Today’s Blacklisted American: To celebrate Memorial Day, a federal official bans the American flag

Brooke Merrell:
Brooke Merrell: Proud to ban the American flag

In another example of the fundamental hostility that federal officials feel for their country, officials at Alaska’s Denali National Park recently told contractors working in the park they were forbidden from flying Old Glory on their trucks and equipment, as construction workers have done for more than a century.

According to the contractor, Denali National Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell contacted the man overseeing the federal highways project, claiming there had been complaints about the U.S. flags, and notifying him that bridge workers must stop flying the stars and stripes from their vehicles because it detracts from the “park experience.”
Denali National Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell

“The trucks are flying these American flags, about a foot atop the trucks, about three-foot by four-foot flags, and they said they don’t want this,” the contractor explained. “They’re saying it isn’t conducive and it doesn’t fit the park experience.”

Up until this week, however, the flags were displayed without incident. It was only when the park began running tour buses that the order was given to take down the flags, he added.

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