Americans helped by WHITE Americans than White Americans helped by BLACK Americans! Is that because people are RACIST? Probably not – there are MORE white Americans! Now look around your community and see if you see all this RACISM! WHERE are the MOST racial issues? Look no further than the DEMOcrat Party and white libers! Most of us go through our lives just being DECENT! We work, we take care of our homes and families, we obey our laws, and we support ourselves and then COUNTLESS OTHERS through our taxes! And guess what – black Americans do that too! Do decent people buy into all this RACISM crap? NO! It’s mostly in our Government and Educational systems! The Segment of Excrement Oblama should be referred to as the Grand Poobah of Racists! He and his minions have done more to destroy society than any “President” in our history! “Pres LOL” is continuing the destruction!! I hope the good Lady is successful, collects a MASSIVE payment for her mistreatment, and sets yet ANOTHER PRECEDENT for future lawsuits and/or a shift in INTELLIGENCE!

  • Cotour


    This is my general take on what has gone on and what possibly will go on in America as we cycle through this particular readjustment that our country is in the midst of. This is our system, this is our process and we must go through it.

    But first let’s look back over the last two to three years and what we witnessed happen in America.

    * We had a bombastic “MAGA” president that would Tweet and over speak at times, most times and he was extremely polarizing but effective. And as we all clearly witnessed, the legacy media and government entities opposed him in the extreme. Trump had to go “By any means necessary”. And so it was to be.

    * We saw the purposeful sewing of racial division and “Social Justice” agendas result in fear and death in the streets, looting, riots and the promotion of a Right to do so primarily in the several major Leftist / Democrat controlled, crime infested cities in our country.

    * We saw undisputable examples of necessary fraud and corruption in the 2020 presidential election that resulted in a riot instigated and driven by agent provocateurs in our Capital city. (See: Ray Epps and the many others caught on video doing so.)

    * And we have seen a new president who is clearly not in charge, incompetent, infirm and compromised with our enemies through his son’s “Business” activities and the outright and not by mistake destruction of our country. All in the pursuit of retaining and acquiring political power.

    And what may go on as indicated by the past in the future in America?

    * As the Democrat party further understands the position that they have through there desperation put themselves in through their massive fraud and corruption we are likely to see as they lose political power in most all majorities both Federally and in local governments protests and violence in the streets, murder, looting and racial protestations.

    * And who will potentially execute these subversive activities in the streets of America as the black and minority community is further outraged and awakened by what they see before them? Are we likely to see the millions of illegals overtly imported by this current Democrat beard administration as their *NEW* street forces after they are potentially threatened with rumors of removal by the more than likely changed political powers that be?

    The now Leftist Democrat party machine must fashion some manner of political power retention and or acquisition. But what they have perpetrated on the country and the people of America is outrageous to say the least and they will pay a heavy political price for their duplicitous and anti- American perversions. What will they do? They will do whatever is necessary, up to and including murder and the total destruction of the country if they have to, IMO.–~D

  • Alex Andrite

    Mr. Z, did as recommended. Thank you.
    As well as reading most of the lawsuit complaint *.pdf.
    “Most”, because I became so overwhelmed and repulsed with the issues of complaint, that I needed to look away from the bloated corpse of my enemy.
    Your readers should read this *.pdf.
    Or most of it.


  • Alex Andrite: If you look closely at all my blacklist columns involving lawsuits against the blacklisters, I have been routinely posting a link to the actual filed complaint, similar to the one you just read. I heartily recommend my readers read them all. Don’t take my word for what happened.

    If you read all the complaints, you will find that all are as disgusting as this one is.

  • David

    And the teacher’s racist “slip of the tongue?” Interesting that you did not mention that in your writings.

    I guess it makes some feel better, but I have always found it is folly to lay blame solely at the collective feet of one segment of America. Racism in our country is far more nuanced today than in the past, but it surely exists.

    More love, less hate. More understanding, less closed mindedness. For all of us, starting with me.

  • Edward

    I’ve put this into a previous comment on another thread, but it may be appropriate here: (1 minute, “America Is the GOLD STANDARD for Multiculturalism”)

    Obama was elected twice as president, and that required votes from those supposedly racist white voters. How racist could they be if during a secret ballot they vote for the guy they are supposedly racist against?

    Only whites can be racists and, in fact, all are? What a load of racist, ad hominemic, hyperbolical dreck.

    In fact, this road apple (horse “stuff”) sets up the conditions for David’s silly comment. What racist slip of the tongue? The Daily Caller article explains:

    “The training sets up a classic Catch-22: It encourages all staff members to ‘speak their truth,’ but when a white person like Emily raises concerns about the divisive content, she is deemed a racist in need of further ‘anti-racism’ instruction,” Anderson continued.

    Not so much a slip of the tongue as the hate-crime of “existing while white.”

  • David

    Edward… wow.

    I guess I could write a reply attempting to honestly expand on my brief comments, but before I will, I am still waiting for you to answer a question I posed a few months back:

    What reason do you offer for your out-of-the-blue questions you began to ask me a few months ago about Chicago? I have never said a peep on any posts here in five years about where in the U.S. I live. So, how did you divine a location where you think I live???

    You answer that honestly please.

  • sippin_bourbon

    The “slip of the tongue” to which David refers:
    Quoting the linked lawsuit document:
    113. Although Ms. Mais had the phrase “people of color” in her mind, she
    inadvertently used the word “colored” instead.
    114. Ms. Mais quickly apologized for her slip of the tongue.
    115. Ms. Avery ignored the apology and verbally attacked Ms. Mais for her
    slip of the tongue during the training and in front of all attendees, accusing Ms.
    Mais of speaking like old racists who told people of color to go to the back of the bus.

    I myself, am confused. Did she say “people of colored”, or simply say “colored” in place of the entire phrase? The document does not clarify. I assume the latter.

    Regardless, in a later convo:
    158. Ms. Mais asked Ms. Avery if it would have been better if she had said
    “people of color,” as she had intended, and Ms. Avery responded that she was not
    comfortable with that term either, even though the Division itself uses the term
    “people of color” in its Anti-Racism Policy.

    This demonstrates that the goal is indeed to create a no-win situation for her. In effect, there is no “right answer”.

    I will also add this:
    160. When Ms. Mais tried to explain herself, Ms. Avery continued to berate
    her. Ms. Avery also stated that she assumed participants did not speak as freely in
    the training sessions as they would at home, giving as an example that she assumed
    some participants used the N-word at home but not during the training. Ms. Mais
    explained that she did not appreciate that assumption, as she would never use that
    word and did not use the word “colored” outside of the slip of the tongue for which
    she had already apologized, and she apologized yet again.
    161. Ms. Mais also asked if Ms. Avery had previously had any racial
    concerns about anything Ms. Mais had said or done, and Ms. Avery affirmed that
    she had not.

    This is an assumption and assignation of values of another based on the superficial, in this case the color of skin.

  • Edward

    You requested: “You answer that honestly please.


    Honestly, I have no idea what you are talking about.

    Honestly, I think you are making up something as an excuse for not answering a question. That is new, as I don’t recall anyone here on BtB, or anywhere, for that matter, pulling such a childish demand before answering a question. You asked an out-of-context non-sequitur from a different thread from months ago, which translates into “I asked first,” but as a reply to a question, it is not as intelligent as “I asked first.” Points for originality, but negative points for lack of maturity.

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