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Pushback: One doctor’s experience gives us all a ray of hope

In the three years since the beginning of what I think should be called the Wuhan panic, the civilized world was overwhelmed by a tidal wave of mindless emotional terror, resulting in a never-ending stream of terrible COVID policy decisions — from social distancing to masks to lockdowns to jab mandates — that ended up killing tens of thousands unnecessarily, while trampling on the liberties and rights that western civilization had once consider sacrosanct.

During that panic a large number of individuals, including myself and most of the conservative press, desperately tried to fight that panic with hard data, noting repeatedly that masks accomplished nothing, that social distancing was a sham, that lockdowns only destroyed lives and businesses, and that mandates of any kind (especially in connection with the COVID jab) were misguided and dangerous.

All to no avail. The power-hungry were in charge, controlling all the major branches of government as well as its health bureaucracy, and these people were eager to use COVID epidemic as a vehicle for gaining power. The fear they engendered in the general public, long used to relying on these people for accurate information, caused that public to buy into that fear, and accede to the power grab by these government officials.

Doctor Robert Lending
Doctor Robert Lending.

One person who tried mightily throughout the panic to focus solely on the data was my own doctor, Robert Lending. Each week he would issue a detailed COVID report, documenting at length the actual statistics as well as the most recent research on the best treatment methods as well as those that were failures. I have quoted his reports several times previously on Behind the Black, always with permission, because his approach was so fact-based and devoid of partisan politics. His only concern was to find the best way to treat his patients.

I have also quoted Lending repeatedly because he contrasted so starkly with my previous doctor, Charles Michieli, who when I asked his assistant in April 2020 if I could work out some accommodation for me regarding masks, as I had both health and ethical reasons for not wearing one, Michieli simply responded by sending me a letter firing me as a patient. So much for putting patients first, and doing no harm.

Lending’s own experience during the entire panic was sometimes as disturbing. Though he always treated all patients regardless of politics or their own COVID fears, his insistence on logic sometimes enraged some patients to the point that they quit his practice. For example, back in June 2020, when the George Floyd riots were occurring, he wrote the following in his twelfth update:

The politics behind closures and demonstrations are ludicrous. How can it be wrong to open a store to sell merchandise, but “acceptable” to burn down that store in protest? How can it be wrong to attend church, but okay to burn that church down? How can it be wrong to break quarantine and protest a store or business re-opening, but it is okay to gather and protest for a cause such as Mr. Floyd or whatever? This lack of science and illogical interpretation of common sense is ridiculous.

At that moment Lending lost his first patient, who read the update, called Lending in fury and “quit on the spot.” Subsequently Lending says that he lost about six patients in total because of his updates, one of which quit after reading Lending’s most recent March 21st COVID update, #108, which opened as follows:


-The power grab, control, deceit, censorship, etc. started.
-Clearly, Covid has been a tragic, deadly, unneeded medical scourge released in and onto the world; but the secondary economic and emotional effects along with the loss of choice and personal freedoms are unimaginable and created consequences which are irretrievable.

Let’s start simply with the 5 Top Myths told to us by the “Covid Experts” which have now been debunked [THE 5 POINTS LISTED BELOW ARE FALSE!]:

  • 1) Natural immunity offers little protection as compared to vaccinated immunity.
  • 2) Masks prevent Covid infection and transmission.
  • 3) School closures reduced Covid transmission.
  • 4) Myocarditis from vaccine is less common than from infection.
  • 5) Covid originating from the Wuhan lab is a conspiracy theory.

-[I could list dozens more debunked statements but I won’t.]

Lending had come to these conclusions slowly and carefully by reading and reporting to his patients the scientific literature that had been accumulating since the arrival of COVID three years ago. He didn’t make these statements immediately, as I did in March 2020, but waited until the weight of data was overwhelming, on all points.

On masks he wrote the following in this 108th update:

Those individuals still wearing masks are seriously and emotionally handicapped with fear. There is absolutely no reason to continue masking, especially if alone and with no one nearby. The recent Cochrane mega-analysis of over 70 controlled studies in over 600,000 individuals showed no benefit with masking whatsoever in terms of preventing infection, preventing transmission, or reducing disease severity.

So, anyone still masking may indeed be deluding themselves or maintaining an irrational fear. Personally, people can do whatever they want to [and I will not shame them], but maintaining this practice is not normal or based in science; and may reflect a thought process that might be defined as a mental illness. [[[I know that will offend some people, but I am speaking as a physician and not trying to push any political agenda. I guess if someone was wearing masks for their entire adult life or for decades 24/7/365 in fear of “germs” or “disease”, then at least they are being consistent. But if this is all “new” and Covid-related, then it is a sad and dangerous behavior. Please realize that I will not shame those mask-addicted people, but will feel sad for them that they continue a fruitless and pointless activity.]]]

Lending concluded the update as follows:

IN SUMMARY: We are here for you, our valued patients! DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR! Covid needs to just “go away”. It should be treated no different than a “cold” or a typical mild flu illness. There should be no testing, no masking, no social distancing, no shot requirements, no proof of shot(s) documentation(s), no restrictions or requirements for travel excursions, no mandates for employer groups or military or hospital workers or first-responders. It is time for the world to resume living.

If you survived the last 3 years without losing a loved-one, becoming mentally ill, losing your home, and losing your life’s work; then you were lucky and fortunate. Tragically, not everyone was lucky. Personally, it doesn’t matter where and how the Pandemic was created, although from DAY 1, I felt it was created and inadvertently released from the Wuhan Lab. I also believe that certain individuals, governments, and Big Pharma did a tragic disservice to the inhabitants of the world.

When I received this update on March 21st I emailed Lending, curious as to the response from his patients. He responded as follows:

I received only one comment back as of now — it was very negative (not a word more or word less)… I feel very sorry for this person: “Please stop emailing me.” “None of this is true.”

Lending later added “The fact that this patient said ‘none of this is true’ is an absurdity in itself. For example, I was quoting US CBP numbers, medical journals, etc. but the patient’s ‘deluded bias’ overwhelmed the entire message and prevented any analysis or acceptance.”

This inability to face facts by these former patients might make us despair, but it appears that they are instead the exception, not the rule. While Lending’s fact-based conclusions on COVID caused him to lose six patients over the past three years, he “…got literally 100’s of ‘thank you’ from patients for writing [the update with its] truthful and scientific content. … People in general have covid burnout and VAX burnout (reflective in minimal Bivalent VAX usage) and now realize that the Govt and Big Pharma and certain people were full of crap and not being honest.”

Overall he experienced no measurable impact on his practice.

The public has entered the Truth booth, and will not be fooled so easily again
The public has entered the Truth booth, and will not be fooled
so easily again

Lending’s experience gives us hope, as his patient population gives us a real window into the general public. That public apparently has slowly recognized, like Lending, the false agenda of the government health industry and the politicians who used that agenda to gain power. They are no longer buying it, in any way, and have finally recognized the truth of the COVID lie, even if many leaders in the political and health communities continue to refuse to do so.

It will therefore be the task of that public over then next few years to remove these close-minded people from positions of power and authority, and replace them with better and smarter people, people like Lending and the many individuals who were blacklisted for speaking truth to power since the onset of the Wuhan panic in the spring of 2020.

We can do this, because it appears we are in the majority. We just have to act with courage and determination, and not let these bullies bully us into submission, as they did in 2020.

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  • David

    Robert, please thank Dr Lending for me. Your reports of his emails, and indeed your own reports through this website, have been a great source of information and comfort over the past few years. Let him know that his emails, whilst maybe only intended to inform locally, have had a positive effect on the other side of the world. Cheers.

  • David: Thank you conveyed to Dr. Lending.

    Where are you located? Are you trapped in Australia or New Zealand, which mandated the jab on everyone and now have some of the highest infections rates in the world?

  • John Lindholm

    Are Dr. Lending’s updates available to read outside being on his email list?

  • Andrew M Winter

    My family and I did survive the panic. Minimal masking, only in instances were it was absolutely necessary to do business with a business where masks were required. Walmart dodged a bullet by opening their curbside service two years early. Even without COVID I love that service, saves me hours of wasted time wandering through the store. No mRNA vaccinations at all.

    In all we were hurt. My oldest kid, probably “infected” with my attitudes towards the panic, suffered a great deal of emotional “angst”, but I do not believe it was “trauma”.

    We all got COVID-19 last summer. It was one of the newer strains. We knew to the day when we were exposed, and incubation was around only 18 hours instead of the listed 3- 5 days.

    We followed the Zellenko Protocol. Results. After my first dose of Ivermectin in the evening after we tested positive (home test no doctor visit), my symptoms were gone in 90 minutes. That day the Mrs developed a headache, but of only normal proportions, nothing like a migraine or anything like that. She spiked a minor fever, which passed with a dose or two of Ibuprofin.
    The kids, and only because of the hype, scared us a tad bit when they spiked a fever on Day two. OTC kids Ibuprofin knocked that down easy. Day three. Everybody was symptom free. I was the only one with a residual effect, most likely because my immune system had been working over time for 48 hours. I was tired. So I sat and played computer games and just enjoyed being tired after a successful battle with “The Deasease That Was Going to End Civilization As We Know It”

    The take away.

    Duration was less than half that of the Common Cold. Scary only because of media hype. Symptoms a bit more severe than the Common Cold, but no where near what the Flu does to most people, again the duration less than half of the 7 – 10 days that the Flu hits you with.

    The Media Hype did one good thing for us. It led us to find the Zellenko Protocol and follow it. Because of that COVID-19 was largely a “non-event” for us.

  • Peter Gent

    World-wide death toll is estimated around 6.8 million, which if they properly supplemented with D3 to get the blood level above 55ng/ml less than 5% of those may have died, since no hospital anywhere recorded even a COVID admission with a blood level above 50ng/ml. The facts are the facts and only the facts can pilot you safely according to Robert Heinlein.

  • Denise Amundson

    I’ve been waiting for this! My family and I did not stay apart. I had no relatives die, but friends, yes.
    I was able to work every day during the entire pandemic, no mask. When the inoculated people came back, I got the virus because they were all getting boosted.
    All of my family got the shot under the guise that it protects others. It did not. My son and I are the lone “offenders”. No shot.
    I was chastised by my GYN practice and told that even though I had the virus anitbodies, it wasn’t enough. (I believe what God gave me was enough)He said get the shot. I flipped him off. My son had the virus twice according to PCR. And after second infection, he went for his annual Aortic Stenosis checkup which included an echocardiogram. NO change in the stenosis and no heart muscle damage seen. She tells him, “If you get Covid again, AND myocarditis it would be worse than getting the the shot.” I wish I was in that room. My daughter convinced him to wait 3 months post infection. Worse to me would be a dead son as he’s 23. Thank God the FDA files were released and he believed what I knew to be true by reading them.
    Still, I’m angry for any doc persecuted by the lies told when they treated their patients with what they knew and followed the Hippocratic Oath. If so many were dying, they had nothing to lose by trying any and everything. Look at the NY case where a 90+ Gramma had never been ill…got the virus and they vented her. Family had to sue to get IM treatment! She lived. The ones who gave Remdesivir, and denied even trying HCQ, IM were doing the harming. Bar them. I’m angry for my military people who are the most followed and most healthy 1.3M people to pay attention to and they’ve been treated as guinea pigs, in essence. DMED shows the proof Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose, Eugypius, Ed Dowd, and their thorough analysis of the other data from around the world.
    I have taken what is now known to be Zelenko protocol every day since I read it on Ace of Spades. May, 2020. No doc would give me monoclonal AB because I wasn’t “compromised.” And no IM here in NC at the time. My SIL is experiencing all kinds of new aches and pains since the she got shots and will not entertain that they are causing her issues. I suspect some type of auto immune issue.
    We need the honest docs. Thanks for highlighting Dr. Lending.

  • Mike Borgelt

    “Are you trapped in Australia or New Zealand, which mandated the jab on everyone and now have some of the highest infections rates in the world?”
    Not quite mandated as the Australian Constitution prohibits this (put in place after Nuremburg) but the Australian Federal Government encouraged the Australian States to do what they could and the State Constitutions don’t prohibit mandates including in Western Australia where they can hold you down and forcibly inject you. Do not go there.
    Employers were the ones mandating the jabs with the encouragement of the various governments.
    Government reckons that 95% in Australia are jabbed. NZ similar and in the NZ case probably correct. A nation of sheep.
    In Australia, based on the people we know I doubt it is as high as 95% more like 85% and yes, the ones who have been jabbed keep coming down with colds, flu, covid and heaven only knows what else.
    Australia and New Zealand are oppressive totalitarian hellholes run by criminal gangs. The law is whatever the criminal gangs want it to be.

  • David


    I am located in Australia. The State of New South Wales. The largest by population. Whilst the vaccines were not mandated in my State, they were highly encouraged.

    At first this concerned me, but the level of local civil disobedience I saw “highly encouraged ” me.

    Thank you for passing on my email to Dr Lending.


  • John

    Long live Dr. Lending !
    Long live the FIGHTERS !!!

  • Darwin Teague

    My daughter, a registered nurse, caught covid in December, 2020. She also had heart failure. She was sent to Indianapolis for an ICU room because none were available here in Anderson. She was in the hospital for a week or two. They worried more about her heart failure than the covid.

    My wife an I caught it from here. I called my doctor, had to get tested which proved I had it. He sent in a round of Z Pack and some steroids and a steroid. I was better in a few days.

    My wife put off calling or going to her doctor. I eventually took her the the E.R. They wouldn’t even let me into the E.R. with her. She also had pneumonia and was in the hospital for two weeks. They gave her Remdisovir but didn’t put her on a respirator. Thankfully, she survived ll of this.

    We all refused the clot shots. It was touch and go with our daughter, but thankfully her employer accepte a religious exemption she got from a preacher online.

    We have a lot of Remdisovir now.

    I never wore a mask, even when the governor mandated them, except when I went to a doctor or was at the hospital.

  • mac

    Thank you for posting this story about Dr. Lending. Would that more of our medical professionals had acted as he did! Congratulations on having been lucky enough to find a doc who uses his head to think and refused to be buffaloed by the pharma/med complex.

    As for the comment by Mike Borgelt, I have been to WA. I liked the place, but I would have put a bullet between the eyes of anyone who threatened to forcibly inject me with ANYTHING, much less the “clot shot.” Being in the U.S., every time someone suggested that I should get jabbed, I told them that it was “my body, my choice” and they could keep their opinions to themselves, thank you very much. I never had anyone fail to take the hint.

    The CDC should be defunded and disbanded, and Fauci, Birx, Cuomo and Whitmer should be doing time in the Colorado Supermax for mass murder.

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