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Announcement: Week Three of February birthday fund-raiser for Behind the Black


The third week in my annual birthday fund-raising drive has begun. The generosity of my readers continues to be amazing. At the pace the donations and subscriptions are coming in, this February has a chance of being the most successful campaign ever. Thank you all! I cannot find words to express my gratitude.

As I have noted, I do not post on Facebook or Twitter, and take no advertisements. My only source of income for the website comes from your support.

What this does however is allow me total freedom. When I made my living writing magazine articles, I might get one story idea out of sixty published, mostly because the magazines simply didn’t have room for them all. And the one that was published might take six months to get from idea to publication.

Now, every story I spot, every interesting picture from space I see, every book I write, gets published quickly. This website and the new world of digital publishing has signaled a new burst of freedom for me, and for all writers. No longer are you imprisoned by the rules imposed by others. Your only requirement is to provide good product so as to attract a wide readership.

Fortunately, I appear to be doing that. The website traffic in the past three years has been growing exponentially. So have the donations and subscriptions. If you are one of those readers and have not yet donated, please consider giving your support to my work. You can either give a one-time contribution or a regular subscription, using Paypal, as outlined in the tip jar either in the right column (near the top) or at the bottom of the page (on mobile phones). You can also donate by sending me a check payable to me to the address shown in the tip jar.

And if you want something more substantial to read, you can also buy my books, as noted in the boxes interspersed throughout the webpage. Note that a purchase at the ebookit link will guarantee I get a larger cut and get it sooner.

This announcement will remain at the top of the page for the next two weeks. Scroll down for today’s newest posts.