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A database for identifying pro-Hamas anti-Semites

Hamas protesters threaten blind children
Pro-Hamas protesters threaten blind children.
Click for story.

Two weeks ago I urged the UNC fraternity brothers who stood up to pro-Hamas rioters at their college by protecting Old Glory from desecration to use the half million dollars raised for them for something more worthwhile than a big party.

Why not use these funds instead to create a database that identifies every single one of the Hamas protesters who attempted to take over the UNC campus so that future employees will have a resource when it comes time to hire graduates? Why not then use that UNC database as the starting point for a nationwide database, to identify other Hamas protesters who took over colleges at every other university?

It seems that database already exists, called Canary Mission, which was revealed to me first in this somewhat hostile news article on May 12, 2024 from the Times of Israel, which seems more interested in protecting pro-Hamas rioters from the consequences of their actions than defending Jews and Israel from attack.

The goal of Canary Mission is very straight-forward, and utterly legal. From its About webpage:

Canary Mission documents individuals and organizations that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses and beyond. Canary Mission investigates hatred across the entire political spectrum, including the far right, far left and anti-Israel activists.

Canary Mission is motivated by a desire to combat the rise in anti-Semitism on college campuses. We pursue our mission by presenting the words and deeds of individuals and organizations that engage in anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry on the far right, far left and among the array of organizations that comprise the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Canary Mission gathers content from publicly available sources. We aggregate this information into a concise and easily searchable format, providing free access to the general public. Before publication, all content is verified, meeting our high standards of accuracy and authenticity.

It also provides a method for individuals to dispute its claims, and get removed from the list. As far as I can tell, so far no one has succeeded in getting removed, probably because the evidence of their anti-Semitic behavior is easy to document.

The student list is easy to scan, providing the name and picture of each individual, plus specific informatoin about what they did and where they attend school. There are also similar lists of professors, professionals, and organizations.

Book mark this webpage. It has a search function. Use it when ever someone wants a job with you, or wishes to partner with you in any capacity. You need to know who you are dealing with, at a deeper level then anything they will be willing to tell you.

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  • F

    Given the existence of the database, they should have found some other beneficial use, something worthwhile to give lasting meaning to what they did.

    A party will be forgotten a few hours after the hangovers have faded

  • Bosco Bob

    Sounds like a blacklist.

    Will you be placing this pro-blacklisting article with your anti-blacklisting articles.

    Is it only blacklisting when you agree with the people dealing with the consequences of their actions.

    BTW I don’t support hamas in any way I’m just pointing out your double standard. The spoiled little protesters don’t even understand the issue, just ask one.

  • Phill O

    Bosco Bob

    There are many reasons of the left’s blacklists against conservatives; none of them legitimate but simply not agreeing with them.,

    Those who support Hamas (or any other Iranian proxy) are violating the UN’s own basic premises. The UN agencies involved with Hamas should be renounce by the UN, but, unfortunately, they are condoned by the UN. One can only surmise that they are skimming of the top, funds meant to help the palistinians. Read “Double Cross” to get an idea how the German spymasters of WW2 did it.

  • Phill O: Bosco Bob apparently can’t tell the difference between blackballing someone because they, let’s say, took people caving without masks during the Wuhan panic, versus refusing to hire someone who illegally trespassed, vandalized private property, assaulted others, and routinely treated other Jewish students like former black slaves in the Jim Crow south.

    No, Bosco Bob is totally cool with blacklisting people for doing something he disagrees with, but when anyone else simply wants to enforce reasonable standards of civilization and decency, his outrage is without measure.

    Note, Phill, I am reasonably sure Bosco Bob was part of the cabal that played the blackball game at the ARA. I find it quite amusing that he appears to be one of my regular readers.

  • The Zman has a stalker.

    I think he might really like and admires you, his personal obsession with you might indicate that.

    OR, he is in some way threatened by you and that drives the catty, childish obsession?

    In the end, whatever the motivation, it gives the BTB experience a bit of an extra dimension.

    Kind of like a nerdy / high IQ Daily Mail / New York Post internet experience, from real news to gratuitous bikinis and T & A.

  • pzatchok

    I wouldn’t call it a black list. That is just a list of your enemies basically.

    No its more like a data base for criminals. A mug shot line up. Wanted posters.
    If they can be found and identified they can be prosecuted for something.

  • I’m generally in favor of gathering publicly available information into easily searchable databases. That’s why I used to be a Google fanboy.

    The devil is in the details, as always. The two big ones:

    What is “public”? Storming stages and campi (no, stupid spellcheck, it is not “campuses”) seem to easily fit the definition – as opposed to, say, scanning my emails, even if the scanner is hosting them.

    Assuming the search is accurate, how are the results ranked? That doesn’t seem to be an issue, here. A particular name is either there or not.

    I already Google and Facebook search the name on any resume that crosses my desk (which is one reason I am not on social media, myself). Adding another website doesn’t seem awful.

    Put another way, I don’t understand people who sue to get into places where they are not wanted. If my employer fires me because I’m gay, I’m not going to sue to get my job back with that (to me) hostile employer. I’m going to find a job with a non-hostile employer. As far as I’m concerned, ALL anti-discrimination law is unconstitutional – that pesky “freedom to peaceably assemble” thing.

    If someone wants to blacklist me because I use proper English, HE is free to do so. I’m also free to retaliate.

    I view BTB’s blacklist posts as informational about the blacklister, not the blacklistee. Those are organizations with which I do not wish to associate because they don’t agree with my values. If others find that blacklisting to be a good thing, they are welcome to use the posts as recommendations, rather than warnings. I don’t believe that is what Robert intends, but it is how I read them. I’m too lazy for anything more than “isolate the crazy”.

    If two value-neutral reasons (public data and constitutional assembly) are not sufficient, there’s always the “turnabout is fair play” argument. I see nothing wrong with blacklisting blacklisters. I am very nearly to the point where I see nothing wrong with vote fraud and political show trials from the Right. If the Left does it, it’s fair game.

  • Two pet-peeves in one tiny phrase:
    they should have found some other beneficial use…

    The moral imperative is strong in this one. They “should” have, eh? By what authority do you tell others what they should or should not do?

    Not only is it morally imperative, it is imposes a value judgement: “beneficial”, eh? Not even “more beneficial”. Who are you to judge the benefits that accrue to others through their own actions?

    All those dollars Elon Musk has wasted on the toy cars and rockets that he should have been spent on something beneficial.

    They are young and faced with a windfall of freely given money. It’s theirs now, to do with as they please. Might they regret throwing the party to end all parties? Perhaps. On the other hand, that party – and video from it – might also be a defining moment in many other lives that changes everything. In any case, it’s none of our business.


    “Now I do not know about you, but I do not and will not ever agree to such a proposal because it is irrational. And if there is one thing that some in America and the world who support such movements and thinking believe is that their irrational un and anti-American thought process and Socialist authoritarian world model be adhered to absolutely.”


  • Related to: THE CURE FOR ALL “ISMS”

    “CAVEAT: Which does not mean that you are required to love anyone or tolerate their particular biases, Subjective perversions and insanities. You give respect and you also expect respect, which creates MUTUAL RESPECT. Whatever biases and perversions are bouncing around in someone’s / your brain over and above your interactions with others is their / your problem. KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF.”

  • And it begins: (Lee S, are you paying attention? Because in time this too must come to Sweden at some point)

    The Netherlands veers sharply to right with new government

    “Deport people without a valid residence permit as much as possible, even forcibly,”

    And this will also come to America.

  • And this will also come to America.
    From your keyboard to G*d’s monitor.

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