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The terrible close-mindedness of the left.

The terrible close-mindedness of the left.

Watch the video below the fold. (The link above also transcribes much of the dialogue if you have trouble hearing it.) It is very disturbing. At the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference a female reporter merely wants to interview attendees, and she gets shunned for only one reason: They discover she is from a “conservative” organization.

The irony of this behavior is completely lost on the conference participants, which proclaimed its “inclusivity” and condemned any behavior that “makes folks feel uncomfortable, threatened, or demoralized.” Moreover, their behavior suggests they know deep down that their positions are indefensible, or else they would be glad to discuss them with their opponents.

Finally, this behavior is terrifying, as it suggests these individuals think their opponents are so evil that they will be willing to do almost anything to shut them up. With beliefs like this, from women being trained as future feminist leaders, the future for freedom in American does not bode well.
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the Plight of Muslim Women and the left’s indifference

The plight of Muslim women and the left’s indifference.

It is a curious irony that feminists in the United States haven’t taken up the cause of Muslim women. The all-female Liberal activist group Code Pink has time to organize a flotilla protesting Israel’s blockade of the West Bank, but no time to stand up for an entire population of women (some of them Palestinians, no doubt) whose most basic rights are denied on a daily basis. Why the silence? Why the complicity? Hirsi addresses the issue of western diffidence towards the plight of Muslim women in her writings: “I cannot emphasize enough how wrongheaded this is. Withholding criticism and ignoring differences are racism in its purest form. Yet these cultural experts fail to notice that, through their anxious avoidance of criticizing non-Western countries, they trap the people who represent these cultures in a state of backwardness. The experts may have the best of intentions, but as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”