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Today’s blacklisted American: Teacher fired in retaliation for speaking out at school board meeting

Parent blacklisted for opposing school giving porno to kids
Blacklisted for opposing her school from giving porno to kids

They’re coming for you next: Brenda Danielle Reprieto, a substitute teacher in Georgia, was fired the day after she spoke out at the Cherokee County School District’s (CCSD) school board meeting, publicly criticizing the board for its policies.

Reprieto attended the meeting both as a teacher and as a parent of one of the district’s students. The topic of controversy was the porno that the school board was allowing in its elementary school libraries — for little kids to read — that was so vile the school board’s chairwoman, Kyla Cromer, would not allow it to be read aloud to adults. It was also considered too obscene for the parent, Chelle Brown, to email the text to the board members. As Brown noted at the beginning of her presentation, all her emails bounced because, as she noted “the content was so vulgar.” Watch her get cut off by the board:

During this discussion at the board meeting, as Cromer began defending the book and its inclusion in the library, Reprieto from the audience shouted out “You should be arrested!” At that point the board ordered police to remove her. The board’s spokesperson later claimed that Reprieto had been repeatedly disrupting the meeting, but no video is available to prove that accusation.

Even if this was Reprieto’s only disruption, the board had the right to remove her. However, video that is available shows that others also spoke out from the audience during the meeting and were not removed. Moreover, the board’s blackballing of her that followed was completely unjustified.

The next day, Reprieto was teaching at Cherokee High School. She was removed from her assigned classroom, told all of her future assignments were canceled, and she found out she was locked out of the system used to claim days. A few days later she received a warning letter via certified mail banning her from all CCSD property. This included her daughter’s school and future board meetings. Reprieto also votes at a CCSD school as her assigned precinct.

Essentially, the board realized it had some leverage against this one parent, and decided to punish her for daring to question its decisions.

Reprieto’s attorney, David Oles, called it revenge. “This was naked retaliation for Brenda asserting that board members should be arrested for allowing pornographic content to be available in school libraries without restriction to impressionable children,” he said.

Once again, the board had the right to fire her. That it did so in this manner however tells us that its goal was not to maintain a high standard for its teachers, but to institute a vindictive and oppressive Stalinist rule over the parents and teachers in its school district. You will accept our rule without question, or we will use our power to crush you, in whatever way we see fit.

And what is even more horrifying, the board is doing this to maintain its ability to provide pornography to young children. To this school board, allowing the queer sexual agenda to warp children is of prime importance, so important that it justifies blacklisting and censorship.

Parents in Cherokee County: Get your children out of those schools, now!

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  • Cotour

    Why doesn’t anyone understand? Children must be adapted to being more accepting of these alternate lifestyles of some of the people with whom they share this country with.

    This, what some will call indoctrination of young children, is imperative in the fundamentally changing of America and its attitudes towards the different among us. And if as a part of them learning to be accepting the fact is that they must be exposed (No pun intended) to the intricacies and traditions of the alternate lifestyle.

    Remember as per Hillary Clinton, “It Takes A Village”, she was way ahead of all of this.

    The children of America in the Lefts thinking since their beliefs are based in Marxism belong to the state and their parents, the people who pay their salaries through their taxes are to have nothing to say about what they are taught either factually, morally or how those who apparently know best for them and society how they are to be indoctrinated.

    (I often throw out the Hillary book title “It Takes A Village”. And to a man and a woman they say “Oh yeah, that means that you can count on your neighbors, right? When I grew up we all watched out for each other in the neighborhood”. Then I explain what it actually means and where it comes from. The Left are trained to use these kinds of word and definition tricks to confuse and obfuscate. Its their job.)

  • Future headline “Board Cut Off By Angry Parent”

    Maybe not with words.

    “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.”

    Hosea 8:7 KJV

  • Jimmy

    “Once again, the board had the right to fire her”

    Actually, no. It is likely that the Board did not have the right to fire her. Government employers cannot fire people carte blanche, especially when it may be in retaliation for free speech.

  • BLSinSC

    Where’s the ACLU on this?? If the woman had been black the ACLU, NAACP, Jesse n Al, and many other libers would be right there to hold her hand and show her where to sign the multi-million dollar lawsuits! SOME of these School Boards are as bad as Communist Courts – don’t like what someone says – GUILTY and TERMINATED!! I do hope that DECENT Parents are taking note and recruiting DECENT PEOPLE to REPLACE these Communist perverts!!

  • Cotour

    The ACLU is no longer a civil Rights organization (were they ever?)

    They are now, just like the MSM and the Democrat party / RINO’s are but tools of the Marxist Left who are determined to destroy America as formulated. (Why don’t they all just move to Norway with Bernie I do not know)

    How do they do that? They use the Constitution against itself.

    And that structures the balls to the wall political warfare that we all see before us.

  • Realist


    This blog often complains about the (financial) pork nature of the old US space industry. Certainly right.

    But what about the US-military-industrial complex (=deep state) as a whole? It’s pork to the power of three, it looks like (government space spending is peanuts compared to the defense budget). I also derive this from the objective assessment of the use of numerous US weapon systems in Ukriane, which are incredibly overpriced and do not prove themselves in tough real use in the war in Ukraine against an equal (or even superior) enemy. But on the contrary. The Russian weapons, which are robust, effective and comparatively inexpensive, are quite different. It therefore makes no sense to compare the defense budgets of both countries in order to derive their military capabilities. The US budget is certainly largely pork and finances weapons systems and military services that are far too expensive. In a direct confrontation on land, Russia would surely beat the US.

  • Realist

    The Dreizin Report – Ukraine War & Aftermath:

    “How to Speak to Zombies About the Ukraine War”

    “Many have complained to me about not being able to discuss the Ukraine war with their family/friends—everyone just parrots the MSM, and tolerates no divergence from the Narrative. Without cheerleading for Russia (or ranting about the Odessa massacre, Nazis, etc.), how can you open minds and move people towards a more balanced, reality-based view? Well… start by watching this video! ”

    (12 min)

  • Cotour


    When you are the reserve currency of the majority of the world and essentially are the default leadership country of the world things like military hardware, space hardware and everything else can become very expensive indeed, so many beaks to keep wet.

    Too expensive? Maybe, but extremely effective.

  • Realist


    Effectively? Exactly not, if applied to enemy as Russia.

    Also, in case you haven’t noticed, these insane sanctions against Russia (and freezing of Russian funds) have greatly accelerated the process of ending the dollar’s world reserve status. Despite the sanctions, Russia won the economic war. The ruble is now used to buy gas, oil and other commodities from Russia’s customers. The ruble is stronger today than before the war.

    Here is a status Ukraine update:

    Alexander Mercouris: “Russian Advances in Ukraine Alarms Washington, African Union in Russia. Looking for Food, Energy”

  • wayne

    Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii (1972)
    “One of these Days” (I’m Going to Hack You Into Little Pieces)

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