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Muslims celebrate the Orlando mass murder on Twitter

The religion of peace: Though the translated tweets at this link cannot be assumed to represent the entire Islamic community, they give a very good flavor, which is largely happy that a Islamic terrorist killed or injured more than a hundred innocent people this past weekend.

Note that all three of the world’s religions consider homosexuality to be a sin. Judaism demands good behavior but leaves the ultimate judgement to God. Christianity demands good behavior but also demands forgiveness. Neither calls for the wholesale murder of sinners. Islam, however, is different. The religion of peace is quite comfortable, and in fact apparently supports, the idea of mass murder by terrorists.

But according to Barack Obama and the left, it is we who have to change.


Muslim Democratic Congressman reveals his pro-Islam bias toward murder

Fascist: Rather than feel outrage and horror that a madman used Islam as an excuse to commit mass murder, Muslim congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) instead called Donald Trump’s completely reasonable remarks about the Orlando attack “a villainous rampage against other Americans.”

As noted rightly by the author at the link:

Rather than working for justice for the slaughtered innocents and demanding reform in Islam so terrorists can no longer credibly claim their murderous acts are justified by their God, he pretends that a Republican politician is the real problem. Rather than accurately describe the evil acts in Orlando as a “villainous rampage against other Americans,” Ellison believes that Donald Trump’s speech deserves that designation instead.

Ellison is running for re-election this November and his opponent is Frank Drake. You know what to do.

First, Ellison shows us how corrupt Islam is by his unwillingness to address the religion’s murderous track record. Liberal politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton can try to rationalize its repeated links to terrorism, but Ellison proves undeniably that those links are real, and that the religion is corrupt.

Second, as I’ve said repeatedly, it is essential in this upcoming election for the United States to have as many conservatives win as many elections as possible, if only to help insure that whoever ends up as president can do as little harm as possible. Here is another case where the voters could make a big difference.


The liberal response to terrorism: Disarm the innocent!

They say that insanity is the process where you keep trying to do the same thing over and over again, even though it fails each time.

The liberal, leftwing response to the tragic and horrific mass killing by an insane Islamic terrorist, who found comfort and support from that religion for his murderous ideas, is thus a good illustration of insanity.

That’s just three four examples, but there will be more. [I have added the fourth because it is so expected and must be noted.] The simple fact is that the terrorist in Orlando had gotten his guns legally in a state that has numerous gun control laws specifically designed to prevent such a man from becoming armed. Those laws did nothing to protect innocent people from him.

One decent person armed in that nightclub, however, would have stopped him in his tracks. Unfortunately, according to Florida’s same gun control laws, that nightclub was also a gun free zone. Only criminals and terrorists were allowed to be armed, because they are the only ones who don’t care what the law says.

As Ted Cruz noted in his statement concerning the Orlando attack. “Our nation is at war.” And you can’t win a war by disarming yourself.


The TSA has tentatively approved a plan to allow private companies to screen passengers in Orlando.

How nice of them: The TSA has tentatively approved a plan to allow private companies to screen passengers in Orlando.

It’s all crap. In a free society there is no such agency as the TSA, and according to the Constitution, no one is screened by anyone without due cause.


A major airport in Florida has decided to evict the TSA and go with a private company to screen passengers

Good news? A major airport in Florida has decided to evict the TSA and go with a private company to screen passengers.

The problem is that this really won’t change anything, as the company will be under TSA supervision and regulations, and will therefore be required by the TSA to do exactly the same thing the TSA has been doing.

The only real solution is to junk this whole charade. Airport security accomplishes nothing except to destroy our sense of freedom.