Today’s blacklisted American: UC-San Diego to hold segregated events, excluding whites and Asians

University of California-San Diego's segregated Welcome Week
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“Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” In its upcoming welcoming program in September for new students, the University of California-San Diego plans to hold racially segregated events that specifically excludes whites and Asian students and families from attending.

The flyer ad to the right, announcing the program dubbed Triton Weeks of Welcome, specifically includes two such events, as indicated in red. Both are exclusively for specific minorities, and those minorities only.

The group running the Black Surf week, Black Like Water, explains the purpose of its racially-segregated event as follows:

Through our research and practice, Black Like Water seeks to promote healing, restoration, and sovereignty in ways that do the liberatory work of combating anti-blackness and interrupting structural racism, but in manners that celebrate the Black diaspora, acknowledge ancestral practices and knowledge, and imagine Black futures.

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