Today’s blacklisted American: Texan denied COVID healthcare because he is white

Racist criteria for medical treatment at MacArthur
Whites go to the back of the bus at MacArthur Medical Center

At the MacArthur Medical Center in Irving, Texas a white man was denied COVID monoclonal antibody treatments for the single reason that he happened to be white.

We know this is true because the individual, Harrison Hill Smith, posted a video of his experience, available at the link. Here is a transcript:

“So I’m not going to be able to get it today because I don’t qualify? What if I smoke or vape? What if I were black and Hispanic. Then I’d be able to qualify?” the white man, presumably Harrison Hill Smith, asks the healthcare worker in the video.

“Yup,” the healthcare worker, who’s black, replies.

“I’m being denied medical service because of my race?” Smith then asks again just to confirm.

“That’s the criteria,” the worker indifferently responds.

It also appears that the Texas Department of Health approves this discriminatory policy.
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