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Midnight repost: “If you have wrongthink, you will not be allowed.”

The tenth anniversary retrospective of Behind the Black continues: Tonight’s repost, from April 6, 2018, provides more cultural evidence that America’s culture no longer celebrates freedom of thought and tolerance.

“If you have wrongthink, you will not be allowed.”

The fascist, intolerant, and oppressive nature of today’s leftist culture has now gotten so bad that The Atlantic, a liberal publication long considered a reasonable intellectual voice from the left, can no longer tolerate for more than two weeks the hiring of a conservative, even though that conservative, Kevin Williamson, was also a vehement opponent of Donald Trump.

The quote that forms the title of this essay however comes not from the above Williamson story, but from a cogent essay by Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist about that intolerant leftist culture. As he says,

This story [Williamson’s firing] is a predictable continuation of the left’s ownership not just of media but indeed of all institutions. It is depressing. It is predictable. And it is where we are as a country now. It is not confined to the realm of ideas. Eich, Damore, Williamson and others are subject to blacklists and HR reports and firing in every arena of industry and culture. If you have wrongthink, you will not be allowed for long to make your living within any space the left has determined they own – first the academy, then the media, then corporate America, and now the public square. You will bake the cake, you will use the proper pronoun, and you will never say that what Planned Parenthood does is murder for hire, and should be punished as such under the law.

As Domenech notes, Williamson’s firing is only one example of a legion of similar stories. There is the fascist intolerance of modern academia for example. Or we can talk about the hateful scapegoating of innocent NRA members, blaming them for a murderer’s violence merely because they wish to defend their Constitutional rights as specifically outlined in the Bill of Rights.

Or maybe we should mention the hate and violence committed against children and students, merely because they either wear a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt or carry signs supporting Trump.

I wish these were only isolated examples. They are not. For most of the second half of last year I was able to post weekly updates listing anywhere from six to several dozen new stories describing this hateful leftist culture. Here are just a few more that I gathered in mid-March but found too depressing to report at the time:

Then there are the stories like this one, where leftists fantasize the murder of their political opponents. You might think Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) is merely making a slightly edgy joke about killing Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Jeff Sessions, but when she was California’s district attorney she used the power of her office to try to obtain the confidential tax records of conservative organizations in order to get the names of donors, information she could then have used, as district attorney, to investigate and harass them.

Nor is Harris the only major political figure to publicly express such tyrannical fantasies. Such fantasies by major Democratic figures are happening with increasing frequency, and usually with audience approval.

The problem however is not really the behavior of these oppressive leftists. The real problem is with the inability of Americans, both on the left and the right, to come to grips with this hateful subculture and its intolerant ways. People simply do not wish to believe that this subculture really and sincerely plans to do harm to its political opponents. They continue to view them as nothing more than another political movement expressing its opinions. Few are willing to admit that should these people take power, they truly plan to wield that power aggressively, and they will very likely follow the path of the leftists in Venezuela, who once they gained power quickly moved to suspend the rule of law so that they could rule unopposed.

Worse, these leftist fascists are not very far from obtaining such power, since in the past two years it appears that this violent subculture has wholly captured the Democratic Party. While a decade ago that political party might have held back, fearful of a backlash should it take such radical positions, since Donald Trump’s election they have dropped their mask and have become as intolerant of opposition as the worst campus leftist bully. Kamala Harris is not an exception, she is now the rule.

Even more terrifying, that radical Democratic Party continues to get votes. It is not alone in its increasingly radical beliefs. There is now a significant percentage of the American populace that celebrates the very fantasies expressed by Kamala Harris. You only have to watch the video of Harris making this “joke” and listen to the audience cheering and clapping to realize that many people today are quite willing to entertain such ideas.

This mob is smelling blood, and it wants it badly. And as Ben Domenech concludes,

When such a mob forms, it is important to understand you cannot escape them. You can only face them. It is a moment that demands courage in the face of the braying of Social Justice Warriors on the internet and within your own offices. But that is in short supply.

…The pressure surrounding the American public square is building. It is steadily destroying the standing of institution after institution and bringing a certain frantic tension to every aspect of life. It will, eventually, explode. What that explosion looks like, I cannot tell you. But I can tell you that if you think Trump was the explosion, you are wrong. You haven’t even seen it yet.

I know I am willing to face this onslaught and stand up to it. I fear however that Domenech is right when he says that this courage is in short supply. And I say this from experience. When I try to make this point about the power-hungry and oppressive nature of today’s Democratic Party among any group of Americans, even those I know are conservative, I have found that very few are willing to accept its truth. People look away, or poo-poo the idea. It just can’t be true.

But it is true, and that dangerous culture is coming into its own, with power and strength. The consequences if we don’t face up to it will be quite terrible.

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  • Cotour

    Wrong think, wrong speak:

    Jerry Nadler, Congressman, D, NYC: “ANTIFA violence is a myth”

    In the coming weeks the Democrat need to just blatantly lie about everything going on in the country, the chaos and the violence and their attempt to craft a favorable narrative will be unprecedented.

    And paradoxically that is a good thing. The Left really sees an opportunity to control our government to the degree that they are able to dismantle it and push it over the Socialist cliff.

    All is being revealed.

  • pzatchok

    Quiet guys we are trying to hide.

  • LocalFluff

    Haven’t the last 5 letters in your URL become a liability now?
    What about “black behinds”?

  • sippin_bourbon

    Jerry Nadler, Congressman, D, NYC: “ANTIFA violence is a myth”

    Another way of saying “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes!”

  • Cotour

    Nadler nor mayor De Blasio can see none of this either.

    They both are essentially one of them, they are the enemy within.

    And all it would take is DeBlasio getting behind the police and allowing them to do what is necessary. But, DeBlasio sees this all as the most important demonstrations to break the rampant “Racism” in the United States. DeBlasio is causing this to happen and the governor is allowing it all because the governor has the ability to remove the mayor for 30 days at a time as I understand it.

    But that would empower Trump so that will never happen. Both the mayor and the governor are sacrificing the citizens of New York City primarily for their political aspirations.

    All is being revealed.

  • Cotour

    And I hear people say: “Doesn’t DeBlasio see what is going on? Why doesn’t he do something about it?”

    DeBlasio is doing his best work right now, he has been training and positioning himself for this for many years.

    This is the “Progressive” agenda, this is the agenda that started in the West in cities like Seattle and has been imported across the country to NYC in agendas like: No bail, emptying the prisons, defanging the police, vilifying the police, removing police immunity for doing their job very dangerous job, encouraging “Protests” (Violent protests because that is where the Left sees that they make the most traction, instilling fear in the mind of the public through implied intimidation if someone pushes back or resists the “Needed” social change.

    And everything that is or was has been racist and racism must be destroyed by being racist. And that is equality in the world of the the Leftists in America today.

    These are the people who aspire to inherit the earth? Inherit the running of America? You remember James Jackson, He / Him, don’t you?

  • janyuary

    I’ve learned the hard way that “wrongthink” spans the political spectrum. There’s irony in seeing Free Republic among the news aggregates. Once upon a time FR was a place where one was days ahead of headlines and pundits and very well informed, via FR’s brilliant configuration and above-average class of commenters eloquent about American liberty and Founding principles. I knew FR well for more than a dozen years and donated much $$ to support it.

    In 2012, its owner promised that Romney would NEVER receive his or the site’s support, even if nominated. That changed, and those who remained committed to voting FOR liberty as opposed to “against” the bad guy (zero representation), had a hard time of it. Some left the site for good; I missed their insight in the comments.

    In late 2015 and into early 2016, crunched numbers of my own showed that 46% of FReepers either reluctantly or enthusiastically preferred Trump, a Hillary-loving TV personality whom many of those very individuals had lustily scorned and derided 18 months earlier.

    The majority 54% were ambivalent or opposed. At least half of comments were critical of Trump. When links, posts, presented the less savory truths about Trump, that minority of hostile Trump lovers (a term that soon became redundant) vehemently and profanely attacked them and those attacks were allowed. It devolved into a verbal monkey-fest at an abandoned zoo. A rich fellowship of voices disappeared, including my own. FR had ceased to be a source of intelligent, civil commentary, the only reason we were there. It was a real eye opener and a valuable lesson learned.

    Wrongthink transcends current political labels, though of course each side accuses the other of being THE side that engages in it. Meanwhile, the American plurality that refuses to vote for tyranny on the pretense of voting against it, is getting set to … walk away from old labels, hold fixed principle, and take the lead toward liberty, I hope????

  • Cotour

    BLM in New Zealand:

    This is a world wide Leftist / Marxist anti Capitalism operation.

    (Like we did not know that)

    And they are going to make the most out of these next months leading up to the presidential election, and where does it go after that? Some kind of civil war action? We will find out soon enough.

    Especially if Trump is reelected.

  • LocalFluff

    Oh, New Zealand, the country that hasn’t got any battle aircrafts. I suppose they found no use of them in the second war. They’ll be the first islands that China invades without meeting any resistance.
    And then kill everyone there, as custom bids. But they don’t care. Yet.

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