Today’s blacklisted American: Teacher fired in retaliation for speaking out at school board meeting

Parent blacklisted for opposing school giving porno to kids
Blacklisted for opposing her school from giving porno to kids

They’re coming for you next: Brenda Danielle Reprieto, a substitute teacher in Georgia, was fired the day after she spoke out at the Cherokee County School District’s (CCSD) school board meeting, publicly criticizing the board for its policies.

Reprieto attended the meeting both as a teacher and as a parent of one of the district’s students. The topic of controversy was the porno that the school board was allowing in its elementary school libraries — for little kids to read — that was so vile the school board’s chairwoman, Kyla Cromer, would not allow it to be read aloud to adults. It was also considered too obscene for the parent, Chelle Brown, to email the text to the board members. As Brown noted at the beginning of her presentation, all her emails bounced because, as she noted “the content was so vulgar.” Watch her get cut off by the board:
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