Hampshire College ends ban on U.S. flag

Hampshire College, faced with intense criticism over its decision to stop flying the American flag, has ended the ban.

Hampshire President Jonathan Lash says the flag was not removed to make a political statement or to offend, but to facilitate dialogue. He says the flag has been raised again “as a symbol of … freedom, and in hopes for justice and fairness for all.”

Yeah, right, dialogue is always facilitated by banning something. What I think really happened here is that Lash suddenly discovered that his anti-American ban had really facilitated the end of all donations from alumni, and thus he suddenly discovered that he really is a loyal American who loves his country.

Personally, I think donations should continue to dry up until the college replaces Lash and the rest of its academic personnel that initially supported this ban.

Massachusetts college bans American flag

Madness: Hampshire College in Massachusetts has decided to ban the flying of all flags, including the United States flag, in order to avoid offending anyone.

Their problems began when they lowered their American flags to half mast to protest the election results. Then they let someone remove a flag and burn it. Faced with a storm of criticism they have decided to punt, which I think will do them even more harm. I would not be surprised it alumni donations dry up, as well as student applications.