Today’s blacklisted American: Conservatives blackballed with enthusiasm from Harvard

Harvard faculty: opposed to free speech

Blacklists are back and academia loves ’em! According to a survey put together by the campus newspaper The Harvard Crimson, only 1.5% of Harvard’s faculty identified themselves as conservatives.

You can read the survey here. From the link above:

A total of 333 respondents completed the entire survey, while another 143 partially completed it. The paper distributed it to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering and Applies Sciences professors.

According to the survey, only 16 percent of Harvard faculty characterized their views as moderate and 1.5 percent identified as conservative.

However, it isn’t this decidedly one-sided nature of Harvard’s faculty that is the real problem, but the enthusiasm this leftist community has for this blacklisting. From the survey itself:
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