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Today’s blacklisted American: Leftist radical feminist Naomi Wolf

Persecution is now cool! Despite a thirty year career as a published feminist condemning the male patriarchy of American society while also working in the campaigns of both Bill Clinton and Al Gore, leftist radical feminist Naomi Wolf has found herself banned permanently by Twitter for daring to write posts condemning the lockdowns and mandates of the past year, while also raising concerns about the vaccines being offered to prevent COVID-19.

Twitter booted Wolf shortly before she intends to release her new book, Step Ten, that will explain how COVID-19 is being used by elites to grease the skids toward authoritarian fascism. “A much-hyped medical crisis,” Wolf argues, “has taken on the role of being used as a pretext to strip us all of core freedoms.”

The ironies here are endless. First, Twitter’s ban literally proves Wolf’s point. That Twitter executives don’t see that further illustrates their intolerance.

Second, the irony of Wolf’s banning might actually be somewhat amusing if it weren’t so suppressive to free thought. Her past work has been repeatedly documented to be rife with inaccuracies and false conclusions. For example, the basic premise of one of her books was based on a fundamental misunderstanding of facts that made everything in her book entirely wrong, and caused the book to be recalled.

Yet for years the left have stood by her, defending her mindlessly despite clear evidence that her work was untrustworthy and poorly researched.

In recent years however this hero of the feminist left has increasingly shifted to the right in her support of liberty and hostility to government outreach. She has also written in opposition to the modern leftist dogma that sex is determined solely by one’s own opinion, and not by biology.

Thus it is those opinions, not the fact that her research has always been very faulty and her writings shallow, that have made her more and more an anathema to the left. While once they celebrated and defended her, even when it was clearly shown that her work was shoddy and inaccurate, now they want to ban and cancel her. And Twitter has been very glad to oblige.

From the demand for good scholarship, the right has been consistent for decades in harshly criticizing Wolf’s work. From the conservative perspective of supporting free speech, however, none of those criticisms ever called for her to be blackballed or censored. Instead, the demand was for quality, and if she did not measure up she should no longer be awarded book contracts or cited by others. She should be free to speak. Everyone else should simply find others more worthwhile and credible to listen to.

The left today however doesn’t care about quality. When she said things they agreed with — no matter how misguided or uninformed — she was to be defended blindly. She has now begun saying things they don’t like, however, and that is all that matters. She now must be banned, blackballed, silenced, censored, and destroyed.

Welcome to the new leftist utopia!

Personally, I am glad Wolf has begun to recognize the false gods of the left. At the same time I will also not waste a nanosecond of my time reading her work, as she has clearly shown herself to be a faulty scholar whose writings are not reliable. Others may do so, but if they do they must accept the strong possibility that they will be relying on bad information, no matter how wonderful the opinions.

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  • Cotour

    Funny, a Liberal intellectual elite of the first order who was one of the first to speak out strongly against the “Vaccine Passports”. Worked for Bill Clinton.

    And who is her close ally now?

    Steven K Bannon, former Trump advisor. See: War Room Pandemic.

    The Left and their Leftist / Globalist insanity is forcing some very interesting collaborations.

  • Noah Peal

    The revolution consumes its own.

  • Col Beausabre

    Mr Robespierre meet Ms Wolf

  • Robert noted : . . the irony of Wolf’s banning might actually be somewhat amusing if it weren’t so suppressive to free thought.”

    Agree with the point, but. . . it’s still funny.

  • Ian C.

    What’s next? Will she be diagnosed with having Whiteness?

  • Minuteman

    At least Miss Wolf is in a place that starts with the idea that to have an arguement at all requires the premise of there being an objective truth. Understanding that means that hers and our errors can be corrected by reason and an observation of that which is true, good and beautiful.

    She sees the lies of the Wuhan Flu hoax.
    She does not believe a man is the same as a woman.
    There are probably many other point that provide common ground.


    Unless she views any isue through a Marxist lens.

  • Max

    “radical feminist Naomi Wolf has found herself banned permanently by Twitter for daring to write posts condemning the lockdowns and mandates of the past year, while also raising concerns about the vaccines being offered to prevent COVID-19”

    If the vaccines were designed to infect people with an unknown pathogen, and I believe Naomi has recognized the true danger! I think the saying is, “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?”
    Naomi it’s a warrior for her cause, but worked with master manipulators witnessing their lack of conscience and humanity.
    She must be silenced, all opposition will feel that “boot on your face… Forever”. Useful idiots that are no longer useful must be dealt with, the night of the Long knives is starting to begin.

    For Wayne;
    The spike proteins pathogen that the vaccinated victims are injected with, which turns them into spike protein factories to infect others, has just been made legal in Germany.

    For some reason my imagination pictures bad “B”movies of people from the waste land with sores all over their bodies attacking human settlements of the uninfected.

    The Z man has often written about papers submitted for review by their peers that are fraudulent or fake or misleading. Here is a passionate medical reviewer of papers who says 80% submitted have issues to outright fraud. Most are written by the pharmaceuticals who paid for the research.
    In this hour long interview they do a complete overview of the fake crisis, from fraudulent studies to no studies at all, such as the vaccinations. Or the studies done on masks showing the ineffectiveness! and the people he’s treated for serious problems from wearing masks. To the silencing of any doctor who disagrees with the media and/or the authoritarians who insist on a cult following, changing the normal to lock their followers on a destructive path. Good information from knowledgeable people. Not boring.

    Dr. Ardis interviews Dr. Jim Meehan,…
    Dr. Jim Meehan explains why medicine has been destroyed by fraudulent research.

    Just more confirmation that the Z Man is right.

  • Cotour


    Naomi Wolf, former “Woke” Liberal, now a spokes person AGAINST what she sees as a massive move and taking of Rights by governments who are or soon will be pushing vaccine passports in Europe, and in America at some point.

    (Why has our government ONLY pushed everyone receiving the vaccine and vilifying and essentially banning talk of all other drugs and therapies proven to be effective against Covid 19? And by doing so probably caused the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings in our country. You don’t believe in Strategy Over Morality? Think again.)

    And I would have to include in this scheme for control both the the status quo empowered political operators on the Right and Left. Both sides of the political elite, divide the people and strive to better get ahold of the peoples Rights and Freedoms.

    The government will abuse its power, its just a matter to what degree they are able to abuse it to.

    Naomi Wolf: Mandatory Vaccine Passport Could Lead To The End Of Human Liberty In The West | Video | RealClearPolitics

    Call it the Mark Of The Beast, call it Big Brother / Globalist over reach in an attempt to control and manipulate the masses. Call it what you like, but this is exactly what this all looks like to me. And it is planet wide.

    The Covid 19 virus being more than likely manipulated and crafted in a Chinese bio lab was not for nothing. Conspiracy theorist? No, just communicating what we are all apparently witness to live, in person and in living color.

    Keep the public in fear, and the public will do as they are told. (After you put in place the means to control them using technology and fear based in a perceived health threat.)

    And this is not so much about the current generation. This is about the up coming generation and those generations who come after them.

    Ready for the “Great Reset”? You think this is play time, no big deal?

    You have no real idea what is being executed, the public is always behind the curve. And that is by design.


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