Georgian election official resigns who announced fake water main break

Georgia Fulton County elections chief Ralph Jones has suddenly resigned.

Jones was the man who shuttered the official count at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County on election night in November 2020, claiming falsely to reporters that a water main had broken. Everyone was sent home, the count supposedly suspended for the night.

Surveillance cameras at the arena however continued to record his actions. Jones then joined a handful of election officials to pull boxes of ballots from under a table and continue their private count, with no independent observers on hand. The videos also appear to show these election officials illegally running the same ballots through the computer tabulators repeatedly.

At the moment we do not know which candidate those ballots were for, but Fulton County is essentially Atlanta, a city entirely controlled by the Democratic Party. Like most such cities, election boards are heavily dominated by Democrats, because it is so hard to find Republicans to serve. Want to bet that a forensic audit would discover that those ballots were all for Biden, and were also manufactured falsely?

The audit ongoing in Fulton County is finding strong evidence that this supposition is true, and that these ballots were fake and designed to steal the election in Georgia for Biden.

Jones’ resignation now, during this audit, appears to confirm these allegations.

Evidence found proving Georgia ballots were counted multiple times in 2020 election

The audit of 147,000 ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, has now found definitive proof that the same ballots were counted multiple times, thereby manufacturing fake votes.

The link takes you to a Twitter video showing examples of several absolutely identical ballots that were run through the tabulators multiple times to produced fake votes. The multiple scans were also done on the same tabulator, meaning it was likely done by the same person.

This proves that there was vote tampering in Fulton County. The investigation now has to determine who did it, which will be possible because the ballots show the tabulator used and when. Linking this to footage on security cameras will determine the perpetrator.

The audit also has to determine the extent of the fraud. One or two ballots tabulated twice is not significant. There is other evidence that suggests thousands of ballots were tabulated improperly and intentionally in this manner. If the audit demonstrates this, and calculates the number of votes involved, it could prove the election in Georgia was invalid.

At a minimum it proves that Georgia needs a complete overall of its election system, including a complete house-cleaning of all involved, especially in Fulton County.

UPDATE: Read this detail report on the new allegations and discoveries that point to outright fraud in the Georgia November 2020 vote tallies. It captures the whole story very nicely.