Son of Democrat VP candidate charged for attacking pro-Trump demonstrators

The civility of Democrats: The son of Democrat vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine has been arrested and criminally charged for his participation in violent attacks against pro-Trump demonstrators at the Minnesota state capital on March 4.

To get a flavor of this civility, read this from the police reports:

During the rally, protesters arrived at the Capitol. Most were peaceful but some (more than 10) were wearing face and head coverings, and wearing goggles. Rally participants tried to physically block the stairs leading to the rotunda where the rally was taking place. Protesters pushed and shoved trying to get down the stairs, then began employing smoke bombs, tear gas (aka mace), and fireworks. Several people, identified in police reports, had to be treated by paramedics due to the effects of tear gas.”

A Minnesota State Trooper observing the crowd from the west staircase saw Bueckert spray several people with tear gas. Bueckert then ran up the stairs to the second floor. About 30 seconds later, the trooper saw Bueckert “run back down the stairs, pushing through the crowd and punching people at the bottom of the stairs.” The trooper grabbed Bueckert and placed him under arrest. Bueckert resisted the arrest and the trooper later discovered he suffered a broken thumb from the struggle.

It appears that Kaine’s son was one of the 10 wearing masks, and tried to flee when police moved in.

Note that though I have not posted anything about the Republican candidate in Montana who attacked a reporter, I do not condone that candidate’s behavior either. The reporter might have been rude and trespassing, but violence as a response is inappropriate. That such violence is beginning to be acceptable to both sides is another sign that civilization is dying and that we are heading for a new dark age.