Pushback: NY gym owners will not comply with new mask mandates

Owners of World Gym Greece
The owners of World Gym Greece will not comply.

Do not comply: The owners of a gym in Rochester, New York, World Gym Greece, have announced that they will not comply with the new mask mandates imposed unilaterally by New York State’s Democratic Party governor, Kathy Hochul.

The owners, Michelle Sember, Ron Sember, and Tim Dougherty, say that they aren’t worried about fines or punishment, as the oppressive edicts of their state and city governments have already been catastrophic. According to Ron Sember,

“The fine is irrelevant at this point. They’ve already destroyed our businesses.”

They have found their membership dropping because people do not want to exercise in a mask. Given a choice between losing more customers or getting punished by the state, they have decided their customers are more important, and are telling everyone to come and work out and throw the mask away.

At the moment the local county government in Rochester is saying it will enforce Hochul’s mandate, while also equivocating on how it will do so.
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The effort by the local government in Rochester, New York, to destroy the fourth amendment rights of renters.

The effort by the local government in Rochester, New York, to destroy the fourth amendment rights of renters.

These warrants are generated without suspicion of a crime and do not specify things to be searched. They remain valid for 45 days, permit multiple entries by code officers, and allow officers to film their inspections, which are later publicly available. The whole neighborhood is able to see the letters on a coffee table and the contents of a medicine cabinet. Inspectors are permitted to look through every aspect of a house, wherever there may be violations of “federal, state, county, or city law, ordinance, rule or regulation relating to the construction, alteration, maintenance, repair, operation, use, condition or occupancy of a premises.” Inspectors may look inside “interior surfaces” of closets and drawers to determine if they are “clean and sanitary.”

And then there’s this suspicious fact:

But David Ahl, a board member of the New York State Coalition of Property Owners and Businesses, alleges that the city is engaging in punitive action meant to chill the exercise of the right to deny consent. Through Freedom of Information Law requests he has discovered that city has filed 50 administrative search warrants since 2003, every single one of which target properties owned and managed by members of his organization.

Why is the Rochester government specifically only getting these broad search warrants against members of this particular organization?

Charges against woman videotaping police from her front yard have been dropped

The charges against a woman, Emily Good, who was arrested for videotaping the police from her front yard have been dropped.

As far as I am concerned, the cop who did this should be fired. So should the cops who did this:

There will be an internal review into the original videotaped incident as well as one last week where police officers wrote five tickets outside a meeting supporting Good, using rulers to measure distance from the curb. [emphasis mine]