Today’s blacklisted American: New Apple hire fired immediately because other Apple employees considered his writings “unsafe.”

The Bill of Rights cancelled at Facebook and Instagram
Doesn’t exist at Apple.

They’re coming for you next: Though Apple had actively recruited Antonio García Martínez and had reviewed his past work thoroughly before hiring him, the company fired him almost as soon as he started working for them because some of its other workers had put together a letter calling for his blacklisting because his published writings made them feel “unsafe.”

“Given Mr. García Martínez’s history of publishing overtly racist and sexist remarks,” the letter read, “we are concerned that his presence at Apple will contribute to an unsafe working environment for our colleagues who are at risk of public harassment and private bullying.”

All of this without even a hint that there’s ever been anything like such a problem at any of his workplaces.

The letter above, like the campaign against Martinez by hack press outlets like The Verge, includes a number of slanders and purposely false interpretations of what Martinez had written in his one published book, Chaos Monkeys, available on line from all ebook vendors and described on its Amazon page as
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