Fascist mob sends journalist to emergency room in Portland

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They’re coming for you next: A fascist mob today attacked a journalist so violently today that they sent him to the emergency room.

Andy Ngo, a photojournalist and editor at Quillette, landed in the emergency room after a mob of antifa activists attacked him on the streets of Portland during a Saturday afternoon demonstration.

The assailants wore black clothing and masks, and were engaged in a counter-protest against several right-wing groups, including the Proud Boys. Ngo is a well-known chronicler of antifa activity, and has criticized their illiberal tactics on Fox News. He attended the protest in this capacity—as a journalist, covering a notable public event.

According to Ngo, his attacker stole his camera equipment. But video footage recorded by another journalist, The Oregonian’s Jim Ryan, clearly shows an antifa activist punching Ngo in the face. Others throw milkshakes at him:

It increasingly appears that Portland is now controlled by the modern version of the KKK, fascist hooded thugs who act to physically attack anyone who might be opposing them in any way at all. And like the KKK, these modern fascist thugs have deep links with the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, the police and government in Portland does nothing.



  • wayne

    Hans-Hermann Hoppe
    June 2018

  • wayne

    V for Vendetta
    “The Dominoes Fall”

  • wodun

    They may call themselves Antifa but make no mistake, they are Democrats and the Democrats use them to attack things they don’t like. Antifa exists inside the Democrat party power structure.

  • Edward

    Interestingly, AntiFA (Anti First Amendment) is not the first group to learn from the Democrats (I know, wodun, they are the Democrats). A German political party in the early 20th century learned from them, too.

    Big lies don’t just require gullible people; they also require powerful cultural institutions like academia, Hollywood, and the media to help sustain them. Progressive Democrats dominate these institutions, which is why they have been able to get away with a big lie like this one. They have not merely covered their tracks; they have virtually foisted the fascist label on the political right.

    AnitFA claims that they are anti-fascist, but fascist tactics and thinking is exactly what they do. They are just one part of the Democratic Party’s big lie.

  • wayne

    Jocko Willink
    “The Enemy”
    April 2019

  • A. Feit

    It’s terroirsm, not democrats, not the left, just terroirsm. All you have to do is look how terrorism developed and infilratred the Mid East. The communists did not succeed but the terror exporting countries are getting it just right.

  • A. Feit

    Sorry: infiltrated

  • wayne

    It’s democrat-leftist terrorism.

    “Peace Frog”
    The Doors

  • Cotour

    A. Feit:

    “Terrorism” is just another mode of politics, just like the act of war. You are drawing a distinction without a difference, the only difference is this particular flavor of politics which is the subject here is more closely associated with the Democrat party and its leadership and its more Leftist oriented philosophy trajectory.

    You propose that “Terrorism” is an animal without a father.

  • commodude

    Terrorism is not a new weapon of the American left, it’s a very old weapon.It rarely works, but it’s always bloody.

  • Phill O

    Remember Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. Remember Obama had his political coming out party at his place.

    One would conclude that Obama is a behind the scenes community organizer as was Bill Ayers. With citizens like this, who needs enemies?

    The tragedy is that this ideology has permeated most free countries!

  • wayne

    Phill O–
    Ayers (and his piggish wife Dorn) collect social-security and pension’s, from the Illinois University system. And let us not forget Ayer’s daddy was quite wealthy in his own right.

    “Weather Underground Announces Fall Offensive”
    October 6, 1970. CBS News

  • Phill O

    And Bill Clinton was the one to let him off the hook. Anyone else see am “old boys club” here?

  • wayne

    The Clintons, the body count ….

  • wayne

    Eric Weinstein on Antifa and Andy Ngo
    excerpted from Joe Rogan Show July 2019

  • wayne

    Joe Rogan Experience #1323 –
    Andy Ngo
    July 10, 2019

  • wayne

    The Mayor of PDX, is also the Police Commissioner of PDX….

  • wayne

    “What Is Happening In Portland?”
    Andy Ngo
    Rubin Report– July 9, 2019

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