Today’s blacklisted American: Connecticut HS teacher of the year to be terminated because of vaccine mandate

They’re coming for you next: Kahseim Outlaw, a 2020 high school teacher of the year in Connecticut, is faced with termination from his job as gym teacher in Wallingford, Connecticut, because he chooses not to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

Outlaw argued taking the shot should be a personal choice and has therefore chosen not to receive it. “I’m a personal advocate, a big advocate, for personal health and the choices that we make with our medicine and with our medical procedures and therefore I believe it’s my own choice on how to maintain that and how to manage it,” he explained:

Outlaw also noted he is not opposed to the vaccine.

In regard to testing, he said, “Going to test for something that I may or may not have on a consistent basis is deemed for me, on a personal level, an unnecessary medical procedure.”

Outlaw said he was diagnosed with the coronavirus last year and believes he could have antibodies but has not taken a test.

In other words, Outlaw is saying, “My body, my choice.” Too bad the Democrats and the left no longer believe in that mantra, which they have screamed at us for almost a half century. Now they believe in “Your body, OUR choice!”

The school board has not yet decided whether it will fire him. If you are interested in emailing them your thoughts, you can find their contact information here.