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The lie that was COVID

How governments determined policy against COVID
How our governments determined policy against COVID during
the past two years.

Almost two years after the first arrival of the Wuhan virus into the United States, we now can look back at what has transpired and come to some solid conclusions about this respiratory illness as well as the draconian panic-based responses by governments and many citizens.

The most significant take-away from this review is simple: Routinely, government officials, especially those in states controlled by Democrats, lied repeatedly in order to create fear and terror in the general population. Almost every claim they made, edict they declared, or mandate they ordered, was either an outright lie, or designed to obscure the truth. Let’s take them one-by-one.

The models

Almost immediately, politicians, health officials, and government scientists began touting a variety of computer models, with the model [pdf] put forth by scientists at Imperial College leading the way, that claimed millions would die if some short-term draconian measures were not taken immediately. Governments and corporations had to impose very temporary two-week lockdowns, social distancing, and mask mandates to slow the spread of COVID in order to reduce the immediate impact and thus avoid hospitals and health facilities from being overrun.

In other words, we were told that by simply under-going two weeks of martial law, the curve would flatten, hospitals would be able to handle the increased but controllable influx of patients, and we could then go back to normal.

This was an outright lie. It was obvious as early as April 2020 that those models had been junk and shouldn’t be relied on. This was further confirmed in May 2020 that “two weeks to flatten the curve” was also a lie. Not only was martial law not cancelled after two weeks, at no time during the epidemic were hospitals ever really overrun.

Yet these politicians, health officials, and scientists — almost all of whom were partisan Democrats — continued to lie about the dangers of the Wuhan virus, because by fueling the public’s fear of this virus it gave these power-hungry officials a wedge to wield more power.

The virus

The evidence now shows unequivocally that the Wuhan flu was merely another variation of all previous new such respiratory illnesses. It was generally harmless to healthy people under 65 and completely harmless to young people under 20. Its main threat — just like the flu — was to the elderly, the chronically sick, or the obese. Almost all the deaths were confined to those populations. By itself it was practically impossible for COVID to kill you.

These facts were also obvious almost immediately. As I wrote in March 2020 in describing the very significant data coming from the cruise ship Diamond Princess:

One would have thought, if this virus is so virulent and deadly as the press and politicians and too many panicky Americans are claiming, that everyone on the ship would have gotten badly sick, and many many would have died. Instead, 83% of the passengers and crew never got the disease at all, despite being closely confined with infected people for weeks. This despite the fact that the ship’s population was heavily skewed towards older people. In fact, older people were just as likely to not get infected as younger people.

The total number of deaths was 7, all over seventy years of age, producing a death rate of 1.2%, once again in the same range as South Korea and China. [emphasis in original]

These facts have been confirmed over and over and over again since then. The Wuhan flu might have been worse than the normal flu, but not significantly so. Even though death rate is higher than the death rate of the flu, it is still confined almost exclusively to those aged and the sick. For the rest of the population, the death rate is practically nil.

Politicians and health officials and many scientists with an ax to grind, however, ignored this data. Instead, they fueled the fear and panic felt by the general public by purposely and repeatedly citing those badly written and flawed models. Millions were going to die! Give us power to save them!

Once again, it must be emphasized that the first politicians to ignore the facts and misuse the models were Democrats. And it has been Democrats who have continued to ignore the facts, sticking with their failed and ineffective policies for as long as possible despite the growing data that we have little to fear from COVID.

The lock downs

Politicians like governors Gavin Newsom (D-California), Gretchen Witmer (D-Michigan), Andrew Cuomo (D-New York), Tom Wolf (D-Pennsylania), Kate Brown (D-Oregon), Tony Evers (D-Wisconsin), and Phil Murphy (D-New Jersey) all quickly demanded extraordinary emergency powers at the beginning of the epidemic, with Newsom in California leading the way. Once they had those powers, they all claimed that, by shutting down all businesses they arbitrarily deemed “unessential” while putting the entire population into house arrest, they could stop the spread of COVID and thus save lives.

These Democratic Party governors all made this claim despite decades of policy that never quarantined the healthy. Instead, since the Enlightenment the policy had been, as the Great Barrington Declaration noted,

to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk.

These power-hungry politicians insisted they had to impose these stringent lockdowns because COVID was so dangerous that if they didn’t, millions would die. Their fear-mongering instilled so much terror in a large bulk of the population that for more than a year the public eagerly accepted the imposition of martial law on their lives.

Were these politicians right?

All research now consistently shows that the effort to shut down economic activities at all levels did nothing to slow or stop the spread of COVID.

During the last two years I’ve cited time after time the many different studies demonstrating these facts. A recent review of 34 research papers [pdf] on the impact of lock downs however drives the point home even more dramatically. From the paper’s conclusion:

“What does the evidence tell us about the effects of lockdowns on mortality?” We provide a firm answer to this question: The evidence fails to confirm that lockdowns have a significant effect in reducing COVID-19 mortality. The effect is little to none.

The use of lockdowns is a unique feature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns have not been used to such a large extent during any of the pandemics of the past century. However, lockdowns during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic have had devastating effects. They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy. These costs to society must be compared to the benefits of lockdowns, which our meta-analysis has shown are marginal at best. Such a standard benefit-cost calculation leads to a strong conclusion: lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument. [emphasis mine]

The economic disaster caused by the lock downs was obvious almost immediately. As I wrote in April 2020,

While many state governors across the United States dawdle and hesitate about lifting their panic-induced lock downs on their states out of fear it might cause a few more Wuhan virus deaths, the real devastation from their panic is propagating uncontrolled across the landscape, and will in the end kill far far more people.

Their actions have caused the entire economy to collapse, destroyed entire industrial sectors, prevented untold numbers from getting the proper healthcare when needed, and put millions of people out of work. In the end, this government-imposed depression will do far more harm that the Wuhan flu ever could, and do it for a much longer time spell.

These power-hungry politicians will now claim that the lockdowns were a simple mistake, that no one knew in the spring of 2020 that they would not work. That claim however is just another lie. These recent studies indicating the failure of lockdowns during the Wuhan epidemic are not new discoveries. They merely confirm what was clearly known at the start of the epidemic. Lockdowns and harsh martial law restrictions do little to reduce the spread of an epidemic, while causing great harm to the general economy and population.

Worse, it was clear almost immediately that the lockdowns weren’t working and were a mistake. Yet, these governors doubled-down on their edicts, sometimes extending and expanding them arbitrarily and sometimes in direct violation of the federal Constitution and their own state laws.

Their edicts were therefore not imposed to stop COVID, but to oppress the population for the sake of power.

It must be emphasized again that the first politicians to push for lock downs were Democrats. And the politicians who refused to recognize the growing data and thus stick stubbornly to this failed lockdown policy for the longest time have also been Democrats.


At no time during the entire epidemic has there been any valid research that successfully challenged the more than a century of research that showed masks are a useless protection against viruses. The science here has never changed. All that has changed have been the politically-driven policies of politicians and incompetent government health officials, who from month-to-month reworked their mask rules over and over, without ever citing any research that justified the changes. This video of Anthony Fauci illustrates this incompetence beautifully:

Fauci however was not alone. Democratic Party politicians — with the agreement of their operatives in the mainstream press — are not suddenly abandoning or loosening their mask mandates in the past week in states like New Jersey, Nevada, Connecticut, Delaware, and Oregon because they have new scientific data saying masks don’t work. The science has always said that masks were ineffective. What has changed is polling. The public is sick of masks, knows they don’t work, and want the mandates gone. The politicians are merely tracking polls.

Or to put it even more bluntly, the demand that everyone wear masks was always a lie. As I wrote in July 2020,

[T]hese mask orders are in general irrational, and involve a whole range of irrational and thoughtless decision-making, by health officials, by governors, and by citizens. If anything, the mask appears to have become not a method for protecting public health but for exhibiting the ignorance of its user.

And once again, the first politicians to act so irrationally were generally Democrats. And it has been Democrats who have continued to demand masks be worn, fighting the end of mask mandates tooth and nail, despite the data.

COVID shots

The general public has been taught to call these shots “vaccines” but that has never been what they are. These experimental drugs have always been more akin to the annual flu shots offered. They might work to protect you or mitigate the severity of the disease, but they will not protect you as a vaccine would. Moreover, like flu shots their effectiveness is very temporary, mere months compared to the years that vaccines work.

Whether you want to call them vaccines or not, the evidence is now quite conclusive that these shots have had only a very limited benefit in protecting the population from COVID. They work for awhile, but then must be boosted, with the boosters being even less effective than the original shots.

In the end, the shots don’t seem to have accomplished much at all.

More important, there is ample evidence that the shots cause significant adverse effects, actually causing deaths, especially among the young. And since the data clearly shows that children are essentially immune to COVID, it is an outright crime to give them these shots and cause even a few to thus die unnecessarily.

These facts strong suggest that any decision to get a COVID shot must be left to the individual. No government coercion should be imposed, because the shot carries risks. And yet, it has been the political and corporate world that has demanded that people be forced to get the shots, against their will, or be faced with severe financial and personal punishment.

Those mandates were based on lies, on the claim that the “vaccines” would protect you, when in truth they did not.

And once again, the politicians who have been most wedded to mandating COVID shots have been Democrats. And the politicians who have refused the longest to rethink those mandates have also been Democrats. For them, mandates are good in and of themselves, as it allows them to wield power over others.

It has all been a lie

Since day one of the epidemic practically every policy decision by government and the largely Democratic academic community has been based on lies. And those lies caused the initial response to COVID to be wrong and misguided. It was panicked, thoughtless, based on very flawed models rather than the actual data, and did far more harm than good. The later and continuing mandates requiring the COVID shots and masks to keep one’s job, to fly on airplanes, to cross borders, to even go to school or attend public events, are even more insane, based not on the now long-known facts but on lies and fear and the urge by those in power to wield that power corruptly.

It is long past time for everyone to stop buying into these lies.

And it appears the public is finally waking up to these lies. This realization, that the Wuhan panic was based largely on lies, is one of the main reasons these power-hungry politicians are facing larger and larger protests worldwide, protests that are also becoming increasingly determined and defiant. The public is growing heartily sick of the lies they have been fed for the past two years, and are angry at the damage it has done, to their friends, their neighbors, their families, their children, and to themselves.

They want the lying to stop. And they want it to stop, now.

And if that lying doesn’t stop, the protests will only grow worse, and more determined. Power-hungry politicians, especially Democrats, had better realize this truth soon. If they don’t, they are not going to like the violent outcome that is sure to follow.

Simply ending the lying however will not be sufficient. The endless dishonesty in the past two years has created a great distrust and disbelief worldwide in what politicians and scientists say. More and more, the public does not believe any claims coming from government, whether by elected officials or government scientists, even when those claims are actually correct.

This distrust and disbelief is a cancer on civilization, and must be healed for our society to prosper once again.

For a healing to occur however will likely require a complete house-cleaning of those liars who are in power, both those who have been elected and those within the bureaucracies. The liars have to go, if only to demonstrate that governments are making a sincere effort to regain the trust of the public.

Thus, if elected politicians want to demonstrate their trustworthiness, they had better start removing the liars like Fauci that are found everywhere in our federal government. If they don’t — no matter which party they belong to — we shall continue to see rising protests and disruptions, growing more and more violent. The public no longer has good will for their government, and without it no democracy can function.

The writing is on the wall. The question remains whether our leaders will be able or willing to read it.

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  • Joe

    First, I want to state that I don’t think any of the mandates have worked in the way they were intended, if, in fact, containing the virus was ever the intent. The data show that the mandates didn’t work. For those who imposed very strict lockdowns, they only ended up prolonging the inevitable. No government should mandate security. It fails every time.

    I believe that people have a right to make the choices that fit their lifestyles and beliefs. But…

    Of the people I know who received one of the vaccines (I personally took the J&J variant) they are all still alive. Of the numerous people I know who decided not to get the vaccine, a dozen of them no longer walk this earth. They knew the risks. They knew they were overweight, had diabetes, chronic heat failure. Most of them had families to care for. Now, they re gone leaving a devastating wake in their path.

    Their life, their choice. But their choices have consequences for those left living. I wish this had not become political as that, I fear, was the biggest reason for such a high death rate.

  • Cotour


    Simply, the relatively high reported deaths as a result of Covid are demonstrably the result of government agents being invested in proving the *NEW* mRNA “Vaccine” technology and leaving the old technology that is more efficacious and takes years to safely develop in the past. And the active denial of proven *Other* drugs and therapies to patients and their doctor’s ability to prescribe them is the evidence that reveals this agenda under cover of a declared international health emergency.

    No rational doctor would deny a patient such proven drugs and therapies, but many of them did so under threat of the loss of their medical license if they attempted to do so.

    This Covid pandemic event has been one big, forced experiment on a significant number of the population of planet earth and it still remains to be seen what the long-term consequences of this experiment will be.

    In the coming weeks and months, the Pfizer test information regarding the “Vaccines” will be forced out of their corporate vaults of secrets due to FOIA requests. (Don’t hold your breath). And that data will reveal them once again to be what they are, soleless corporate profit whores and Globalist agenda facilitators.

    Things are not exactly what they seem to be IMO.

  • Cotour

    This is what good and proper healthcare is about:

    What went on in America specifically related to the Covid and the mRNA “Vaccine” is without doubt NOT what good and proper healthcare is about.

    And so, one must ask, what is in reality going on?

    Don’t be shy or unimaginative in answering that question.

  • John

    Is it really a lie if you want to believe? If you need to believe? If it benefits you?

    We’re all in this together!

    They seem to be changing their tune a bit. DO NOT FORGET. MAKE THEM PAY (in November).

  • Cotour

    “My prediction today, 2/14/22: The Democrat party machine with the help of their big tech media censor ally’s will not allow a midterm election to take place that will eliminate the Left from political power. Whether it by delegitimizing the election or a call for Marshall law being declared because of the threat of “Domestic Terrorism”, the 2022 midterm elections may not take place. ”

    Democrat party desperation will demand this IMO, its all being set up right now.

  • Bobby Hill

    Bob, you speak of a great awakening of the masses and widespread distrust of scientists. I would love to see you do some research and present findings on how overblown those statements are and just how fringe your opinion is. You speak for a small community and in no way reflect the true silent majority.

  • wayne


    –> “Martial Law”

  • Cotour


    “He’s Going to Deliver. He’s Unraveling BIGGEST Political Scandal in US History” – KASH PATEL DROPS BOMBS – Durham Grand Jury Interviewed 24 People So Far ”

    How desperate will they become? “By any means necessary” is how it goes. Remember, up to and including murder IMO.

    Will this be the biggest political story in US history? The big tech MSM media censors will do their best to not cover it and give it to the public.

  • Alton

    Now that the j&J Variant has been declared “Useless” and removed from worldwide distribution.
    What is known so far about deaths, here from A Pro Vac Source…..

    Well according to:
    Reported data from
    Between December 2020 and July 19th, 2021, VAERS received 6,207 reports of death (0.0018% of doses) among people who got a vaccine, but this does not mean the vaccine caused these deaths. Doctors and safety monitors carefully review the details of each case to see if it might be linked to the vaccine. There are three deaths that appear to be linked to blood clots that occurred after people got the J&J vaccine.

    Originally posted: April 8, 2021, 8:22 pm
    Last updated: July 23, 2021, 10:45 am
    Science review: JAB

  • wayne


    “It Feels Good to Be a Clinton”

  • Edward

    If social distancing works, then why didn’t social distancing work?

    When social distancing failed, they banned therapeutics. If banning therapeutics works, then why didn’t banning therapeutics work?

    When banning therapeutics failed, they moved us to Shelter In Place and Lockdowns. The difference is that lockdowns include forbidding nonessential businesses from doing business and nonessential personnel from going to work. If lockdowns works, then why didn’t lockdowns work?

    When the lockdowns failed, half a dozen states moved to sending the ill to nursing homes, the collections of the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable population. If sending the ill to nursing homes works, then why didn’t sending the ill to nursing homes work?

    When sending the ill to nursing homes failed, they moved to masks. If masks work, then why didn’t masks work?

    When the masks failed, Fauci moved to multiple masks. Since one mask doesn’t work, two doesn’t either.

    When multiple masks failed, they moved to faux vaccines. If getting poked works, then why didn’t the jab work?

    When getting shot didn’t work, they moved us back into masks.

    When masks continued to fail, they moved to mandated shots. If mandates work, then why don’t mandates work?

    When the mandates failed, they moved to firing anyone who would not risk death-by-mandate. This finally worked, because you cannot get the Wuhan flu if you don’t go to work (like the nonessential personnel), right? Right? This must be true, otherwise why is government keeping the unshot away from work?

  • Edward

    Bobby Hill,
    You wrote: “I would love to see you do some research and present findings on how overblown those statements are and just how fringe your opinion is. You speak for a small community and in no way reflect the true silent majority.

    You have presented compelling evidence for your own position.

    Oops. I meant to say “no” instead of “compelling.” What is good for the goose is good for the gander. My own experience in a dark navy blue state tells me that Robert is more correct than you are. Hey, look at that! Even I have done more research and presented more evidence than you have.

  • Alton

    Bobby Hill ???

    The Great Awakening…..
    The beginning:

    Virginia November 2020;
    All three top State Offices won, going away…… by Republicans plus the takeover of the House of Delegates from Democrats Against over 300 million poured into the Commonwealth by George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Gun Control groups and HollyWeird, Education Unions and other National Democrats.
    My local Democrat Prosecutor won when he was outspent by a Soros backed Black Lawyer, almost ten to the Dollar, a let the criminals go free platform.
    The Replaced Governor was a Doctor, Scientist who could not get enough power and control over the People.

    New Jersey, a truck driver who spent a total of $30,000 from all sources, came within a percentage point of beating a setting Governor who had all the Tens of Millions he wanted for his reelection.

    Look today to the Truck Driver’s of all places…Canada!
    The Little Boy Prime Minister is basically calling a National Near War Emergency to put down Peaceful UNARMED Citizens!

    Looks like Something is stirring ……..
    And Not Only in North America ……

  • Max

    It’s to late… The other shoe has droped.

    “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business … death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” says Scott Davidson, CEO of OneAmerica.
    New data suggests that the number of working age people (18 to 64) are dying at a rate 40% higher than pre-pandemic rates, as well as a dramatic uptick in disability claims”

    “…death spikes took place during vaccination campaigns, when people were not yet counted as ‘vaccinated”

    “The recommendation from the NIH to use Veklury® (remdesivir) to treat COVID-19 came from the NIH Panel on COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines. There were nine (9) people on the NIH Panel on COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines with financial ties to Gilead Sciences, the maker of Veklury® (remdesivir).

    “(Federal Right to Try Act). This version of the bill, which was previously passed by the Senate in August 2017, was signed into law by the president on May 30. Like the state laws, this federal law aims to permit some patients to access and use certain investigational drugs before they are approved as safe and effective by FDA, without enrolling in clinical trials and without FDA expanded access approval”
    “Eligible investigational drugs that are provided to eligible patients are exempt from requirements for FDA approval, INDs and most of the corresponding IND regulations, certain labeling requirements including adequate directions for use, and FDA’s regulations on informed consent and institutional review board (IRB) approval”
    “The law also purports to provide sponsors and manufacturers of investigational products that are supplied pursuant to the law, as well as prescribers, dispensers, and other entities, protection from certain liabilities for alleged acts or omissions with respect to the investigational drug and from decisions not to provide access to an investigational drug”

    “The little data we have suggest the opposite. One preprint study found that after 30 days the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines no longer had any statistically significant positive effect against Omicron infection, and after 90 days, their effect went negative—i.e., vaccinated people were more susceptible to Omicron infection. Confirming this negative efficacy finding, data from Denmark and the Canadian province of Ontario indicate that vaccinated people have higher rates of Omicron infection than unvaccinated people”

    “In response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent declaration that the unvaccinated are “irresponsible” and “no longer a citizen,” Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušic warned that mandatory injections are a type of death penalty”
    “Murder is murder,” he stated about Macron’s agenda, adding that injections of all kinds should always be voluntary. Kolakušic also pointed to official data from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) showing that covid jabs are not “safe and effective” as claimed”

  • Zman

    I get your point that like the flu vaccine, these therapies never gave immunity. But more importantly, unlike the flu vaccine the mRNA covid “vaccines” are experimental gene therapies, and much more dangerous, as we are seeing.

  • bflat879

    You got the feeling the scientists didn’t now what they were doing when they forced us into the “two weeks to flatten the curve” and it didn’t work. Rather than admit it didn’t work, they doubled down on it. That was the beginning, everything stemming from that was one lie after another to cover up the fact they didn’t know what to do. That’s distressing enough, but then you come to the therapeutics they kept dismissing. Over and over again they’d say they didn’t work, but they never really did a viable study on them. Then came the lies about natural immunity which had long been a staple in virus studies. Suddenly you realized that all of this was designed to steer the population towards getting a vaccine that was being developed, and they didn’t want alternatives to disrupt the sales a vaccine would generate. The masks were just a way to divide people into those who had no reason to worry from those who did. THey threw all common sense out the window on the mask mandates. This is not going to look good in the history books.

  • BLSinSC

    The MANDATES have worked EXACTLY AS INTENDED!! Why can’t people SEE that all this was NOT to PROTECT YOU, but to CONTROL YOU?? The cloth masks are filthy germ traps, the blue paper masks made in china and other sweat shops are also useless, and the N95 masks are pretty good when you’re doing wood working and don’t want to be sucking in dust, but they are not AS useless as the others, but still useless! Viruses can be absorbed through your eyes!
    I do believe this was all a PLANDEMIC by the left. First and foremost was the absolute need to rid the Nation of PRESIDENT TRUMP! He was getting TOO much support and this policies were showing the US and the WORLD how the left had been the main impediment to FREEDOM! Next they used it to eliminate the “undesirables” – old/sick people who impact the bottom lines of big business. Then came the destruction of small businesses (big box stores remained open while the little Mom and Pop stores were destroyed! Did the flu know NOT to go to Walmart/Target/Costco?). Think of all the online business that the leftist controlled businesses enjoyed while your friendly neighborhood store shut down! Then they had to keep the CONTROL to COVER UP their CRIMES! Two years down the road from a flu outbreak (what happened to the REGULAR FLU?) and they are still wanting ABSOLUTE CONTROL – WHY?? WHY did they immediately condemn the treatments that would have saved THOUSANDS? We KNOW WHY!! The only way to put Our Nation back on it’s way to being a FREE NATION is to vote out every democrat/rino!! If this offends anyone, then get your head out of your butt and quit listening to the left!!

  • Jim Madison

    The worst lies of this whole debacle are not mentioned. The banning of proven and promising treatments was flat-out mass murder. Denying any treatment beyond those DEADLY respirators killed most of those early patients. The hospitals were basically paid per COVID death and the incentive to needlessly kill (mostly poor) thousands met a very receptive industry. Evil.

  • Bobby Hill

    Edward, did you hear a great “whooosh” sounds as my post went over your head? I was not stating a position or any information to support such as position. I said I would like to see Bob do some research and present findings. In the best case, he would find and present factual data and see where his ideas stand against world data. Worst case, he would present bad data from questionable sources that align to his feelings. The former would be a learning experience for him, the latter for us. You can have a better result guiding people through their own learning rather than just dropping information on them and expecting them to adopt it.

  • Cotour

    You want to go against the likes of Fauci and the official Covid / “Vaccine” meme?

    “Clearly, Forbes’ editors did not want our oversight of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s finances on the website,” Andrzejewski told Tucker Carlson.”

    “China-backed Hong Kong blank cheque company buys Forbes Media in deal that values publisher at US$630 million”

    Politics: The dirtiest filthiest most corrupt game that human beings play.

    All without firing a shot, stay tuned on that.

  • Concerned

    Bob—fantastic summary of a very dark time in our history. It does have the upside of illuminating exactly who the tyrants are, and hopefully who are the Big Money players propping them up. For it’s the latter that are the true danger—none of these petty despots you mention seem particularly intelligent—heck we’ve got a dementia patient currently squatting in the Oval Office.

  • Cotour

    After “negotiating” with Joe:

    “We’ll believe Putin’s withdrawal when we see it’: NATO cautiously declares victory in battle to stop Russia invading Ukraine while Moscow claims it has ‘disgraced’ the West – hours after US intelligence warned troops were in ‘attack positions”

    Next up to the trough? President Xi and the subject of the “Negotiations”, Taiwan.

    Joe Biden, delivering the deliverables to those who he (And Hunter) has obligations to. All without firing a shot.

    Thats what I see.

  • Kathy Leicester

    The question for me, now, is how do we force the tyrants to destroy themselves?
    I’m largely concerned with the medical Iatarchy, the government by doctors. These grifters have gotten a taste of power and influence well beyond what they should have ever had, and boy, do they love that sweet sweet.
    They will never give up the power they have been given.
    We must take the power from them and destroy the mechanism that gave them such influence in the first place.

    No more emergency powers for “public health” reasons. None. Not ever.

    Hospitals and other “health” facilities must never be allowed to limit visitors or force visitors into wearing crap on their faces or proving they’ve had an injection. Assisted Living Facilities, same thing. We must not let the pseudo-medical-so-called-experts influence us in any way. If I decide I need inside the facility, that’s where I go, and I go without facial covering or injection.

    We must reestablish sovereignty in all areas of our lives.

  • To see the Great Plan for this “Pandemic” I strongly recommend viewing a 1 hour panel discussion presented by the Milkin Group. The video is on CSpan, was dated October 28 or 29 in 2019 – just before things started shutting down.
    The discussion panel included Dr Fauci and at least one other government “Doctor” along with 3 others who were discussing the need and the economic advantages to Pharma companies to pursue R&D into “Influenza” vaccines.
    All that was needed to drastically reduce the R&D cycle time from 10 years to one year was “…an exciting event” or a Pandemic experience to shorten the time from development to commercial release of the new anti-viral.
    59 minutes of discussion to sit through but the entire playbook for the Corona Virus situation was clearly laid out for the Pharma companies. It clearly showed that the return on investment would be fantastic. The entire Pandemic was planned out in advance.

  • Cotour

    Kathy Leicester:

    I think the difference is how medical treatments are determined and administered is now decide by executives within massive hospital conglomerates, and before it was administered by private doctors in their offices.

    Most doctors now work for the massive conglomerates due to the prohibitive nature of being on one’s own.

    And that model lends itself to the perversions we see before our own eyeballs.

    You want to lose your medical license? You push against the machine that has a financial interest in a particular mode of treatment that serves their financial and, in this case, political agenda.

    You as a private practitioner want to stand against Collins, Fauci and the NIH / CDC who were in bed with the Wuhan lab / CCP? Initially scientists reasonably identified the SARS COV2 virus was more than likely the result of manipulation in a lab and not the result of a natural source.

    Then the phone call was made, and / or those scientists apparently realized from where their funding came from and got their opinions right.

  • Speller

    Great article, however an important point that nearly everyone misses was missed again in this article.

    That point is that the PCR test, which all of those terrifying case numbers were based on which was the “curve that needed flattening”, and the PCR test was never meant to discover covid and has a 90% false positive result.
    Those case numbers created nearly all of the fear and yet the numbers were meaningless, they might as well have been pulled out of thin air.

  • Cotour

    Related? How? Coincidence?

    “Bob Saget Autopsy: Major Head Trauma with Multiple Skull Fractures”

    “Comedian Heather McDonald Says She Won’t Get 4th Covid Jab After Collapsing on Stage, Fracturing Skull”

    Yes, they are both comedians, if either is your taste in comedy. But what else do they have in common?

    Both recently had their booster Vax and one dies. Apparently, he fell in his hotel room and then went to bed, and it is revealed that he had a fractured skull.

    And the other was witnessed to feint during a performance and hit the back of her head as she was bragging about how she just got her third vax, and apparently also fractured her skull.

    Seems like a correlation to receiving the Vax but the effects are not exactly what one would expect. But there it is all the same.

    I wonder if both of them happened to play soccer during the day before their unfortunate event? Now that would be interesting if they did.

  • Cotour

    I did not reveal this detail during my Covid sleeping with Delta V event.

    In the middle of the most severe symptoms which for me was extreme weakness, I was in bed and realized my side door was unlocked after having my neighbors watching my store for the day and went to lock it.

    I managed get out to the door and as I am attempting to put the key in the lock I feel myself going down. How did I fall? My knees buckled and I floated down onto my back, luckily missing the edge of the slate steps that were nearby. I didn’t feel a thing.

    And then I laid there for about 45 minutes without the strength to turn myself over and get up. I laid there and thought “Well I guess this is where they are going to find me in the morning”. It was a crystal-clear night and I laid there on my back and just stared at the stars trying to figure how I was going to get back to my bed.

    So thinking about these two comedians and their situations I can identify with them both. Two of us apparently were luckier than the other. I am not Vaxed and so either way you must assume that Covid one way or another can get you.

  • Doctor Mist

    I substantially agree with most of what you say here, but I am really curious about this trope that what we have been offered are not “vaccines”.

    They are an injection of material that stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies to the disease, thereby giving you a leg up if you are ever exposed to the disease, so that maybe you fight off the disease before it even gets a toehold, or maybe you get a much milder case. I don’t know what else you would mean by “vaccine”.

    Yes, some vaccines are more effective than others, or more long-lasting than others — some of the inoculations we receive as children give you 98% protection and last effectively your whole life, others need boosters after ten years or so, and (as you say) flu shots give you maybe 65% protection and typically wane in months. And there are diseases, like flu and covid, that are especially adept at mutating, so a vaccine for last year’s strain may be disappointing on this year’s strain.

    All of these are things one can say, and are helpful to remember in assessing risk as you live your life. But it’s distinctly unhelpful to act like they are a big hoax, like they are injecting you with saline and pretending it’s medicine. Where is this coming from??

  • Cotour

    The difference is understanding the *OLD* whole virus which is made inert kind of vaccine technology which can be safe effective for life which takes a long time to develop and prove is safe and effective.

    And the *NEW* technology mRNA spike protein based “vaccine” which is fast and effective in producing waning anti bodies for approx. 10 weeks. And it may give you myocarditis, or a blood clot, or extended periods, or a miscarriage, or make you feint and crack your skull open and kill you. Stay tuned on what the long-term effects may be its all experimental by definition. Mot in the short term appear to not be negatively affected.

    Other than that I suggest it for those older and at highest risk of succumbing to Covid.

  • Doctor Mist asked, “Where is this coming from?”

    It is coming from the complete loss of trust that I and most ordinary people now have of the people advocating these shots. There has been too much hanky-panky, including actions designed not only to force people to get these shots, paid for by the federal government, but deny them the right to choose alternative treatments.

    The whole point of my essay is this lying, and the resulting loss of trust. You illustrate only one example.

  • Speller: Great point about the PCR test. You also reminded me that I did not add the dishonest reporting of COVID deaths. The numbers were clearly exaggerated because hospitals got bonuses for reporting a death as caused by COVID rather than something else.

    I expect my readers will chime in with innumerable other examples of dishonest lying related to the Wuhan panic that I forgot to mention.

  • Sky Masterson

    Prediction: Covid will be back the second week of November.

  • Cotour

    Common sense in Oklahoma?

    This has NOT been the policy of the Federal government, nor their propaganda arm the MSM / big tech Social Media overlord censors.

  • Peter

    This will never be “over” until we have real accountability for the people who perpetrated this great crime on humanity.

    The root of the problem is lack of accountability. A functional system will eliminate actors who act badly (whether by mistake, or intention) by firing them or otherwise removing them from positions of authority. Instead, what we have is a dysfunctional system where not even literally-globe-spanning screwups that cost millions of lives results in any meaningful consequence to anyone.

    It is transparently obvious that malicious actors such as Fauci deserve execution for propagating known lies. Lesser functionaries who were ignorant but still complicit deserve severe punishments as well. Moreover, we must completely abolish the FDA, CDC, and prosecute organizations like Pfizer, Moderna, & WHO as the criminal organizations that they are.

    Since none of these important corrective actions are being taken, the rot will get worse. Consider what the next crisis is bound to look like. It is almost impossible to comprehend failure on the scale of Covid-19, and yet the problems will only grow more severe.

    The only solution is accountability, real accountability with blood and teeth.

    [Reposting because of technical issues. Apologies if this double posts.]

  • Peter

    Doctor Mist:
    > All of these are things one can say, and are helpful to remember in assessing risk as you live your life. But it’s distinctly unhelpful to act like they are a big hoax, like they are injecting you with saline and pretending it’s medicine. Where is this coming from??

    The “Vaccine” terminology is deceptive in this case because the colloquial understanding of “vaccine” has always been a treatment that provides effective immunity forever. This should be obvious for anyone who lived through the last two years and observed how BigGov+BigPharma alliance deliberately used “vaccine” and “anti-vaxxer” as propaganda terms.

    It is one thing to say, “I think a vaccine should be required to ” and another statement entirely to say, “I think a treatment that is less than 1% effective (ARR) for a period of approximately 4-6 weeks should be required to .” These are not equivalent statements at all, but the propaganda efforts were specifically geared towards deceiving people into believing they are. The psychopaths even went so far as to change the definition of “vaccine” multiple times to facilitate this deception.

    The entire episode casts a deserved negative pall Big Pharma, and rightfully so. If Big Pharma are willing to lie as much, and as badly as they have on Sars-Cov-2, it’s rational to re-evaluate the trust that has been placed into other products and system.

    VAERS, for example, is revealed to be a completely-ineffectual system. We know now that the formulae used to calculate what is seen as a “dangerous” level of AEs is actually completely broken — For all practical purposes this system can never detect dangerous AEs because the calculations used by the FDA & CDC to classify abnormally high rates of AE is too heavily weighted.
    We also see that medical ethics are more-or-less completely absent. These treatments were recommended to children who are at effectively zero risk from Sars-Cov-2 infection, but cause severe AEs at a rate greater than 1/1000. This is dumbfoundingly criminal behavior, but no one at the FDA, CDC, Hospitals, Insurance Cos, or GPs spoke up to protect individuals.

    It’s also correct & warranted to question the fundamental assumptions about vaccines as a technology. Vaccines, for example, are frequently credited for eliminating polio. However, cases of polio declined 90% over a period in which vaccines were not available. Similar declines are noted for other diseases whose decline is typically attributed to vaccines. How much of what we attribute to vaccines was actually attributable to other environmental changes? It’s clear that the scholarship we’ve been fed contains falsehoods, and it’s imperative to challenge it with independent research as well as develop better ways to filter & hold accountable those producing fraudulent research.

  • wayne

    Good Stuff.

  • Sue

    Your article I find very interesting as lying is the Devil’s workshop.. When you start one lie it becomes a snowball downhill as you must cover one lie w/another. That’s why the credibility of doctors, scientists and researchers as well as government leaders and bureaucrats have sunk to a level of confusion and mistrust by the public. Will Americans or the world ever recover?

  • wayne

    Dave Smith / Michael Malice
    “On the Red Pill”

    “the entire meta-narrative that is constructed around you is {expletive}, and it’s {expletive} to enslave you…”

  • Edward

    What is so amazing is how the medical profession was so easily convinced to ignore decades and centuries of medical lessons on prevention of the spread of disease. Doctors succumbed to government interference and government control over our healthcare. Thanks to Obamacare, government thinks that it, not us or our doctors, is in charge of our healthcare. We know that we cannot trust our government, but we also can no longer trust our medical professionals..

    When I asked my doctor what to do if I test positive or otherwise get sick, she said to call her, and she will ask questions but will send me to the hospital for therapeutics. This means that I have to trust strangers to provide something that the government has told hospitals to not provide or that government has rationed.

    I need a new doctor.

    Bobby Hill,
    Did you hear a great “whooosh” sounds as my post went over your head? I did some research and presented findings.

    Oh, and by the way, asking Robert was your stated position, implying (intentionally) that Robert was wrong. You had a stated position, but that fact went over your own head. Of course, any source that does not conform to your position would automatically be considered by you to be not reliable. We already know from your past comments on other threads that you are not willing to learn, so you are not the target audience. It isn’t as though your mind is open to ideas.

    But if you want to troll us, we get to troll back. Goose/gander.

    Doctor Mist asked: “I substantially agree with most of what you say here, but I am really curious about this trope that what we have been offered are not ‘vaccines’. They are an injection of material that stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies to the disease, thereby giving you a leg up if you are ever exposed to the disease, so that maybe you fight off the disease before it even gets a toehold, or maybe you get a much milder case. I don’t know what else you would mean by ‘vaccine’.
    1. any preparation used as a preventive inoculation to confer immunity against a specific disease, usually employing an innocuous form of the disease agent, as killed or weakened bacteria or viruses, to stimulate antibody production.

    If it fails to confer immunity, it is not a vaccine. The shots do not confer immunity, and as Max noted they eventually become worse than useless, making us more susceptible to infection. Something that gives a “leg up” to make a milder case may be a therapeutic provided in advance of infection, but by definition it is not a vaccine.

    Doctor Mist will not be my new doctor.

  • Edward: If you can afford it, look for a concierge doctor, like I have. (See this post.) They usually cost about $1800 per year, but you end up with a real doctor whom you can talk to, when needed. And they are almost always individuals who are doing this because they wanted out of the insurance/government racket that no rules most medicine. They wanted to get back to treating their patients.

  • Edward

    Thank you for the excellent advice. Many years ago I had interviewed a concierge doctor, but I don’t remember why I didn’t go that route. I will have to consider this once again.

  • Cotour


    Covid, mRNA “vaccinations”, yearly required injections to function in your own country and its all overseen by an FDA that funds the government agency that regulates it to the tune of billions of dollars?

    Project Veritas: 6 min.

    We are all but grist for the mill that is government. Eventually it will all be revealed because that is what the Constitution provides.

    The only question that remains to be seen is if it will come too late in today’s highly technologically infested and manipulated world.

  • Edward

    Statistician William Briggs studied the death rates for flu and Wuhan flu, starting about half way down the following essay, under the subhead “The Numbers” (please note that he sarcastically calls Wuhan flu “coronadoom,” because of the fear and overreaction to it).

    Note that all-cause deaths have not been so very terrible, and that in the U.S. they are now only about as bad as a bad flu year. Also note that in England and Wales, the Wuhan flu was never worse than the bad flu years of 1999 and 2000.

  • m d mill

    Edward should consider again the definition of vaccine:

    “A substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.”

    These covid VACCINES are not therapeutics and cannot be used as such or considered such since they must be employed before infection, even Edward should be able to figure this out(but maybe not), and do not have to be 100% preventative to be an effective “vaccine”. Vaccines that don’t work well on some older people (far below 100% because they have very poor immune systems) are still “vaccines”. Vaccines do not have to be 100% preventative on all people to be a “vaccine”. Any substance that enhances immune response by the method described in the definition is a vaccine….it may or may not be safe and effective. A covid vaccine (see definition above) that reduces death and hospitalization by 80 or 90% is still an effective vaccine. If you were a high risk person and would rather have gotten very sick(even deathly sick) and gone to the hospital and relied on therapeutics to save your life from the original or delta covid variant, so be it.

    Edward likes to pretend that these vaccines HAVE not been effective and certainly useful for high risk people. He rightly notes that therapeutics are getting better and the new variants are getting much less dangerous so vaccines are becoming pointless for all but a few. But this is irrelevant to his original inane statement ie “In reality, we learned that the vaccines are ineffective.”

    He will not admit the proper definition of either vaccine or therapeutic, and will not admit their proven effectiveness in reducing death and hospitalization in high risk groups…what a foolish response.

  • m d mill

    As to lethality…Covid-19 killed roughly 15 times the number (of the usual susceptible groups) per year than that of a recent normal or average flu season (of the same susceptible groups). Over the last decade flu deaths/season in the US average 35,900 . [ ]
    The number of TOTAL US deaths above the decadal average/year is ROUGHLY 550,000 .[Actually from week 12 2020 to week 11 2021 the total deaths is 3,519,000…for 2019 the total=2,855,000.
    Thus, the extra increase/year during the worst of the pandemic was about 664,000 … but let us not quibble.]


    550,000/36,000=15 …ROUGHLY.

    As to attribution, the increasing difference of total deaths/month from the recent decadal norm started sharply in about March 2020 at the time of the great china-covid infection increase and increased to about 550,000/year above the norm roughly. What else was the cause? Are the elderly and weak dying at an increased 550,000 per year rate since march 2020 by coincidence?

    Edward has said this extraordinary excess death rate of half a million/year is mostly due to EXTRA deaths by suicide, cancers, heart disease, and other indirect causes due to government covid over-reaction, such as restricting Hospital services. This does not seem reasonably credible to me. If he or RZ or anyone can justify this extraordinary assertion with national statistics then lets see it.
    Edwards justification is the plot of the CDC’s “estimate” of Covid caused deaths..But aren’t the CDC’s numbers corrupted and unreliable as Edward and others have been saying? I certainly do not trust them. That is why I use total deaths versus total deaths. It is difficult to ascertain cause when multiple diseases are acting together, especially in the elderly and infirmed; and this is what Edward and others have been saying for over a year, and I agree!

    BUT EVEN if you accept the plot Edward provided above (which reduces “Covid” deaths by about 140,000/year) and use the more accurate 664,000 death/year year over year total death increase (see above), you can calculate (664,000-140,000)/36,000= 14.55 increased lethality, which is still ROUGHLY 15 times as lethal than “normal” flu!!

    It does not matter that many of these people had other diseases or were elderly and weak BECAUSE this is the same group that dies of “normal” flu. The approximate 2 week lagging correlation of death rate spikes with known infection rate spikes is again hardly coincidental and FURTHER INDICATION OF THE CAUSE/EFFECT RELATION OF COVID-19 TO THESE DEATHS. Whether this is a flu virus or not, it is roughly 15 times as lethal as the “normal” flu.

    I originally held this view (or hope) of normal flu like mortality rates myself, but the facts would not support it. This is not “fear and panic” talking, but simple rationality. Edward’s and RZ’s response to these facts sounds more like confirmation bias, or an inability to simply admit they were wrong, as I was also wrong.
    I find these statements with regard to covid-19 lethality specifically, and the fervid attempts to find other causes, bizarre. Such questionable statements simply fan the flames of general public fear and dismissal of “right wing nuts”.

    In the reference link sited by RZ:

    is the quote “This is a death rate[in S. Korea] of 0.9%, higher than the flu’s 0.1% but not horribly so.”
    Thus, an early confirmation from RZ himself that Covid-19 is roughly a factor of 9 worse than “common” flu viruses, and not “quite comparable to the ORDINARY flu”. THUS THE EXTRAORDINARY NATURE OF THE COVID VIRUS WAS NOT UNEXPECTED EARLY ON.

    Although I agree with the overriding conclusion of the post. The number of people in the U.S. mortally threatened (ie needing hospitalization) of covid was about 4 in 1000 per year. The number of covid-19 induced deaths is about half of that(0.2% of the population)…hardly an existential crisis warranting the egregious devastation of an economy, personal finances, private businesses, education, and the social health and happiness of entire societies.

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