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The coming death of America

I have been so appalled and horrified by the events of the past three months, culminating in the riots and brutal violence and looting this past week, that I have found myself unable to express myself. I stand for freedom, for justice, for equal protection under law, and for our Constitution and Bill of Rights, fundamental documents that more than any philosophical tract ever written outline the most just way to run a country.

That country however appears to be dying, fast. It strongly appears that a large plurality, maybe even a majority, no longer believes in these ideals. This fact has made me depressed beyond words.

The speech below by Tucker Carlson however does a very good job of summing things up, based on facts, while making it clear what we must do to change this madness. He pulls no punches. He attacks every politician from both parties who have stood by or even supported the rioting and the nullification of our most basic laws. He demands better from them, and he demands that we, the citizenry, demand it as well.

I beg my readers to watch it. Set the speed at 1.25 and you can see it faster.

I also pray that some of my readers, after watching it, will recognize how deadly the situation really is, far beyond rioting, and how necessary it is for us to require proper behavior from our leaders, without exception, based on law and justice. No more race-baiting. No more apologies for enforcing the law meant to protect the innocent. No more cowardice. If our political leaders can’t protect everyone, then they must be fired. All of them.

And if we, the American people, still fail to recognize how bad things are and refuse to do something about it, then my headline above will simply be an accurate prediction. I weep to think I might be right.

I must also add that to understand what I mean, you must watch Carlson’s speech first. Otherwise, you will be doing exactly what I rage against.

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  • Syril Victor

    I watched this last night. Tucker is correct. I’m an observer in all of this being safe in the Interior of British Columbia but I have friends and family all over the US. I really hope that you’re wrong

  • Sayomara

    Well said Bob. To read what these people have to say they are so filled with hate, and for what I’ve been a teacher for almost 10 years and while many kids have think they have hard lives most do not. In fact any other generation would find there flabby and weak. But they are so filled with hate I think of the old country song you have got to stand for something or you fall for anything thing. Well they should do fall for anything.

  • Patrick Underwood

    1. Qualified immunity puts particular groups of Americans—most relevant in this case, police officers—above the law. So the law does not apply equally to all Americans.

    2. The Democrat mayors and governors presiding over these cities are not “weak.” They know exactly what they are doing. They not only are allowing looting and rioting; they are encouraging it. It is pure political calculation. They believe it will hurt Trump and Republicans. And it will. The people in these cities who vote Democrats into office, year after year, decade after decade, will continue to do so. Doubling down on stupid. Sad but true.

  • MDN

    I share your anxiety Bob and had already forwarded this clip around to my friends and family sharing these same thoughts earlier today. It is astonishing how fast the fabric of our nation is being pulled apart, and how willingly, almost gleefully, the progressive media have cheered it on. I wonder if CNN would be as “happy” had the police not intervened to keep their property from being totally looted the other night vs. just getting tarnished a bit? I almost want to say too bad we’ll never know but I can’t be a hypocrite like them.

    I don’t know where this is going, but thank God for the 2nd amendment that empowers us to protect ourselves if our government cannot or will not. I pray it doesn’t come to that but living in California I just don’t know : (

  • LocalFluff

    South Africa is a good predictor of what will happen to the Western world. When everyone hates their own civilization, they get what they beg for. It’s better to fear a police corps that follows a law, than to fear the criminals.

  • David Telford

    I share your sense of despair today, Bob. And I cautiously attribute it to being up too late, working too long today, or for insufficient sleep the night before.

    The problems are quite real, and at times it seems too many have no sense of the classically liberal heritage of the country, the blessings of liberty. Some in our polity seem most desperate to have their unique will imposed on the whole. It is corrosive to the sense of civility needed to pass domestic tranquility to our posterity.

    Let us hope a good night’s rest will clear up my attitude about that.

  • A. Nonymous

    Hard Times lead to Strong Men
    Strong Men lead to Good Times
    Good Times lead to Weak Men
    Weak Men lead to Hard Times

  • wayne

    “Weather Underground Announces ‘Fall Offensive'”&
    “Three Cities Bombed on West Coast”
    CBS network news October 6 & 8, 1970

  • LocalFluff

    I think that Christianity is to blame. The idea of being forgiving. Before Jesus Christ each man had what he could control by force. Hence it has become muddied and emotionally philosophical what is right and wrong, rather than what can be done and protected in action. In antiquity all of these rioters would simply be killed. Demonstratively hanged and nailed publicly. Somehow there is now an imagination that this would be “wrong”. Humans think too much.

  • pzatchok

    Please do not blame religion.

    If anything blame the lack of religion.

  • Brendan

    America has two fundamental visions. One of self hatred, epitomized by the left. One of optimism held by the right (as a Californian you would be shocked at the number of lefties who despise Elon Musks spacex, even as they love his electric car). Musks projects all are focused on Mars, from the boring company to his newest interest in efficient hvac. I Approve of his work.

    I hate to say that we need a national divorce – but we do. It would mean leaving my beloved state (something I am already preparing to do) as well as many others leaving. But what choice do we have? My wife is from Yugoslavia. I’ve heard too much of the horrors of real civil war to want that for my kids.

    I see no other way that doesn’t involve lots of suffering. Maybe there are others who have better visions. But I think it’s critical to restate the constitution and perhaps fix a few of the flaws that allowed us to get to this point.

    It’s very depressing.

  • Edward

    Appalled and horrified by the events of the past three months? We have been watching this country decay for the past decade, and the Overton Window keeps moving, in which We the People keep accepting more appalling and more horrifying laws, events, and governance with each passing year. Most people have even stopped complaining that the government declared that it can tell us how to spend our own money. Where is the Tea Party movement now that it has a president that should be sympathetic?

    This past week is not the first time we have had horrific riots, this past decade. There were even riots before Anti-First-Amendment (AKA antifa) came along. Antifa merely professionalized rioting. As Tucker said of this week’s rioters, “these people want a new system, one that is governed by force. ‘Do what we say or we will hurt you.'” The American press had announced at the election of Obama that the end of racialism had arrived, that race relations would become so much better that the kinds of riots we have seen over the past decade would be things of history lessons, not reality, but they only got worse.

    Even Colin Kaepernick, who originally claimed to be against racism, turned out to be against America. The same thing is true of this current “protest.” It sounded like it started as anti racism, but it only an excuse to misbehave and to violate other people’s rights. Ironically, these kinds of riots, ones that happen as though they are race protests, only work to convince everyone, especially liberals, that the race the riot supposedly supports is actually a violent race, just as the KKK did.

    We lost this country with the Patient Protest and (Un)Affordable (Lack-of) Care Act. The most important election of our lifetime was in 2008, and we lost. That election led directly to what we have seen over the past three months, as well as the attack on the presidency over the past three and a half years. It led to the corruption that we saw in the IRS, when it took sides in the presidential elections (yes, plural, because the flaws in the system were not corrected in any way, shape, or form). It led to the corruption in the Department of (In)Justice (DO(I)J) and it allowed Hillary Clinton to walk free from felonies that the head of the FBI itemized as he illegally and unethically performed his boss’s, the Attorney General’s, job.

    We have even learned that the Obama administration brought our national security agencies and the DO(I)J to bear in taking sides during the 2016 election. It was a regime that corruptly rewarded its friends and punished its enemies.

    The Great Oppression is certainly another level that our overbearing government has reached, but it has been tyrannical for far, far more than three months. (By the way, my county has extended its own Great Oppression lockdown shutdown smackdown through the end of the week, instead of releasing us on Monday, as once promised.).

    Why does the Great Oppression work for the government? Because We the People are now afraid of our government rather than the other way around, as the Founding Fathers had intended. Those who do not submit to oppressive government are arrested and convicted.

    It isn’t just the past three months that were appalling and horrifying. It has been the entire past decade.

    Welcome to Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

  • LocalFluff

    I don’t blame religion as such, I blame the wrong religion, Christianity. Sure, it sounds nice what Jesus tought, but it is very short sighted and unsupportable. “If I’m kind to you and you are kind to me, then I profit from it!” It’s nothing but selfish corruption. And it build on erroneous assumptions. In order to survive we have to kill those who don’t want us to survive. And we must do it with such ruthless brutality that their torture deters others from standing in my way. This has always been the religious understanding of things, until that fatherless son came about and claimed that these olden ways were wrong. Jesus is the God who failed. In the ancient Roman republic a legion would be called to the city and they would kill, kill, kill everyone who riots and everyone who looks like them. Then peace would be restored and the orphans would think twice before committing their dead father’s lethal mistake.

  • Andrew_W

    Carlson makes a lot of valid points, showing several clips that get you angry at the rioters, “anti-racism” is often just anti-white racism. But there’s a couple of things he claims that I question: He appears to not believe that there are any protesters not engaged in violence and looting. Is that a reasonable position? I’d have thought that the number of peaceful protesters would be several times the number of rioters and looters. He claims that US cities have been destroyed, is that a reasonable claim? If I traveled through a destroyed city I’d expect a great deal of damage, many buildings afire, MOST of the shops across a large metropolis destroyed, is that what’s actually happened?

    The US is a large country, even hundreds of violent riots and lootings might add up to only 0.01% of the entire population being perpetrators, perhaps equivalent to only 1% of the number of people protesting without violence.

    Smearing many hundreds of thousands or millions with the actions of a relative few is not going to solve the problems of the deep divisions that now exist in America, it’ll only deepen that divide, increasing the antagonism between right and left, when everyone, including any peaceful protesters, should they exist (/sarc), should be mad with those exploiting the situation to commit violence and loot.

  • LocalFluff

    I’m glad to see that you agree with me!
    All rioters should be hanged in public. They are fewer than 0.01% of the population, so it doesn’t matter. Other than as an evolutionary selection effect with hopes for a peaceful future without them.

  • Phill O

    LocalFluff Your attack on Christianity is part of the problem (IMHO)! Your interpretation of the teachings of Christ is wrong (IMHO). America was founded on Christianity and that is what made it strong. The constitution was built on Judo Christian principles, including the first and second amendments. Yes, the second amendment!

    The left now represents anti-christian (and antisemitic) views and are ramping up lawlessness.

    In my opinion, this slide to anarchy moved forward fast under Bill Clinton’s presidency where he pardoned Bill Ayers. Had he been prosecuted as had his wife (Weather Underground) this may have been postponed. The friendship of Obama with Bill Ayers was another step to lawlessness. The extreme racism of the Obama administration fueled the situation.

    Now we have President Trump working to bring jobs back to America and aligning with mainstream Christianity, it is no wonder the dims hate him.

    Yes, I believe the dims are not going to do anything until they regain power.

    After the failed impeachment, I have been wondering what they will do. I do not see these rioters being jailed for the big gatherings, but I do see local business people being jailed.

    There is a professional class of protesters who like to use violence. The USA is not the only country where this is a problem. President Trump, while other countries do not like to say it, sets the world stage and the “One World Government” people like Obama and Trudeau, just hate him the more! IMHO

  • Cotour

    I see this all a bit differently and these narrow views by the talking heads of the day, that are just that, narrow interpretations of current events. And they are mostly valid interpretations. However the broader spectrum view IMO indicates something else.

    What we are witness to is the on going and eternal political theater. And this particular political play that we are both participants in and the audience and the executive producers of is in the process of revealing to the people of America related to the players that they themselves choose to hire and act in this play of most consequence, who is the most competent and who is the most incompetent.

    And this being so and this being our process, We The People, the American executive producers of this eternal play, are in the process of choosing those players who we empower to protect our original play written 244 years ago by the play writes we call the Founders.

    All is being revealed in this extreme pressure political drama we are witness to and we are being given the information through the vehicle of this real time real world play to make those critical decisions that we as American citizens need to make. And that is our obligation in the grand scheme of the Founders original play that is specifically designed to produce a result. And that result is American freedom and Liberty of the people. This is a participatory play that comes with real world consequences.

    So we as Americans are in process, and now let the players that the people have hired reveal what they in fact are made of in regards to their prime fiduciary responsibilities they are hired to perform, not trampling on the peoples Rights.

    That’s what I see any way. Comments?

    PS: Does anyone here think that Bill DeBlasio or Andrew Cuomo are being revealed for how wise they are in regards to their prime fiduciary responsibilities? Or any Democrat blue state executive for that matter?

    All is revealed under extreme pressure and the fact is that Trump is the catalyst here and forces all of these weal American players to reveal just exactly how well they understand their script that they themselves are entitled to interpret.

    So let the pressure build and let the most competent among the players be rehired, and those who are revealed to be tyrants fired and replace. NEXT!

  • LocalFluff

    Christianity IS the problem!
    Why aren’t the rioters publicly tortured to death as they would’ve been before Christianity? Something very important is lacking there. In order to survive we have to kill those who want to kill us. Christianity rests on false assumptions about what those who hate you will do to you. At least I’d expect you to take the responsibility of your children. Or the future of society as a whole. Something that the chin beaten hokus pokus (=only son) never did. Other than he was tortured to death by the government, and dreamers think that is good.

  • Phill O

    LocalFluff Your advocacy for violence shows your true heart! “All rioters should be hanged in public.”

    The constitution of the USA guarantees due process, even for those who are absolute reprobates.

  • AMP

    I watched Tuckers piece on Fox and couldn’t agree more with your opinion. He pulled no punches and spoke the truth that no one else is speaking.

  • m d mill

    Murder is any killing committed purposely and knowingly, manslaughter is any killing committed as a result of recklessness, and negligent homicide is any killing resulting from negligence.
    The death of G Floyd was not “murder”, but almost certainly criminal manslaughter of some degree.
    There is no evidence that this was racially motivated, but if so there is just legal recourse by the black Attorney General of Minnesota, and many other elected and unelected officials.
    There is evidence this was motivated by resistance to arrest or detainment.
    G Floyd would be alive if he had not resisted detainment, which was the original criminal recklessness.
    Black on black murders =2500 per year (2016)
    white on black murders =240
    black on white murders = 530
    white on white murders = 2800

    Antifa, Black lives matter, and all the rioters/demonstrators are not acting out of concern for murder of Negro people, but because of their own racist or racialist predisposition, irresponsibility, inadequacy, and in many cases a simple sociopathic desire to loot and destroy when possible. Good, responsible people in the U.S. support the police generally, and the difficult job they try to do…but then good, responsible people also do not resist police detainment (even if the officer is on rare occasion overbearing), act with respect, and are not sociopathically violent.

  • Andrew_W

    m d mill: G Floyd would be alive if he had not resisted detainment,
    There are several videos of segments of the arrest available, none that I’ve seen support your assertion that Floyd resisted arrest, have you evidence that he did?

    Murder is any killing committed purposely and knowingly, manslaughter is any killing committed as a result of recklessness, and negligent homicide is any killing resulting from negligence.
    Under Minnesota law, third-degree murder is defined as causing death of a person “by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind,” without regard for life and without intent to kill.

  • Cotour

    George Floyd may well have resisted arrest at some point during his arrest, however when he is on his belly and hand cuffed behind his back all of that is over.

    From that point of being subdued on is what is in question and from the evidence that the world has viewed that police officer was indifferent to Mr. Floyds welfare and life.

    With becoming a police officer their comes certain responsibilities and those responsibilities involve the ability to remain somewhat objective and not punitive. Let the chips fall where they may.

  • wodun

    Everyone was universally angry about what happened to Floyd and for many of us, it wasn’t because of the races involved. Two out of the four cops there were some kind of minority. There was no racism on display. It was the needless and unjustified death of one man that united people. But we can’t have unity so the progressive marxists made it all about race.

    What we are witnessing in the streets is the product of generations of progressive marxist indoctrination. They control our schools, our news, and our storytelling industries. This is why online censorship is so important. Inquisitiveness and free inquiry can lead people to the path of truth and the progressive marxists can not abide that.

    Anyone who watches the news and then seeks out livestreams and video clips from the protests will see that they are being lied to and manipulated. The problem is, so few people have the time or inclination to do this. The progressive marxists know this and take advantage of it.

  • Cotour

    Q: Why is TV / cable content called “Programming”? Anyone?

  • James Street

    The swamp is being drained.
    But if you think they are going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. Every day it is going to be a fight.
    Vote November 3rd.

  • LocalFluff

    If I were a judge, I’d be out of orbit mad and furious on this police officer.
    “- It is not up to you to kill any random criminal! That’s MY God given privilege and job guarantee!”
    Then slamming my pipe on the table and calling myself to order.

  • Edward

    LocalFluff wrote: “Christianity IS the problem! Why aren’t the rioters publicly tortured to death as they would’ve been before Christianity? Something very important is lacking there. In order to survive we have to kill those who want to kill us.

    The problem is not Christianity, the problem is the mindset that others have to die. This kind of thinking is the source of anarchy and violence. This is the kind of thinking that we see in antifa and liberal “peaceful” protests. Finding ways to peacefully resolve disputes is the solution, is one of the three functions of government, and is one of the tenets of Christianity.

    Another function of government is to protect citizens from all enemies, foreign and domestic, which are the rioters, looters, and arsonists we are facing now, so government is failing us in a big way.

    The third function is to stay out of the citizens’s way. Governments were created by the people in order to serve the people, not the other way around. When governments direct their citizens as to how to live, then they have become the enemy of the people.

  • Andrew-Winter

    I post this to get us to the next level. I do not intend any insult, if I sound exasperated it is because I have been watching this situation evolve since 1968, when I first became aware of the political world when I was 13 yrs old. It’s just that I am old now, and very very tired.

    Here is the basic problem regarding “what to do”.

    The United States was conceived in Independence Hall in Philadelphia yes? Those men in that hall had to get there, virtually or in real life, by participating in The American War of Independence.

    The American War of Independence would not have happened if a few brave men in Massachusetts had not crossed Concorde Bridge and fired volleys at professional military soldiers on Lexington Green.

    When you are ready to cross that bridge and that green again. Sing out! Until then,… well it’s all just words isn’t it. The ability to move beyond “just words”, is why the Second Amendment, or wordage like the 2nd, was demanded by the legislatures of every single one of the thirteen original states.

    That is the where the true “power” of the people resides.

    Regan famously said, “Government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.” If you believe that but are unwilling to stand on Lexington Green then Tyranny wins.

    The revolutionary MOB needs to be met head on and crushed. That is what keeps the Feds out of the equation. Let the MOB be the only one’s on Lexington Green and the Feds will move in, with or without the authority of the Constitution. Then we all loose.

  • LocalFluff

    Peaceful resolution to conflicts are not possible, per definition! If someone, say, suffocated someone else, then more violence is the only solution to the conflict of justice that was committed there. The offender must be punished in a way that discourages others from committing any similar crime. That’s the only purpose of the nightwatcher state – To torture and kill those who torture and kill others! Jesus didn’t get that.

    And the more brutally it is done, the better! One must strike all out hard to begin with. As a leader one must be consistent and follow an obvious logic that everyone can understand. Without compromise.

  • Cotour

    Andrew-Winter and Local Fluff:

    I am right now preparing for a potential conflict / looting in my local community. A local millennial and self admitted ANTIFA member, a 30 something NYC history teacher I believe he is, has organized a peaceful protest this Saturday. (And I know the kid, he is a douche) And I fully support anyone’s ability to protest. BUT, what I am to now deal with is the aftermath of that intended peaceful protest and what may well come along with it in the following hours and night.

    There are some that support him, but everyone, the vast majority, Liberal or Conservative that have come to me are outraged that he would invite the likes of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter into this specific community. No, people are not happy at all and this one way or another will have a lasting effect here.

    I have had to harden my building and will be on my roof with various methods of deterrence protecting my business and my property, hopefully this all passes without incidence. Its going to be a long night.

    We wait. (I hope everyone remembers to wear their Covid masks)

  • Edward

    You wrote: “Peaceful resolution to conflicts are not possible, per definition! If someone, say, suffocated someone else, then more violence is the only solution to the conflict of justice that was committed there. The offender must be punished in a way that discourages others from committing any similar crime. That’s the only purpose of the nightwatcher state – To torture and kill those who torture and kill others! Jesus didn’t get that.

    You make my case. Jesus disagreed with the violence requires violence scenario; it turns the victim into the same monster as the original bad guy.

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “conflict,” but most governments have been successful at choosing punishments such as prison for deterrence of crimes and at choosing civil courts to peaceably resolve torts and contract disputes. Threat of prison does not work quite as well for deterring wars, however.

    Andrew-Winter wrote: “Regan famously said, ‘Government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.’ If you believe that but are unwilling to stand on Lexington Green then Tyranny wins.

    Famously, Reagan was able to reduce many of the problems that come from government, reducing overregulation, without resorting to “Second Amendment solutions.” Trump has had similar success with reducing regulation, but we will have to see how successful he is at reducing corruption in our Obama-transformed government. There are times when “just words” work, so taking up the more violent solution should only be done with careful forethought. Our governmental representatives are our primary means of the “just words” solutions. Peaceful protest is a secondary means. Rioting, assault, looting, and arson are not on the list of means — they are wrong in any civilized society.

  • LocalFluff

    “You make my case. Jesus disagreed with the violence requires violence scenario; it turns the victim into the same monster as the original bad guy.”

    A victim that defends himself is NOT turned into a monster! He is a hero. Every criminal killed is a progress for all of human kind.

    Jesus is much misunderstood. He was a shrewd politician. He didn’t have an army, so he played the “being defenseless” card as much as he could for his own benefit. Then the government tortured him to death anyway. Shit happens, especially when you haven’t got a dad to protect you.

    The most beautiful music ever composed, and performed, is Stabat Mater, the sorrowing mother, by Pergolesi. Maria at the foot of Jesus’ cross. Today that kind of scene would not at all be tolerated. She would’ve been kicked and raped by the muslims who hate her. Government of today would not allow anyone into their torture chambers where they murder millions. Jesus grew up in a society where violence was almost unheard of. Today violence is everywhere in our everyday lives. Now the game is that either you kill your enemy who wants to kill you, or you will get killed. Jesus could afford to joke about such things, but our reality today is no laughing matter.

  • pzatchok

    The only immediate end to current violence is equal violence.

    The only long term end to violence is the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.

    Common mutual respect.

  • Cotour

    There will be respect, without doubt.

  • Cotour: I truly wish I could join you in defending your property. I also hope you are not alone in this battle. Having lived in New York for the first two-thirds of my life and thus know its culture, I fear that you are.

  • Cotour

    I appreciate your support, I will be Ok.

    (But it could get hairy, not to be melodramatic. Hopefully nothing goes down and my preparations are not needed and all I lose is sleep)

    But if there are “Protesters” / criminal opportunists that are going to show up I will be one of the places where they will be targeting. But there are some mitigating physical characteristics to where I live that may make it less likely to happen. But I will not be getting any sleep Saturday night that’s for sure.

    There however will be costs for those who might not want to heed my warning sign. Nothing is free.

    One of the participants in the protest came to talk to me, she is a 35 year old, Liberal etc. etc, she is a good friend of mine. She wanted to tell me about the protest and what their intent was. And other than her IMO half informed emotional Liberal views I like her very, very much, and that is reciprocal. I have had extensive political conversations with her and you can imagine how they ultimately resolved.

    (I have never met a Liberal / Socialist that could in any way shape or form prevail in a political conversation with me, never. That is if we are discussing the Constitution, America and what it intends and the politics of the day. Never.)

    We went back and forth and I explained that their protest, although I respect their Right to hold it it had the real world potential to attract these criminal opportunists, especially under these particular circumstances. The take away for me was what she said that was the key point to me and this is what apparently is driving her anyway to be a part of this.

    “Can you imagine how the black people in our community must feel?”.

    And there it is. Your willing to risk burning down your own house because someone might have hurt feelings. I learned long ago that such thoughts about what other people might or might not be feeling is none of my business. People live their lives and life is a female dog. Do I have compassion for the victim of this abuse of power? Yes I do. But to worry about what someone might, or might not feel about it is no reason IMO to potentially bring on what may well be looking for a place to make a statement.

    To my point, just last night another customer came and was talking about this situation with me and he is outraged. He is a customer that has become a good friend, does not like Trump, and he is black. Has compassion for Mr. Floyd, but does not really care about what went on in Minnesota, his concerns are focused right here where he lives and owns millions of dollars in real estate.

    So much for white privilege, he can buy and sell me.

    What is his super power? He is smart, he does his homework and he is a hard worker.

    To another point that I have made in the past if you remember where the Left insists that you love them and because you refuse yo love them that then justifies there destroying you. They demand Love and not respect. And if you have ever spoken to anyone that has ever spent any time in prison you will get a very quick answer about what the correct answer to that question is in the real world.

    I heard a Black Lives Matter audio clip on the radio the other day where they indeed have a group of people stating just that, you must love us, but I can not find it at this time.

  • Andrew_W

    There however will be costs for those who might not want to heed my warning sign.

    Instead of a warning sign I suggest a banner with something like: “Remember George Floyd” across the shop front.
    If someones looking for a target for their anger, a warning sign can be just a red rag to a bull.
    But you’re there, not me, and maybe attempting to deescalate their wrath isn’t for you.

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    There is a difference that you may not fully appreciate between valid protesters, and “protestors”. The one I fully support as a matter of fact and their Right, the later is something all together different and there would be no sign that anyone could hang that would mean anything to them.

  • Andrew _W

    Earlier I made the point that the two groups are different, but the thugs are just sheeple, they still justify their actions as a response to the Floyd murder. They’re incapable of their thuggishness without that cover. To desecrate a tribute to Floyd? They wouldn’t be that brave.

  • Cotour

    Your naivete is cute.

  • Andrew _W

    Your BBQ, but I think your understanding of human nature is shallow. These people wanting to commit violence are a mob looking for an enemy to attack. If you stick up a sign that challenges that mob in a way that marks you as the enemy you’d better have the ability to out-violence the mob, and a way of showing them that – preferably without hurting anyone because you put a bullet into someone, even in self defense, it’ll cost you eventually, your shop becomes a fixed target for weeks after.

  • wayne

    “Absurdistan The Music Video”

    (so to speak)

  • Cotour

    Your not getting it, they are not committed to the memory of Mr. Floyd, they are criminals. Mr. Floyd is only an excuse a justification. I always go with you were born upside down on the other side of the planet and you don’t quite understand what is what in America. But that is OK, your still cute.

    And my methods of deterrence are not at all meant to injure, just designed to deter until the boys in blue or the fire department arrives. I am a very peaceful person and go out of my way not to have a confrontation.

  • wayne

    “Did David Dorn’s Life Matter?”
    Steven Crowder Good Morning Mugclub

    “Talking all about the tragic murder of retired St. Louis Police Chief David Dorn.”

  • Andrew _W

    No, you’re missing the subtlety, to each other and to themselves they pretend that it’s about Floyd. It’s a facade, but they have to pretend it’s the reason, otherwise they don’t have an excuse.
    Most of human behaviour is perceptions and BS, but it all has instinct based justifications.

  • Cotour

    Subtlety? SUBTLETY!?

    Here is some subtlety for you

    What planet are you really from?

    Mayor DeBlasio set a curfew initially of 11 PM, 11 PM (I guess he did not want the “Protestors” that he himself greatly sympathizes with, he is one of them, to be limited in their Right to “Protest”. Then the governor threatened to have him removed from office, which he can do legally as I understand it for 30 days at a time. (Andrew W, do you get the “Subtlety” when I put quotation marks around any particular word?)

    Then the curfew was lowered to 8 PM, which seems to be a bit more effective and will be in effect until Monday. Hopefully this Saturday will be a rainy day, all day.

    There are many elements involved here. There are the genuine caring people, white and every other shade of skin who are upset and who really do not know how to do something that transmits their genuine degree of outrage when something like this George Floyd death occurs. I understand that. And their reaction as well as the others range from talking about it to actively protesting. And I can respect and even agree with at least the main substance of their argument. Abuse of power is unacceptable when ANYONES life is lost do to it.

    But not to the point where you are willing to pander and acquiesce to the mob and defund the police and surrender the streets further to the mob. That is what you, Andrew W, suggests. Is it a NZ thing? Was a sheep dropped on your head when you were a child? There must be law and order in a civilized society, if not then the world will be just like a third world dictatorship and no one can ever feel or be safe in the streets or in their home. Never! Not in America and not in New Zealand.

    And there are these more “Subtle” “Protesters” woven into those genuine and caring peoples numbers who are out and out rioters, robbers, opportunists, just having a “Good” time with their buddies, criminals in other words. And they may well be aware and somewhat outraged by Mr. Floyds fate, but their actions are that of criminals and are driven to higher highs by political provocateurs and anti American organized factions, essentially domestic terrorists.

    Do black lives matter? Of course they do, but where is the outrage when 50 plus black people are shot and many killed in Chicago EVERY WEEKEND by their own? When a black cop is killed in the street, by their own. When a black family is home invaded, by their own?

    If you are only able to see just one subjective perspective and are only selectively outraged, then that is a fraud and should not be encouraged but called out for what it is.

    Subtlety? Really Andrew W? You believe that I am confused about human nature? You might want to check yourself here.

  • Cotour: Very nicely put.

  • Cotour

    We wait.

    Praying for rain.

  • Andrew_W

    Yes Cotour, right over your head.
    But not to the point where you are willing to pander and acquiesce to the mob and defund the police and surrender the streets further to the mob. That is what you, Andrew W, suggests.

    No I did not, all I suggested was a way of deflecting the mobs hatred from destroying your shop.

    Your rant isn’t close to being on that topic,wandering off on a completely different point.

    If someones being threatened by a pack of angry dogs with no where to run they can do one of two things to avoid being mauled. You’d get mauled.

  • Cotour

    You bow to the angry and criminal mob, I will not in this instance, not because I am a hero. But because I believe if things get interesting I may well be able to keep them at bay long enough for help to arrive. Buildings and businesses are things, you are a things man. I am not, not at least in this instance.

    Sometimes you must prepare and face the pack of angry dogs. You are a subject, I guess its a lasting monarchy remnant from when you were as America was owned by the crown of England. You are an intellectualizer of reality, where your reality exists only in your head and is not a part of anyone else’s reality.

    Your a DeBlasio man, and I find that repulsive.

    (And I know that in the real world your intellectualized reality when it comes down to your own life does not exist for one moment)

  • pzatchok

    I like how the subtle change in the “de-fund the police ” idea went right past all the black protestors.

    It changed from spend the money on black projects to spending the money on minority projects. You know the new minority voting block, Latinos.

    Plus wasn’t it just a few years ago those very same communities were crying for more police funding because of the crime in their area?

    Its ALL pandering before the voting. Even the organized protests seem to only really happen in election years. This one went from a small peaceful protest in one city to a national movement inside 48 hours. It even went international.

  • Andrew_W

    Instead of using your brain to control the mob You become them.

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    You just do not understand just how dopey you sound here. If its a function of just how far you can push something posing as a contrarian / troll, then that is one thing. But if you actually believe what it is that comes out of your mind and on to my screen, that is an entirely another thing. You and people like you are a danger to the general public.

    Are you on the internet vid a “Special” residence connection? Where there are or should be a team of men and women in white coats observing you and your fellow “Special” people?


  • Cotour

    “Highly unusual” (?).

    Probably just someone smoking in a no smoking area. An entire 350K sq foot facility taken out.

    At some point there will have to be order and those who are operators, enemies within must be identified and dealt with in an appropriate manner.

    At some point.

  • Edward

    You wrote: A victim that defends himself is NOT turned into a monster!

    Your rhetoric went beyond immediate self defense and into monsterhood, what with all that public capital punishment for merely rioting, not for actually killing anyone or as self defense from rioters threatening to kill you personally or anyone else, for that matter. Maybe you are also misunderstood, but I don’t think so.

    I understand that you do not think that jail-time is a deterrent, but we do not know this about rioters, because these days we don’t punish progressives who riot or who loot, burn, or kill during a riot. Impunity is not a deterrent.

    Jesus grew up in a society where violence was almost unheard of.

    Maybe, but I remember something about him stopping a version of antifa from throwing stones at someone. This seemed to be more common back then than it is now, a form of vigilante “justice.”

  • commodude


    Jesus grew up in a society where violence was almost unheard of?

    Which history have you read? Violence was the rule of the day, and Centurions who enforced Roman Law were far from delicate in enforcement. Stoning, death by torture, death in the Colosseum, removing digits for theft were all part of the daily life.

  • Cotour

    Things where I was this Saturday where there was planned a George Floyd protest turned out to be a non event, for me anyway. The local politically on the Left organization had their ceremony which was very civil and organized, I actually commend them. I support their protest, their public statement on what can only be characterized as police brutality of the first order. And there are I am certain mitigating circumstances regarding Mr. Floyd, but no one in or under police control should be treated like that and lose their life in such a manner.

    My concern as was the concern of many in my community was the fact that one of the leaders of this political organization and protest recently made a public statement via Twitter that he was “ANTIFA”. He wrote to the president because he had designated ANTIFA as a domestic terror organization “If ANTIFA is a terror organization then I am ANTIFA”. And that IMO was a foolish move on his part because it set off some real hard push back with the threats of legal action in the event that this protest turned into a looting and criminal opportunity. Me being one of the first stops, and so I took the potential for chaos as did many others as being serious.

    And so I prepared various methods of deterrence and I waited, and there was nothing. And that was just fine with me. Better to have the deterrence and the plan and not have to use it then to not be prepared and need to use what you do not have.

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