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State governments announce demands before releasing citizens from house arrest

A variety of state governments, having now enjoyed their first taste of unrestrained power over their citizens, have begun issuing their odious requirements before they will end the shut downs imposed due to the Wuhan virus, shut downs that are imprisoning their citizens in their homes, destroying businesses, and putting millions out of work.

Those requirements as stated are essentially impossible to meet, and will thus cause these shut downs to continue forever.

For example, the fascist Democratic governor of the fascist state of California has now released the six demands that must be met before it will consider lifting the house arrest it has placed on its citizens.

The actual order can be found here [pdf] The demands, all of which insist on heavy future surveillance and odious limits on the freedoms of California’s citizens, all violate the Bill of Rights, and all have been imposed by degree, with no election or legislative action. They state that before the government will release its citizens from house arrest, the government must have, to quote:

  • The ability to monitor and protect our communities through testing, contact tracing, isolating, and supporting those who are positive or exposed.
  • The ability to prevent infection in people who are at risk for more severe COVID-19.
  • The ability of the hospital and health systems to handle surges.
  • The ability to develop therapeutics to meet the demand.
  • The ability for businesses, schools, and child care facilities to support physical distancing.
  • The ability to determine when to reinstitute certain measures, such as the stay-at-home orders, if necessary.

All are so vague and open to so much interpretation that the state has essential declared that the Bill of Rights are void. For example, the first basically gives the the state the the right to test anyone, at any time, and to place restrictions on the freedoms of those who test negative. The second allows the state to impose its will and any rules it wishes on any older citizen it deems “at risk.” The fourth in turn demands changes in how businesses operate, imposed by fiat by the state.

The document is very blunt. It for example states that “restaurants will open with fewer tables,” regardless of whether these restrictions make a restaurant profitable or not. If not, tough, you are out of business. We will shut you down.

Other state governments as well as the federal bureaucracy are also drafting their “plans” for reopening the economy and releasing their citizens from martial law. All that I have read so far are aimed at phasing in the return to normalcy as slowly as possible. For example, Oregon, whose list of demands is similar to California’s, will not set a date on ending martial law. Neither will New Jersey.

Meanwhile, the federal proposal, which Trump so far appears to have not endorsed, is equally power-hungry, restrictive, and designed to take effect so gradually that it is likely the shutdowns will never end. For example, once the shut downs have lifted even a little it is very possible we will then see a spike in infections. This will be normal, expected, and will also likely not be very devastating, based on the extend of the virus so far. However, the plans are designed to immediately reactivate house arrests and martial law, should such a spike occur.

Expect more such proposals in the coming days, all designed to prevent the end of these shut downs for as long as possible.

How about using my plan? The restrictions end now.

I know our politicians have conveniently forgotten this (or make believe they have), but these restrictions were not imposed to prevent the spread of the virus. Social distance was going to do that. The lock downs were supposedly imposed to simply slow the virus growth so that the healthcare system would not be overwhelmed. To quote one California official when that state’s first home restrictions were put in place (supposedly for only three weeks to cover the peak of the epidemic):

We need to act swiftly to flatten the curve of COVID-19 in order to keep our healthcare delivery system from becoming overwhelmed,” said Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County Health Officer. [emphasis mine]

Similarly, note this statement by an Arizona official justifying that state’s state-at-home order, shutting down businesses:

The governor said he took the action after the state’s top health official said it was necessary to slow the spread of the COVID-19 disease caused by the virus. Dr. Cara Christ, who oversees the Department of Health Services, said the rate of cases being seen in emergency rooms has been steadily rising, as the percentage of positive tests had increased from 2% of samples to about 7%, a rise that triggered her recommendation for people to stay at home. [emphasis mine]

That fear however has turned out to be completed bogus, as I had predicted. The health system was never really strained, with empty beds in almost all states, even in New York where the epidemic has been the worst.

There is thus no longer any reason for these shut downs.

The restrictions should end immediately, with no caveats. And any politician who says otherwise should be considered an enemy of the people, of the United States, of the Constitution, and of the Bill of Rights, and should be out of office as quickly as possible.

I am being very blunt, because I think the time for bluntness has arrived. Our government is clearly telling us it wants to impose a permanent form of martial law, a kind of dictatorship that will never end. It must be told in no uncertain terms this will not stand, and they will face a real revolution if they try.

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  • David

    I think a majority of the people that make up “our government” aren’t envisioning any kind of permanent power grab, they’re just afraid of being the one that gets blamed when there are inevitable cases and deaths after things open up. And of course they’re correct in that fear, the media will be relentless, democrats will get off far easier than republicans but they’ll still take vastly more heat than they’re used to. But I completely agree with your larger point, this needs to end, and it needs to end now, we’re doing massive damage to the economy, to people’s lives, and to the whole concept of our nation as a free people, for essentially no reason.

    Unfortunately we’re the ones that are viewed as foolish and crazy on this topic. And that’s the really scary part, we lost years ago before anyone was even paying attention to the battle.

  • Jeff

    While the North Carolina death totals are now over 5,100 (out of 10.5 million) there is a growing push back of small business owners. First protest held yesterday in Raleigh.

    Winston-Salem extended their lock down:
    Latest numbers – Forsyth County: 123 (4 deaths)
    My county – Stokes (next to Forsyth) has 10 cases (0 deaths)

    All open stores are now limited to 20% capacity (of fire code). Grocery stores have set up aisles to be one-way only. Lowes Home Improvement has one-way entrances/exits set up. Fresh Market is requiring all shoppers to wear masks.

    When I see the ropes and one way signs, I think “sheeple lines”. How quickly this is becoming the new normal is the scariest part for me.

  • Max

    America is under martial law, Ice T, shut up be happy.

    Kind of sounds like the mayor of New York…

  • David 2

    While I think David is correct, there is a minority of local and state officials, or maybe just un-elected bureaucrats that are quite happy with their new-found power. Or maybe it’s just that they’ve finally found legitimacy of their authority by government edict. What I also agree with is the fact that as we see the predictions not playing out to be fact, they still wear blinders and impose more odious restrictions, aka Michigan. Today, in my state, where I was told 10 days ago by our Medical Officer via the Governor’s daily briefing, we would be having 10,000 new cases per day, we had a little over 200. Yet there i never a “Gee, I’m sorry, we screwed this up” message given. It’s just a cheery “Ooops! The models!” If I had screwed up this big in my job, I would not have one. Funny, she and the “experts” screwed up this bad, and now I don’t have a job….ironic.

  • BSinSC

    Maybe the Gubers of the states need to look at WHO was most affected by the virus – obese/diabetics – and work on solving those issues! I have said from the beginning that this was all over hyped for political damage to PRESIDENT TRUMP and for some to profit off the misery of others. A TRUE accounting of the deaths will probably show nothing more than a bad flu season. I also expect other types of death to be lower – one interesting is the deaths from MEDICAL MALPRACTICE- I bet most Americans don’t know that slightly over TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND Americans die each year due to bad “doctoring”! It will be interesting to see how that number changes since people are not going to hospitals unless sick with the kung fu flu!

  • wayne

    –Adult language Warning–

    “{Expletive-deleted} All Those Perfect People”
    Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians

  • Dave Hunter

    The politicians love having this power and will be loathe to let it go, mark my words. Until we have massive demonstrations against the shutdowns they will continue.

  • Max

    Incredible, they shut down the entire state without a vote in the legislature. But they have to have a vote to reopen it?
    If you never let a crisis go to waste, why end the crisis ever? Worrisome quote;
    (The emergency legislative session) “Fixes to requirements governing both state and local government authority in a pandemic and other emergencies, aimed at the stricter stay-at-home orders imposed by Salt Lake and some other counties, are on the table, along with changes to municipal annexation requirements and urging local governments “exercise fiscal responsibility.”

    Republicans (rino’s) creating legislative powers in emergency to form a dictatorship suspending all citizen rights because it’s “all for your own good”.

    Wayne, sorry you can’t buy paint in Michigan. Are there lines of people heading across the border for things they need like the liquor stores near Pennsylvania?

    Every time I hear the mayor of New York complain about how bad it is there, this is what I think about…
    Money python, Bring out the dead. 2:min

  • Cotour

    Two quick stories from the real world:

    I just heard a story from New Jersey where a woman who has a dance studio was holding a remote dance session with her students participating virtually. She was in her studio, alone, and her students were in their own homes.

    There is a knock on the door, its a NJ Sheriff. The woman who is in her own studio, alone, comes to the door and unlocks the locked door, and the sheriff and tells her:

    Sheriff: “Your going to have to stop what you are doing and leave your studio”.

    The woman says to the sheriff : “Oh no, Im in here all alone officer, I am teaching remotely over the internet, there is no one else in the building with me”.

    And the sheriff says to the woman: “Your going to have to stop what you are doing and leave, your working”.


    Now THAT is chilling to me and tells me something much more than what is apparently going on. The government of New Jersey apparently demands economic destruction for ANYONE and EVERYONE in New Jersey?

    And my second story from the real world is about a couple that I know, “Progressives” Liberals, people who I like very much. I spoke to the male about 2 weeks ago and asked about his girl friend, he said “She’s not good”. Which I took as she has the virus and its kicking her butt. And I know she is a smoker, which is not a good habit to begin with, especially if you have the virus. Its one of the qualifications for it to kill you.

    I saw him again the other day and asked again, “How’s your girl friend doing?”. He told me she is still not doing well, then listed everything going on with her. And he also has the virus but appears to be dealing with it OK and is able to come out with a mask.

    I asked “Has she been to the doctor?”. “No, she has not, she does not want to go to the hospital” (I don’t blame her). And I suggested that he take her to a “quick med” or what ever they are called and see a doctor and at least get a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine or what ever might help her through this event.

    And then he added, and this is a demonstration about the personal philosophy and wackiness of Libertarianism when taken literally, and why it is not the basis for a political party. “We are Libertarians and feel that we should not be forced to have to go to the hospital and we will take our chances. And I don’t want to force her to do anything that she does not want to do”. Which sounded screwy to me. Why did it sound screwy to me? Because its screwy.

    I strongly suggested that he at least take to see a doctor of some sort. We wait to see how this plays out.

    And THAT, is what is going on in the real world.

  • sippin_bourbon

    “this is a demonstration about the personal philosophy and wackiness of Libertarianism”

    This person does not understand what libertarianism is.

  • sippin_bourbon


    If you find a link or story about that dance teacher, I would be interested in it.

  • Cotour


    I was listening to the Joe Piscopo radio (970 am) show this morning and she told her story there, aprox. between 9:30 and 10AM. You can probably re- listen to it if you go to the web site.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    For the sake of accuracy– apparently only spray-paint has been banned for sale in Michigan for the duration.

    More bizarre however, seeds and gardening-supplies sales are banned.
    If you own a cabin, 2nd home, (or property “up North”) travel to said property is banned.
    Weed stores remain open, but smoke-supply stores (‘head-shops”) are shuttered.
    Grocery stores are now limited as to Customers per square-foot of store space. (roughly about 1/2 of the fire-Marshall occupancy limit.) A Store with which I’m associated, has tasked 2 people to watch the doors and count customers all day long.
    –on the upside–anecdotally; toilet paper is being resupplied at increasing amounts, but purchase limits are in effect. It takes roughly one full truck load to fully stock the ‘paper-aisle.’
    –anecdotally; back-orders of dairy-products are being delivered, although butter & eggs are in high demand.

  • azcatsclaw

    To the nitwit, Dr. Cara Christ in AZ and Gov. Ducey;

    Really? That is why our local rural hospital needs help? And you idiots at the state level know this as the state is going to bail them out with “conditions”. The place is empty, quit lying to us!!!

  • m d mill

    I originally called your concerns about the potential despotic power grab and police state tactics( by mostly leftist democrat governors and pols) an “absurdity”. It just seemed to preposterous. But I see you were prescient. I am nonplussed… the preposterous, the disastrous, the deplorable and the absurd have become the norm. We have accepted wisely for decades the reality of 30,000 influenza deaths per year (in a nation of 330 million people) as just one of many of the normal acceptable risks of being alive and free without the need or desire to devastate economic/financial conditions and social freedoms with the completely excessive “lock-down state” (including, among others, 38,000 highway deaths per year–which COULD also be mostly avoided by simply reducing all speed limits to 25 miles per hour). But now the standard has apparently become “the police state will continue until Covid-19 (uniquely) is virtually eradicated”. It is truly incredible.

    Sadly, I stand corrected.

  • m d mill: Call your governor. Call your state reps. Call your congress critter. Call them all and express outrage and anger. This right is still recognized (but for how long I am unsure). They also realize that the election system is still operative (for how long I am also not sure). They will react correctly if enough people tell them to change course or there will be a wholesale firing come November.

    I have done so, but still have to add a few more elected officials to my call list.

  • Cotour

    At least the people in this particular Democrat controlled Liberal / Leftist state are already trained to obey :

    (Liberals / Leftists and Democrats just know no bounds. Neither did or does the likes of, president Xi, nor Maduro, nor Castro, nor Che Guevara, nor Marx. It is what it is)

  • Cotour: My god. This violates HIPPA of course and the legal privacy of the patients. But then, when it comes to what the government wants, the rules never matter.

    I am going to post this on the main page.

  • Cotour

    And then there is something like this:

    And why IMO is this important? Not because the Chinese “Might” be conducting military tests of any kind, including nuclear testing. The Chinese have been conducting their own special flavor of strategy for the last 30 years.

    This article in the main stream media, The Wall Street Journal that states the Chinese “Might” or “May be” conducting tests, is IMO just about pumping the fear in the minds of the public to the next level. And you would ask why? It goes perfectly with what is underway right now in America and around the world, fear.

    There is no reason from where I sit for the main stream media, The Wall Street Journal to be reporting this “news” particularly at this moment in time. It is just an attempt to further terrorize the public IMO, and with that fear and terror there comes the demand for the government to protect them.

    This is so overt and transparent to me now, the mask is off.

  • Cotour

    I just got this notice from the state:

    “NYC Businesses,

    We are writing to let you know that New York State issued additional guidance on Friday that allows non-essential retail establishments (as defined by the Empire State Development Corporation) to fulfill delivery orders placed remotely via phone or online. Please note that only one employee may be physically present at the business location to fulfill orders.

    The City is working hard to keep New Yorkers safe by enforcing social distancing guidelines. We encourage you to let your neighbors and enforcement officials know that you’re operating under these guidelines by posting a sign on the door or front window like this one.

    Gregg Bishop
    Commissioner, NYC Department of Small Business Services”

    And this is more of an incremental positive development, measured and fairly reasonable for where we are at this moment in time. Attempting to reengage business to some degree. Cuomo is walking a fine but more or less flexible line. We will see where this and his “mandatory” public mask wearing and fantasy about there having to be a vaccine before things can become “Normal”.

    The declaring of a National Emergency in all 50 states is the key here and is what will be the controlling factor that the president has over the governors.

  • Jeff

    To correct my post from yesterday morning. NC has over 5,100 =cases= not =deaths=.

    Current totals as of 4.16.20
    Cases – 5,381
    Deaths – 132

    And most all state and local parks closed when fresh air and sunshine are most important (and helpful). Now NPS is closing large sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway! Absurd!

  • wayne

    “‘Free MI’: Stay-home order protesters gather at State Capitol”
    April 15, 2020

    “Thousands of protesters converged on Lansing Wednesday to show their opposition to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s extended stay-at-home order.”

  • Rick

    How do we get a protest movement started here in California? You are correct, we are all under house arrest, and that oist is way beyond anything Orwell had feared. This is just another flu. 50% plus of those who get it are asymptomatic. We need to end this tyrrany.

  • GWB

    And I’m still stunned that no one – NO ONE – said “Boo” about this being a ‘taking’ under the Fifth Amendment until yesterday. (“No one” meaning not a single major blogger I read, and not a single one of those “legal experts” or “Constitutional experts” on MSM.) I have been asking about it for weeks.

    Insisting on payment up-front before shutting down your business might go a long way to blocking this idiocy for next time. (And there will be a ‘next time.’ You know there will.) It would also save us from the pork bills designed to give the voters a little bribe money and a lot of graft for the politicians.

  • Cotour

    Once again, right here on BTB, way ahead of the news curve : CHINA KNEW

    “Chinese scientists knew about the coronavirus and its deadly effects as early as December — but were ordered by government officials to suppress the evidence, according to a report.”

    I think that it has been previously established several weeks ago, mainly by only a select number of the posters here that 1. The “Bat soup virus” came out of a level 4 research laboratory and not a wet market in Wuhan. and 2. Its only a question now of whether it was the result of an accident and lax security procedures, which appears more likely to me. Or, 3. Whether it was released purposefully as a strategy as a probing attack to see what happens to their enemy (The U.S.A. primarily) under stress. (In other words, S.O.M.)

    And the ongoing result of those Chinese leadership strategic choices are apparent to all, and is an American leadership wake up call.

    At this point there is almost no difference, either way the Chinese Communist government leadership had knowledge and strategically chose NOT to alert the world to the potential that existed related to a growing deadly virus contagion within their country and were happy to allow it to spread throughout the world so as not to suffer the contagion alone and there by being solely weakened by it. As a matter of fact it appears that they were injured much less than all others. And what’s a couple of thousand people to the Chinese Communist leadership? Not much.

    This is how the big game is played and its right here being played out in front of your own eyes, live.

  • Max

    This is a false flag event media creation exaggerating the normal flu season. There are new viruses every year, some are worse than others. All the pieces are in place, this is their last chance to take power and get rid of the Trump obstacle.
    Way to go Michigan, the rest of the nation will follow your lead. One out of four in Michigan has filed for unemployment. It will not be easy for them to pull out of this.
    We are Americans, sovereign citizens. We form our own government so the power is ours, we cannot fall for this bluff because if we let them have our power they will take more and more. The new normal will come with consequences.

    Wayne, it’s good that you have toilet paper again. This funny clip is for you. 1:34

  • wayne

    Good stuff.
    That clip is hilarious! (Love me some Breaking Bad and parody.)
    Personally, I’ve always kept (about) a 3 month supply of toilet paper on hand.

    Four Michigan residents sue Gov. Whitmer
    WXYZ TV-7 Detroit
    April 15, 2020

  • Don

    I have a suggestion for them. Can your garbage or go to jail.

  • Henry

    “The demands, all of which insist on heavy future surveillance and odious limits on the freedoms of California’s citizens, all violate the Bill of Rights, and all have been imposed by degree, with no election or legislative action. They state that before the government will release its citizens from house arrest, the government must…”

    Summary: California governor holds powerless, uninvolved citizens hostage to extort concession demands from a government.

    This is the very DEFINITION of political terrorism.

    Seal Team Six, your mission is clear.

  • Paul Fishman

    Left Wing Governors and Mayors that have gone beyond the Stay At Home Orders of the Coronavirus for 45 days, desire unilateral powers to put their citizens under permanent house arrest. Citizens of those states and cities are considered permanent criminals due to the excuse of the virus. There are today May 12 a gradual release of freedom and movement of citizens to slowly return to a normal life in some states and cities. Those states who are staging opening are also allowing a return to the citizens their rights and responsibilities. Those who have NOT and will NOT, determined the people are criminals to be ruled by totalitarian state forever much like the Cuban model.

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