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The new dark age of silencing

Screen capture of Rantingly on January 8, 2021
Click for most recent page.

The dark age has arrived! The screen capture on the right, cropped, rearranged, and color adjusted slightly to fit here, comes from the front page of the conservative news aggregate site Rantingly from tonight, the evening of January 8, 2021, only two days after Congress certified Joe Biden as president-elect and only three days after the Democrats had confirmed that they will have majority control of the both the House and Senate in Congress.

I have highlighted in red the pertinent stories. Very quickly, the Democratic Party’s allies in at Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple have moved to shut down many legitimate and popular conservative and Republican news outlets, including the Twitter feed of the President of the United States. With the Democrats in control of the government, these leftist internet platforms know they have nothing to fear by doing this, that if anything the Democrats controlling Congress will applaud them and encourage them to censor more conservative and Republican outlets, to shut them all down if possible.

Beforehand, these social media platforms had held their fire somewhat out of fear that the Republicans would change their special tax status exemptions that define them as open platforms, not publishers. No longer. Their desire to silence their opponents can now swing into high gear, and they are pushing it for all it is worth, including attempting to silence their direct competitors, such as Parler, a twitter-like platform that prides itself on censoring no one.

It is also very important to recognize that this isn’t being done only by the big corporate bosses. No, sirree, this censorship of conservatives and Republicans is fully endorsed by the workforce at these companies. Today’s young generation, properly indoctrinated in leftist-controlled universities to hate conservatives and view them all as white supremacists, have been eager to do this for the last two years, and have actually been held back by their corporate bosses. The reins are now off, and their modern culture of oppression and intolerance has moved to the forefront. Persecution is now cool!

This is only the beginning. Even as I wrote this post more links appeared at Rantingly of more examples of censorship.

For myself, because I for years refused to do business with corrupt companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, there is not much they can do right now to hurt me. But these actions today point to the future, and I am not confident my immunity will last very long. The leftists doing this have the power and the willing support of a large percentage of the population. They will use that power and support to jam their boot into every one of their opponent’s faces, given time.

The worst part of this horror is that the people who should read it and learn from it, the low information Democratic Party supporters who really don’t understand how evil that party has become, will never see it. My readers generally agree with me. Those that do not generally fall into two categories, those who are strongly partisan and will deny these facts whole-heartedly, or hacks working for the Democratic Party who come here merely to spread misinformation and lies.

The decent and moderate people who are knee-jerk Democrats and who desperately need to read this and to see the intolerance spreading across America from the party they support are just not interested. They will turn away, dismissing what I write with a wave of the hand. This can’t be true! It must be some mad conspiracy claims of the racist alt-right! And maybe those sites are bad and should be silenced!

And I write this from direct knowledge. I have been surrounded by these people my entire life, being a secular Jew who has also been a college teacher, a film maker, and a science journalist. All these communities are dominated by low information Democrats. I have known them all and have I spent my life trying to get them to wake up, all to no avail.

They will not see. They will not hear. And they will not speak up. And so, worse is coming. We no longer live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Soon, it will be a land of oppression and murder and genocide, all because too many Americans decided to close their minds and do nothing.

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  • pzatchok

    If you own the server they can not stop you.
    Google can try to hide you but we have other search engines.

    Talk to your IT guy about setting one up.

    Its not that expensive until you start paying for the bandwidth incoming and out going.

  • John

    We’re watching history unfold, this is the generation that loses freedom.

    The left is whipped up into an authoritarian frenzy of censorship.

    I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon.

    Parler responsible for the incident at the capital? Get bent.

    It will be interesting to see how they control the rest of the internet. But I guess we only need to look at China to see the answer to to that.

  • pzatchok: How naive you are. I am not talking about the misuse of technology, I am talking about the misuse of power. There is nothing my IT guy can do if they decide to start arresting “undesirables.”

    If something doesn’t change soon, it is coming.

  • Questioner

    The owners of Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Google are not only enemies (of the freedom) of the American people but (of the freedom) of all nations / peoples. It is your choice which companies you select as a customer or a user! Think about it and act.

  • Richard Desprey

    I was part of the raid on the capitol… I am proud of chasing those tyrants into their tunnels like the rats they are. My only regret is that there wasn’t a plan to hold and occupy the building… the blueprint was made maybe next time the citizenry will be armed. At that point we can retake our country from the commies

  • 370H55V

    The next 5-10 years will see the development of alternatives institutions from scratch to serve the market of 75 million that the “woke” are trying to suppress. That will include not only platforms like Parler, but replacements for the app stores like Apple and Google, shopping alternatives (although I haven’t seen any evidence that eBay has gone woke to such an extent), and even financial services. It won’t be easy, but greed will triumph in a market too big to ignore.

  • Paul B

    A minuscule portion of the country has made a conscious decision to impose its will on the rest of us, using its (considerable) powers. It seems to me that ‘the rest of us’ also have have considerable powers; like food, transportation, energy, manufacturing, etc. Basically everything those tiny enclaves need for survival comes from deplorables.

    If they mean to act like bullies with their services then it is entirely appropriate for us to deprive them of a few things in return. See who holds out the longest.

  • wayne

    “Jordan Peterson on orderliness, prejudice and disgust sensitivity”
    [excerpted from 2017 Personality Lecture 20: Biology & Traits: Orderliness/Disgust/Conscientiousness]

  • Mottel Kamzoil

    Perhaps Herr Donald encouraging the sacking of the R̸e̸i̸c̸h̸s̸t̸a̸g̸ Capitol had something to do with this?

  • Andrew M. Winter


    IF this is a serious issue. IF you really and truly believe that “black clad gang” is going to give you that old school Soviet 2am knock on the door. IF you really really and truly believe all that it’s time to shut up and put up.

    Quit talking, gun up and network up. You are going to need safe stashes and safe house. You are going to need an organization if people around you you can trust. You are going to need a way to make sure your peeps aren’t compromised when you try to unite with other networks.

    Can’t do that? Too much trouble to do that? Then that knock on the door may not be as likely to you as you think.

    I am gunned up. I have not rigged safe concealed stash points and I have absolutely no one to network with on this that I trust. I do not have the resources to set up a safe house. Stealth will be my only tool, and “lone wolf” the only tactical solution available.

    I really don’t want to fire the first shot so I will be laying low until I hear the gunfire.

    If I don’t here the gunfire, and all this stands, then it’s time to realize that the America I grew up in and defended in the Military is gone, because too many people were unable to make the stand, “… give me Liberty or give me death …”.

    As for me. I will risk death, so long as their is a possibility of living through it.

    BUT,… if you want a primmer on how to proceed. I highly recommend this work.

    It’s a “no non-sense” primmer. No political ideology involved, just a simple “How To” primmer. The translators notes in my copy are longer than the actual book.

  • Anne

    “And maybe those sites are bad and should be silenced!”

    I am listening to The Gulag Archipelago. Solzhenitsyn writes of exactly this sentiment as he discusses the attitudes of some of his fellow prisoners. I paraphrase, but it goes like this: “For each of these prisoners knew himself to be innocent, but what of the others? Surely, they must have done exactly what they were accused of!”

    And the attitudes of those watching the mass arrests (and hoping they would escape them): The state can’t be wrong! Surely, they must be guilty.

    This is the beginning, make no mistake about it. Already, the tiny little gulags are forming. Right now, they are gulags of the silenced and the excoriated. But unless we figure out how to stop it, they WILL become the very real gulags of the imprisoned.

    As David Horowitz says, “Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.”

  • janyuary

    ,,, the willing support of a large percentage of the population” … how large? How are you able to tell, when the should-be sources that can tell you that are compromised and interested in deceiving you? We are like blind men in the dark here, our RIGHT TO PUBLIC ASSEMBLY HAS BEEN REMOVED (pretense: C19 virus) on public and private property, so we cannot assemble in real numbers to FIND OUT just how large that population is.

    Isn’t SPACE TECH going to help win this war against tech-exploiting bad guys? Wasn’t it partly space tech that gave them such a broad reach, so universal in media as to swallow young minds (youth = temporary, they can and do learn better change direction)? When WE figure out how take the power away from the leftists and continue utilizing the tech on liberty’s terms, we’ll have won. What can be given can be taken away …. take away the tech first and the lefties are lost, while those who are self sufficient can get by with or without tech.

  • Cotour

    Make work arounds for Google, Facebook and Twitter:

    Example: Real Americas Voice: Steve Bannon’s: War Room Pandemic (Live right now, 10:06 eastern time)

    Got to where you want to find the voices and opinions that you think important and go find them.

  • janyuary

    “…hacks working for the Democratic Party who come here merely to spread misinformation and lies.

    In 2015, I’d have though to myself that you, Robert, were a conspiracy paranoid for suspecting it … today I say you err only in thinking they’re working for the Democrat Party — they are very real, Trump employed them on a very large scale to steal the nomination (I was an eyewitness to their online site-thwarting invasions that destroyed forum after forum, community after community). They served the purpose however of separating the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the rams.

    I am really glad, Robert, that you recognize that such hacks are real. I love your no-profanities policy. Simple and very wise.

  • Cotour

    PS: Your new owners are demonstrating how they are making you safe America, just like the Communist Chinese make their people safe from things that they do not need to know or see.

    In other words the Leftists in America have made a move against the First Amendment and have colluded between themselves in their own self interests. This is what the definition of monopoly and abuse of power for the express benefit of a particular political perspective and party was created for.

    This will not stand, and if Americans allow it to stand then they have acquiesced to that ownership I mentioned earlier. I DO NOT!

  • Cotour

    Collusive oligopoly:

    Collusive Oligopoly: When the firms in an oligopoly cooperate with each other and then come to a common agreement with regards to the price and the output, it is known as a collusive oligopoly.

  • Andrew Winter: On my part, done. You should note that I did not wait for Google, Twitter, and Facebook to ban me. I banned them, a long time ago.

    I don’t believe in sitting on my hands. When I see corruption I reject it.

  • Andrew_W

    Comment on another siteGeary_Johansen2020

    I was watching Karlyn Borysenko on YouTube earlier today and Facebook has banned #Walkaway, including the testimonials and videos of over 500,000 people. She was in tears. This are ordinary moderates and liberals who have simply has enough of the craziness and lunacy of the Democratic Party. They had nothing to do with what happened in DC.

  • janyuary

    “I have been surrounded by these people my entire life, being a secular Jew who has also been a college teacher, a film maker, and a science journalist …”

    Remember the context, that those areas (Jewish culture, ivory-tower learning places, entertainment, and journalism of those who aspire to Guide the World, an occupational hazard) have over-representation of lefties.

    On a hopeful note, I can say I’ve been surrounded by passionate Democrats and Republicans all my life, friends family and colleagues, and the Democrats are as disgusted with their own party, often for the same reasons, as Republicans are with theirs. They frequently blame the other party for the very thing their own party does. It is AMAZING. I write that from direct knowledge!!! (I look like a hippie so lefties speak freely around me, is all I can say)

    Party/cultural/social loyalty to an identifier (good guy, bad guy, conservative or liberal depending on your POV) prevents them from walking away from their own loser-stupid party because they [wrongly] assume that their only alternative is to go to the “dark” side other party. And they all want the same things, they just don’t want those damned ______ (fill in the blank with party/movement) involved because they’re the bad guys. Political affiliation has become a form of trendy self identity, but as everything in this world .. it’s temporary!

    Those who cherish owning themselves in a civil, free marketplace and society, can unite in a place where we agree that all of the Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, and liberals are finally out of the picture, mired in their own muck behind us, as we advance to liberty and self-ownership.

  • Questioner

    Richard Desprey:

    If that is really true, you have my greatest respect. Please describe your personal impressions. And please take care of yourself! The dangers posed by this government should not be underestimated.

  • PubliusNH

    These are all pretty transparent acts prosecutable as ‘restraint of trade.’ It is a criminal offense to take action to prevent others from simply doing business. This is precisely what Google and Apple are engaged in. State attorneys general need to file charges against them.

  • PubliusNH

    Google/Facebook/Twitter/Apple should be careful they don’t encounter unexpected “denials of service.’ Just sayin’.

  • PubliusNH

    Bottom Line: This is all only possible because of ‘good Germans.’

  • Censorship, ultimately fails…read the article on Inside Sources: Eight Reasons You Can’t Shut Up All of the People All of the Time (and Why You Shouldn’t Try)

  • Questioner


    I ask you to replace beta man Jordan Peterson with a real man, an alpha man, a true warrior for reference and role model.

  • LocalFluff

    I remember Robert supporting Ted Cruz during the nomination campaign 2015-16. And he has grown very much in my opinion over the years since. If I got it right, on the 6th of January he proposed a middle way, that allegations of voting fraud be investigated. The last stand in the Senate as I see it.

    It will be difficult now to move forward. The CCP will censor enough to trottle campaigning or even regular information to supporters, down to a harmless level. All sorts of punishments will burden the opposition. Every day resistance will face bigger obstacles.

  • Lisa Merriam: While everything you write in your essay is true, if a large percentage of the population decides that censorship is their goal, a lot of people are going to get hurt. And that is what we now face.

  • Cotour

    Richard Desprey:

    You and your fellow frustrated patriots (?) actions have done Great Harm. (I understand your frustration if you are legitimate patriot and the potential nature of a mass of passionate people)

    Protest and be loud and be in great numbers, but what was done on the 6th in Washington D.C. has set back any short term opportunity for any political advancement to go forward. You have empowered those on the left who you righteously see as your enemies and not diminished their power, you and your fellows are your and our own worst enemy.

    The chaos, destruction and resulting deaths that occurred were useless and for naught and has shamed the cause for freedom and our Constitution. Your actions have disgraced the president and have made him a viable and legitimate pariah to many. Well done if that is what you intended, bulls eye. And that resulting symbolism is strong.

    (And we must recognize that politics just like sex comes with its risks, and so with those risks things can and do get out of hand now and then and damage is done and time will heal it all and we can move forward)

  • James Street

    Heh heh heh…

    “Rush Limbaugh: Dems ‘terrified’ president will declassify records
    ‘You know, he’s got a bevy of ’em, folks'”

    “Giuliani says time for ‘harmony’ is over and urges Trump declassification spree”

    “Rasmussen poll shows rising approval of Trump in the wake of the Capitol incursion”

    Andrew M. Winter, one cool gizmo I bought is iTargetPro. It’s essentially a shell that is a laser cat toy you put in the chamber of your gun and shoots out a red dot when you pull the trigger. You download an app to your phone that records where it hits the target. I hadn’t been to the range in a while and when I went last week I was pleased at my accuracy from firing a hundred rounds a night in the comfort of my living room.

  • Ian

    Be careful of blocklists. Censorship-crazies will add your domain to lists of malware, adult content, illegal activity, etc to get you off the internet.

  • Brendan

    James street.

    Lasers are always accurate.

    Bullets under gravity and wind resistance less so.

    A rifle needs to be ranged.

    That is all!

  • janyuary

    PubliusNH: Thumbs up!

  • janyuary

    Brendan: BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brendan: Our experience with laser sights in this family found them to be less than useful. Red dot is better. Practice is even more better.

  • wayne

    Har. I have a master’s degree in behavioral-psych.

    Jordan B. Peterson
    “The archetypal symbology behind the restaurant Burger King”

  • Cotour

    Lets theorize how much crazier things could get in the coming year in America:

    1. Joe Biden does not make it to being inaugurated for some reason most likely health related.

    Q: Who is inaugurated as president on the 20th? Nancy Pelosi?

    I do not think it would be the vice president elect, Kamala Harris, she would take the presidents place if he was inaugurated as the president. Would the vice president elect be sworn in as the president?

    Just monkeying with how things could get even more disrupted and crazy in the country. And then of course in the coming year the real world evidence is slowly dribbled out in the many court cases that remain related to the election and fraud and cheating. And Trump is clearly vindicated. Then what?

    Now some if not all of that would fit right in with what has been the general zeitgeist that has been Americas zeitgeist as of late. The universe is a funny place if you have not noticed, stranger things have happened.

  • Cotour, regarding your criticism of Richard Desprey:

    You present your criticism stand-alone … without the context of the last twelve months, where the critics of this President not only coddled/bailed out/lionized similar activity repeatedly, they actually KNELT in solidarity with its cause. That sent the message that the only action those critics respect, is physical unrest.

    Perspective, and proportion, is important. With that context, what happened at the Capitol has a far, far different ring to it …. as does the denunciations of it by the President’s critics; a ring quite hollow.

  • Gary

    Many of you know that this isn’t a Democrat vs Republican issue. It also isn’t just a federal vs state issue. It is an issue of the aristocracy vs lower class, or authoritarian vs subjects. Trump suffered many blows from his own party when he threatened the power structure. At the state level we have seen the power structure play out with both Covid and election fraud.
    Historically, arms confiscation and opposition speech suppression were early means of oppression.
    Right now we need to stop supporting those that suppress free speech.
    The violence at the capital worked against us because regardless of what happened, the left controls the narrative. Rome defeated Cathage in multiple wars and those histories have a Roman bias. We need alternative means of unfettered communication, or with time our losses will mount until there is no ability to recover.
    Apple and Google now threaten our ability to maintain such free communications. We are waking up to the end game.

  • Edward_2

    President Trump should publish what information the US has on UFO’s.

  • Cotour

    What you propose is that the ends justifies the means.

    So what you are saying is that the everyday Conservatives / Republican American can and should be as ignorant, emotional and mindless as the Left and their irrational, violent and despicable actions. I disagree.

    Its good to know that there are those who are willing to go to the max if necessary, but things are not there IMO.

    The Democrats and the Leftists that now dominate them have been strategically smarter than and more incentivized than the people and organizations on the Right. And that is because they want it more and were and are desperate because Trump was and is the incarnate representation that truly threatens their existence. Trump has forced them to reveal for all to see exactly what they are, and now all of that has been for naught.

    And they were so close with Hillary being the next president. But that was not happening and it was Trump that thoroughly destroyed that. Now they have regained their advantage back that Trump denied them.

    And so Trump, no matter what, had to go and by their own words, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. And they delivered.

    No, what happened in the country’s Capitol the other day was a combination of frustrated Republicans righteously protesting and a small number of extremists on both sides causing great damage to the country, Trumps legacy and they have successfully further empowered our political enemies.

    The last four years or twelve months should not have resulted in the events of January 6th.

    AND their actions have diminished my ability to argue my position to boot. Not good. Its hard to justify any of it, because there is no justification.

    This battle must be fought and won in the courts and in the minds of the American people through forceful rational political discourse and actions. And that job has been made harder 100 percent.

    No, not good at all.

  • Cotour

    To be clear, this is who have been empowered on January 6th, 2021:

    1. The Communist Chinese.

    2. George Soros and his pet obsession, the rewriting of the American Constitution and the One World Government / Socialist model.

    3. Klaus Shwab and his New World Order, “Great reset”. Don’t worry, you will own nothing, and you WILL be happy.

    4. The Democrat party. Trump was on track in a long shot elector switch play to remain president, or he would have left the White House as a put upon martyr in full control of 80 million plus voters and would be a viable commander of winners and losers in coming elections all over the country. And that has been put in jeopardy.

    And those are just the 4 main beneficiaries of Jan. 6th, and that is how I see the world in general. We can only hope that as time passes trump is vindicated related to the election fraud and the democrats over play their hand, which is very likely and the people see what must be seen. But its harder now.

  • Questioner


    It looks bleak. I would not hope for a political solution in the one-party state of America. Would it be completely wrong to think that if Biden’s sale of America to the Chinese becomes so obvious and drastic that the American military will step in and fix it? What about its leadership? Are there reliable people available like Flynn?

  • Cotour

    If this stands, and I at this point can not see how its goes anywhere else in the next 10 days, it will be two years before the people can take back their power and redistribute it. Assuming that there is some degree of honest elections in that two years. And that is in real doubt .

    Unless the computer stolen from Pelosi’s office was stolen by an operative who during the confusion of the day was tasked with taking it and that information on that computer is now going to be utilized in some way shape or form to back Pelosi down or control her over time?

    It can only get crazier.

  • Cotour

    If true, why is the FBI facilitating the destruction of evidence? (The FBI seems to collect evidence and use it selectively to inspire certain individuals one way or the other, or they are destroying evidence. Is that their job? This is like a real life Tom Clancy novel, only again, its real life.)

    Once again the FBI on the job protecting the citizens of America? Just one more thing that the people do not have any right to know, its for your own good. Goes right along with Social media censoring what it is that you are allowed to now see, read, hear or share. Nothing to see here.

  • Cotour, what happened over the last twelve months IS relevant, to countering the submit-or-be-crushed message the Democrats are sending now. Confront them with the fact that they KNELT in support of the violent. Confront them with the far more egregious violence and destruction in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and elsewhere that they supported.

    The ground and lives destroyed in those places are just as worthy of respect, as the Capitol – if our unalienable rights and not some concept of “sacred ground” is the primary value of our governance (which I think is what the Democrats are playing on).

    And their language is every bit as incendiary (“domestic terrorists” ???) as what they say Trump’s words are. Call them out on that.

    There are more people than you think out there, that such a message will resonate with.

    Don’t believe that you now have to hold back – push back! Give them a heapin’ helpin’ of Alinsky Rule Four … make the torpedoes circle back on them. They lack the consistency to send this message.

  • Gary

    We have a chance to go forward if someone like Pompeo decides to involve himself. He has a deep understanding of all sides and a background that includes the most secret information possessed by the government. He knows how to communicate and has a solid understanding of all the issues.
    The left successfully painted Trump as toxic. They knew that election fraud would be something that he would you go overboard trying to prove and that there would not be enough time, nor the support to reverse the election results. What the left has done has been absolutely masterful and they took advantage Donald Trump’s personality and provided the bait and he took it. Pompeo has the same perspective Trump, but he is a much more measured man and no less of a fighter.

  • janyuary

    Edward-2, I really didn’t think anybody was going to be able to get me to laugh today, a particularly horrible day of seeing lots of people wearing masks on a stark-raving gorgeous day, breezy, crisp and clear, low 70s, 4,000 miles of Pacific Ocean air conditioner directly to our west … and people wearing masks and keeping distance from each other.

    You actually GOT ME TO LAUGH! That could have been Trump’s legacy, darn it! Let us get the real pic on Roswell!!

    I guess gallows humor has its points.

  • Cotour

    Ritchie The Riveter:

    I hear you. Let me begin by sharing what a friend sent me today related to how the Left and the Right see riots as they pertain to their cause.

    I sent a friend: Lets theorize how crazy things can get in the coming year: The response from a strong Trump supporting lady friend:

    “Somebody in the coffee shop who I really like said something really bad on what should happen to trump because of the rioters and I said I never heard you say that about BLM and he said it wasn’t the same! BLM are protesters and trump supporters are rioters !!”

    Two entirely different worlds, two different realities, two apparently different ideologies. And both are Americans.

    And still we have got to find a way.

  • Gary


    “Cotour, what happened over the last twelve months IS relevant, to countering the submit-or-be-crushed message the Democrats are sending now. Confront them with the fact that they KNELT in support of the violent. Confront them with the far more egregious violence and destruction in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland and elsewhere that they supported.”

    “Countering” can not happen when you are on a ship by yourself in the middle of the ocean.

    We don’t need to convince each other. We need to convince some of the people that watch mass media, get their news via Google, or Facebook. These people have been indoctrinated to distrust news sources such as Breitbart, Fox, Parler and others. They believe Trump to be a liar, so the messenger must to some extent have their trust, which means that it is unlikely that Trump can get through to them. One-third of the population are committed Marxist/Socialist and can’t be turned/reprogrammed. Many are younger voters that have been indoctrinated via public school. Trump can hold his base, but his base isn’t sufficient to overturn control of the house in 22. For that we need clear Democratic Mis-Steps, a channel of communication that appeals to those outside of the base and a credible spokesperson.

  • pzatchok

    ” Robert Zimmerman
    January 9, 2021 at 12:08 am

    pzatchok: How naive you are. I am not talking about the misuse of technology, I am talking about the misuse of power. There is nothing my IT guy can do if they decide to start arresting “undesirables.”

    If something doesn’t change soon, it is coming.”

    I am not that naive.

    Your article did not address arresting undesirables . At least not that I noticed. But instead seemed to center of technology and who controls it. I was only addressing that aspect. your website can not be blocked totally. We have the whole of the “dark web” to prove that.

    As for them arresting undesirables. Well they will never call then undesirables they will call them criminals and they will have to come up with a crime to charge you with.
    As for arresting people with illegal firearms, which many seem to think will happen they will start with adding that charge to other criminals who are found with guns. And we can see now they are afraid to do that for fear of crowding the prisons.

    Its not exactly technology that your afraid they control but the free flow of information.
    Sorry but we lost that years ago when schools were taken over by the left. When 60 Minutes was able to fake “unbiased” automotive tests and the corvair was pushed out of the market by bad press alone.

  • Cotour

    And who exactly is it that pumps and keeps the divide between Americans hard and clean? People like Joe Biden for sure, he desperately needs the distraction of the chaos and the manifesting hatred.

    Democrats MUST have the party’s divided with those clear lines drawn and they use incendiary words and terms to accomplish that. A Democrat MUST have this, because if they do not then you begin to look a bit closer at them, and they are demonstrably revealed as liars and not people who just have a different point of view that could have a possibility of compromise. No, no, no a Democrat must have contention.

    And then the Leftists among them take that to the next level ala Saul Alynski, Mr. Marx and company. And they have been working their plan for 50 years.

    It all boils down to the retention and the acquisition of pure and raw power for the Democrat party that are the political vehicle for the Leftists among them to hide. Period.

    So that condition must be remedied and the Left must be made impotent in their manipulations. And that is going to be more difficult now after what went down on the 6th. Much harder. But the Democrats will without doubt overreach in the coming two years and will further reveal themselves for what they are. And that has begun in earnest with the now overt attempt to censor Free Speech.

    This purge must be dealt with immediately. And the Democrats will have to participate in smacking the Silicon Billionaires down, they have demonstrated to all concerned why they now need to be broken up. That’s the first step without doubt. See, something that the Left and the Right can agree upon shows up immediately.

    The Democrats will not disappoint, and that is a solid bet.

  • ARR

    Banning free speech. Well I’m sure that the ACLU, which exists to protect the civil liberties of all Americans, will have something to say about that!

  • Cotour


    Twitter, (along with the rest of the Social media giants) has damned itself and all of the people in America are watching. Don’t like what Trump has to say? So what?

    Free speech will prevail and these company’s actions and their reasoning for taking them reveals why they must now be broken up. And reasonable Democrats, and there are some left, will have to agree. Just like the Constitution is not about one man, nor is it about one company or one industry, or one ideology.

  • Gary

    “Banning free speech. Well I’m sure that the ACLU, which exists to protect the civil liberties of all Americans, will have something to say about that!”
    Funny One

  • Gary


    Amazon just announced that it is banning Parler from using Amazon servers as early as tomorrow.

    Are Microsoft servers next?

  • Andrew Allen

    I tried running my own server. They (directNic and goDaddy) both seized me domain names.

    My “crime” was posting bills I wrote. This is after 3 bills and amendments I wrote were passed by the US Congress.

  • Jeff Wright

    People need to read 2600 magazine— one by anti corporate hackers. I’m sure they have done stories about the weaknesses of Twitter and Faceplant that folks can learn about now.

    Learn about HAM radio…. find ways to have coded chirps on CB radios. I wonder what a lot of truckers with repeaters, Radar jamming “judges” and the like could do if many of them keyed their mikes around CNN equipment?

  • Brian

    There are many other Cloud services that Parler could use, some not even US based or they could even set up there own servers, might cost more money in the beginning but they would be in charge of there own destiny.

  • Edward

    What we have forgotten in nine decades. But that was in Europe; surely it cannot happen here in America!

    Richard Desprey wrote: “I was part of the raid on the capitol… I am proud of chasing those tyrants into their tunnels like the rats they are.

    Oh, look. We have a member of antifa (anti-First Amendment) commenting here, proud of the chaos and destruction that he has done to the conservative movement.

    Had Desprey been serious about starting a revolution against “those tyrants” then he would have had a plan for that revolution. Instead, he decided to wing it, like antifa does everywhere. Except in most places they have had the local government on their side.

  • Questioner


    The problem with the Capitol “storm” was that the ultimate responsible, President Trump, had no plan for the matter. Maybe it was weakness or negligence or laziness, in any case it is clear that he did not think further about what he actually wanted to achieve with the big demonstration and what should happen in detail. And I say this statement especially regarding his intention to prevent Biden from being recognized as the newly elected president at this point (whether it would have been possible at all is a different matter). In any event, he failed to consider the consequences of the impact of his appeals on his followers and thus failed as a leader.

    I myself would even want to assume that a mighty, peaceful march of hundreds of thousands – personally led by Trump! (even if his personal safety had been affected) – would have had a very big impact. That would have been his job, but here too he failed as a leader. Please do not blame the individual participants. The fish stinks at its tip, as we say as a proverb. The Capitol March had been a good thing in itself if it hadn’t been derailed so much by Trump’s nonexistent leadership.

  • janyuary

    Gary: You had me until These people have been indoctrinated to distrust news sources such as Breitbart, Fox, Parler and others. They believe Trump to be a liar …

    Breitbart, Fox, all mainstream “conservative” media are as worthy of skepticism as CNN, CBS, etc. The History Channel, National Geographic, all things are corrupted horribly in media with a similar agenda. Just the same, blaming the media for this mess is like blaming a gun for a shooting. This is a free market — or should be — where consumers are responsible for how they use a product freely purchased. Government excess had created a market where only the best financed can even get a foot in the door where otherwise there would be lots of mediums competing. Now our new forum of internet is controlled by some bad controlling interests. Government will create regulation to help keep them in power.

    As for believing Trump to be a liar … there’s a difference between believing something and knowing something. I did enough due diligence on Trump in 2016 to know he is a man of low standard when it comes to honor or consistency. His own words told me very early on.

    I will fight for liberty and self-ownership. I bow out if I am asked to defend a chump, and other chumps who helped get us here. I stopped voting for them (voting “against”) with Romney in 2012. But this happened on Trump’s watch.

  • Questioner

    “How Do We Save America? Live with Bret Weinstein”

    Two leftists and a liberal (Bret Weinstein) discuss current events here. Nevertheless, there are also interesting views for us as right-wingers. Please listen specifically to what Bret Weinstein has to say about Trump and the corrupt system (renewed by Biden) that spawned Trump (between minutes 41 and 46). Thanks.

  • wayne

    Parler does utilize Amazon Web Services. (or they did….) Amy Peikoff, Parlers Chief Policy Officer, was on with Tucker on the Friday show discussing that briefly.
    The Microsoft platform is Azure.

    Personally, I’m not a ‘right-winger,’ but I understand what you mean.

    Tom Woods Show Ep. 1372
    “Michael Malice on What Left and Right Mean”

  • wayne

    “How to Spot a Communist”

    “If a person consistently reads and advocates the views expressed in a communist publications, he may be a communist. If a person supports organizations which reflect communist teachings, or organizations labelled communist, she may be a communist. If a person defends the activities of communist nations while consistently attacking the foreign and domestic policy of the United States, she may be a communist. If a person does all these things over a period of time, he Must be a communist. But there are other communists who don’t show their real faces, who work more silently…..”

  • Questioner


    I agree with Michael Malice’s analysis on the matter (what is right and what is left). I have already made a similar statement here.

    Incidentally, Hitler was a right winger because he even believed extremely strongly in hierarchy (both, by merrits and by nature), even if his National Socialism contained some left-wing (socialist) elements, which but came only to application in his hierarchical system and not for all men. H. can also be identified as a right-winger on the basis of another characteristic: Metaphysics (in the sense also religion or “fate”) was very important to him. However, crime is not tied to whether one is left or right.

    What I am writing here should only be a neutral analysis (in context to better understand what is left and what is right) and shall be of course no approval of the evil deeds for which he was responsible.

  • Cotour


    You, and Mr. Desprey are thinking like a 16 year old child on this subject of the January 6th offence to the nation.

    What would or should Trump or any other president in his position do about the corruption and invasion of the Leftists within the Democrat party and their taking control of our government? I assure you it would not be a plan based on a minority of low level tattooed street radicals invading the Capitol. That is stupid, and I do not like to use that word but it applies here.

    (Not unless that action served some unseen distraction or intel gathering purpose ( like getting a hold of Pelosi’s computer?), but that is extremely risky because of the potentials for violence and chaos and death that exists and the net of that is a massive negative in the publics eyes)

    Any rational president would be working within government, with lawyers, with sympathetic like minded Congresspersons, with sympathetic like minded Senators, within law enforcement, with sympathetic like minded military personnel (Those that are loyal anyway) within the rules of the Constitution in gathering the hard evidence that would condemn and convict those who are working against America and take action based in that manner. Not in what happened on the 6th.

    What happened on the 6th has only served to empower the Leftists and their argument, “Orange Man Bad”. You and Mr. Desprey need get your heads out from that dark place where desperation and defeat lives. You must get tired of being bent over like that.

    What exactly is the second move after you and your band of tattooed miscreants physically take over the real estate that the Capitol building occupies? Do you think temporarily controlling that real estate in chaos gives you authority in government? Purely a short term, very short term, symbolic event that means nothing. Other than like I have pointed out to diminish your argument in the public / Pedestrian realm.

    Well done if that indeed was the goal.

  • Cotour

    Here, as a prime example: BILL DEBLASIO DEMANDS TRUMP RESIGN

    On Jan. 9, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) called for President Trump’s resignation, invoking the 25th Amendment or his second impeachment after a violent mob stormed the Capitol building earlier that week.

    This what what January 6th has further empowered, a confirmed Marxist and WORST mayor in American history has been given the authority by those who did what they did on the 6th to demand Trump resign. And DeBlasio should have long ago been righteously thrown out of office, pitch forks and torches, for incompetence and and working to literally destroy the greatest city in America by installing Leftist policies.

    That is what you have accomplished. Your (And my) own worst enemy.

  • Questioner


    I do not feel at all addressed by your speech and accusations. It wasn’t my idea to send a large crowd of Trump people to the Capitol. It was Trump’s idea. So please ask him about his motives and considerations. Listen again to his speech.

    Finally accept that Trump failed. Stop worshiping him and give up illusive thoughts about it. As Mr. Weinstein said Trump’s appearance is the first clear counter-reaction to the entire broken political system in the United States. But this man was not good enough, his character weaknesses too great. I am of Weinstein’s opinion that a new, more intelligent, and more capable leader will come who will overshadow Trump. Unlike Weinstein, I hope so and I don’t fear it.

    To all:

    I would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to the blog here. It was interesting and stimulating in many places. But the time that I have spent here and that I would need in the future is far too much. I am not a pensioner. Real life takes my time and my full commitment. I thank everyone for the lively exchange. Farewell everybody!

  • James Street

    Questioner, farewell and thanks for your past input. I’ve always enjoyed it. I also work full time on top of the regular obligations of life, but read Robert’s blog primarily for space information which has always been a passion. Fortunately its also become a place for conservatives to meet.

    Hopefully you’ll drop in occasionally.

  • Cotour

    Evidence of overreach, collusion and MASSIVE anti trust cases against: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and others.

    Overreach, massive and collusion are words not big enough to describe what is coming down the road and both the Democrats and the Republicans will be forced to act together on this issue. This is what must happen.

  • Cotour


    Don’t allow the the door to hit you in your head as you leave.

  • janyuary

    Questioner, I will miss you. I hope you visit often in your free time and continue to contribute to the discussion. Yours is a valuable voice.

  • janyuary

    Cotour: “Don’t allow the the door to hit you in your head as you leave.” Reading of the departure of one of the most thoughtful and disciplined commenters on this forum, you address that comment to him.

    Although my social and family circles are dominated by conservatives and Republicans, in 2016 I knew zero who actually wanted Donald Trump for president — they didn’t want Hillary. The folks I knew who wanted Trump were self-titled “independents” and fuzzy, emotional thinkers.

    They got their “leader” and this is what has happened on his watch. They want to avoid being accountable for it. Too bad, so sad.

  • Cotour


    I don’t really have to explain what my door in the head remark relates to, do I?

    And why does Questioner have to announce in such a dramatic fashion that he is leaving? Just another drama queen who does not always spout rational thinking. Just not participating would be fine with me, a drama queen announces his departure IMO. Good bye drama queen.

  • Cotour

    Elon Musk comments on who he holds culpable:

    The Liberal and Leftist Silicon Valley Big Tech Social Media Billionaires and their companies are now a clear and present threat to your free speech America as they rid the field of their competition and political adversaries. Just like any good Nazi or Soviet era operative. Well done! Couldn’t help your selves, its the nature of the beast, abuse of power.

    These tech Billionaires and their minions in fact are the Fascists they reflectively rail about existing in the Republican party and they are in fact colluding amongst themselves to take over your ability to communicate, what you are allowed to see, say and think. Just like happens in Communist China. This reveal couldn’t come at a more opportune time.

    How do you feel about that every day American Democrats? Are you comfortable with America being taken over by the Leftists that support you in Silicon Valley and have facilitated your presidential win? Just throw the Constitution, Free speech and rules and laws about monopolistic practices out the window? Good bye America, its been nice.

    The destruction of the Democrat party continues with them apparently soon in control of government. Its going to be quite the manure show of overreach, hypocrisy, self interest and abuse of power. Have at it Democrat leadership, the people, both Democrats and Republicans and everything in between are watching.

  • Mitch S.

    There are sites where like minded people rant about how their views are superior.
    And there are a few rare sites where people of different views can have a conversations (and even mild argument) trying to explain their views and counter the differing viewpoints.
    Such sites offer an opportunity to learn. Not just learn about the subjects, but also about how thoughtful people can come to different conclusions based on the information sources they use.
    I hope this site can remain in the latter category.
    Essential to that is a level of decorum politeness and tolerance of contrary opinions.

    Questioner, I also have limited time to participate here but I do like seeing the spectrum of vies posted.
    Hope you’ll still pop in from time to time.

  • Patrick Underwood

    Richard Desprey: I write this with great sadness, because I am also a conservative and Trump supporter.

    You and your compatriots gave the Left EXACTLY what they wanted. It was the greatest gift you could have handed them. No one will remember the antifa/BLM riots; your actions will forever overshadow them. Your pitiful and doomed raid on our Capitol gave our enemies the perfect means to change everything, and it’s your raid that will be taught in schools as a historic wrong.

  • Patrick Underwood, Cotour, and others: You illustrate why the left wins so easily, and thinks we are stupid.

    You have all already accepted without question that the Trump supporters at this rally were the instigators of the break-in at the Capital, when the evidence of the day as well as the past four years suggests entirely otherwise.

    1. There is video showing the police letting the demonstrators into the Capital, peaceably, at at least one entrance. Like all conservative protesters I have known and watched for decades, they then enter respectfully and with no disturbance.

    2. Where there was violence and a force used, there is strong evidence that Antifa thugs were there, acting as fake Trump supporters to instigate exactly the response you all now share.

    3. The left and its quislings in the press has been lying routinely about almost everything they tell you about Trump, conservatives, and yourselves now for almost a decade. Why should you believe anything they say now, especially since they seem to have an eager willingness to reinterpret this protest that certainly got out of hand and turn it into a “riot”, an “insurrection,” and a “desecration of our sacred democracy” (as if these fascist thugs have the slightest idea what that is).

    If you buy into their lies, and repeat them, you will lose. Remember that.

  • Patrick Underwood

    Mr. Zimmerman: When we saw the news, the first thing I said to my wife was “false flag operation.” And I still believe it.

    It doesn’t matter if only ONE of the rioters was an actual Trump supporter. That’s all it takes for the media/corporate oligarchy to paint the event as a right-wing attack on American democracy that demands a crackdown on conservatives by all of “good” society and allows them to consolidate their power over who can speak and who can’t, who gets celebrated and who gets condemned.

    Oh wait… that’s exactly what happened.

    Our side wins by behaving as civilized adults, not by smashing and burning like the Communists.

  • Cotour


    You obviously missed reading my post on “Yesterday”, its the second post. And it refutes your proposition fully, (please feel free to reread it, where did you develop your opinion from? Please be specific). Too bad, I received high praise from many patriots on my email list on that piece. Email, the preferred form of communication these days. And they agreed with me exactly. And I covered all 3 of your points precisely. And everything I wrote on the subject afterwards supported what I previously wrote and again refutes your contention that “I” empower the Left. Ridiculous.

    Mitch S: Yes, I agree that there must be decorum. But I have also noticed that who ever comments and takes certain positions and they are confronted in a strong manner and are unable to support their thinking seem to find that they need to spend time doing other things. There is a reason for that.

    And my humor may be an acquire taste, but I think it has its place.

  • Cotour

    A little history for everyone:

    Trump is in office for the next 9 1/2 days.

  • Gary

    It is true that we must consider the bias of our information sources. We must also remember the actions/words of many Republicans like Chris Christie, but this will go down in history as the final Trump travesty, because Democrats will control the investigations and Democrats must deliver a knock out punch to diminish Trump’s place in history and his ability to fight back in the future. Many Republican politicians will do their part to destroy Trump. Trump was never suppose to have come to power. Now, the aristocracy has been made whole and they will make sure that nobody challenge the globalist agenda. If a bunker bound geriatric candidate that barely campaigned can be pushed into office, then these folks can and will do whatever it takes to keep power. What it takes for now is a coverup of events since election day, DC and Puerto Rico statehood, mass immigration, gun control and information control. The only wild card is the courts.

  • D. Messier

    Arnold said more in this video than all the posts and discussion on this site:

    He has a far better understanding of Kristallnacht than anything I’ve seen here.

  • janyuary

    D Messier, I voted for him, I see Arnold as a true American and a real Californian: he risked a whole lot to get here and stay here. Yet in office he behaved as a functional Democrat, for the most part. Heads they won, tails we lost. The C19 event is connected to this vote fraud, they arrived at the same time by design.

    So at first I thought he was talking about how guilt drove those men drinking and abusing their families, going along step by step, referring to the American geldings, and British geldings, geldings all across Europe, the geldings who wear the harness … called a “mask” but it is a harness, and how guilty they were going to feel for being accessory to all this economic homicide, not to mention the real life manslaughter as a result of everyone from young kids to oldsters being deprived their rightful, legal outlets for fitness and mental happiness. It is criminal clearly and mathematically, yet geldings are going along for whatever reason they may claim, and there are a million. They wear the mask.

    The stallions are like Robert Zimmerman, the only guy I’ve seen with the real do-it-yourself solution to his mess: refuse the mask, refuse to put on the harness.

    As a woman, I now see the word “EUNUCH” in block letters across its maw where men wear masks. I am a sexist. I dream of men congregating with their wives on their arms in the parking lots of grocery stores demanding a mask-free distance-free shopping day because such a very tiny percentage of people in real context are sick or have died, and “Baby wants to shop the way she’s entitled to shop. We’re going to wait out here until you decide to let us in. Baby gets what baby wants. It works out to one 28th of one percent of us dead after a year in this county after a year, who’s kidding who, stop what ‘spread’?”

    I know, I’m such a romantic. Truly though, Arnold’s understanding of Kristallnacht may be good, but his political principles and strategies blow. More important than election fraud is resolving this homicide of society problem and peacefully as possible, and it had better start soon. Robert has the only solution: refuse the mask. As a woman, I submit that men have more calm, commanding power in peaceful civil protest or disobedience, than women and men are taken much more seriously. It’s why I savor a special contempt for the geldings who explain to maskless me that they only wear the mask because they promised their wives they would.


  • Mitch S.

    Uh, interesting to hear Ahnold discuss his childhood memories and acknowledge the effect of the war on his family/neighbors and the sense of guilt over what they participated in.
    But Arnold, bringing up Kristallnacht illustrates how weak his understanding of what Kristallnacht was.
    Kristallnacht was not a group that lost political power, and seen their leader pushed out of office, going wild and disrupting the Reichstag for a few hours until stopped by police.
    Kristallnacht was a nationwide night of violence promoted by the totalitarian regime that was in complete power.
    For 5 years Hitler’s regime had full control of the Chancellery (presidency), Reichstag (House, Senate) courts and propaganda outlets ( the networks, press – NYT, CNN, Facebook etc of the day).
    That power was used to incite attacks on a minority population that had been marked and persecuted for years. About 7000 businesses were burned, over 100 killed and about 30,000 arrested and sent to concentration camps.
    Nobody in the regime condemned the violence, the perpetrators of the violence were not arrested.

    Arnold’s video has the one sided element of incitement that Trump has been criticized for. The macho sword display, the accusation of “attempting a coup based on lies” and the ominous “We need to hold accountable the people that brought us to this unforgivable point”.
    Came across as something Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl would has produced (including the music)

  • Cotour

    Arnold like most Hollywood actors should stay with what they are good at, acting.

    I liked Arnold in Terminator, the perfect casting for the part.

    As for his time playing a California governor? Anyone here that lived through it please feel free to comment specifically. I think he was a Democrat at best and not much better. And we can all see for ourselves what his efforts have resulted in. And to be fair, he had a lot of help.

    AND, he brings to light the actual and real fascistic behavior and abuse of power of the Democrats and their corporate tech Silicon Valley billionaires who are actively censoring the American population and who apparently control all that they survey. I guess that point is lost on Arnold? And that is why actors should not stray too far from their bailiwick.

  • D. Messier

    I expected Arnold’s video to go right over everyone’s head here. Or right through them. Oh well.

    This website has rules for comments and participation. So does Twitter and most sites. Don’t behave, and you’re out. That’s the way it works.

    Trump violated Twitter’s rules for years. He got away with it because he was rich and powerful and had the ability to really damage the company in his position as president. So, he got special treatment. If they had treated him fairly, like everyone else who violated the rules, they would have kicked him off years ago.

    Now that he’s not going to be president, he won’t get the same special consideration. His power and his wealth don’t give him a free pass any more. Inciting an attack gave Twitter something to hang a ban on: public safety. Talk about over playing his hand.

    Trump is now being treated like all the others banned from Twitter for violating its rules. He’s paying a price for years of misbehavior and violations. Is that really unfair? Or was it unfair that he was able to abuse the rules for years with no consequences?

  • Max

    were you talking about this?

    Watch “Lt. General Thomas McInerney: Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop Wednesday, Says She’s Frantic” on YouTube

    Even Michael Moore’s hour long Facebook (which is on YouTube) ranting about it being an inside job listing the evidence;
    That the staffers were told to stay home, only 500 of the 2000 security officers came to work, people who went to work reported that the parking lots were nearly empty and no police presence. (Highly unusual) His “congressional contacts” confirmed the unusual circumstances. He himself has filmed many times in the capital and said he’s never seen it so lightly staffed. He watched videos of people asking where the offices of congressmen and senators were and being led there by security. Made a big deal about the “secret office” of the minority whip being infiltrated.
    (he begins by talking about flyers calling for an “armed insurrection” on the capital before inauguration and on all the state capital buildings, it seemed more like an invitation than a warning, wanting people to participate)

    There’s also a no-fly zone over the capital,(today?) an area usually full of planes.
    There’s also reports that there is a media blackout at the Vatican. The police and personal vans were seen rushing there, that there might be something to the reports that there is over $2 billion missing from the church, and that dominion computers were using the Vatican spy satellite network called Leonardo.

    Many high officials have been quoted as saying this is bigger than the recent elections, this is about the dominion of the world itself in the long publicized New World order. That’s why the executive order in 2018 on voting fraud. Documenting all the actions and by whom and who is receiving payments and who is stabbing him and the country in the back. Rounding up all the treasonous players. Many of whom only revealed themselves in the last few days.
    So who do we root for? The military industrial complex, or the oligarchs/billionaires? Is there a difference? Perhaps this is the final push to see who will be in the seats when the music stops playing. (there’s not as much room at the top as everyone thought)
    In an uconfirmed report from Europe says that a hundred of former Trump supporters are now dead, the death squads are active…
    With the Hillary servers, Carlos danger/Aberdeen laptop, Pakistani congressional IT man who left his incriminating laptop in the phone booth, Hunter Biden sexually explicit and criminally indicting photos if not just him but other high ranking men and women. Now Pelosi’s laptop is missing… Maybe they’ll be declassified documents after all… If they can find a platform to put them on. I’m not holding my breath, too much disinformation all at once, even on the most extreme conspiracy websites. Including websites that never touch politics.
    Truth is the first casualty of war.

  • Cotour

    Pelosi’s computer was made a big deal of.

    Make what you will of it.

  • Cotour

    D. Messier:

    Your a very dense man, what do you not understand about the presidency, no matter who occupies the office, and FREE SPEECH?

    Your all over this Silicon Valley revolution, aren’t you? You think its a good and fair thing they have done, don’t you?×265.jpg&exph=265&expw=648&q=sheeple&simid=608049408417729949&ck=789B87869F45882B3AB9C81AB455A002&selectedIndex=7&FORM=IRPRST

  • wayne

    Arnold was born in 1947.

  • Gary

    “Now that he’s not going to be president, he won’t get the same special consideration. His power and his wealth don’t give him a free pass any more. Inciting an attack gave Twitter something to hang a ban on: public safety. Talk about over playing his hand.”

    I keep hearing about how Trump incited at attack and encouraged violence, but I haven’t been able to find any video of him doing so. So for those of you on the left who keep saying this,can you please provide video that is not taking out context.
    Thank you

  • wayne

    Rollins Band –

  • wayne

    Gangs of New York –
    “Draft Riots”
    [July 13-16, 1863]

  • wayne

    Welcome to obamas Amerika.

    Obama Kids: Sing for Change
    (Pyongyang Remix)

  • D. Messier

    Well, as usual my comments about Trump and twitter went right over — or more likely, through — the heads of people here. There is no evidence that exists or can ever be presented to Trumples to convince them they’re wrong. They will ignore his blatant lies about election fraud. The riling up of the mob that he and others did on Wednesday. They ignore the many days he had in court after the election. He failed to make his case. He didn’t prove the election was stolen. But, you guys ignore all that.

  • Cotour

    “Any rational president would be working within government, with lawyers, with sympathetic like minded Congresspersons, with sympathetic like minded Senators, within law enforcement, with sympathetic like minded military personnel (Those that are loyal anyway) within the rules of the Constitution in gathering the hard evidence that would condemn and convict those who are working against America and take action based in that manner. Not in what happened on the 6th.”

    Make of it what you will.

  • wayne

    Monopoly and Competition
    Murray N. Rothbard 1986

  • Gary

    “Well, as usual my comments about Trump and twitter went right over — or more likely, through — the heads of people here. There is no evidence that exists or can ever be presented to Trumples to convince them they’re wrong. They will ignore his blatant lies about election fraud. The riling up of the mob that he and others did on Wednesday. They ignore the many days he had in court after the election. He failed to make his case. He didn’t prove the election was stolen. But, you guys ignore all that.”

    So, please post the video where he invited the Capital folks to violence.

    Time will tell regarding electrion fraud. Courts have always been reticent to take on election fraud issues. The Constitution places this responsibility in the hands of state legislators.

  • wayne

    I wish you would ID your clips more often, but no matter, excellent Warren Zevon from 1980.
    ..lawyers, guns, and money; sounds like a 3rd world country, eh?!

    Glenn Frey –
    Smuggler’s Blues The Miami Vice Cut

  • wayne

    good stuff.


    Deep Space 9
    “In the Pale Moonlight”
    Se6 Ep9
    -a relevant clip-

  • Gary: You will never get that video, uncut and in context. It doesn’t exist. What D. Messier is doing, as do all partisan Democrats today is slander their opponents, without evidence, for the sake of power.

    For a more detailed discussion, I refer you to this past essay of mine, Obama’s legacy of hate. As I concluded,

    The use of the Big Lie by Democrats and their allies has also spread. They used it shamelessly during the Kavanaugh hearings. In the ongoing presidential campaign you now have mainstream Democratic candidates calling all Americans racists (even though those same Americans voted for a black president twice), while other candidates are regularly labeling Trump a white supremacist (even though his daughter is Jewish and he has never said or done anything to suggest any truth to that false accusation).

    I fully expect the rhetoric against Trump supporters in the coming election to spread and get more vicious. This in turn will act to encourage more extreme actions, including violence comparable to what Antifa now does with impunity in Portland. Be prepared. When people abandon the truth for emotional labels inspired by hate, they are liable to do anything.

    I wrote that in August 2019. I think I probably underestimated the level of vitriol that we now see leveled at conservatives, Republicans, and anyone who speaks up against the Democratic Party.

  • Chris

    Block and counter attack

  • Cotour

    This just may be the democrats finest hypocritical moment and will only further reveal them as being exactly what they are, partisan anti and un Constitutional Socialist / Globalists. These Democrat leaders are now officially former Americans.

    They want to criminalize ANY Trump rally, but any time there is an ANTIFA or a BLM rally / protest / ceremonial police precinct burning / looting session they are all good with that.

    You can not make it up, and this is just one more of the many reasons that what happened on the 6th has done great damage to a good and very necessary Conservative American movement headed by Trump.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson, is back:

    The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast –
    Season 4 Episode 1: Matthew McConaughey

  • Cotour

    I saw that interview Wayne but I have not taken the time to watch it yet, thank you. McConaughey seems to be prepping for some kind of political career, either in office, which I do not know if that would be his best purpose, or a spokes person for the movement which is probably the better purpose IMO.

    And while he is an actor, and has had his episodes of insanity, he does seem a committed more Conservative type.

    Time will tell.

    (It must be an interesting experience to have a conversation with the likes of Peterson. Peterson has seen and dealt with and diagnosed every kind of human being and his tendency must be to automatically dissect every word and phrase, every twitch and sentence structure, hopefully objectively, but he is doing it. You might ask him for a full diagnosis and report afterwards :)

    You probably do the same assessing given your profession and experience. I know I do it, its just my nature and an extension of what I do, read people. And most are on autopilot and are what I call “Immersed” in their own subjective realty most of the time. Some, all of the time. Its just automatic. But Peterson does it on a whole other level, and to understand who and what he is at the beginning of a conversation must be an interesting exercise depending on how secure or insecure one is. McConaughey seems a pretty confident and secure person IMO and he appears to be developing his public persona in a more full and complete way for specific reasons other than PR, and I assume it has to do with politics on some level.)

  • Cotour

    Lets see who is what in this emerging technology / corporate / state government merger.

    FASCISM: Characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.

    Now what party now clearly fits that definition?

    (D. Messier, can you please give me the answer?)

    Once again the Left accuses the Right of exactly what it has precisely become.

  • wayne

    Downloading it but haven’t watched.
    For my money, vast majority of politicians have personality-disorders. (Some of the traits required to successfully rise in politics are the same traits that would otherwise render one unfit to be elected dog-catcher.)

    “The Importance of Having Thick Skin”
    Jocko Willink and Jordan Peterson

  • ARR

    My comment about the ACLU acting was in jest, but they are at least acknowledging that the situation exists.

    I found headlines about the ACLU’s statement on several news sites but curiously it’s not in the “Free Speech” section of their own web page.

    I am not convinced that they will pursue the matter.

  • Gary

    We can only hope that there are 12 or so Democratic house members and 1-2 senators that value a free, open society. Should this not be the case, the next two years will forever and detrimentally change this country. Contrary speech will become hate speech, Gun laws will become oppressive. Opposition will be dealt with as domestic terrorist. Most importantly, the Senate will be expanded to 54 members and election manipulation will be further refined. A sizable minority of Republicans are statist and value power over serving the people they are supposed to represent. These people stymied the first two years of the Trump Administration and will further divide the Republican Party, which will promote the Democratic Party. The moment these Republicans saw that Trump has been weakened, they lash out against him. So, the last major factor working for the Democratic Party is the Republican Party. Let’s hope that the Democratic party is also devided and that Biden is not a Harris clone and is able to complete his term.

  • Cotour


    Lets see who is what in this emerging technology / corporate / state government power merger being attempted, which may ultimately be successful.

    This is what is presented by media:

    Is it too late? Fascism expert explains the next moves from Trump’s ‘authoritarian playbook’ – Raw Story – Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

    FASCISM: Characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.

    And it is in fact the Democrats and the Leftists that have taken them over and the Left leaning at the minimum Globalist big tech / Silicon Valley Social Media Billionaires that have clearly made a big move to permanently cement their censorship of Free Speech in America. And what completes the Fascistic model is their simultaneous elimination of their competitors and incorporating the government of America into their domination model.

    A symbiotic relationship of oppressive censorship between tech oligarchs and oppressive government power. A true and clear abuse of power.

    These tech oligarchs and government players will now tell America what it can read, see and say, the classic definition of modern day Fascism in 2021.

    What political party now clearly fits that Fascist definition? Trumps Republican party? You tell me.

    Once again the Left accuses the Right of exactly what it has precisely become.

  • James Street

    Word is President Trump will be speaking on this NewsNOW from FOX YouTube channel.
    The message on the window says “Live in 2 hours” which would be around noon Pacific Time on 1/11/2021.

  • Cotour

    Governor Cuomo”

    “We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely,” he tweeted Monday morning.

    Why now? The numbers are way up in Covid infections and hospitalizations and you can open the economy in NYS NOW, but not before?

    Oh, that’s right, 9 days to Biden.

    Leslie Stahl interviews Pelosi Sunday night, confronts her on why she was an obstructionist related to the Covid stimulus for the people of America that they badly needed, basically calls her a liar. Why did she do it?

    “Pelosi Admits in “60 Minutes” Tongue-Bath Interview that Motivation for Impeachment Is To Ensure “He Never Runs Again”

    Oh, yeah, thats right, 9 days to Biden.

    Trump has forced all Liberals and Leftists to reveal just how fraudulent they indeed are. Pure politics and its your problem if you find yourself in their way. Trump forces the Left to reveal all.

  • Edward

    The problem with the Capitol “storm” was that the ultimate responsible, President Trump, had no plan for the matter. Maybe it was weakness or negligence or laziness, in any case it is clear that he did not think further about what he actually wanted to achieve with the big demonstration and what should happen in detail.

    What an excellent point. So, according to you, President Trump did not incite the raid on the Capitol Building, because he had not thought that far.

    On the other hand, the timing is all wrong. The invasion had begun even before Trump’s supposed incitement to violence, which apparently is as simple as calling someone a patriot. These were not people from Trump’ crowd, so he didn’t send them. Clearly, and most obviously, this was planned in advance, independent of Trump’s weakness, negligence, laziness, or poorly thought out wording.

    On the third hand (The Gripping Hand), congress was right in the middle of performing Trump’s last chance to remain in office, which any Trump supporter would want to stop in order to support their guy.

    Wait, I have that backwards. Any Trump supporter would want Congress to continue unimpeded. Trump would certainly not have wanted this to occur. He and his supporters would only have even the remotest desire to raid the Capitol Building only in the case that Congress finishes all its deliberations and have upheld the fraudulent elections in those several states.

    On the fourth hand, conservatives and Trump supporters have a history of non-violence, just the opposite of the left. We can more easily conclude that the left is projecting themselves onto Trump supporters than we can conclude that the raid was performed by Trump supporters. Then there is the leftist technique of blaming others for their own actions, just like the Reichstag fire. (By the way, Hitler’s National Socialism trumps any belief he may have had in hierarchy.)

    Questioner, your position is obviously wrong, but in America today, anyone not supporting The Party’s position loses his Constitutionally protected rights, as we have seen these past few days. What kind of country does that?

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • janyuary

    Gary: Let’s hope that the Democratic party is also devided and that Biden is not a Harris clone and is able to complete his term.

    In 2016, three separate times/places, three different Democrat/liberals, mistaking me for a fellow lefty because of how I dress (comfortably for my climate and lifestyle in rural coastal California), lectured me passionately, if in friendly spirit, NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton EVER. That as bad as Bernie Sanders was, and he was bad they admitted freely, he would be better than Hillary and certainly better than Trump. “If you have to hold your nose, vote for Bernie but NEVER vote for Hillary,” that is what they told me.

    Now in 45 years of talking politics passionately with people who assumed wrongly my own position because of how I dress, that was the FIRST TIME I had ever been witness to such a deep divide in the Democrat party and warned the same way my fellow Republicans/conservatives had been warning against voting for a clown in their own party for at least a decade.

    You had BETTER KNOW that the Democrat party is extremely divided, every bit as much as the Repubblican party. I know it. I also know that regardless of political party, the biggest mistake is thinking that there is no other alternative, that ONLY the _______ (Democrat or Republican) can ever be the Good Guys, that other party and its attending movement (liberal/conservavtive) are guaranteed to be worse so vote for the “lesser evil.”

    THAT logical fallacy has infected BOTH parties.

    Gary, how do you increase leftism in only the Democrat party?

    You let left-leaning Republicans LOSE. If you elect the “lesser evil” Republican, you increase leftism in BOTH parties. Guaranteed, every time. It has been going on for 25 years at least and we are NOW at critical mass. And again, this C19 event coincides with this BY DESIGN.

    For the love of pete, people WAKE UP. You have to fight BOTH together. Fighting only election fraud, or only C19 event despotism, is a sure way to lose liberty. Fight them BOTH as ONE ENEMY.

  • janyuary

    Edward: “Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.”

    Republicans and conservatives put Obama in office by failing to provide an authentic alternative of liberty and asking me instead to vote for more government on the pretense of voting “against” it.

    Those who continue to blame Obama for today’s ills are as wrong-headed and bound for defeat as could be.

  • Edward

    Those who continue to blame Obama for today’s ills are as wrong-headed and bound for defeat as could be.

    No matter who put him in office, it is still Obama’s America now. He is the one who made the fundamental transformation. Even in 2016, the people commenting on BtB had concluded that Trump would not overturn Obama’s America but would only slow its dive into tyranny, because Trump was not Hillary. They were right. The dive was only slowed, and now it is becoming complete.

  • Gary

    It looks like President Trump’s remarks have been moved to tomorrow at noon PST from Alamo, Texas. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  • Edward

    The important question is: what do we need to do now to reverse Obama’s America and return to the land of the free?

  • wayne

    ->obama’s Amerika.

    Pink Floyd –
    “Your Possible Pasts”

    “A warning to anyone still in command,
    Of their possible future to take care.
    In derelict sidings the poppies entwine,
    With cattle trucks lying in wait, for the next time…”

  • D. Messier

    People who live in paper houses should not throw molotov cocktail. So Bob don’t accuse others of slandering people. You’ve written far too many whack things about people on this site to have any standing to make those charges.

    I just read Trump’s speech. The whole thing from top to bottom beginning to end was a series of lies about the election, the Democrats, the media and several other subjects he rambled on about. The entire speech incited the mob with false tales of a stolen election and victimized president and supporters and demonized opponents.

    Trump didn’t have to be explicit, he just had to get the crowd angry enough. He left explicit to Rudy who said they needed to have “trial by combat.” That couldn’t be more clear. It escaped no one that Trump’s personal attorney was speaking for the president.

    Trump said he would walk down to Capitol with the mob. Instead he scurried back to White House where he happily watched the violence unfold on TV. That is sick.

  • Patrick Underwood

    D. Messier, funny you should mention Molotov Cocktails (which are thrown almost exclusively by Leftists and are, in fact, named after an infamous Soviet Communist). Have you read the recent comments by Michael Beller, chief counsel of PBS?

    Just checkin.

  • Edward

    Remember November of 2016, when Trump said that he would not prosecute Hillary Clinton for her long list of felonies, so eloquently listed by James Comey of the FBI, because such a prosecution would look like he, Trump, was punishing the losing side in the election and that would be bad?

    These days, the winning side of the 2020 election is getting ready to persecute many of the losing side, and those it cannot find reason to prosecute, they are finding other ways to persecute, such as going after any company that has the audacity to hire them after their time with the Trump administration. There go the standards of the USA.

    They are even going after anyone who ever supported or voted for Trump. Even anyone who wants to investigate and assure that the election really was valid, such as Ted Cruz.

    They are doing to Trump the same thing that the Soviet Union did to Stalin and anyone else who fell out of favor. We can see this clearly with the Great Purge, last Friday, when so many conservative voices were silenced on the internet.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • D. Messier

    Funny you should respond in that way, Patrick. The feds just indicted one of Trump’s Alabama supporters for having 11 — count ’em — ELEVEN Molotov cocktails and a whole stockpile of other weapons in his truck just blocks from the Capitol. 17 counts. Clearly Molotov cocktails are not limited to the left. Why would you believe such a thing?

    If the PBS general counsel said those things, they were right to fire him. It’s totally irresponsible rhetoric. I assume this is one thing we can both agree on. Right?

  • Mitch S.

    Even Snopes, hardly a right wing site (to put it mildly) can’t call Trump’s speech clear incitement.
    But Democrats have no problem drafting impeachment of trump for the “high crime” of telling people
    to “peacefully and patriotically” march or walk to the Capitol.

    As Snopes summed up:
    “In short, the president called on supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” march or walk to the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, to urge members of the senate to defy the Electoral College vote in a constitutionally mandated procedure to affirm Biden’s win, without using the words “storm” or “breach” or “break into” the federal building.

    Put another way, the president encouraged supporters to descend on the Capitol grounds and “cheer” on senators who would break laws governing U.S. elections, but he did not explicitly tell people to commit crimes themselves. ”

  • Mitch S.

    Frankly I do think Trump bears some responsibility. He showed poor leadership and a lack of judgement by not laying out to his supporters a plan to go forward.
    To hold the opinion that the election was tampered with is not a “baseless lie”. There is evidence of irregularities, whether there was enough to have affected the outcome of the election is another question, one that would require more than two months of investigation to determine.
    But Trump should have accepted that there isn’t enough time to build a strong enough case (legally and politically) to block Biden from being put into office and he should have explained that to his followers and laid out a strategy to move forward.
    So yeah, Trump has a personality flaw(s), and he clings to an opinion some feel isn’t backed by facts.
    None of that is a crime.
    For the past 4 years, no matter what Trump did that seemed sketchy or crazy, the Democrats proved they can match his crazy and go well beyond.

  • D. Messier

    Mitch S:

    Happy to see that Snopes is now seen as a legitimate fact check site. They’ve been particularly active in debunking many false claims by Trump and his minions for years. I’ll remember to cite it more in the future.

    Here’s the real problem: Trump had his day in court. He had many days in court. He was not able to make any of his claims stick. Dozens of lawsuits were dismissed. States did recounts and checks. Nothing changed the results. He lost the popular vote decisively. Biden won in the electoral college by the same margin Trump did four years ago. The states certified the results. Congress’ job was to count the electoral vote.

    Trump lost. His duty at that point was to concede the election and ensure a smooth transition to a new administration. That’s what a patriotic president who cares about the country does. His job was not to spend months repeating false and misleading claims. The president who swore an oath to defend the Constitution should not be holding a rally on the mall to tell an armed mob election was stolen and that they should go march on Congress as they perform their Constitutional duty. It was not to trot out his personal attorney who tells them they need to have a trial by conflict.

    Trump didn’t have to be explicit about attacking Congress. All he had to do was get them angry enough. And let Rudy and others say the explicit things.

  • Alton

    Well All !!! has now been taken into the Dark Void.. .. . …………

  • Alton: It is available as far as I can see.

  • janyuary

    Edward: “No matter who put him in office, it is still Obama’s America now. He is the one who made the fundamental transformation.”

    He is in the past, behind us. He was installed through the negligence of the very party and movement that too many still think won’t continue to let them down.

    “Even in 2016, the people commenting on BtB had concluded that Trump would not overturn Obama’s America but would only slow its dive into tyranny, because Trump was not Hillary. They were right. The dive was only slowed, and now it is becoming complete.”

    Hillary was loathed by boots-on-the-ground Democrats and liberals. I bore personal first-hand witness to that, looking like a lefty and living in a hotbed of liberals who spoke freely around me. They hated Hillary, they were embarrassed by her, almost to a tee except for the most virulent of feminists who are at all times and places a minority, although a very LOUD minority.

    Meanwhile Republicans and conservatives, chicken-hearted, guts of water, were paralyzed in fear, wringing their hands, “Hillary is going to be hard to beat, oh no! What are we gonna do?”

    It is STILL going on.

    Talk about beating a dead horse. My father, 100% politically prescient (every consequence of dumb political moves that he predicted and warned of, came true) Sowell-Friedman type Republican conservative, a huge Limbaugh fan in the 90s (he attended Dan’s Bake Sale), was wise to Limbaugh by 2007, although he declined to elaborate because he understood that I wasn’t advanced enough . He sadly watched people continue to admire bad strategists (if competent historians) like Mark Levin; it took me until 2012 to begin to see the light. By the primaries of 2016, it was clear as crystal that the left had captured all four categories: Republican, conservative, Democrat, and liberal, with bonus points for grabbing permanent offense superiority by calling itself “Progressive” and its opponents agreeing to it. Heads I win tails you lose.

    Leave what’s in the past in the past, including now-obsolete party and movement labels (they are now anchors that drag) and watch out for traps like “voting against” (an imaginary action; a strategy based on an imaginary action is guaranteed to fail, as we have seen) and word game rabbit holes (“conservative” and “liberal” mean zero because everyone has his/her own definition and it is a cultural identity badge).

  • Alton


    Rantingly just came back up!

    But for How Long ?

  • Alton

    Sir Bob!

    Rantingly was unavailable from my cellular isp for an hour… .. Hope they stay UP!
    For Us all!

  • Mitch S.

    D. Messier,
    If you think Snopes (or any other source) has something worth reading, I see no objection to quoting and linking to it.
    I may or may not agree with the opinion but heck, I sometimes even read things published in the NY Times!
    Of course I quoted Snopes because it isn’t right wing. There would be little point quoting such an article if it was in “The Gateway Pundit” or such as people would automatically assume it was tilted toward Trump.

    I found a bit of time to look at a few of the court decisions and Trump’s team’s claims were not heard by the court. The cases were blocked on procedural grounds (lack of jurisdiction, petitioner lacked proper standing etc). The evidence was not heard by the court.
    This is not a surprise as it’s difficult to conduct an investigation of such a large event in a year, almost impossible in two months.
    But’s also not enough time to refute Trump’s evidence and disprove his team’s allegations.

    As I wrote earlier:
    “But Trump should have accepted that there isn’t enough time to build a strong enough case (legally and politically) to block Biden from being put into office and he should have explained that to his followers and laid out a strategy to move forward.
    So yeah, Trump has a personality flaw(s), and he clings to an opinion some feel isn’t backed by facts.
    None of that is a crime.”

  • Edward

    Mitch S. wrote: “Frankly I do think Trump bears some responsibility.

    Of course he is culpable. Asking people to peaceably petition Congress for redress of grievances is anti-American, incites violence, and is unconstitutional.

    Oh, wait. It is exactly what the Constitution allows and encourages, so now we do not have Trump being responsible but the Constitution itself.

    What we actually have is people afraid that an investigation will show that the election was fraudulent, which would require that something be done about it. That is just too scary for most of today’s leaders — so who is showing the poor leadership? It is those who won’t even examine the evidence of election fraud. Trump never had his day in court, because the courts refused to hear his cases. Refusal of a hearing of evidence does not constitute having a day in court.

    Thus, America’s elections are no longer free or fair, and democracy in America has come to an end.

    Too many people are willing to let democracy in America die of unnatural causes.

    2020 seemed like the worst year of our lives, but this year we are no longer allowed our constitutionally protected rights. Exercising them could result in impeachment or other persecution. Even if we work with or for someone or associate with someone who exercises his rights, we could be persecuted. 2021 is even worse than 2020. Democracy is not the only thing that died in America; liberty is dead, too.

    Of course I quoted Snopes because it isn’t right wing. There would be little point quoting such an article if it was in “The Gateway Pundit” or such as people would automatically assume it was tilted toward Trump.

    Whenever a right-wing source is cited, the leftists dismisses it as un-reputable or unreliable. Even when a left-wing source is cited but does not agree with the leftist’s argument at hand, it is also dismissed — because it disagreed. For the left, only agreeable citations are valid. Thus they cannot lose any argument, no matter how atrociously wrong they are.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

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