Today’s blacklisted American: Teacher suspended for criticizing students for being offended over nothing

1966 in communist China
Mao’s 1966 cultural revolution comes to Coastal Carolina University

The modern dark age: Today’s blacklist story might illustrate better than any I have posted the oppressive, mindless, and emotional madness that is sweeping our country. Let me first sum the story up in a simple way.

–A teacher invites a guest speaker to a class to help the students find friends with like interests.

–The guest writes some student names on the blackboard with this intent.

–The students enter the class, and some immediately assume that because some of those names are minorities, the list has a bigoted intent.

–These students leave the class and immediately begin organizing a protest and a boycott of the teacher.

–Even after it is shown, without doubt, that these protesting students are 100% wrong, that the goal was to help all the students, including the minorities, the school apologizes to the protesters, not to the teacher or the guest speaker. The guest speaker also apologized, even though that speaker did nothing wrong.

–The teacher however does not apologize. He defends his guest, and notes that people should not let their feelings get hurt so easily.

–The student protesters, most of whom it appears did not attend the class and did not even know the teacher, immediately renew their call for a boycott of his classes.

–The administration of Coastal Carolina University agrees, suspending the teacher and accusing him of being “racially insensitive.”

Do you see the madness? The wrong-doers are in charge and it is the innocent who are punished.

Now for the punchline:
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