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Apparently rioting in support of murderous terrorists does not win the hearts and minds of the public

Hamas vs Israel
Do the protesters really believe that behaving like
Hamas will get the public to support Hamas?
Courtesy of Doug Ross.

Good news: The student protests and riots on college campuses as well as at a variety of other public events in the past month in support of the terrorist organization Hamas has apparently succeeded in only one thing: tarnishing the reputations of their universities while disqualifying their own job prospects.

It appears the public really doesn’t support anti-Semitism and the killing of all Jews in Israel. Nor have the violent riots by the protesters to destroy libraries while illegally taking over campuses done anyting to change the public’s mind.

Who wudda thought it?

Instead, the public is appalled, and is showing its disgust in the past week in very public ways. For example, yesterday thirteen federal judges announced they will no longer hire law clerks from Columbia.

“Freedom of speech protects protest, not trespass, and certainly not acts or threats of violence or terrorism,” the judges wrote. “It has become clear that Columbia applies double standards when it comes to free speech and student misconduct.”

…The letter, which comes one week after students occupied Columbia’s main administrative building, Hamilton Hall, with support from faculty, argues that the rot has spread too deep for judges to hire from Columbia “absent extraordinary change.”

You can read the letter here [pdf]. It follows another judicial boycott announced last year because Stanford and Yale would not punish students who disrupted speeches.

The law students at Columbia probably did themselves even more harm by publishing a letter a few days earlier asking that final exams be canceled because the police action against the pro-Hamas rioters has left them “irrevocably shaken,” “unwell,” and “unable to focus and highly emotional.”

Why would any judge want to hire such crybabies? They support murderers, destroy property in their tantrums, and then whine when others respond with reasonable and legal force. More important, their work ethic is questionable, and their knowledge of law is very doubtful.

Judges however are not the only ones showing their strong displeasure at these pro-Hamas student protesters. Many business owners are now saying publicly that they do not want to hire these protesters, and will do whatever background research necessary to guarantee it. Others are saying, like the judges, that they will no longer hire students from Columbia, for the same reasons.

At the same time, the number of counter protests at these universities appears to be rising, which is also not surprising as a recent poll shows that 81% of students want these protesters held accountable for breaking the law, with two thirds opposing the violent tactics used and 90% opposed to the protester’s bigoted policy of blocking campus access to all Jewish students.

Maybe the most telling indication of the rising opposition to these pro-Hamas demonstrators was proven by the decidedly leftist company Google. It instantly fired 28 employees for participating in an office take-over in protest of contracts the company has with Israel, and then fired more protesters a week later.

As I noted two weeks ago, the relatively limited nature of these pro-Hamas riots compared to the BLM riots of 2020 suggests the strength of this anti-American movement is waning. The protests now have done it even more harm, because this Marxist movement has decided to harness its wagon to Hamas, a terrorist genocidal organization that no one with any rational or civilized brain-power could ever support.

More important, unlike 2020 the public hasn’t been cowed by the rioters. It recognizes the evil these protesters are supporting, and rather than rally to that evil cause (as happened sadly in 2020), it is rising in opposition.

The riots are forcing everyone to enter the truth booth
The student riots are forcing everyone to
enter the truth booth

Strangely, the best thing that could possibly happen for our country would be for these protests to go on for several more months, right until the election. It surely seems the university themselves — especially in Democratically controlled states — seem incapable or unwilling to stop them.

By November the voting public’s outrage against the left will have risen to a boiling point, the colleges that support such behavior would have revealed their bankruptcy to everyone, and the worst rioters and their leaders would have been thoroughly identified, including their financial backers.

After eight months of rioting we will surely know who these people are, and will be better armed to fight them. And I don’t think this knowedge will work to the advantage of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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  • I would posit that a significant driver in the public attitude toward the rioters is the general distrust and dislike of authority in the aftermath of the Crazy Times. We have first-hand experience with how bad things can get in the current political climate, and people are sick of it. I believe this is a factor that the Left is trying very hard to diffuse, and, unfortunately, largely succeeding. First oppression, then gaslighting, so you believe the oppression never happened. This can really only happen in a society where accountability has been divorced from action, something at which the Left has been devastatingly effective. Now, it appears, the public is recovering their moral compass, and re-learning that actions should indeed have consequences.

  • Richard

    13 Federal judges out of 1770 isn’t exactly a groundswell.

  • Phill O

    When Trudeau applies the same standards to these protestors as he applied to the trucker convoys, then the tide will truly have turned. (IMHO)

    Good luck on that one!

  • GWB

    The thing you want to avoid, however, is thinking these riots are intended to persuade. They are not. They are intended to get a reaction. They desire to encourage their fellow window-breakers by surviving the legal consequences, and to incite a response from the other side that will justify their supporters within the system bringing down the full authority of the police state on that other side. Their goal is revolution, just like their fellow commies of old. (The Soviets – of all flavors – set up all kinds of riots to get the Tsarist police/army to gun them down, so it would create anger and resentment among the peasants. It’s how you build a Marxist revolution.)

    I’m hoping the responses continue on a level that they can’t get that last reaction, ultimately. And enough fear was put into the administrators finally – because their greed was threatened – that they capitulated to reason and had the camps broken up and removed.

  • Col Beausabre0

    1) I agree that the riots have nothing to do with persuading anyone. It is to demonstrate their power. The Bidumbs are terrified that they will wreck the convention and their election hopes and get Trump elected. To them that is the ultimate threat that Hamass In the US wields – the nuclear option.

    2) An example of the Bidumbs attempt to placate both sides is the use of our money to bring “relief” supplies into Gaza. via the pier we are building. Who is going to guarantee it goes to the people? Who is going to distribute it to those in need? The “Humanitarian” Agencies that are filled to gills with Hamass members? Are we going to truck it to refugee camps? Who will provide security, the US military.? RIIIIGGGHHHTTTT. that’s gonna work out well – remember Afghanistan! Even if Hamass does give it out, they will make sure it goes to the “right” people

  • Lee S

    I have tried to keep my head down in this space recently, especially given the opinions of most here ( and our host ),
    But has anyone considered that perhaps the anger of students ( who have traditionally campaigned louder and harder than most for over 50 years… ) is due to the disgust at the response from Israel for the tragic, reprehensible and unforgivable act by Hamas of killing 2-3 hundred civilians, by killing 30-40 THOUSAND, mostly civilians, a huge proportion women and children, flattening their homes, refusing to let aid in as they starve, forcibly moving civilians from their homes by force ( a war crime under all internal rules) …… Hardly a measured and proportional response.

    I don’t expect to get any sympathy for my viewpoint here…. But as most of the users of this blog are right wing believers in an abrahamic god, and agree that all men ( and women, and children ) are created equal, where are the guys behind this genocide going when they die?

    Palastinians are human beings too, the vast majority just want to go about their day, send their kids to school, go to work and live a normal life… The EDF are flattening where they used to live, advising them to move to a “safe” area already flattened, and don’t get me started on the massive amount of attacks and murders unnoticed by “settlers” in the Gaza strip…..

    The whole thing is an atrocity… Almost a genocide… Israel wants to wipe Palestine off the face of the earth… No consideration for the deaths of innocent folks, women and children mostly, in the alleged pursuit of “Hamas”… Even the US has “paused” arms sales to Israel due to concern that war crimes are being committed.

    It would be worth all of you considering how the death of a young child in your family would make you feel about the aggressors… The situation over in Palestine is never going to bring peace… Only free and open talks… Yes, the release of hostages must be a major part, but stopping bombing the crap out of innocent civilians should be a priority.

  • Lee S: In your comment, you illustrate well your (well-known) anti-Israel biases by the figures you cite to make your point. Hamas didn’t murder “2- 3 hundred civilians”, it murdered from 1,000 to 1,400, and did so in a way that makes the Nazis almost seem like pikers. Many were women, children, and babies, tortured and raped before being killed. Some were burned alive. Some beheaded. And that includes the babies and children.

    In Gaza we don’t know how many have been killed, but it certainly is not the fake number of “30-40 THOUSAND” you cite. That number is provided by Hamas, who routinely has lied about everything, as terrorists routinely do. We know the data is faked for several reasons:

    1. They cannot provide names for more than 10,000 of those claimed dead.

    2. The numbers also exaggerate significantly the number of women and children killed (as noted at the link above).

    3. The numbers rise on a perfect linear line upward, something that is impossible. If real the number of deaths would flucuate day to day. Hamas instead shows about 270 deaths, plus or minus about 15%, with no variation for months. This is clearly fake.

    4. There is no correlation between the deaths of women and children in the data (as noted in the previous link). In the real world, when the number of women killed goes up, the number of children killed rises also. In Hamas’ data, more often the opposite happens.

    There’s more at the second link, which provides a great analysis, but my point is made. You want to make Israel look bad. You want to prevent it from defending itself from these new Nazis. You should be ashamed.

    Israel’s actions are so different from Hamas’s that to claim any moral equivalence is utterly absurd. Hamas’s murderers went out of their way to kill civilians, and proudly live streamed those murders. It routinely uses its own people as shields. It continues to hold more than a hundred hostages, innocent civilians, some of whom are children.

    And it readily and proudly admits is goal is to eradicate the entire Jewish population of Israel. And that’s only a start. It also admits to the goal of killing all non-Muslims.

    Israel meanwhile is doing everything it can to minimize civilian deaths. It did not start this fight, but it means to finish it. And when it does, it will have freed the Gazans from the cruel rule of these new Nazis, and maybe give them a chance to build decent lives, the kind of lives they had prior to 2004, when Israel unilaterially left Gaza and left it to local rule. When Israel was in charge, the living standard of Gazans was one of the highest in the Middle East, and many worked in Israel quite peacefully. That all ended when Hamas took over.

  • Why Lee S, why!? Why do you force me to respond to your moralistic ideological drivel?

    “Only free and open talks… “. OY.

    Sweden today:

    They are among you and your beautiful family right now.

    The Palestinians and Hamas (Iran) have strategically CHOSEN what they are receiving today, and they should be accommodated with extreme prejudice.

    What happened the day after Oct. 7th? An immediate call for a cease fire in Gaza. The day after the massacre.

    MASSACRE: an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people.

    And that cry for a cease fire came directly from the radical Leftists in the American Congress and Senate which is / was a strategy of warfare.

    There is NEVER peace in weakness and acquiescing to insanity and a death cult.

    Enjoy your baklava as you flee the Socialism that you allegedly embrace. On to the next country where you will spread your Liberal now Leftist supporting propaganda drivel.

    What do you get when you combine naivete, ideology of the Left and childish propaganda thought process?

    Here you go Lee S, you will find the answer to my question right here:

    You and your kind create most all of these issues in the world.

  • And where does this weak and dangerous drivel thinking come from?

    This is a component of the attempted fulfilling of the U.N. agendas. Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.

    The elite among us who know what’s best for all have been forcing these cultural blending’s and they started in the weakest and most obedient countries like Sweden. A very civilized and compliant place to begin their social experiment.

    And now it has been brought to and accelerated in the United States which is the lynch pin in their attempt at their wonderful authoritarian vision for the world.

    And they have really come a long way, they have been seriously working their plan since 1992 as per the Nancy Pelosi speech.

    It is all perverted and corrupt and needs to be dealt with.

    We cannot all run to Greece.

    Not enough Baklava.

  • Phill O

    Bob, your comments do not go far enough!

    Ted Bundy was put to death for less than what Hamas did to Israelis.

  • Jeff Wright

    My biggest beef with the Mossad was their capping of Gerald Bull but leaving Soros be.

    Bull was an asset, Soros a detriment

  • Lee S, a little more reality from real reality.

    Germany just realized they have a problem:

    The West has invited the enemy within, it is the nature of the Liberal democracy to do such things because the intellectuals among them reimagine how reality SHOULD WORK.

    Silly weak delusional Liberal humans causing problems and by extension violence and death.

    The radical Islamist: “The West is a woman to be mounted”.

  • PS: “House Democrats on Wednesday night voted unanimously to give illegal aliens – including Joe Biden’s 11 million illegal border crossers – representation in Congress and the Electoral College.”

    And that is what all of the insanity is all about.

    Plain and simple.

  • pzatchok

    10,000 people could be killed in an earthquake and the rescue agencies can find 9000 of them after the event.

    Why can’t the Palestinians, Israeli’s and UN volunteers not find 30,000 bodies out of the 40,000 they claim were killed?

    And why all the tunnels under Gaza? I can think of no other reason than preparations for war.
    And why connect them to schools and hospitals. To save the people inside those buildings? Or to hide among those people?

    And if the Palestinians wanted peace all they had to do was leave Israel alone.
    Israel years ago removed all of its people and troops out of those areas, the West bank and Gaza. As for supplies getting to those areas both areas have borders with other Muslim nations. Ask them to allow more shipments in.

  • Lee S

    You guys keep on believing what you believe… I know I will never convince you of how wrong you really are… It’s easy to pull up a news item or YouTube video that reinforces your world view and you sit feeling smug and vindicated… While innocent people die, partly because of people just like you who believe your own propaganda.

    Shame on you… For not caring about innocent people dying. Shame on you for not being curious enough to dig a little deeper into the facts of a catastrophic situation before forming an opinion. Shame on you for not wanting an end to an unjust war where the innocent are the greatest casualties. Shame on you all.

  • Lee s

    And sorry Bob…. I missed your comment while speed scrolling down.

    I am not anti Israel per say, but I am massively anti the actions being taken against the Palestinian people. There seems to be a policy of “flatten everything”, and obstruction of aid for the civilians, men women and children.

    War crimes are being committed. By the IDF… And the evidence will surely come out in the wash… But then it will be too late for the victims of Israel’s indiscriminate use of force against the Palestinian people.

    Let’s not even mention the fact that “settlers” are been given a turned head as they beat and kill people right now there is a distraction to illegally take land in the Gaza strip.

    Just to put on a tinfoil hat for a second… Is it out of the realm of possibility that mossad… One of the best secret services in the world, might have a clue this attack would take place, and allowed it to happen, to give an excuse to flatten Palestinian?

    Which ever way you look at it, palastinians, innocent palastinians are dying, from lack of food and clean water, and the IDF is directly responsible… And shame on you for supporting the death of innocent people.

  • So, you, Lee S, from Sweden, a country in the midst of being invaded initiated by the Liberal Leftists among you propose that a group of people can cause a human massacre and expect those who proactively executed (no pun intended) that human massacre be protected from any consequences of that massacre?

    There should be no response or consequence?

    You are being used by your betters Lee S, and that is sad.

    And I understand your morality, but if this situation is not dealt with properly, it will just continue on into the future. Is that reasonable to you?

    I shaketh my head.

  • Lee as

    Oh, and all the bullcrap about rapes and killing babies is just that…. Bullcrap . Great propaganda is easily debunked by a Google search.

  • Lee S: That you have fallen for the lie that Hamas’ rapes and baby killing on October 7th did not happen proves your inability to do research.

    You do read my website. You do see that I always back up everything I write with documentation. I have seen the videos that Hamas’s killers themselves recorded, on their own Go-Pro cameras. I know it is too horrible to believe, but then, I saw it with my own eyes. Don’t gaslight me with naive blindness to evil.

    You might want to watch Screams Before Silence, though Google requires you to sign in and confirm your age (the film really is horrifying). This review will give you a hint.

    You remain blind. You prove it yourself when you say you admit you missed my comment “while speed scrolling down.” You skim things you don’t want to know, to keep your illusions.

    You would make a very good German in 1930s. In fact, you are one now.

  • Lee S: Do you have the ability to read, slowly and carefully, this AP report of the grisly footage of Hamas murderers on October 7th? Or how about this AP report? Or will you deny it and call the AP a propaganda unit of those damn Jews?

  • Lee S: How about this New York Times report on that ugly footage? To quote:

    Bloodied corpses lying in a bedroom, a bathroom, on the roads by their cars. An emergency medical worker pouring mineral water from a bottle to douse the smoldering remains of charred bodies. A dead baby whose body bore signs of violence.

    Two soldiers without heads. Brutalized young women, one of them naked. Captives in Gaza surrounded by jeering gunmen.

    Nah, it’s all a lie. The New York Times is a rightwing MAGA outlet in the pockets of those Israelis.

    In case you haven’t noticed, I am beyond rage at your blindness.

  • And if Lee S had family members at the Oct. 7th music festival massacre, then how might he see things?

    Lee S and the people and leaders like him is why the world is so dangerous today. And that is by design.

    No excuse for such childish naivete.

    I am embarrassed for the people I know and don’t know who think similarly.

    Shameful, their thought process only prolongs pain and suffering.

    And there is NO ONE who wants innocents to be injured or killed. NO ONE!

  • Cotour wrote, “And there is NO ONE who wants innocents to be injured or killed. NO ONE!”

    This statement is wrong, and I am sure YOU know it. You probably needed to add the qualifier “except Hamas and its ilk.”

    We must remember, any civilian deaths in Gaza are sad collateral casualties as Israel works to defeat Hamas and its soldiers. Israel’s aim is not to kill all Gazans, only the ones fighting it.

    On October 7th Hamas had no interest in fighting Israel’s army or defeating the government of Israel. Its goal was expressly to kill civilians, of any age or sex, and to do often with barbaric violence. And its leaders have admitted this multiple times.

  • I fully accept your qualifier.

    Death of the innocent is a strategy of the radical.

    Collateral damage is exactly what myopic moralists like Lee S are swayed by and what actually prolongs the death pain and suffering.

    Just a political tool.

    The more pain and death the more gain is their thinking.

  • Jeff Wright

    Villains don’t want peace.

    Now, for the sake of argument, If I were Lee, I might compare Balfour to Kilo vs New London, Chinese farm grabs here, and pretty much everything listed in the libertarian book “Takings” and talk about democide vs terrorism.

    If a handful of criminals went across the Canadian Border and murdered everyone in a stadium with a similar death toll to October’s horrors, Americans would not cotton to the Canadian state razing cities here.

    Not going to happen of course–but if it did, it would perhaps embolden, say, the Michigan Militia.

    Now what makes things different of course is that Israel is badly outnumbered and where America can afford to be Superman, Israel has to be Batman.

    Still, the conflict needs to be brought to a close there quickly or it could generate more terrorists than it eliminates.

    A better prospect is a MUNICH style approach in liquidating the thought leaders causing harm to the USA, Israel AND Gaza by encouraging cease fires.

  • A notice and warning to Lee S and his kind who live in their growing self-imposed self-generated existential state of panic who are the subservient and compliant drones of their own master manipulators and aspirational authoritarian future shapers of society by force.

    Watch the whole 8 minutes, I know how much you love the video communication method:

    The perfect “IS” the enemy of the good.

  • J. J. Hall


    What’s there not to like about Hamas? EVERYTHING!

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