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Has the leftist smear machine begun to crack?

Several stories in the past week suggest that cracks might finally be appearing in the leftist/Democratic/media smear machine that since 2008 has used lies and slanders to destroy the reputations of its opponents.

What makes the first five stories above different from everything I have seen in the past two decades, since Bill Clinton’s perjury and impeachment in the late 1990s, is the willingness of people on both the right and left, within the entertainment community, to come out publicly and condemn the leftwing blacklisting efforts that have normally been supported blindly and in mass by those same communities.

In the past the support for such blacklisting threats against conservative entertainers would have been monolithic, and any conservatives in Hollywood would have been silent, out of fear they own careers would have been destroyed.

Now we not only have a number of conservative entertainers fearlessly blasting this fascist blacklisting, they are being joined by many liberal entertainer icons.

The last story is similar, but instead of the entertainment community the story involves a rebellion by a Democratic politician. Since Bill Clinton’s presidency I have practically never seen a Democratic politician resist this blacklist culture. Yang might be the very first. And I say that despite the fact that I definitely oppose his politics.

We are also seeing some of the same thing with this week’s New York Times slander of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. While the right has justly blasted the newspaper for its partisan lying and incompetence, so have some liberal outlets.

It could be that the leftist smear machine has finally gone too far, and has become so vile and despicable that even many ardent leftists can no longer tolerate it.

Then again, I am a forever optimistic person, and sometimes see hope where none exists. These might merely be the exceptions that prove the rule. Only time will tell us whether this is a new positive trend, or a minor blip in left’s never-ending quest to persecute its opponents.


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  • Cotour

    And the American people are absorbing and digesting it all as it plays out in real time and will be commenting on it all very soon.

    And what comes after that is what will be of the greatest importance. If the Right wins then what will the Left do next? How far will they be willing to go? “Fundamental change”, “By any means necessary”? It is almost beyond anyones ability to imagine.

    And if the Left wins then all financial hell will break loose, and it will remain in chaos because of the lack of confidence that the entire world will have in regards to how America moves into the future.

    What ever side you find yourself on, this will be without doubt the most interesting and pivitol elections in American, maybe even the worlds history. And of course it will be starring the most famous man on the planet and really the only person who could or would be able to pull any of it off.

    Its going to be humongous!

  • Edward

    Is this a rejection of recent leftward motions of the Overton Window, or is this just part of the “growing pains” associated with these motions? Has the leftist smear machine begun to crack or does it take a little time for everyone to digest and accept the “new normal?” As I recently said, “even liberals have to toe the continually changing party line to remain safe.”

    The Dave Chappelle article noted the case of “The Sacrifice of Nimesh Patel,” in which the party line changed while he was on stage telling a joke*.

    A week after being escorted off the stage by a couple of woke student leaders, he “naïvely theoriz[ed] that the episode was a symptom of ‘a 24-hour news cycle’ that makes it ‘hard to sift through and find the signal and find what is really being said.’

    No, Patel. No, no. This wasn’t the action of ‘a small group,’ and college students aren’t victims of the ‘news cycle.’ This is the new reality, and it works just as social justice dictates.

    The left giveth and the left taketh away. It is like The Outer Limits, where “they” control what you can say and hear. They even control all that you have and all that you are. They control what we buy, do, say, and are. The Supreme Court ruled that government can do this to us, just so long as they associate a tax with it. How democratic is it when We the People are the controlled, not the controllers of our own government? It is hardly a sign of the blessings of liberty that the Constitution was established in order to secure for the founding generation and its posterity.

    The Chappelle article concludes: “The movement has overwhelmed each and every part of our culture. Politics is no longer about practical policy. Higher education is no longer about prepping young adults for the workforce. The entertainment industry is no longer concerned with entertaining.

    And comedy is no longer about making people laugh. It’s about pushing a cause, reinforcing a dogma, and instilling a worldview. It’s about social justice.

    I think the author, Eddie Scarry, meant “It’s about social injustice.” But the Overton Window destroyed comedy a couple of years ago. This is why all the late night shows didn’t joke about Obama the way they did with Bill Clinton, and why they are now part of the movement to overthrow Trump and negate our democratic system, the cause that the left is pushing.

    The Hot Air article describes why impeaching Kavanaugh is unrealistic, but a complete lack of evidence against the target hasn’t stopped the left from insisting upon impeaching Trump. At least with Kavanaugh there was an allegation, fake as it was; with Trump there is no alleged crime. Not a high crime, not a misdemeanor, not anything. Except that he isn’t Hillary. The Democrats’ only arrow in their quiver: Impeachment. The pinnacle of democracy, justice, and the American way.

    Interestingly, the Walter Mosley article tells us that he quit because social (in)justice was used against him, and he felt like it had victimized him rather than protected him.
    There I was being chastised for criticizing the word that oppressed me and mine for centuries.

    From the Whoopi Goldberg article: “Arguably Messing’s impulse is less obnoxious than what Joaquin Castro did to Trump donors in San Antonio for the simple reason that anyone who can afford to attend a presidential fundraiser in Beverly Hills can afford private security and a few lost job opportunities.

    Well, those sound like two wonderful privileges. Just because someone can afford it then it is justified for some spiteful person to impose that cost onto him? What the hell is wrong with our society that someone loses out on a few job opportunities or needs private security just because he donates to a political campaign? There is a motion of the Overton Window that is anit-American and definitely anti-democracy. If democratic participation is that costly, then how is it democracy?

    With luck, even the Democrats are beginning to realize that this is not the country that they want to live in.

    What an irony that such anti-democratic actions come from a political party that calls itself Democratic.

    * Do jokes exist in the social (in)justice world? “A being enters an establishment. The proprietor asks ‘why the facial feature?” [Wait for laugh.] Gee, that was funny back when it was a horse and a long face. Maybe we need to hide the culturally insensitive jokes by numbering them: “number 23!” Hah! I fell out of my chair laughing at that one. In fact, I may need CPR. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  • Cotour

    ” Do jokes exist in the social (in)justice world?”

    No, no it does not, not allowed, jokes are politically incorrect.

    And anyone who can not laugh at themselves becomes in time a dangerous entity who feels the need to tell (read force) everyone else what they must, and must not do. Yes, very dangerous indeed.

  • wayne

    There might be a few cracks but we need to remember these Statists have been at for literally 100+ years. I view this as a internal squabble amongst the left over whether to go full-tilt revolution, and the more Fabian types who want to destroy the system from within.
    For these people, it’s always 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

    “Dr. Trump”
    Louder with Crowder

  • Andi

    “Maybe we need to hide the culturally insensitive jokes by numbering them:’number 23!’ ”

    Reminds me of a joke that I think goes something like this: A man walks into a bar and sits down. One of the patrons stands up and says “34!”. Everyone breaks out laughing. Someone else stands and says “56!”, and everyone guffaws. This goes on for a while. Finally the man asks what is going on. The bartender replies that everyone here is a regular, and they tell the same jokes so often that to save time, each joke is given a number, so when someone yells out the number, everyone knows what the joke is. Intrigued, the man jumps up and shouts, “87!”. Everyone just stares at him. The man looks at the bartender quizzically. The bartender replies, “Well, you have to know how to tell it right!”

  • D3F1ANT

    There is NO crack in the “Smear Machine.” These people in the articles: Whoopie, Yang, etc. are still displaying their hateful Leftist bias on a daily basis. Any anomalous behavior on their parts should NOT be viewed as a change in their philosophy OR strategy but as a momentarily politically expedient move that (in the end) FURTHERED their efforts to smear and silence.

    Don’t be fooled. This is how the Right keeps hamstringing itself.

    These zealots NEVER change.

  • Francisco Machado

    Collectivist borderline personality disorder personified. Humor? Hell, you damn well better think about the implications those controlling SOBs will attach to you if you laugh at the wrong moment, and when you have to analyze the political modality update before you laugh nothing’s funny anymore. You’d as well try a practical joke on Torquemada. A pity, too – it’s like a Gilbert & Sullivan courthouse scene enacted by a bunch of rigid Calvinist antiquities who would be worthy of naught more than ridicule for their impossible proposals if they weren’t so predictably dangerous.

  • Cotour


    Cory Lewendowski stifles Jerrold Nadler and gives him exactly what he deserves as he attempts to cast the baseless impeachment Democrat leadership narrative. Well done, along with the Congress men that kept Nadler in line.

    Why? Because the Democrats have nothing of any substance related to impeachment of the president as the 2020 presidential election approaches.

    Desperation is the key word.

    What / who do the Democrats have to save them? Joe Biden, Jackass and gaff machine, Bernie Sanders, dusty old Communist, and the person who appears may well be the Democrat presidential candidate in 2020, Elizabeth “Pow wow chow” Warren, the shrill, scolding Liberal professorial school marm.

  • Francisco Machado: Welcome to Behind the Black. Your comment and opinion is very appreciated. Just be aware of my rules, as indicated on the webpage in the right column (at the bottom on mobile phones):

    I welcome all opinions, even those that strongly criticize my commentary.

    However, name-calling and obscenities will not be tolerated. First time offenders who are new to the site will be warned. Second time offenders or first time offenders who have been here awhile will be suspended for a week. After that, I will ban you. Period.

    You don’t break these rules, but your passion and terminology here has you very closely skirting the edge. Be aware.

    Regardless, thank you. I appreciate your perspective. I also think we must remember that the bad guys in this battler are actually very few, and that our target audience is the vast uneducated middle. We must persuade them. Think about what you say. Will it impress them with your stance, or turn them off?

  • Cotour

    A little bit more, where does this apparent self hatred come from?

  • wayne

    “Weather Underground Announces Fall Offensive”
    CBS News, October 1970

  • Cotour

    A little bit more, why not? 4 min.

    This is what is going on in some American indoctrinated “Male” minds? This clerk in a vape shop becomes a yelling, screaming little child, out of control at the sight of a MAGA hat. It is as disturbing as it looks, an extention of and much like the feminized Democrat Socialist convention participants.

  • Bozo

    The “vast uneducated middle” isn’t so vast anymore. I would cite evidence to support this but your stupid software thinks it’s spam. ?

  • Bozo: Can you explain in more detail the problem you were having so I might have a chance to fix it?

  • Cotour

    And if everyone has forgotten, this is what in its Liberal / Leftist, fully indoctrinated political correctness threatens us all in the future if they actually become fully empowered. 3 min.

    These are the people who will justify your arrest for reeducation or worse in the future if you do not think and do as they say. In the interest of the greater good of course.

    Think they are not serious? Think its comedy? Think again.

  • Timmy75

    “this will be without doubt the most interesting and pivitol elections in American, maybe even the worlds history”, as has been stated during every election since the Lincoln/Douglass debates, but thanks nonetheless for the reminder!

    “The lowest form of life on the planet is a politician. The lowest form of politician is a liberal Democrat.” –GENERAL GEORGE PATTON

  • Cotour

    Point taken, but this really seems different, on potentially a very different multi leveled way.

    The up and coming and very much indoctrinated youth in the world have the most potential to become the monsters that they are seeing elsewhere. And they will without doubt be the most violent as they force everyone who questions them into submission. What we are seeing today in the Democrat party is the precurser.

    “Its all about the children”.

  • Edward

    Andi wrote: “Well, you have to know how to tell it right!

    Oh! That must be why I didn’t get any laughs for my “facial feature” joke. Someone once said that in comedy, timing is … everything.

    D3F1ANT wrote: “These zealots NEVER change.

    Actually, they do, but it is always for the worse. Who would have guessed, two decades ago, that the Democrats would embrace outright violent types, such as (Only) Black Lives Matter or AntiFA (Anti First Amendtment)? They seem to have become more and more lawless ever since they reelected Ted Kennedy after Chappaquiddick. They took an inch (a life), then a mile (our liberty), and now we have to take it back.

    I, too, do not believe it when people say that “this will be the most important election in American history.” The most important one in our lifetimes was in 2008, and we lost that one. Because of that loss, the government is able to use personal taxes in order to coerce us as to what to buy with our own hard-earned money. The Supreme Court ruling also does not limit the government’s abuse of our liberty to just that, the government may also direct us as to what to do, say, and be. The 2008 election allowed for a fundamental transition of America from one of liberty to one of tyranny, and we will not get our liberty back in any one election. It will either take many, many elections in order to regain our liberty, or we will have to revolt, as we did against King George.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

    Interestingly, the Founding Fathers thought that we would have to revolt against our own government every couple of decades, because they knew that governments always trend toward tyranny. That is why the Second Amendment is so important. The American experiment went better than they expected. It seems that self government and liberty are able to last for at least ten generations. That is why the First Amendment is so important.

  • Cotour


    Democrat Socialist, Namomi Konst, “Educates” Maria Barteromo about the virtues of Democrat Socialism. She makes it sound so wonderful. (PS: The manner by which Ms. Kost defines Democrat Socialism is not at all what the actual definition of the term means. She does not even understand what she promotes. Another fraud).

    I have heard these arguments before and what I have come to understand about them is that these usually younger people, like Ms. KoNst, really know nothing about what they are speaking about. They are comfortably preaching to the public from the top of an antenna that sits on top of a massive skyscraper that was built solely by Capitalism. They talk about the economy from a point of view where they have not one clue as to what it takes to generate the good, safe and well fed life that they live. They are comfortably ensconced in a luxurious life not provided by them or their proposed socioeconomic model. Not one bit of it.

    They apparently believe that it all just exists for them to come along and “Fix”. And they have not got a clue. Where do they get the ignorant gall? And they speak so authoritatively about it.

    What this particular Democrat Socialist misses is that if things were to run as she proposes, especially from the starting point of the top of that skyscraper broadcasting their message from that big antenna all built by Capitalism that sits on top of it the only eventuality would be the total destruction and the unwinding of it all. Everything would in a short while be in ruins because the incentive to do anything will have been destroyed. Theirs truly is a fantasy.

    In their Democrat Socialist model, should it be the primary model to work from, there would be no incentive for anything much of a business to be built, it would result in a stagnant Cuban type situation. There would never be an antenna on top of that massive skyscraper because no one would have the interest or incentive in building such a thing. Human beings are productive when they have an incentive to be productive in their own self interests and not because they are commanded by some government, or co operative to do so. By the way if something were to be commanded to be it would eventually come at the business end of a gun or some other threat.

    They always speak of seizing successful corporations and turning them into co op type models where the workers run and take care of and share in everything, so nice. But how were those successful corporations started? Who had the idea and who took the risk to make them into what they are today? Do these people really think that things like successful corporations or any significant business could be the result of their Democrat Socialist model? Where do they get the nerve to think in such a really ignorant manner? There is so much missing from their model, mostly the bottom half. But they apparently start at the top and not at the bottom, how convenient. America can lull some into thinking in such silly and childish terms. They are born into it and so it must always have existed. Right?

    Ms. Kost also talks of how America in her estimation has become an oligarchy where the top one percent “do not pay their fair share” a term I can not hear enough (sarcasm). Meanwhile what appears to be the truth?

    “According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the top one percent of United States taxpayers (1.4 million) paid as much in federal income taxes as the bottom 95 percent (134 million) in 2015.” How much does she think that the government should have of the private citizens wealth? The government if given the opportunity will require it all.

    But it sounds good, draws some real bright lines between the haves and the have nots purely for politcal purposes which is an old Communist tactic. In other words its a lie and a fraud. They just want what other people have, plain and simple. And they do not want to go through the inconvenient time and risk and work in building such a thing as real wealth. (In reality they themselves or those like them could never build such a thing) They just see it and believe that they have the right to confiscate it and redistribute it as they see fit. And they want to transfer it all to the government that they of course are entirely in control of. The perfect model to oppress a population in the name of what is “Best” for everyone. What garbage they are attempting to sell.

    So most all of these millennial Democrat Socialists from what I can gather talk like Democrat Socialism is something good that everyone should naturally want to switch to since America has done sooo poorly with Capitalism. Capitalism needs to be replaced by a system which has been renamed and repackaged and resold to America. A system that when it went by its old name,”Socialism”, has done exactly the opposite as these ill informed and ill educated and childish Democrat Socialists promote.

    No, Ms Kost, you can keep your package, as a matter of fact you might want to move to a place where your chosen economic system is already in play and turn it into what you see before you here in America. But that can never and will never happen because what you promote is a fraudulent mess that can only result in equality of misery and the destruction of all that is good that you have ever known. Then what?

    Let us not be naive.

  • Cotour


    From the very young, like Swedish 16 year old climate warrior, Greta Thunberg, to the not so young and becoming more and more affluent 30 something Democrat Socialist, Namomi Konst, we meet the one individual, the personification of fundamental change in America who drives it all.

    (To me there is an element to this that is a form of child abuse.)

    And on Friday the Progressives like the mayor of NYC, Bill DeBlasio, encourage the children in the NYC school system to all leave school and protest “Climate Change”. Its what they know, its what they do, community organizing.

    These which can clearly be indentified as subversives are very well organized and are at the moment very well empowered and are focused on shaping the minds of the children of the world, and that would be to the Left. Is it just a matter of time?

  • Cotour


    I was listening to a more Liberal radio talk show this morning and I heard one of the moderators ask just before I shut my auto off: “How can any of the true Trump supporters still justify supporting him after all that he has done and continues to do?”. He just can not understand it.

    (PS: Trump is doing exactly what I hired him to do, reconnect America with its Constitution and rational American oriented thinking and to destroy the Globalist agenda. And IMO he is right on target and the extreme contention and desperation of the Left is what indicates that fact)

    The radio moderator of course was today referring to the most current Trump “Offence”, Trump “Extortion” of and “pressuring” of the Ukrainian president for dirt on Biden. And IMO Biden has condemned himself and served up all the dirt anyone needs to judge him appropriately with his bragging in that interview that most of the planet has now seen.

    Biden on stage: “I told the Ukrainian president that if the prosecutor was not fired he would not be getting his $1 Billion dollar loan guarantee”. “And son of a bitch, what do you know, the prosecutor was fired”. In his own unambiguous words from his own mouth. Hubris is Bidens greatest enemy, a Jackass of the first order.

    And you listen to all of the Liberal media talking heads and they point out that “This Joe Biden / Hunter Biden / Ukrain situation was all investigated and nothing was found”. So what you are telling me is that this Biden / Ukrain situation was investigated by the same, Obama FBI / DOJ / CIA who investigated the Uranium One situation where Hillary was fed $145 million dollars by the Russian government into her “Foundation”. The same FBI / DOJ / CIA that investigated the Hillary email server situation. The same FBI / DOJ / CIA who investigated the Steele “Dossier”, and in all these and the many other investigations could find nothing of concern as to quid pro quo or any other dirty self dealing or corruption. Now that amazes me to the max!

    These Democrat political players are all apparently saints as far as the, Obama FBI / DOJ / CIA are concerned. They found NOTHING. To my thinking they are all sooo deeply connected to this type of corruption within our government they dare not ever find anything that might unravel the entire cabal and implicate either them directly or their own relatives and friends. Many of these players in government are all connected to these sweet self dealing situations within government and business. It is the nature of man to do so. But not at the cost of our country and our Constitution. Please, there are lines to be drawn and lived within.

    Well there is your answer Mr. Liberal radio talk show talking head, there is your answer. I have simply explained why Trump still has my 100 percent support, makes perfect sense to me. It does not make sense to you? I did not think so, because you are either willfully blind or willfully stupid, choose one. Probably both.

    So Trump IMO is doing just fine. Trump is the exact medicine that Washington D.C. needs, he does not play by their established rules and he is effective, and they can not deal with that. Not for one second are they able to deal with that.

  • Cotour


    (Social media is really the down fall of most all who dare to participate in it, Lucifers Living Room. Really the only one that uses it to its fullest potential is you know who. And even he shoots himself in the foot from time to time)

    “Either thousands of journalists will be jailed, or Trump will be jailed”. And why is that Mr. Krugman?

    Neither will happen.

    On Monday this will be the lead story for Rush, he will crucify Krugman.

    What actually will happen is that Biden will retire by the end of the year, hopefully along with Krugman. Idioto!

  • Whisperin Pints

    September 18, 2019 at 8:38 am
    “Joe Biden, Jackass and gaff machine, Bernie Sanders, dusty old Communist, and the person who appears may well be the Democrat presidential candidate in 2020, Elizabeth “Pow wow chow” Warren, the shrill, scolding Liberal professorial school marm.”

    Robert Zimmerman
    September 18, 2019 at 8:40 am
    “However, name-calling and obscenities will not be tolerated.”

    September 28, 2019 at 10:03 am
    “Hubris is Bidens greatest enemy, a Jackass of the first order.”

    September 28, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    Where can I get one of those nifty passes?

  • Whisperin Pints: My rule has to do with not insulting other commenters here on the website. All politicians however are fair game, especially when the description is very accurate and can be documented as applicable.

    Biden belongs to the Democratic Party, which uses as its mascot a jackass. He also often behaves in a manner the very aptly fits that description.

    Elizabeth Warren for years lied on job and college applications, falsely claiming to be an American Indian in order to get minority status and favoritism. She deserves all the ridicule everyone heaps on her.

  • Cotour

    Whisperin Pints:

    I have over time tested the maximum limits of most all acceptable parameters of communication here on BTB and after establishing them endeavor to operate within them.

    Much, much more to come.

  • Whisperin Pints

    Robert, thank you for the clarification. I extend an apology for my first comment in your forum being a snarky retort regarding the rules. In my search for a site where the blog owner and commenters present themselves with dignity, civility, knowledge and wit, I find I have taken on some of the low-brow traits I seek to escape at other sites. I assure you, I will conduct an introspective audit before embarrassing myself further.

  • Whisperin Pints

    Cotour, I apologize for involving you in my uninformed and misguided protestation. Obviously, I have picked up some bad habits that require my immediate attention, lest I fall on my face again. With that said, I enjoy reading your comments and look forward to engaging you in conversation in the future.

  • Cotour


    Because she is the ONLY Democrat that has the stones to say this to the likes of Hillary Clinton:

    “Thank you @HillaryClinton,” tweeted Gabbard. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain.”

    Too bad she is a Democrat.

    Clinton of course understands that Gabbard is the only standout in the Democrat feild vaing for the presidency that would have any chance against Trump (And her).

    Two thumbs up Tulsi. Anyone in the Democrat party, even though you are probably too Liberal, who has the stones to speak as you have to Ma Barker, the most corrupt politician in American history, has my admiration.

    You stand alone. (A suggestion: Sleep with one eye open)

  • Cotour

    Has Left wing media begun its own death spiral that is paralleling the Democrat party’s death spiral?

  • wayne

    –check this out if you have some time.

    “YouTube censored Tulsi Gabbard”
    Louder with Crowder
    October 22, 2019

  • Cotour


    Another Kavanaugh accuser admits that she made up her story about being raped by Bret Kavaugh in order to derail his appointment to the Supreme Court. Did you really believe Christine Blasy Ford in her testimony? I did not. She IMO was just being a good soldier doing what must be done for the cause. Its all about the perceived threat to abortion rights and these women were going to save it, even if they have to be jailed for doing so.

    This once again clearly demonstrates that the Democrats are so desperate that some of them are willing to go to extreme ends to obstruct and disrupt. “By any means necessary” is not just a bumper sticker for these Democrat operatives and the Democrat leadership, it is a mantra of political warfare. I understand it, when you are desperate and have not much to work with you have to make do with what you have.

    Everything going on right now in politics, specifically in Congress, is only strategy designed to give some degree of control and leverage back to the Democrats. That is what the Kavanaugh accusers were all about and that is what the impeachment push is all about.

    Ultimatly it will turn out well for us all because the American people are watching, are absorbing it all and will be commenting on it all very soon at the polls. And Inspector General Horowitz and Prosecutor Durham have not even been heard yet, and that will be coming soon. No, it ain’t going to be pretty.

  • Cotour


    The Democrat smear machine is well broken and what will be the result of it being well broken and what is inside of it being revealed for all to see will be Democrat candidates like this one, Tulsi Gabbard. And I really know nothing much about her politics but I can see how she handles herself, how she speaks, a little about her qualifications and how she presents herself. She has the “package” as far as what the Democrats need in their future. This is what rational, sane Democrat Americans will be attracted to.

    And why is that? Because Tulsi Gabbard is perceived as being genuine, something that the old guard and the likes of Biden, Warren, Sanders, Kerry etc. are not at all seen as. They are in fact sterotypical Democrat frauds and liars. The typical Democrat candidate animal.

    Here Gabbard stands tall and confronts eye to eye the very offensive Joy Behar, a shrill, know it all / know nothing New York yenta. Her husband must be a brave man, or a fully emasculated and castrated eunuch. Chilling to me.

    It won’t be in 2020, that belongs to Trump without doubt IMO. But in 2024 and beyond, Gabbard and the likes of Buttiegige and others in the 40 to 50 year old range will emmerge and cleanse the party. To emerge as what I am not exactly sure of given the growing influence of the “Progressive” Leftists among their ranks.

    And the likes of “Beto” O’rourke will take the place of the now stale and intolerable likes of Communist Berinie Sanders, and scolding school marm Warren. And why anyone would pay any serious attention to O’rourk is way beyond my ablity to understand. Just another know nothing poser and phony and anti American “Social Justice” / “Progressive” anti Constitution knucklehead.

    And this appears to be how the Democrats begin to emerge from their self inflicted existential death spiral because of their anti and un American and Leftist pandering perspective. And that is a sick, sick place to be.

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