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Obama’s legacy of hate

Of all of Obama’s achievements, probably the one that is going to ring down the decades the longest and maybe do the most to destroy the United States and western civilization was his willingness to either endorse or refuse to condemn the use of slanders and lies to advance the political power of his Democratic Party and the left.

The most obvious example of this were the false accusations by top Democrats that the Tea Party protesters against Obamacare were “racist”, despite zero evidence. (I speak from personal experience, as I was involved in Tea Party groups in both the DC and Tucson areas.) Obama was in a position to tamp down this hateful and dishonest rhetoric. Instead, he allowed members of his administration to encourage it.

This political tactic has now become pervasive and dominant throughout the Democratic Party and its minions in the mainstream press. This fact became especially evident to me this past weekend, during a demonstration in Portland by a group called the Proud Boys. This group was formed in 2016 in reaction to the modern political leftist pressure forcing Americans to adhere to leftist dogma. From their own webpage:

The basic tenet of the group is that we are “Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” Like Archie Bunker, we long for the days when “girls were girls and men were men.” This wasn’t controversial even twenty years ago, but being proud of Western culture today is like being a crippled, black, lesbian communist in 1953.

…The Proud Boys confuse the media because the group is anti-SJW without being alt-right. “Western chauvinist” includes all races, religions, and sexual preferences.

I have reviewed their webpages, their videos, statements from their leaders, and can find nothing that suggests they have any links to fascism or white supremacy. Go to their webpage yourself and do the same. If anything, the actual evidence is that this group opposes such things, vehemently.

And yes, I am sure you could find bigots among them, as you can find bigots everywhere. The fundamental principles and goals of the organization however have nothing to do with bigotry. They merely wish to reassert the nobility of western civilization, an idea that all Americans should feel no shame asserting.

This past weekend, during their demonstration, they came with no masks, a lot of American flags, a lot of Trump “Make America Great Again” hats and t-shirts, and the ability to defend themselves if attacked. (The link takes you to a Daily Mail report, with lots of pictures that confirm my description but with text that generally describes the event poorly.)

It appears, from the information at this link, that the Proud Boys finished their morning demonstration after about 90 minutes — with no violence — and then went to have a barbeque.

After about 90 minutes the showdown dissipated and people went on the move. The Proud Boys and their supporters began to march over the Hawthorne Bridge which had been closed earlier in the day.

Police escorted the group across the bridge and prevented counterprotesters from following. “It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t orchestrated,” said Sgt. Brandon White, a spokesman for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. “We had a request that they would like to leave the area and so we facilitated.”

Later, counter-demonstrators crossed over the Steel Bridge in search of their adversaries. By then, many of the Proud Boys and their supporters had taken off. Some later decamped to Bagley Community Park in Vancouver [Washington state] for a gathering and barbecue.

The “counter-demonstrators” were members of the Antifa leftist group that uses violence against anyone it opposes. This day in Portland was no different. As they went in search of the Proud Boy demonstrators they committed acts of violence throughout Portland.

Most of the news stories, such as this one from USA Today, avoided pinning the violence on the leftists, trying instead to imply that it came from both sides. A more detailed look at the facts suggests otherwise. Eyewitness reports by freelance journalist Andy Ngo (whom Antifa had attacked and sent to the hospital on June 29) and others, along with this news report, show that the lawlessness came from Antifa, and no one else.

Obama’s legacy here is that he encouraged political tactics where anyone who opposed leftist dogma or Democratic Party policies could be quickly labeled with any form of hateful slander. Not once during his term did he condemn this “Big Lie” tactic, and if anything, worked to make it mainstream.

The result is that news organizations today routinely label groups that demonstrate in opposition to Antifa as “far right,” neo-fascist,” or “white supremacists.” Look at the links above. The Daily Mail goes out of its way to pin these labels on these demonstrators. So does USA Today.

In fact, the slanders have become so routine that it makes many afraid to defend groups like the Proud Boys, in fear of being linked to them and such ideas. I myself have found myself thinking this, then decided today to take a closer look at Proud Boys, and found these labels to be unfounded.

But Obama’s legacy has won. The labels have stuck, and it will likely be impossible to separate them from these Americans. They will be forever slandered as bigots, even though they are a group that “includes all races, religions, and sexual preferences.”

More important, the slander and these labels are now being used to justify physical violence against these Americans by jack-booted thugs. As always, mindless hate breeds mindless violence.

The use of the Big Lie by Democrats and their allies has also spread. They used it shamelessly during the Kavanaugh hearings. In the ongoing presidential campaign you now have mainstream Democratic candidates calling all Americans racists (even though those same Americans voted for a black president twice), while other candidates are regularly labeling Trump a white supremacist (even though his daughter is Jewish and he has never said or done anything to suggest any truth to that false accusation).

I fully expect the rhetoric against Trump supporters in the coming election to spread and get more vicious. This in turn will act to encourage more extreme actions, including violence comparable to what Antifa now does with impunity in Portland. Be prepared. When people abandon the truth for emotional labels inspired by hate, they are liable to do anything.

I also must once again pose this question: Are you an ordinary American who is a registered Democrat and has always voted for that party? If so, is this the behavior that you wish to be associated with? Is this the kind of hateful leadership you want to represent not only yourself but your country? Because if it isn’t, and you still vote for this party, then it will be on your head when greater evils descend upon us all.

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  • Chris Lopes

    They are convinced they can rebuild civilization in their own image once the old one collapes. They fail to understand that once the current civilization goes down, all bets are off. What comes next is not just theirs to decide. Once you break the social contract, the rules you used to control things no longer apply.

  • wayne

    “Antifa- Mad World Parody”
    Zoe Does Life Feb 2018

  • Kim Domingue

    Obama set back race relations by decades in this country. Not only race relations but the relationship between political parties. He is the most divisive, anti-American President to be in office in all of my 60 years.

  • ItsJo

    Most people STILL don’t know the kind of damage that Obama did Against America, and we were ‘almost down the tubes, per his Anti-America/Racist Hate against whites.’ The scandals were either ignored by the ‘Adoring, Leftist/Liberal Media who were IN the Tank for Obama, and they still are covering up for the BIGGEST Con job, this nation has Ever seen…and they voted for him Twice.’ He and his A.G. Holder were ALL IN, with the ‘Race War’ they tried to start w/Ferguson etc.
    as they saw our cities, Looted, burned businesses, attacks on Police, as Obama told the BLM Thugs:
    ‘STAY THE COURSE’….and Corrupt Holder, said: “We will NOT prosecute black on white crimes, but we WILL prosecute white on black crimes.”

    If this wasn’t enough for them to “take down America” they ALSO came up with SENDING Guns and Ammo into Mexico to the Cartels, under ‘FAST & FURIOUS’, with one of our own Border Patrol Agents, Brian Terry being “KILLED BY ONE OF THOSE GUNS-THANKS TO OBAMA & HOLDER.”

    Obama appears to have been MORE concerned with His Muslim Brotherhood and Helping Iran in their quest for ‘Nuclear Weapons, EVEN as they chanted: “DEATH TO AMERICA” , THAN HE WAS IN PROTECTING THIS REPUBLIC AND OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS.


  • ItsJo: You are welcome to comment here, but I’m surprised no one has ever told you that using ALL CAPS is very poor internet manners, as it makes it appear that you are shouting at people.

    Everything you say is quite reasonable, but it would be more effective in lower case.

    Just sayin’.

  • David

    Is the “[out of Portland, Oregon, and into Vancouver, Washingon]” your addition, or was that in the original article, and now removed? Because I’m curious if a supposedly local reporter really doesn’t know that the Hawthorne bridge just crosses the Willamette between East and West Portland, and is a good six miles from the Columbia river crossing to Vancouver…

    I would say it’s been enlightening to watch the coverage of this protest, except that I fully expected the total bias on display, where the Proud boys are labeled as far-right, white supremacists, NAZI’s, you name it, with not a single thing to back up such labels, and ANTIFA is not even named half the time. And then when they start talking about confiscated weapons, attacks, and arrests, they never mention that it was almost completely from the ANTIFA side.

  • David: Material between in brackets, [], mean added by the editor (me in this case). However, I appear to have made a mistake and have taken the phrase out. I added it because I thought the bridge crossing meant the Proud Boys were leaving Portland to end the protest and avoid further conflict. I was wrong. They were leaving to end the protest but not immediately leaving Portland. Thank you for pointing this out.

  • J.D.

    “…other candidates are regularly labeling Trump a white supremacist (even though he is married to a Jew…”

    According to all sources I’ve seen, Melania is Christian (Catholic, by her own claim).

    Trump’s daughter is Jewish. She converted before marrying Jared, who is Jewish.

    It makes more of a punch when the facts line up.

  • wayne

    Mark Levin
    “Obama’s Legacy”
    December 2015

  • An object lesson. Gavin McInnes started the Proud Boys, and caught a lot of heat for that association. He saw the writing on the wall, saw how the left would work to destroy the lives and careers of many Proud Boy members. I believe he advised the group to disband and focus on dealing with the gross lawsuits being brought against them. He then withdrew from the group while still helping members unusually deal with the lawfare persecution. I haven’t seen Gavin on the net since those days. Apparently withdrawing didn’t help. His public career is done, much as happened to Milo. Sad.

  • Francisco Machado

    Mayhem and chaos are tools justifying increased government control, the goal of Fascist government or, in more modern terms, Progressivism. Balkanizing the populace into mutually antagonistic interest groups and intentionally elevating society’s stress level was enthusiastically undertaken by Obama and pursued by the Democrats with the knowledge that elevated stress levels trigger reactive aggression in the mentally unstable, e.g. trigger destructive riots and set off mass murderers – who further amplify that societal stress level and further justify government action. Mussolini stated that Fascism was not an ideology, it was a method, through propaganda, through use of existing and government generated social upheavals and disruptions, to motivate the people to democratically demand centralized control by government to restore order and return civil function to normal. Antifa is a patently Fascist organization right down to the black shirts as worn by Mussolini’s Camcie Nere.

  • wayne

    your memory is generally correct ref Gavin, I would however quibble with you over his public career being done, ala Milo. And I am sorta surprised Milo went down so quickly. (McInnes was the cofounder of Vice and sold out on top, so he’s o-k. My understanding is he’s torn between his public activities & keeping his family safe.)

    Anyway…. recent and illuminating:

    Gavin McInnes
    The Glenn Beck Interview
    Ep 45, July 20, 2019

  • wayne

    one can find Milo, Gavin, and others at…..

    (which, unfortunately isn’t free…)

  • Robert Pratt

    Melania is a Catholic, or was at baptism. I think you mean that Trump’s daughter married a Jew and converted to Judiasm.
    “…while other candidates are regularly labeling Trump a white supremacist (even though he is married to a Jew and has never said or done anything to suggest any truth to that false accusation).”

  • J.D. I am wrong. Thank you. I have corrected the post.

    My problem here is that I tend to not pay much attention to the family soap operas pushed by the press for our politicians. What I care about is what the politicians do, not their wives and families. I knew that the daughter was Jewish, and made assumption about his wife.

  • Robert Pratt: Yup, I was mistaken and have corrected the post. See my previous comment.

  • Cotour

    I have quoted the Zman in a response to one of my Liberal friends. Instead of laboring to make my point I have just quoted this segment from this panel, it says exactly what I want to say in a nice neat package. Thank you.

    R. Zimmerman:

    “Of all of Obama’s achievements, probably the one that is going to ring down the decades the longest and maybe do the most to destroy the United States and western civilization was his willingness to either endorse or refuse to condemn the use of slanders and lies to advance the political power of his Democratic Party and the left.”

    “Barack Obama, the Un American president. Remeber Obama’s statement , He wanted to “fundamentally change America”. What exactly does that mean to you?”

    My friends message to my asking: Which of the Democrat candidates does she see who could vanquish Trump?:

    ” No!!! Any one of them would be better than Trump… he is incompetent on every level. I do believe he is mentally ill but the senate and Mitch are not and they enable him. There is Absolutely nothing that he has accomplished !!!! He takes credit for what others accomplish and blames others for any of his errors !
    Obama was a great president — I did not agree with everything but-on balance he was one of the best! There is no comparison ! ”

    Two very different realities, this is America today.

  • Cotour

    Wayne: What will CNN do when McCabe or some of the others are indicted?

    (That is if B.Barr has the stones, and I think he does, to do what must be done. The investigation into the investigation seems to grow and grow and in the end it should result in significant actions. And if it does not? Then we are truly not better than any other corrupt operator on the planet, and that is when America dies)

  • wayne

    you been following this at all?

    “Former Overstock CEO speaks out on his resignation”
    [Patrick Byrne]
    Bulls & Bears: Fox Business 8-22-19

    The Deep State is Fake News is the DNC. (This isn’t going to end well.)

  • Cotour

    Ah, the slippery slope (if true).

    Will everyone be required to have an Alexa home monitoring system in their homes so that the government can determine who is good and who needs to be “interacted” with?

    The Constitution attempts to guarantee your freedom, not your safety.

  • Cotour

    Wayne: Yes I have, I heard Mr. Byrne interviewed the other day and his revelations are entirely believable. Our government agencies have become the enemy of the peoples freedom. Expected and predicted, but still, when it begins to be revealed its like a kick in the guts.

    And no, it should not end well for most all of us if this is not dealt with in an appropriate manner. No, not well at all.

  • Cotour

    Who exactly are the people who are instigating rioting and destruction? You tell me.

    Here we see a person, appears to be a lily white man in a full face mask and carrying an umbrella (Its not raining) and a hammer in the midst of a protest in Minneapolis.

    Looks like a Sorosian / ANTIFA pot stirrer to me. Things never are purly what they seem, especially when we are presented with certain opportunities to accomplish certain things that might serve a particular political agenda.

    You tell me whats really going on in Minneapolis and who these people are who set off the minority community. Never let a crisis pass without utilizing it.

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