Are the COVID vaccines killing people over time? The data suggests yes.

Excess mortality by age

While overall the risk of getting the COVID shots is quite small, the data is increasingly suggesting that these shots might have some very serious long term consequences. The graph to the right, taken from a January 2022 report [pdf] of the Society of Actuaries Research Institute and first spotted by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, indicates a shocking and inexplicable increase in mortality among the nation’s young. As noted by Thomas Lifson at American Thinker:

Something is killing off large numbers of 25- to 54-year-olds in the United States, and the powers that be in government and the media are pretending it is not happening. There is no visible effort to study the alarming statistics gathered by actuaries for the life insurance industry, which keeps track of deaths because they directly impact their bottom line through claims from the insured. [emphasis in original]

These deaths are not Wuhan flu deaths. However, the sudden rise of mortality from many other causes among the young in the third quarter of 2021, only a short time after the majority of the population had been given the COVID shots, is significant and strongly suggests the shots have something to do with this.

That supposition is further strengthened by another story today:

AIDS-related Diseases & Cancers reported to VAERS increased between 1,145% and 33,715% in 2021

For clarity, these AIDS-related deaths are not related to the HIV virus. Acquired immunodeficiency (AIDS) can occur for many reasons, and when it does the victim then can die from many other diseases or cancers, because his or her body can no longer fight them off.

Below is the most pertinent graph from that story, created by The Exposé directly from publicly available CDC data.
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