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Today’s blacklisted American: Texan denied COVID healthcare because he is white

Racist criteria for medical treatment at MacArthur
Whites go to the back of the bus at MacArthur Medical Center

At the MacArthur Medical Center in Irving, Texas a white man was denied COVID monoclonal antibody treatments for the single reason that he happened to be white.

We know this is true because the individual, Harrison Hill Smith, posted a video of his experience, available at the link. Here is a transcript:

“So I’m not going to be able to get it today because I don’t qualify? What if I smoke or vape? What if I were black and Hispanic. Then I’d be able to qualify?” the white man, presumably Harrison Hill Smith, asks the healthcare worker in the video.

“Yup,” the healthcare worker, who’s black, replies.

“I’m being denied medical service because of my race?” Smith then asks again just to confirm.

“That’s the criteria,” the worker indifferently responds.

It also appears that the Texas Department of Health approves this discriminatory policy.

This story is actually only a sample of a policy that appears to be spreading nationwide, whereby health organizations are denying COVID monoclonal antibody treatment to whites while favoring minorities. For example, the article shows that a similar anti-white criteria is being followed by the Minnesota Department of Health. There, they claim these rules are “suggestions”, but they widen the number of favored minorities to also include Asians, native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, American Indians, and Alaska natives.

Whites need not apply.

While there is some data to suggest that some minority populations are at a greater risk from COVID, the data is very inconclusive and hardly justifies such a discriminatory policy. Moreover, to favor minorities while singling out whites for denial is a clear violation of every civil rights law passed since 1964.

Not that these facts matter. Since the first vaccines were available many government health agencies have been trying to impose such discrimination, first by putting whites at the bottom of the vaccine priority list. Now it appears these leftist government agencies want to deny healthcare to whites, merely because of their race.

The worst part of this is that there does not seem to be a significant reason for this denial. There does not appear to be a serious shortage of monoclonal antibody supplies. Instead it appears that hospitals nationwide would have ample supplies for all. Hospitals in Texas and Minnesota just like denying whites treatment.

Do you want increase race hatred and promote a race war? Do exactly what these government agencies are doing. Play favorites based solely on race.

In such a war, everyone will suffer, but I can promise you that in the end it will be the minorities who will suffer the most. Such policies guarantee that the gains made in civil rights in the past three-quarters of a century will soon be lost.

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  • Drew458

    First off, you lie about your race, just like the kids do to get into college. If Mariah Carey and Corey Booker count as black, then so do you. Or tell them you’re half Spanish on your mother’s side. From Spain. Nobody here has any idea of what people actually from Spain look like (answer – they look like anybody and everybody, as Spain is quite diverse for a very long time).

    And this is one reason you have all the other treatments at home ahead of time, just in case. Your pony paste, your black cumin seeds, your expensive bottle of Quercetin Phytosome, and a big bunch of vitamins, minerals, NAC ECGC, and regular quercetin. Plus lots of green tea and dark chocolate. Real aspirin. Probably some echinacea too. Povidone Iodine to dilute and use as mouth wash and sinus rinse. A couple of those Betadine cold and flu sprays (Canadian label) with the carageenan in them. A copy of the FLCCC protocol (ivermectin and quercetin 12 hours apart), but you up the D3 to 10,000IU per day, take magnesium and K3 with it. Super B complex pills, 1000mg C a couple times a day. A and E at about 3x the RDA.

    Because you can’t trust the medical world to not screw you over, because woke.

  • Mike

    Denied TREATMENT and monoclonal antibodies aren’t the same thing, now are they?

    This is a big nothing burger and click bait title sucked me in…

  • Mike: The point is that the criteria for denying the monoclonal antibodies to someone with COVID was made based on race. Making race a criteria for denying anyone treatment of any kind at a hospital, when they are sick, is a very dangerous road to travel.

  • Gary

    The other thing is that Monoclonal antibodies have proven to be among the most effective treatments for Covid, so, yes it is denying medical treatment.

  • Cotour

    From the real world:

    Last night I had my first multi person dinner event. I arranged an outdoor “Covid Bistro” that comfortably sits 6, and it has bistro lighting and overhead radiant heat. The evening was cold, about 40 degrees or so. Everyone wore their jackets and hats.

    And of course, all of my guests were Liberals.

    I cooked and a neighbor brought their contribution, its was a very nice night.

    And the subject eventually came around to, the booster.

    One of them puts their hand up and said: I just got my booster!

    Another hand went up: Waving like a kindergartner: I got mine too!

    And of course they are all vaxxed and they all know that I am not and will not be vaxxed and that I had a severe case of Delta and got my immunity the hard way.

    The attempt was made to sarcastically bait me into making a comment. I declined and said that I do Covid and politics all week long and that I was happy to just sit and listen. And so it was.

    Understanding as much as I do about what the unknown potentials are for the mRNA vaccines and the politics that surrounds them I just sat there in stunned silence. Ignorance is bliss and my hope is that there are not any long term negative effects from this biggest of all biological experiments in human history.

    And many of them must have at least the minimum vaccination or they would not be able to be employed, and I understand that. But why look to keep having it pumped into your body when you are already vaccinated (Vaccinated or “Vaccinated”)? And the one who started the conversation had Covid, and had the vaccine. And they all related how they either felt terrible and were running on empty afterwards or they had to take a day off from the effects.

    And that is what is going on in the real world, well NYC anyway.

  • Cotour

    To my point:

    “Shocking UK Study Stuns Medical Community: Vaccinated People 60 and Younger Are Twice As Likely to Die as Unvaccinated People”


    Who really knows? The answer: No one can know. Because the standards established regarding the safe and efficacious development, distribution and use of these new kinds of therapies in the human animal has been abandoned.

    Just one big mistake made because of extreme fear and confusion? OR, Nuremberg level S.O.M. type crimes against humanity? What a choice.

    Why the extreme and unrelenting push for vaccines and mandates when there are a multitude of effective ways to deal with the problem? Why is no one able to step back and apply reason and caution?

    Government, is at best a blunt instrument, and at worst will injure or kill you.

  • Questioner


    Some news from Europe! The pressure increases!

    “Thousands protest over COVID lockdowns in Europe”

  • Cotour

    At what point will humanity’s need for mRNA Covid 19 “Vaccine” boosters end?

    Apparently it has the potential to become eternally needed by all humanity?

    Because that is exactly what Fauci appears to be proposing. (I refuse to call him doctor anymore)

    What happens when humanity becomes eternally dependent on the technology of big pharma or big tech and is no longer is able to survive without it on planet earth?

    Who in their right mind believes that supplanting humanities natural immunity which is a gift of 3 or so billion years of evolution is the proper manner in which to deal with this current pandemic event ongoing on the planet? Because I do not. Better to promote the proper established supplements and the health practices that can properly fight the virus AND have in place the proper established already existing drugs and antiviral’s that are proven effective?

    Developing a long term focus on our natural God / Universe given immunity to Covid, which is a much more potent and full spectrum solution to Covid, and not this through evidence stunted single spike protein anti body *Techno* immune response is the way to go IMO.

    Why this massive what is clearly to me anyway irrational push by Fauci and the others to insert technology unnecessarily into human existence and rejecting and actively excluding natural human immunity is concerning to say the least. And so one must ask: WHY? Irrational decisions are cause by only two things, 1. Extreme fear, and the fear for the most part is over, we understand how to deal with the situation. Or 2. Agenda.

    And if its agenda then one must ask how are those proposing irrational agendas compromised or being leveraged to do so?

    Because in time most everyone will be getting Covid, like it or not.

    None of this meets the smell test and it sticks to high heaven.

  • wayne

    “Sad Little Man” (2021)
    Five Times August

  • Questioner


    Your legal system seems to work a lot better than ours here. I am pleased with the justice that emerged in this acquittal. Now, our ruling left and its vassal media are freaking out.

  • Cotour


    The entire concept that a man (or a woman) has the absolute right to defend themselves with deadly force if necessary goes against the collective mind set of the Leftists among us. And why is that? Because it leads directly into the Right to bear arms and the second amendment.

    Which they despise.

    And why is that? Because it is the foundation principle that the Constitution and America sits upon.

    To look objectively at the Rittenhouse case you can clearly understand by the many examples of video evidence that Kyle Rittenhouse was defending himself against an attack that could have cost him his life. But the Leftists and the Media can not see or understand any of that?

    Leftists, radicals, anarchists and Communists can not allow anyone that fundamental Right to be armed and dangerous and with the legal Right to defend themselves against rioters and robbers, looters and arsonists. Which is exactly what most of them are as revealed by what the two men that were killed and the one that was wounded and their criminal records tell everyone. AND THE GOVERNMENT can not allow it. Remember, the Founders structured our government to fear the people and so the people are in real terms the enemy of the empowered political class. And so what do the politically empowered do in America?

    They use the FBI directed by the DOJ to intimidate and harass and terrorize the people who stand against them and reveal them to be exactly what they are, those who have the potential to abuse their power. And there it is, right in front of your own eyeballs. *THEY* will never disappoint. Its political warfare every day, and the war is the people and their freedom, and the politically empowered who have the ability to interpret their empowered fiduciary responsibilities as they see fit. And that usually is directed in their and their political party’s favor and benefit.

    The ANTIFA and BLM and the like do not want anyone to be seen as being able to defend against their anarchy and crimes against civilization. Bullets hurt, and they want and need to destroy the concept of consequences for actions taken. They run things now is where they are going.

    And the Leftist / Globalist compliant media, which is over and over again revealing themselves to be sooo unhinged and biased and sooo anti America and anti Constitution. The people who vote, the political audience is watching and they are watching very intently and closely now and they see what they see. And the result will be an extreme rejection at the polls in 2022. (That is if the Democrat party machine does not totally control the voting systems to a degree where they can dictate what the results will be. See the presidential election of 2020).

    The Founders had it exactly correct. That is if your primary value is that the individual be free to choose their future and not government. Government will in time come to the conclusion that they own the people, and that, in America is exactly bass ackwards.

    Questioner, you appear to be appreciating a bit more of what the Constitution is and what it accomplishes. Remember, *IT* is the only thing right now that stands in the way of the Liberal, Leftist Globalist world model and the “Utopia” that they have planned for everyone. (Read controlled and managed and mandated modern day slavery to their model).

    Lee, are you also appreciating?

  • Cotour

    To my point:

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler said the acquittal of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday afternoon sets a “dangerous precedent” that the Justice Department ought to review.

    “This heartbreaking verdict is a miscarriage of justice and sets a dangerous precedent which justifies federal review by DOJ,” the New York Democrat tweeted minutes after a jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges related to the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber.

    “Justice cannot tolerate armed persons crossing state lines looking for trouble while people engage in First Amendment-protected protest,” Nadler added.

    1. Rittenhouse did not cross state lines with the AR, it existed in the community that he went to help protect because those in political power were allowing through standing down the riots and threats to the safety and freedom of the people.

    2. “While engaging in First Amendment protected protest”. These were not protected protests as provided by the First Amendment, they were plainly riots and domestic terror.

    3. Nadler understands the implications of free Americans being able to protect themselves, their families, their property and most importantly, their Right to a government that does not threaten it all and those who populate the positions of political power that pose those direct threats to that freedom. (Nadler himself. Nadler fears the peoples freedom, and that is as it should be)

  • Cotour

    And just how perverted and corrupt are the Democrats and the Left?

    “In a series of mocking social media posts, which is now probably deleted, Democrat Mary Lemanski said: “It was probably just self-defense.” Her tweet referred to the acquittal of Rittenhouse, who was declared not guilty recently and it was claimed that he acted in self-defense when he killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, Anthony Huber, 26, and injured 28-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz, during racial unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2020.”

    “In another post, Lemanski said: “Living in Wisconsin, he probably felt threatened,” referring to the person of interest — reported to be Darrell E Brooks – detained in connection with the Sunday incident. She stated, “I’m sure he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He came to help people.”

    These people, the down for the cause Democrats, the very perverted and clearly corrupt Leftist media, and the currently and formerly empowered political class that identify with “The cause” really are mentally ill. There is ONLY there point of view and no room for discussion, dissent or compromise. You will adopt their point of view or else. They are in my estimation all former Americans.

    And that is not hyperbol.

  • wayne

    tangentially— this just in….

    Waukesha, Wisconsin: “Darrell Edward Brooks Jr.”

  • Cotour

    Yes, I saw that on Gateway, they were like usual way ahead of the main stream media.

  • Questioner


    I wish that we – every free, resident man – could also freely own and carry weapons in Europe.

    Btw, you can be sure that under these leftist regimes the law would have been bent and a life sentence for Rittenhouse would have been the result. The “victims” (or their relatives) would had received lifelong government support and would have been politically instrumentalized by the leftist enemy.

  • wayne

    I got it off the Steven Crowder live-stream. then did some quick searching. (far more difficult than ‘normal’, it’s getting worse every week
    He has some rap videos on YT, (very minimal views) one of which was released today 11-22-21.

    “The 39-year-old is said to be a career criminal and rapper who performs under the name of MathBoi Fly.
    According to Wisconsin court records, Brooks is a registered sex-offender, and he has been convicted of a string of criminal charges dating back to 1999 – including drug possession, pandering (facilitating prostitution), obstructing an officer, battery and bail jumping.
    Brooks was also charged with two counts of use of dangerous weapon and a felony count of possession of a firearm in July 2020.
    Brooks also has a number of open felony charges which were filed against him on November 5, 2021. He was charged by Milwaukee courts for resisting an officer, felony bail jumping, second-degree recklessly endangering safety, with domestic abuse assessments, disorderly conduct, and battery.”

  • wayne

    Absolutely agree you have a right to own a firearm, no matter what your government claims.
    No clue why the jury took so long in the Rittenhouse trial, I downloaded and watched 98% of the entire thing– clear cut case of self-defense.


    “I Won’t Back Down”
    Five Times August
    (May 2021)

  • Cotour

    The insane manner in which the Left thinks they should now make this guy the mayor of Waukesha.

    Black is white, up is down, good is bad, right is wrong. And America as it is must be destroyed and reformed in the insane model that they desire.

    That about sums up how the Left, the Leftist Media, the read in Democrats, the Globalists think and feel.

    They are ill, mentally ill, mostly emotional, half educated, and a danger to themselves and others.

    They are great *Intellectualizers* of reality.

  • wayne

    “Absurdistan The Music Video”

  • Cotour

    Push the people to the max based in fear and threaten their freedom, and then call them terrorists when they balk.

    The government and politically empowered always comes to see the people as their property. And there are always those who just do not see eye to eye with that assessment.

    George Washington, domestic terrorist? Or freedom fighter? Adolf Hitler, national hero and visionary? Or monster?

    The people ultimately know the answer to these questions.

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