On the radio today

Robert Pratt of Pratt on Texas will be airing a segment with me today we taped late last week, discussing SpaceX’s effort to get the FAA to issue a launch license for the next test orbital launch of Starship/Superheavy. It will run as the last segment today, somewhere after 5:30pm Central (with some affiliates differing on the timing). The live stream links are here.

Afterward it will post as a podcast here. The podcast is now available here. I have embedded it below.

Though there has been some additional information in the licencing since last week, nothing I said has become invalid. SpaceX still waits for the blessings of the nobility in Washington’s bureaucracy, controlled by people who have become very addicted to ruling over others.

The sad part is that so many news sources today seem okay with that, and don’t like it when people like me question it. Whatever happened to the independent and skeptical press?
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On the radio tomorrow, twice!

I have two long radio appearances tomorrow, for those who prefer the audio format.

First, the second part of the long interview I did with Robert Pratt will be aired on Pratt on Texas at 5pm (Central). You can listen to the live stream here. The topic was blacklisting and the ugly desire of the left in the U.S. to silence debate and squelch its opposition through the use of force.

Second, I will make another appearance on the Space Show with David Livingston. The show will begin at 7 pm (Pacific), and will almost certainly last more than the planned 90 minutes. The live stream can be found here. Please consider calling in with your questions and comments. They are truly appreciated, and help make for a more lively show.

August 17, 2023 Zimmerman/Pratt on Texas podcast

I appeared today for about 45 minutes with Robert Pratt as part of his Pratt on Texas podcast, discussing a whole range of blacklists stories with him. We also talked about my most recent book, Conscious Choice, which if you are a fan of my work and have not yet read it you need to buy it now! No more delays or procrastination! You have your orders.

This is part one of a two part interview, the second half of which Pratt plans to post this coming week.

That podcast is embedded below. It can also be listened to here.
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May 17, 2023 Zimmerman/Pratt on Texas podcast

Robert Pratt today posted the second part of our long discussion begun last week about some of the more egregious recent examples of blacklisting in America. You can listen to it at the Pratt on Texas podcast, at this link. I have also embedded it below.

This might have been one of the best discussions between Robert and myself about the Enlightenment, about rational thought, about religion, and about critical thinking (or the lack thereof in modern society). I strongly urge my readers to spend 26 minutes listening. It is well worth it.
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March 30, 2022 Zimmerman/Pratt on Texas podcast

Robert Pratt invited me to appear on his radio podcast once again, first for a short five minute segment to discuss the Biden administration’s effort to block Starship launches in Boca Chica, and second a long 40 minute discussion about some of my recent blacklist stories.

The short segment starts 13 minutes into his podcast from yesterday, available here.

The long blacklist discussion can be found here.

December 30, 2021 Zimmerman/Pratt on Texas podcast

Last week I recorded a long interview with Robert Pratt of Pratt on Texas discussing some of the recent blacklist and pushback stories I have posted on Behind the Black. That interview is now available in two parts here.

The most interesting part of the interview for me was when Robert and I discussed the mental strain and stress we both felt writing or discussing these stories every day. Both of us are optimists, and these stories of oppression are depressing, to put it mildly. After awhile you just want to ignore them and deal with something more uplifting.

We don’t however, because we both know that if we ignore this stuff it will only make it more difficult in the coming years to find anything uplifting to write or talk about. Freedom and human creativity is under aggressive attack, and as civilized human beings it is our obligation to report that story, so that all civilized humans will have the knowledge to successful fight back.

Give it a listen and comment below. We face a real civil war in the coming years, and the thoughts of my readers would be appreciated.

And if you are in Texas and can support Robert Pratt’s advertisers, please due so. He was blacklisted himself in January, and this podcast is his way of fighting back.

December 22, 2021 Zimmerman/Pratt on Texas podcast

Robert Pratt has now made available a 20 minute podcast I did with him this week. You can listen or download it here. From the podcast announcement:

New Texan Elon Musk has the ear of many of the younger techies and he is giving them good lessons on government policy. Also, Robert Zimmerman of BehindtheBlack.com joins us for a space industry updated including comment on the James Webb Telescope set for launch on Friday; Blue Origin’s orbital engine delays, and; much on Elon Musk’s SpaceX including developments at the firm’s Texas launch facility in Cameron County.

November 4, 2021 Zimmerman/Pratt podcast on blacklists

The forty-plus minute interview I did with Robert Pratt on his Pratt on Texas podcast is now available here. Pratt’s show summary is as follows:

The cases are more frequent, insidious, and perversely absurd.

In this update we discuss a surgeon and another doctor seemingly fired for simply speaking up about mask mandates and WuFlu treatments. We look at two teachers harmed and a formerly prestigious science body that denied giving awards because all nominees were white males and that’s not all.

June 27, 2021 Zimmerman/Pratt on Texas podcast on blacklisting

In addition to the short segment I did on Friday about commercial space exploration for Robert Pratt, I also recorded a 40 minute interview with him discussing the horrible wave of blacklisting and intolerance that is sweeping across America.

That second podcast is now available here. While much of it is a review of my daily column, “Today’s blacklisted American,” Robert and I expanded on the subject. You especially want to hear what I demand we do to stop this intolerance. It is for example not banning critical race theory from schools, a common tactic now being pushed by the generally ineffectual Republican Party in many states.

April 21, 2021 Zimmerman/Pratt podcast

On April 21st, I recorded another 35 minute podcast with Robert Pratt. That podcast is now available at his website at this link. From his description:

An update with author and historian Robert Zimmerman of behindtheblack.com on the current cancel culture we are experiencing, or as Bob put it: Blacklisting Americans.

Trust me, even though we were reviewing the many blacklist stories I have posted in the past few weeks that you might have read, you want to listen. I expand on those posts, outlining why I am doing them, and what they illustrate about our larger society. Free-thinking and liberty-loving Americans are no longer the majority in this country. We face a terrible battle to make “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” the central principle of America once again.

On a positive note, Pratt has begun re-establishing his radio network in Texas. The corporate blacklisters have tried to silence him, but he’s thumbing his nose at those petty tyrants. Go Robert!

On the radio

I will be doing a quickly scheduled appearance with Robert Pratt at 5 pm (Central) today on his Pratt on Texas radio network, airing across the Lone Star State. You can listen live here or from an affiliate station available here.

The interview is scheduled for 30 minutes, but it could go longer. The subject will be the muzzle of oppression that so many Americans are now willing to put on their faces.

On the radio

Tomorrow, September 24, 2020, at 6:00 pm (Central) I will be spending an hour on Pratt on Texas with Robert Pratt, aired on 790-AM KFYO in Lubbock, 1470-AM KYYW in Abilene, and 1290-AM KWFS in Wichita Falls. Also available here.

We will talk space a bit, but the bulk of the hour will be talking about the insane panic over the Wuhan virus, and the refusal of people to see that the epidemic is fading, and that it wasn’t the horror it has been sold has.

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