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The violent animals on the left who support Hamas

Hamas protesters threaten blind children
Hamas protesters threaten blind children

I am in no mood this day to be polite or diplomatic. The ugliness exhibited in the past week by pro-Hamas demonstrators — using the violent techniques of Antifa and BLM and copying Nazi storm-trooper tactics — deserve no politeness. They are no longer acting like civilized rational human beings, but mere animals eager to kill and only held back from that goal by the last few shreds remaining of civilization’s rule of law.

Thus, at this moment they only attack innocent people in ugly ways, not intending to kill but clearly hoping to intimidate and strike fear into the hearts of everyone else. Some examples from the past three days:

The last story in this list is especially egregious. The screen capture above shows two demonstrators on stage. In the video at the link they are screaming and yelling, with the one on the right charging at the children in a threatening manner. Remember, this is a fund-raiser for blind children. Those kids cannot see, so all they know is that someone unexpected has appeared on the stage and is screaming at them, and their helpers are desperately trying to get them to safety.

This behavior illustrates perfectly the hatred and viciousness of all these pro-Hamas demonstrators. They are not interested in persuading anyone to their cause. They are savage bullies. Their purpose is to intimidate and frighten so they gain power over others. Once they have that power, however there is no doubt at all that these barbarians will then move to kill those they hate. Like Hamas in Gaza on October 7th — which raped and tortured women and children and babies in their attack — blind children are now their potential victims if these kids dare even stand in the way of those who support Hamas.

Nor has this barbaric behavior been limited to public and violent demonstrations. Two different Republican congressional representatives had their homes swatted on Christmas (see here and here). The tactic involves calling the police anonymously and reporting a false gun-related hostage situation at the person’s home, in the hope (not unreasonable) that a police SWAT team will show up with guns drawn and in the confusion get someone in the house killed (hopefully the Republican). One of these elected officials, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), has had this happen to her now eight different times, so much so that the police always call first before doing anything.

The people making these false reports are almost all from the left side of the political aisle, many of whom are now firmly allied with Hamas and its effort to murder every Jew worldwide (a goal that Hamas officials have proudly proclaimed repeatedly). These are not civilized people who deserve any respect. Nor di their actions have anything to do with free speech or the first amendment. They deserve to be arrested immediately and sentenced to stiff sentences in jail, for disturbing the peace and assault and battery.

Though the police response in many locations appears to be more forceful than in the past, often arresting these barbarians quickly, we have no assurance these brownshirts will see any punishment. In the case of the demonstrations in both San Francisco and New York, the local district attorneys are radical leftists who believe no one whom they agree with politically should ever be punished for anything, and have routinely refused to prosecute leftist protesters for violent acts. In Washington the Justice Department under Merrick Garland has routinely allowed similar threatening protests at the homes of judges, news reporters, and congressmen. Just because these newest protests took place at the homes of Democrats means nothing. The cause — allowing Hamas to murder, rape, and pillage — is more important than the safety of any individuals and their families, especially if those individuals are standing in the way of Hamas’ goals (as the Biden administration is presently doing).

Genocide is coming to America
As I predicted in 2020, genocide is coming to America

As for the swatting attacks, they will go on, because the FBI (which clearly has the responsibility to investigate such things) is more interested in arresting ordinary conservative Americans for expressing their beliefs publicly. Though swatting against conservatives has now become very common, the FBI has done very little to arrest any of the perpetrators of these crimes.

We now live in 1930s Germany. The thugs and bullies have free rein, and too many Americans look the other way, refusing to see the evil that these goons do, or if aware are too timid or frightened to challenge them. With such willful blindness, the likelihood of any election changing things is becoming increasingly doubtful, as these modern Nazi storm-troopers gain more power with little forceful opposition.

Genesis cover

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  • Cotour

    You do understand that their violent activities are directly correlated with the Hamas attack and the calculatable Israeli counter to it. When did the protests begin? The day after the barbaric attack. And that being so they should all be considered one and the same, no?

    These are radical anti-American retribution / reparations “Community Organizers” ala Barack Hussein Obama and is a component of the “Fundamental Transformation of America”, have not one doubt. This is a part of asymmetrical warfare, political or otherwise.

    Related: CRAZY BASTARD

    All of these listed articles describe different components and aspects of this asymmetrical warfare.

    Read this and all four related posts and please send this to your wishy washy confused friends………….

  • pzatchok

    I would have taken a stout stick and used it until their internal organs were external.

  • Cotour

    Do you mean like the Sike staff of justice?

  • pzatchok

    Yes but I would not have stopped.

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