The annual July fund-raising campaign: Fourth week

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It is now the fourth week of my annual July fund-raising campaign to celebrate the eleventh anniversary of Behind the Black. in 2010.

Please consider supporting my work, either with a subscription or donation. Moreover, this year if you donate $35 or more I will send you one of the following ebooks, for free.

You pick the book. And the donation will also get you an email directly from me, the author, arranging electronic delivery. (Note: a number of people have donated enough for a free book, but have not responded to my requests for which book they wish and in what format. I can’t give you this gift if you don’t tell me what you want. Please specify the book and the format (epup or pdf) when you donate.)

I write this webpage because I have had too much bad experience with today’s blacklisting culture. Repeatedly in my life I have found that others will not allow me to write what I thought had to be written. I eventually decided to stop depending on them, and began this page to speak my mind freely. Your support makes that possible. Please help me to remain independent and free as I report on the future of space and science as it fights the intolerant and close-minded censors of our time.