The day fascism rushed through the door in Wisconsin

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And I call it fascism because that is what it is, the misuse of government force by members of one political party, the Democrats, to harass and destroy the lives of citizens who happen to disagree with them about policy.

“Houses were surrounded and lit up,” O’Keefe said. “Children and spouses were home in multiple cases, and made to suffer through two-and-a-half-hour raiding parties going through all paper files and seizing computers and phones. Children in multiple cases were told they could not inform their schools why they were late.”

After investigators stormed into their homes and rooted through their possessions, the conservative targets and their families suffered the additional insult of the gag order, O’Keefe said. “So a traumatic event is imposed on entire families, and they are told to suck it up, don’t talk to your friends, relatives, ministers, colleagues,” O’Keefe said. “Don’t explain the deputies’ cars, the boxes they took from your house. Don’t allow your children to tell the truth.”

Once again, the only reason these SWAT team searches were done was because the citizens under attack happened to oppose the politics of the propsecutor who ordered them. And if he could have arrested these citizens without trial, I firmly believe he would have.



  • wodun

    This is so messed up. I can’t believe it isn’t the lead on every news broadcast and newspaper. Oh, wait, I can believe it. Obama has flipped his party 180 from their publicly professed ideals of the Bush years and Democrats just eat it up.

  • James Brown

    It is a sign of desperation that was clear when it started.

  • PeterF

    “The impact on the club’s activities in Wisconsin was immediate — severe, chilling”
    This was the objective, smack em down so that others will be afraid to speak up.

    When a private person does it, its called “SWATting”

    I would lay odds that the deputies and police that were involved were unaware that they were being used to trample on the civil rights of these people. They were probably completing their tasks in a profesional and conscientious manner. The tyrants responsible were safe behind their desks in their offices. That way, if a citizen fights back, only innocent public officials are harmed and the targeted individual can then be dismissed as a common criminals.

  • Edward

    At least, that night, there were no “long knives” or broken glass (“Kristall”) involved, but the tyrannical nature is the same. And, as in Germany, if the government gets away with it, then it will merely escalate until the tyranny is well established and long knives and broken glass are involved (that is the nature of tyranny and its fear of — and its need to silence — opposition). So much for the First Amendment.

    Between this post and the post about the reporter having more seized than was on the warrant (, it demonstrates that the Fourth Amendment is yet another Amendment not being followed by our government.

    Welcome back to the regime of King George III — or worse.

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