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Blacklisting is no longer enough, now the goal is justifying mass murder

Rick, stating the truth in Casablanca
When will Americans finally wake up?

It seems the rising effort of many — mostly on the left but not entirely — to blackball and censor their opponents in the past decade is no longer satisfied with these ugly goals.

Now it seems the goal is to justify mass murder and the rape and torture of women and children. We can see this by what happened during a city council event in Oakland, California yesterday. When one Jewish council member, Dan Kalb, attempted to add language condemning Hamas to a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, he was greeted by boos and an unrelenting stream of locals not only opposing his amendment but denying that the mass murder by Hamas had even occurred, that it was instead committed by Israeli troops, and that anyone who dared disagree with them was a “white supremacist.”

The video below provides a quick selection of this hate and ignorance:

Oakland is now Berlin in 1938. The city council denied Kalb’s motion, passing its resolution in favor of Hamas unanimously. Even this Jewish council member felt that Israel didn’t have the right to defend itself. Like most secular Jews, he has been supporting the Democratic Party’s leftist politics unquestionably his entire life, and now that this party is morphing into a modern version of the Nazi party, he has trouble recognizing it.

Nor is Oakland alone in its rising tide of pro-Hamas Nazism. Jewish Bernie Sanders has accepted Hamas’ talking points and goes about condemning Israel. At New York University the doctor who earlier had been director of its Perlmutter Cancer Center was fired, without due process, when he posted online comments in favor of Israel. He is suing.

And of course, we mustn’t forget to mention the story of a Jewish high school teacher in Queens, New York, who was forced to hide in her classroom when a mob of hundreds of students threatened her violently, demanding she be fired because she had posted a picture attending a pro-Israel rally in Queens.

Many tried to barge into the teacher’s classroom despite school staffers blocking their entry. “Everyone was yelling ‘Free Palestine!’” a senior said.

“Everyone was screaming ‘(The teacher) needs to go!’” a ninth-grader said. “They want her fired.”

In fact, if you are Jewish and live in any one of a dozen Democratic Party stronghold cities, be prepared to be attacked violently if you wear a kippah or show any visible evidence that you are Jewish or support Israel. The American Kristallnacht has happened, and we are moving into the second stage of this newly reborn Nazi movement — renamed but still the same — to exterminate all opposition. And to do so these people are now willing to lie boldly in public in the most absurd ways, either by denying it has happened or by admitting it did but insisting that the murders, rapes, and torture were justified and even righteous!

For thirty-plus years I have tried to make my secular and sometimes even religious Jewish friends and relatives recognize the evil that was seeping into the Democratic Party. They refused to listen. One friend used to laugh at my warnings, thinking I was crazy. He still lives in New York, but even now I doubt he recognizes this evil, and like that Jewish Oakland City Council member, he still votes Democrat because that’s what a good liberal is supposed to do!

Thus, I find it hard not to have utter contempt for these people. Such contempt however is wrong, as they are now in great and increasing danger, especially my many relatives who emmigrated to Israel. Just because they have been blind does not justify such thoughts.

Nonetheless, if they are now finally recognizing the evil they have tolerated, it is also true that they are doing so far too late. It will now be difficult if not impossible to defeat these hate-mongers, because they have now become entrenched in many positions of power, in government, in academia, in corporate America. Defeating them could very well require violence, something we all dread. Like Israel with Hamas, we are now faced with the reality that collateral damage is likely in order to cleanse our society of this hate and bigotry. Had the decent people in the Democratic Party stood up against this corruption thirty, twenty, even ten years ago, the problem could have been solved relatively bloodlessly.

Now it seems only blood running in the streets can stop these hate-mongers.

From the last scene in Terminator (1984).
Click for video.

And yet, the U.S. is not Nazi Germany in 1938. We still have our Constitution and a firmly ingrained legal system that protects individual rights. Germany did not. Our political system of elections and free speech is also firmly deep-rooted. It cannot be canceled quite as easily as Hitler was able to do in Germany.

Americans are also well armed (including an increasing number of Jews) and will not surrender those weapons meekly. That Constitution gives them the right to defend themselves, and like the Israelis they are resolved, “Never again!”

These circumstanes suggest that we can still stop the storm from arising, if we take firm action now. The fix will still be unpleasant and at times very ugly, with some people’s careers and even lives sacrificed, but hopefully on a far smaller scale than World War II.

If we don’t act to take power from these ignorant and hateful people now, however, the storm that will follow will match that second World War, and possibly make it seem trivial in comparison.

Genesis cover

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  • Cotour

    Zman, face it, you, me and many others, most people in America anyway are white supremacists.

    Just a “Fabricated Narrative”, and there is apparently no evidence that Hamas actually attacked anyone on Oct. 7th.

    And those personal bodycam recordings that the supposed Hamas killers made was also apparently not true.

    (2024 is going to be one hell of a year.)

  • Phill O

    Everything in north America depends upon the next federal elections!

    If the liberals and democrats are not removed from power, I fear our democracies are lost. The gestapos will be invigorated, and the rule of law will break down completely, as has happened on the west coasts.

    One cooks a frog in water by slowly raising the temperature; never put the frog in hot water first.

  • Ferris

    “We still have our Constitution and a firmly ingrained legal system that protects individual rights.”

    We do . . . and we don’t.

    There are far too many who have never learned about the Constitution and what it means and/or disregard its value and meaning for individual liberty and freedom. The Left’s longstanding hold on the media and academia has been terribly detrimental to the awareness of our country’s true history.

  • Col Beausabre

    I wash off the filth after watching the video. This is the country I defended for 25 years? I want to vomit. Not sure what I can do beyond repeating the truth and refuting the lies, but I will do what I can.

  • Col Beausabre

    Cotour, If my beliefs make me a white supremacist, so be it. Sign me up. Where do I draw my hood and armband?

  • Cotour

    No hood or arm band needed, its just your skin color that designates you.

    I think that is the essence of racism, but it is OK for anyone on the Left I.E. Democrat party, BLM, ANTIFA, Hamas supporters etc, etc. to call you what you are.

    Good for thee, but not for me.

    Their entire argument is thus: America was founded by a group of rich white men who were colonizers, slave owners and wrote a founding document that only supported their interests.

    And that has been determined as being bad and racist.

    So, the logic goes that anything that emanates from those rich white colonizing slave holders must be destroyed and razed from the surface of the earth and be replaced with the “NEW” and improved “Capititaism” specified by the “progressives” in the Democrat party machine which all comes through their “higher” education and them being better than those rich white men.

    So, like I said, no arm band or hood required they know who and what you are, I am, the Zman is and everyone else who either has the derma mark or abides by those who have the derma mark.

    The only thing you need to learn is the secret sign:

    (These people are becoming more and more desperate as they are further revealed and when they get desperate, they get very, very dangerous. And that is what we can all look forward to in 2024. Remember, up to and including murder is the rule if necessary. Anything for the cause.)

  • Cotour

    Col B: (I do not have to make any of this up. This is what a grown man states is going on in his city. I am embarrassed for him)

    For example: “Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson lashes out and blames “right wing extremists” for Chicago’s problems and says Republicans are mad that black people are free.”

    Right wing extremist is Democrat code word for “white skin” (you) and you do not want black people to be free. It is that simple.

    It is your white Republican skin that has caused the decades long exclusively run by the Democrats city of Chicago to be run into the ground and become a human shooting gallery and bastion of crime. Just like New York. Black politically empowered mayors, DA’s and prosecutors cannot and will not put blinders on and arrest and prosecute and confine criminals. And by not doing so that repairs the inequities of the past.

    It makes everyday life in these cities unbearable, unaffordable and dangerous but the cycle of black and minority criminals being arrested and confined in order to keep them away from the general tax paying public which is why they pay their taxes is essential. How long will this policy remain in place? Looks like it is permanent to me as long as the radical “progressives” run rough shod over the Democrat party and the people that is.

    No Democrat dares stand in their way because they play to win.

    “Right wing extremists” (white skin Republicans) are / is the cause of this situation in these black run American cities. You cannot point a finger at any city official or politician of color.

    I think this is called controlling or attempting to control the narrative. It is total crap but there are some in that Democrat sphere in America that need to hear this over and over. It is a form of psychological manipulation, every incompetent, radical, “progressive” Democrat leader repeats the same mantra whenever they become cornered by their own fraudulent and bankrupt belief system.

    White man bad.

    Unfortunately, this is the state we all find ourselves in America today, being held hostage by emotionally stunted and dishonest adults. But that is politics.

    And it is very pathetic and sad state.

    And then on the other end there is this:

    Is this an indicator for our future? Is there hope?

    Stand by.

  • Roger

    Cotour, with all due disrespect, you sound like a very sick man. A sick man who spends his time boring people with his mindless drivel.

  • Edward Lunny

    Those whom support terrorists should be treated as terrorists. Expose them and confront them. Punish them. Let them enjoy the consequences of their ignorance and stupidity. Libs are fascist terrorists in word, deed, and belief. This is another of many, many examples. Treat them accordingly. That they have the right to free speech, it doesn’t absolve them of the consequences of their abhorrent speech and position.

  • Questioner

    Netanyahu is Deadly Wrong | Col. Larry Wilkerson

    (this includes a part of a conversation between Netanyahu and E. Musk)

    Col. (ret.) Lawrence Wilkerson’s last positions in government were as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff (2002-05), Associate Director of the State Department’s Policy Planning staff under the directorship of Ambassador Richard N. Haass, and member of that staff responsible for East Asia and the Pacific, political-military and legislative affairs (2001-02).

  • Jeanne Babin

    I believe there’s an effort afoot to justify assaults on civilians in wartime. If you support the government/politician whose policies are offending, then you too are dangerous and a legitimate target for elimination.

  • James Street

    “There’s a storm coming.”

    Bring it on.

  • GWB

    attempted to add language condemning Hamas to a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza
    Funny, but the first thing that pops into my head is, “So, Oakland has solved every other problem in their municipality that they can now pass ‘resolutions’ on things that are not within their jurisdiction nor within their capability to effect?” It’s pointedly nothing more than virtue signaling. Like a church in the 80s declaring itself a “nuke free zone.” Mostly deserving of a slap upside the head to maybe get some sense into them.

    Only once I get by that can I even care about their extended virtue signaling of not condemning Hamas.

    But, yes, all of this is actual evil. I would probably care less about their virtue signaling if I at least agreed with it. But their morals are rotten and the virtue they signal is no such thing, by the standards I hold.

    now that this party is morphing into a modern version of the Nazi party
    It’s long been that. It’s where Progressivism always eventually leads, and once the external threat of Soviet Communism went away, they were free to get their full anti-Christian freak on.

    They refused to listen.
    Leftism (Progressivism) is a religion. It worships self. So, they set aside their old god for the new one and cling tightly to it.

    they have now become entrenched in many positions of power, in government, in academia, in corporate America
    More importantly, Robert, the ideology (religion) called Progressivism is entrenched in the hearts and minds of the electorate. It will take at least a generation to root it out, and until that is done you can’t really remove it from those institutions.

    Had the decent people in the Democratic Party stood up against this corruption thirty, twenty, even ten years ago
    But those people were still Progressives, and the natural end of Progressivism is … well, it’s actually beyond where we are now, but this is along the natural path. Unless they stopped being progressive, they would never be able to stop this progression. It’s why I keep telling people all of those folks objecting to some “overreach” – trans, anti-Jew – are not “red-pilled.” It’s just that fundamentalist progressivism has gone past their comfort zone, and they would be perfectly happy to remain in some lesser version of Progressivism. But that will simply lead them back to some other horrid in the evolution of man or society – because that’s what Progressivism is.

    and like the Israelis they are resolved, “Never again!”
    Some of us, anyway. But the way to achieve “never again” is outside the allowed boundaries in our Progressively-twisted modern mores. And the legal boundaries on speech (as currently practiced) make one aspect of it very, very verboten.

  • Cotour


    Thanks for the honest feedback, exactly where do you think I go off the rails into insanity and mindless drivel?

    Please be specific.

    (Gave me a laugh)

  • Expose them and confront them. Punish them.
    Expose is easy – they expose themselves (LibsOfTikTok being a great example).
    Confront is a bit challenging for the meek among us (me being one of them).
    Punish is impossible. Punish HOW? It sounds goods/reads well, but it is meaningless.

    A sick man who spends his time boring people with his mindless drivel.
    While I often find Cotour’s posts off-topic and somewhat distracting, they do not bore me (at the very worst, scrolling down is not difficult) nor are they mindless.

  • BLSinSC

    USEFUL IDIOTS! That’s what they are! Now it would be interesting to see where all those DEFENDERS of terrorists work – how do they survive with such insane brains?? I’ve often thought that maybe we should set aside a small town and run it according to these idiots’ preferred ideology – COMPLETE with hands chopped off for stealing, stoning, subjugation of the females, and men having total authority to do as they please with the women, including those lovable “honorings”!!! I’m sure very few of the hags at that meeting would survive a week! I thank GOD I was born in Our Great Nation and do what I can to live a decent, law abiding life. That’s all we ask of people – live YOUR life, support YOUR family, respect OTHER people and their property, obey our Laws, and Love Our Nation! It’s rather simple – unless you’re consumed by hatred and ignorance!

  • Cotour


    If one was to ask: Who is dropping the ball in America, who has almost fully abandoned the concept of objective fiduciary responsibilities and have thrown in with those who seek the fundamental destruction of America?

    I think you would have to state that is those in the media and the trained and apparently indoctrinated journalists that have done exactly that.

    The enemy is within, and you might say that journalists are victims of a version of a “moralistic” Stockholm syndrome.

    And in regards to the media and journalists we must remember this quote from former CIA director:

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”-William J. Casey, CIA Director.

    And it is very difficult for the everyday American to make a rational distinction and come to rational conclusions and decisions about what is true, what is information and what is disinformation. These issues do not exist in isolation from each other.

    And that is exactly where we find ourselves and given the level of technology on our doorstep it will only become more confusing and chaotic and result in even higher levels of manipulation.

    The only solution? The public must have access to same level technology in order make rational decisions and choices?

    And IMO that is what the First and Second amendments indicate.

  • Andi

    Minor edit in first paragraph after quote: “if you wear a kippa”

  • Andi: Thank you. Fixed, though the spelling should have been kippah.

  • GWB

    November 30, 2023 at 8:11 am
    Minor edit in first paragraph after quote: “if you wear a kippa”

    Robert Zimmerman
    November 30, 2023 at 8:19 am
    Andi: Thank you. Fixed, though the spelling should have been kippah.

    Ooh! The transliteration wars begun they have! ;)
    I refrained from making any jokes about herrings (kipper) in my comment for that very reason. :)


    “You are a Democrat? You are a “progressive” Liberal? You are Jewish? You are a rational hard-working American and only see confusion and chaos? I suggest you read this article by Barri Weiss, she is a badass messenger of the truth.”

    Read the rest and share with a confused friend on social media………..

  • Edward

    In September, I asked what the Germans should have done to stop the NAZI party from doing its evil. It is important in order to inform us as to how to prevent repeating their errors. When no answer was forthcoming, in October I pointed out that it was not an easy question to answer, but it is still important in order to prevent similar things from happening here in America, as we are on our way to a similar tyranny by a single political party. A political party that was friendly and supportive of the NAZI party.

    This month we learn that many of our universities encourage the same types of people that were the Nazis with the same goals: genocide and world conquest. American university students cheer on these terrorists, and their universities do not teach them that they are no better than the Nazis. If we are not to learn from history, then why teach it?

    Now, even city councils are moving in the same direction. It is entrenched within American culture in ways that it seems were not present even in Nazi Germany. Am I wrong? Please tell me I’m wrong and that we can still avoid becoming like Nazi Germany.

    So, after it’s all over, and historians are arguing over the complicity of the American public (as they did the complicity of the German public), what do we do now to convince them that we are not as bad as the German public? Now that it has started, how do we stop it? Not just around the world but here in America, too.

    The very public railroading of Trump in our kangaroo court system (new this century) demonstrates for all to see (and fear) that our individual rights are no longer protected by our government, and our legal system is not only willing but eager to ignore the letter and spirit of the Constitution in order to suppress We the People. This distresses me very much, because my grandfather had been a judge, back when it was a respectable profession.

    Instead of individual rights, we are now being subject to some form of “greater good,” where someone has to determine what is good and what is the greater good. In other countries, millions have died in peacetime in the name of some sort of greater good. In America, government has taken sides in politics, because one side has decided what is good and what is the greater good, and part of that greater good is to stifle all opposition from any other side through tyrannical behavior and fear and to support other terrorists who have their own form of greater good. We now have government that is for the government, by the government, and of the government — which must perish from the earth.

    After all, look how well off everyone is wherever the greater good reigns over individual liberty.
    BLSinSC suggested: “I’ve often thought that maybe we should set aside a small town and run it according to these idiots’ preferred ideology

    We already have cities run in this way. Oakland is one of them, with its virtue signaling failing to protect its citizens or its visitors. A couple of months ago, at the museum where I volunteer, an out-of-state guest had complained about having just come from Oakland, where he had been attacked and robbed on the street. Not uncommon, for that city. The once-beautiful San Fransisco, across the bay from Oakland, is likewise filled with crime, used needles and human feces in the street, and businesses are fleeing in droves. The last time I was here, two decades ago, it was bustling with commerce — now, not so much: (12 minutes).

    Chicago is another example, a gun-free zone which may be the shooting capital of the world. The District of Columbia is pretty crime-ridden, too. California — the whole state — is going the way of the criminal.

    But do these ideologues see the failure of their ideology? Of course not. They are secure that their ideology is correct, that it supports the greater good, and if it isn’t working it is only because they have not yet applied enough ideology. This is why Oakland is passing foreign policy resolutions — to apply more ideology to more places and make it even more secure in their own city.

    Where the rest of us see crime, chaos, and censure (blackballing and blacklisting), they see success, or rather potential future success, if only enough can be applied.

    These ideologues do not see that Marxism cannot work, they think that it has never worked because the wrong people have been trying to work it, and that they themselves are finally the right people. They believe that self interest is a flaw in human nature, that we all should strive for the greater good, not for individual benefit. Forget individual rights. They distract from the greater good, as they define it.

    The reality, which they fail to see, is that enlightened self interest is a human strength. “Enlightened,” because the self interest of theft, crime, and terror is not beneficial, nor is it a greater good, but producing goods or services in exchange for someone else’s goods or services is beneficial, and a free market tends to correct for overproduction or underproduction — the enlightened part of self interest. Free market capitalism works so well that even when the wrong people work it (the socialists in India or the communists in China), it brings people out of poverty (a billion people in those two countries combined).

    Maybe free market capitalism is a greater good.

  • Edward asked, “Am I wrong? Please tell me I’m wrong and that we can still avoid becoming like Nazi Germany.”

    You might not be wrong, but see my essay about the abandonment by corporations of college degree requirements for new hires. There is hope. The fundamentals of America still exist here, and appear to be working their way through the problem, though more slowly than either you or I desire.

  • David

    Will Mr. Zimmerman be selecting those that are to be “cleansed” from American society? “Blood in the streets?” Who gets to decide who’s “careers and lives” are sacrificed? I didn’t think I would see the day you would seem to me to be an advocate for violence hiding behind words voicing so-called predictions and fears.

    It is interesting that a public comment period at the Oakland council meeting that involved more than 200 people offering thoughts is condensed into a short clip of the most vile comments from a handful of people. Then our host uses that clip to justify sweeping declarations about tens of millions of people who call themselves Democratic Party members or others here refer to as progressives.

    While he covered his butt in the opening by saying “mostly on the left but not entirely” displays of the disgusting ignorance and hate is in his view coming from progressives, where is the hard hitting honest appraisal of what is happening in conservative America? This myopic thinking that the problem lies with the left while blissfully ignoring the increasing fountain of hate and intolerance on the right is sadly becoming more common here.

    There are ways to stand up to hate and ignorant thinking without violence. Perhaps we conservatives should spend as much time confronting this within our own party and movement as we do attacking the left.

  • Related:


    A friend writes asking me to give my opinion on a news story related to former president Trump’s alleged statement:

    Read the rest, it is interesting, and remember to share with a confused friend on social media……

  • David …

    The above link illustrates the reality of your “increasing fountain of hate and intolerance on the right”.

    Outside of the same small fringe that has always been anti-Semitic, what you likely see as “hate” is skepticism about Israel’s influence upon our foreign policy (a skepticism I do not share, but is a legitimate question some ask), and a distrust of the current Administration and Congress regarding their competence and objectives for any intervention in this conflict on the part of the United States (which has certainly been earned by our alleged leadership). A similar dynamic affects our interaction with the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

    I don’t see anyone on the Right, outside of that small fringe, who is glossing over the barbarity of Hamas – not just directed towards Israelis, but directed at their own people. OTOH, Israel is a beacon of rights-respecting governance … a powerful “vaccine” against engaging in totalitarian expansionism like that being perpetrated against them … where those of Arab descent have respect for their rights that is nonexistent for those in neighboring states.

    Those Sen. Schumer is now expressing concern about, do gloss over that barbarity in their belief in the oppressor-vs.-oppressed, international version of the systemic-racism narrative … and seek to tie down Israel with the Lilliputian ropes of world opinion, primarily to persuade allies to abandon Israel and turn it into a pariah for defending herself from the totalitarian expansionism represented by those chants of “from the river to the sea.”

    Also, bigotry doesn’t always come dressed in brown shirts or white sheets … the more prevalent clothing for bigotry today, are the royal robes of arrogant condescension, worn by those who Know Better™. And the political Left are experts in leveraging perceptions, double standards, and passive-aggressive behavior to fill out those robes. They will take any civility a dissenter from their One True Way extends to them and wrap them around the axle with it, to marginalize them and render them irrelevant to the discussion … for dissenters are seen as the Evil Other opposing their Righteous Normal.

    David, your moral equivalence doesn’t sell, because the Left is everything they decry … self-righteous, bigoted in their intersectional focus upon skin color/ethnicity, possessing a fundamentalist zeal that makes fire-and-brimstone Baptists look like loose-topped libertines out for beads Mardi Gras. What is happening now, is that they are letting their freak flags fly and making those attributes obvious to the rest of us.

    For us to focus inward in the face of that, and ignore those in our midst who make common cause with barbarians who brand children like cattle is suicidal.

    If you want to forestall violence … you and I both need to convince our neighbors that unless we put respect for the life and liberty of the individual above any other “common good” that our elites deign to impose upon us, there will be neither peace nor unity … but dominance and submission, where peaceful people are chafed by the denial of their rights to the point that they will lash out.

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