Violence by Democrat Party activists

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Two violent incidents against innocent citizens, exercising their first amendment rights, have occurred in the past week. The first video shows a man being attacked because he is filming the Democratic candidate for governor at a public event.

Details about this incident can also be read here.

In the second incident, a Republican staffer and Iraqi war veteran was filming at a rally for Ted Strickland, Democrat candidate for Ohio governor, when a Strickland supporter came up behind him and poured a cup of hot coffee down his back.

Details can be found here.

Note that in both cases, it is the Democrat that is committing the violence. This has been the pattern since the Tea Party protests started in April 2009. In almost every case, it has been a liberal/Democrat/union employee who has attacked a conservative protester.

To put it mildly, such stormtrooper behavior by Democratic operatives is not the smartest way to win votes.


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  • Kelly Starks

    Hell Bob. Compared to the “New Black Panthers” guy outside polls with a club shoving away white folks, and going off on a rant to the news cameras on how much he hates and wants to kill all the white folks — and the Justice department after winning the case – dropped it. Then the lead prosecutor and his boss have testified the White House new policy was no civil right cases were to be filed where whites were the victims…..

    Hell why even mention little things like slapping around a few cameraman?

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