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Does the Mueller report suggest there is hope?

I have come to three somewhat contradictory conclusions in thinking this weekend about the unexpectedly reasonable conclusions announced in the final Mueller report, stating that, despite two years of intense investigation which at times bordered on a witch hunt, there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians to win the election.

1. Robert Mueller is a hack who works hard for the liberal Washington swamp, doing their bidding whenever he can. The summary letter of his report by Attorney General William Barr inadvertently reveals this.

In the first paragraph of Barr’s letter he describes Mueller’s report has entitled “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.” This would imply that Mueller’s goal was to investigate all possible aspects of Russian interference, including collusion that might have also taken place in the Clinton campaign.

However, in the very next paragraph Barr states,

The report explains that the Special Counsel and his staff thoroughly investigated allegations that members of the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, and others associated with it, conspired with the Russian government in its efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, or sought to obstruct the related federal investigations.

In other words, Mueller didn’t look into the Russian interference to see where it led, but focused his investigation entirely on Trump. He made zero attempt to investigate the actions of the Clinton campaign. None. The liberal Washington swamp wanted Trump ousted, and Mueller was glad to help them do it.

It is also important in this context to note that the “allegations” came totally from the Clinton campaign and from a fake “dossier” that was stuffed with nothing more than rumors and innuendos paid for and created by Clinton campaign and its allies. Mueller’s investigation was thus solely a Democratic operation. A fair-minded and non-partisan prosecutor would not have restricted his investigation to just these allegations. He would have opened it up to look at whatever the Russians did, in connection with both campaigns.

Mueller’s report thus illustrates both the allegiance of that Washington community to the Democratic Party, but Robert Mueller’s own allegiance to that Democratic Party. They wanted their allegations pursued, and Mueller was glad to do this work for them.

2. Mueller’s investigation was clearly a witch hunt and a fishing expedition, based on those rumors and innuendos. Once again Barr’s letter inadvertently reveals this:

In the report, the Special Counsel noted that, in completing his investigation, he employed 19 lawyers who were assisted by a team of approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence forensic accountants, and other professional staff. The Special Counsel issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants, obtained more than 230 orders for communication records, issued almost 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers, made 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and interviewed approximately 500 witnesses.

Along the way, Mueller used these tactics to find crimes where none had existed before, all of which had little to do with those initial rumors and innuendos. Some witnesses were bullied into lying, and then prosecuted for this. Others had their homes and businesses raided and picked through until something could be found to send them in prison. Both tactics are the hallmark of prosecutorial abuse of power.

The whole basis of Mueller’s investigation was a fraud. Yet, he had to show something for his work, so he used these resources to dig up that something up, even if it had nothing to do with the basis of his work. So what if this witch hunt ended up destroying people’s lives. In the end all that mattered was that Robert Mueller looked good.

3. Finally, and maybe most important, this whole story suggests that — despite how this report reveals some obvious partisan corruption in the Department of Justice and the FBI — there still is hope for the free American nation. Despite their concerted effort to find evidence that could be used to overthrow the legal election of a president they did not like, Mueller and those 19 lawyers (most of whom were Democratic operatives) and 40 FBI agents (many of whom have been now exposed as Democratic operatives as well) all eventually realized that if they tried to pin collusion on Trump, the lack of evidence would end up biting them inside.

They apparently realized that there are still enough honest people left in the legal system, and if they tried to indict Trump and his associates without evidence, they would lose.

So, they had to bite the bullet and admit that their whole investigation was a “nothing burger,” to use a quote from one of the most radical Democratic operatives in the media in referring to this investigation. This admission has caused real damage to the entire leftist mainstream media, as it discredits practically everything they have reported on this subject for the past two years

The admission however also tells us that within the increasingly corrupt legal system in Washington, a foundation remains of our previously glorious and just legal system, and it still acts to prevent such corruption to rule.

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  • Nitecat

    The beast never learns , it does not think. It merely reacts , always pushing ” forward ” , to eliminate all restraints on it’s mindless quest for total , unlimited power and zero accountability. I heard that the higher up you go in a culture , the higher the percentage of that group will be psychopaths. All ya’ gotta do is watch MSNBC…

  • MDN


    Good point wrt the title of the report and Mueller’s interpretation that this applied only to Trump. I’d missed that subtlety. In this regard I loved Lindsey Graham’s response to Comey’s “So many questions” tweet last night simply replying “Could not agree more. See you soon.” We can only hope the other side will get some much deserved scrutiny too now.

    Adding to your list I also found Mueller’s handling of the obstruction question (remaining silent and not exonerating Trump) also a sad reflection on his swampy roots. Only a Creature of DC could consider it “possible” obstruction of justice for one to publicly argue they are innocent of allegations ultimately proven to be completely unfounded. Rudy has it right, if there was no collusion there can be no obstruction.

    Finally, in an ironic sense that the left will never admit, this report actually illustrates how honest and un-corrupt Trump apparently is. For sure he has his moral shortcomings, but ethically how many people with his means and range of endeavors could survive this level of scrutiny? For sure those “intelligence forensic accountants” referenced were not just perusing Paul Manifort and Michael Cohen’s financial doings. And they had millions of documents and audio recordings from Cohen, his private attorney, to pour over. Yet they found nothing relating to collusion, or even worth passing along to the Southern District of NY except for alleged campaign finance irregularities which are clearly not subject to that law anyway (Since Trump almost certainly has negotiated dozens of similar NDAs over the years these were clearly not just/primarily campaign related, making them by law personal, not campaign, expenditures).

    An abysmal report for the anti-Trumpers, but great for Trump and America for sure! MAGA!!!

  • Cotour

    Hey, I actually found a real conspiracy as charged by the DOJ! (Or should I say collusion?)

    Is there hope? Yes, there is.

  • Cotour

    I give you proof of hope.

    The Democrats can not control themselves, this is now all they have.

    They are now full on crazy and are blind to the damage and political costs that they will certainly pay in the coming elections. This is a prime example of doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result but expecting the opposite. In other words the Democrats are by definition now officially crazy.

    And looking at their offerings for president, who are ALL third string at best, I can to some degree understand their desperation. I encourage the Democrats to continue on their quest.

    Like I have pointed out several times in the past, don’t bet against Trump.

  • Max

    If a crime has been committed, only then can they ask for a special investigation.
    This two-year investigation was illegally commissioned on a rumor of a crime. Now it’s been determined that it was just a rumor…

    aka, a “witchhunt” which they knew was sanctioned or started by there old boss Obama to prevent the true crimes from being revealed. Illegal wire taps and sabotage with fake dossier to keep everyone guessing while mainframes and smart phones are being destroyed. Nothing to see here, hey look! he has orange hair…

    I know the question has been asked before, did Obama give all his staff, FBI, and the Justice Department full pardons for all the crimes they committed in his name?
    Could he have done so then placed secrecy classification on it so that no one could speak of it or know about it without a classified clearance?
    Would it be in their best interest to keep it a secret? Like they are the JFK assassination? For the same reasons, of the damage it would do to our puppet masters? The illusion must be maintained…

  • Alex Andrite

    Two nights ago I was sifting through my ROKU video channel , free to watch movies / shows. The Joan Rivers Show came up, Season 1, Episode 1. Jan 11, 1994. Her guest was Donald Trump.
    I have always enjoyed the quick humorous wit of Joan Rivers, so I took a watch. It was a very interesting, and fun, interview.
    Especially when Mr. Trump began to discuss the ‘fake news media’ and its role of the day. This was 25 years ago !
    If you can find it, it is worth the watch. He already knew what was taking place against him.

  • Michael

    “I know the question has been asked before, did Obama give all his staff, FBI, and the Justice Department full pardons for all the crimes they committed in his name?”

    “Could he have done so then placed secrecy classification on it so that no one could speak of it or know about it without a classified clearance?”

    “Would it be in their best interest to keep it a secret?”
    Yes, but, see above.

    “Like they are the JFK assassination?”
    There is *nothing* secret about the Kennedy assassination. All of the relevant facts were made public by the Warreb Commission over half a century ago. Their only error was that, most probably, the shot that missed was fired before the one that wounded Kennedy and Connolly, rather than in between that shot and the fatal one.

    “For the same reasons, of the damage it would do to our puppet masters? The illusion must be maintained…”
    Conspiracy nutsery is no more credible coming from the right than the left.

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