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The coming purge

Hitler's purge in 1934, the night of long knives
Hitler’s violent purge of his opponents in 1934: The Night of Long Knives.

I have just finished reading The Memo: 20 years inside the deep state fighting for America first. Written by military intelligence and national security expert Richard Higgins, it described his long and mostly fruitless effort in Washington to make our foreign military policy more effective.

In 2016, in desperation, he allied himself with Donald Trump, hoping that a victory by this very unconventional outsider might finally put Higgins in a position of some control.

It did not work out that way. At first the established players in Washington blocked his appointment. Eventually he managed to get an assignment at the National Security Council (NSC), but at a lower ranking than initially promised. Worse, the make-up of that council remained largely controlled by Democratic Party holdovers. As Higgins described things at the NSC in the first year after Trump’s inauguration:

Within a couple of days of my starting there, I realized that the place was staffed, largely anyways, with legacy personnel from the Obama administration. They were technically “holdovers.” But it was pretty clear that they weren’t planning on going any place and there was nobody around with any interest in getting rid of them in order to make room for people appointed by Trump. People who would be, therefore, loyal to his MAGA agendas.

Which the holdovers most definitely were not. Instead of being committed to advancing the President’s agenda, they were determined to sabotage it. And they evidently didn’t care who knew it.

[Higgins then lists a number of these anti-Trump individuals, including Eric Ciaramella, the whistleblower who’s fake accusations against Trump relating to Ukraine helped instigate the impeachment effort in early 2020.]

And there were many more. The NSC was crawling with them.

Against six or seven of us MAGA types.

It was, to say the very least, a strange dynamic. We were people who believed in the President’s agenda and were working to advance it. They were unalterably opposed to him and wanted to sabotage that agenda.

But we were the ones who were outnumbered and playing defense. [emphasis mine]

In the end, the continuing control by Obama holdovers in this and other intelligence agencies resulted in a fake Russian collusion investigation, spying on the president, and a fake impeachment effort. All against the duly and legally elected president by a gang of partisan anti-American Democrats acting as a fifth column in the executive branch.

The saddest part of this story however is how so totally typical it is for Republican administrations since the 1980s. Republican elected officials have routinely been very lax about cleaning house of Democratic appointees, once in power. They make a few miscellaneous appointments, but in general let the previous Democratic Party operatives hold sway.

The Democrats however have never had any qualms about firing everyone if necessary to get the policies they want enacted. In fact, both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were merciless in eliminating as soon as possible any Republican holdovers, so that very quickly their administrations were being run by their supporters, with no dissenting views.

This was Trump’s biggest failure. All he had to do was exercise his due powers and fire a lot of people — like Clinton and Obama — replacing them with those who supported him. No violence, no illegalities, no brutality was necessary, only the reasonable actions of an executive trying to implement his policies.

Trump, like the Bushes before him, did not do this. At first you could excuse him in that he did not yet know the landscape, and was thus unsure who his allies were in government, and who were the subversives working to sabotage him.

By his second year in office, however, that landscape was quite obvious, and still Trump did little to remove the Democratic operatives embedded in his administration. Even in the last few months, with the complete refusal of the Justice Department to bring any charges against anyone involved in the illegal FISA warrants or the spying on the Trump administration aimed and overthrowing the administration, Trump did little or nothing.

For a man who made his biggest repetition firing people in a reality show, this reluctance to clean house in the executive branch was especially ironic.

As I said, the left has never had any qualms about purges and blackballing. Nor have they had much interest in recent years with the niceties of civilization in these purges. In academia and the mainstream media they began this process in the 1960s, and by 2000 had successfully removed all conservatives from those entities. Not only is less than 1% of all professors or faculty in our universities conservative, the few that remain live in fear of being fired and even physically attacked, should they be public about their views. And woe to any conservative student who speaks out.

The same thing happened in the mainstream press. If you dared express any conservative leanings at all in the past three decades, you were guaranteed to discover your career hindered, and possibly squelched entirely. (I write here from personal experience.) Like academia, this blackballing process has resulted today in a mainstream press that is totally married to the Democratic Party and its agenda, sometimes to a point of lying and expressing outright hatred for that party’s opponents.

With the likely arrival in January of a Biden administration, we can now expect this purge process to accelerate. There will be no hesitancy or good will, as seen during the naive Trump administration. Expect all Republicans and any fair-minded Democrats to be removed from the bureaucracy in the next four years, replaced by rapid partisan leftist progressives. Not only will the goal be to quickly consolidate their power, they will want to remove any questioning eyes as they reshape the laws to that end, sometimes illegally or inappropriately. Elections will be made less fair and easier to fake. Dissent will become more difficult, and carry worse consequences. Regulations will be honed to encourage their power, and to hobble their opponents.

With the completion of this purge, I doubt whether a legitimate election will ever be possible again, especially since I do not have much faith in the Republican Party to push for any reforms in the election process that was used to fake this 2020 presidential election. At the state level that party still has a lot of power. If in the next four years it used that power effectively it could still force real reforms that would make future elections secure, prevent a repeat of this November’s election debacle, and likely secure their own victories, because the majority of the general public still does not support the socialist and totalitarian vision of today’s Democratic Party.

The show trials of the USSR
The 1936 show trials in the U.S.S.R.

Sadly, I fear today’s Republicans will not do this. They will instead sit on their hands, as they have for decades, and quietly pocket their own payoffs from donors as they let the Democrats reshape the election system to their needs. This is what the Republicans did in California and many other urban cities in the last half century, resulting in essentially Democratic Party monopolies. For a Republican to win office in these jurisdictions today is nigh on impossible.

I expect nothing different in the next few years. The modern leadership in the Republican Party doesn’t represent its conservative base, which is why an outsider like Trump was chosen by that party’s base in 2016. It is also why too many Republican elected officials appear to not care that Trump might be removed from office now, under suspicious circumstances. They really want him gone, as he disturbs the cushy game they play with Democrats in the halls of power.

At this moment I fear that unless the American people rise up with real fury and action, freedom is truly dead. Worse, expect future purges by the totalitarians now taking power to become more vicious, more cruel, more brutal, with the possibility that we will soon have our very own American night of long knives, and our very own American show trials.

It is what totalitarians do, if you give them the power to do it.

Genesis cover

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  • Stephen Sharer

    The days of our great Republic are most certainly coming to a close. How terribly sad indeed.

  • CK Bristol

    The Republic might be coming to a close, but that does not mean we can’t exact our revenge.. We have spent the last 4 years locating and tracking the enemy for retribution and I hope you have too.. I believe IF Biden gets in, there will be no longer any reason to not seek revenge..

  • Gary

    “At this moment I fear that unless the American people rise up with real fury and action, freedom is truly dead. ”

    I too am in my sixth decade of life and I can’t recall any time during my adult life where “fury and action” might describe the political center or the politically right.
    An hour ago, my fourteen year old daughter pulled my copy of “Rules for Radicals” from my nightstand. She asked me what it was about. I told her that it was almost a half decade old blueprint that brought us to where we are at. She knew what I meant.
    We are without a blueprint..other than the mentoring provided by revolutionaries of 1774 onward. Trump didn’t have a plan. I don’t think he fully realized what he was up against, but because of him, many no longer trust in government, media, or social media.
    If the Republicans can seat 52 Senators, then we will buy a short time to organize. Trump will not go away. He will, control the message, but he/we need to decide if the messenger will make for the best candidate in 2023.
    So, how do we rise up with real fury and action?

  • Gary asked, “So, how do we rise up with real fury and action?”

    Well for one thing, people should stop cooperating in these insane COVID-19 edicts. Stop wearing masks. When asked to put one on, refuse, telling them you have medical reasons for not wearing one. (That is not a lie, as wearing one indiscriminately for long periods increases the odds that you will be breathing a harmful pathogen, from the mask.) If they still insist, ignore them for as long as possible. Most times I have found these bullies back down and leave you alone. If not, walk out, telling them loudly you won’t give them your business any longer.

    Don’t bow. Make them sweat.

    They order you to close your business, for no reason? Refuse to comply. If you can defy them publicly, but no matter what tell them you think they are idiots and make their lives miserable. Contact your customers and give them options for conducting business, in private. Make it clear this inconvenience is because of these stupid petty dictators, and you are defying them.

    A few years ago the left was telling its supporters to attack Republicans in public places, in restaurants, on the street, in their homes. The time has come to return the favor. If you see one of these petty dictators in a public place, make their life miserable, as was done with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently.

    For four years the left has treated its opposition like dirt. As I say, it is time to return the favor. The more pressure can be applied, the better.

    And this advice applies to the petty dictators from both parties. My own governor, Doug Ducey, has been a waste of space in this battle, bowing to all leftist pressure like a rag doll. He should be treated with the same lack of respect, at all times.

  • I must add that part of the reason we are in this mess is because of Republicans like Doug Ducey, as well as Trump himself, as described in my essay above. When they had the power to act and protect their citizens, they did not. We need to make them aware of their failures, and demand better.

    There is still time to turn this around, if the damn Republicans who control state legislatures will act. At a minimum they must get the voting process changed. No id, no vote. No sloppy computer systems. Paper ballots only, each verified in the count by two people from both parties. Nothing else will do. NOTHING.

    If they can, they must do everything to force a real audit and recount, and if not, force the decision for who is president into the House of Representatives.

    They must not bow.

    And we have to make them do it. NOW.

  • diana jovan

    For the last 50 years conservatives in America played chess while the Left brought a baseball bat to the game. As long as this will continue, we will never ever win again.
    We have to play not as vicious and ruthless as they are, but a lot more so.
    As it is right now, we are very far behind in the game

  • Another thing: Have you called AND written your local state representatives? I have, more than a few times.

    Have you gotten anyone else to do it also? I have, getting at least a half dozen others to call or write, with some rounding up others as well.

    Do it even if they are Democrats. Make them sweat. Make them realize there are a lot of people out there that are, as I have said, spitting mad, and want this idiocy to stop. We want our freedom, and we will fight them if they try to take it.

  • Roland

    To Gary: (nothing personal)
    You are almost correct.
    President Trump truly does have a plan/blueprint and has spent the last 4yrs. trying to set things right.
    The Swamp runs deep. It’s hegemony rides the backs of those who believe like a virus chasing a plague.
    Trump knew darn well what he was up against.
    Opposing an enemy with the fury of physical violence only tips the Scale of Justice.
    Brave Hearts of Righteous Minds
    Brave Hearts of Righteous Minds

  • wayne

    2 Minutes Hate –
    1984 Opening Scene

  • John Lautsch

    Zimmerman needs to learn how to spell. It’s “trials” not trails. Sheesh!

  • John Lautsch: Spelling isn’t the problem, it is fingers that type differently than what I think. :)

    I have fixed the error. Thank you.

  • Gary

    To Roland:

    If Trump had a plan, then he must have also included his plan to sabotage his own plan. Many of his errors were unforced errors. I was struck by his lack of filtering that took place between brain and mouth. He mostly seemed to be in the moment, whereas a plan requires some selective filtering in order to find success. I had great hope for his second term, because he seemed to have developed a filter of sorts and had clear areas of focus and a long term strategy. In other words, he became a more effective leader. So, I would agree that he ended with clear strategies in place with regards to China and the Middle East. Domestically, Covid clouded his achievements.
    I suspect that by mid summer, Trump will instigate organized rallies/protests and a move away from Facebook, Google..etc. and a move toward more politically neutral platforms. All of us can do this immediately. We also need to stop financing the left. For me that means finding an alternative to Amazon.

  • wayne

    The American Presidential Election of 1860
    Mr. Beat 2015

  • janyuary

    Stephen Sharer: “The days of our Great Republic are coming to a close.” My WWII vet (naval officer) dad, political philosopher Republican, conservative, capitalist, entrepreneur, and an optimist whose life choices were very high risk and therefore high yield, lamented in the late 1990s that this was coming to pass in my lifetime, but he would be gone (as indeed he is, he passed in 2012). He often expressed thanks that he got to live in America in its best, freest days. And he certainly did live, to the hilt while enriching the lives of others, too.

    CK Bristol … “exact our revenge …”

    To what end?

    Also, my wise ol’ pop would have said a strategy based on an imaginary action (voting “against”) would be guaranteed to fail. I believe that Trump epitomized the logical outcome of the Republican strategy of voting “against” the Democrat since the days of Clinton, a deeply detested man rejected by large majorities of voters both elections (media consumers in a free market are responsible for context; election math tells truth seekers that Clinton was loathed). McCain was the Republican nominee in 2008; Romney in 2012; and Trump in 2016, at a time when every respectable, credible Republican and conservative I knew thought they were all lousy candidates. The strategy of voting “against” culminates here and now, and one could see it coming.

    Mr. Zimmerman, whether in space capitalism or in this Covid insanity, how wonderful it is to see your consistent call to go on offense, to put the left, the tyrants, on defense. Thank you. I think there is great hope for our future.

  • SDN

    “I must add that part of the reason we are in this mess is because of Republicans like Doug Ducey, as well as Trump himself, as described in my essay above. When they had the power to act and protect their citizens, they did not. We need to make them aware of their failures, and demand better.”

    When Trump has the same unfettered power to hire and fire that he did as a CEO, your criticism will be valid. Until then, you might want to consider the following points:

    1. Many positions require background checks. Who conducts those? The same coup-launchers at the FBI. Slow walking, denial for absurd reasons, the techniques are endless — and he can’t actually bypass them, especially with the number of RINOs in the Senate. Speaking of which….

    2. Need Senate confirmation? You have to get past Vichy Mitchy and Snake-in-the-Grassley:

    “Grassley has made clear that he wouldn’t be willing to approve any new Attorney General. Sessions spent many years in the Senate, and his GOP former colleagues there like him better than they like Trump. And so they are protecting the Attorney General.”

    And that doesn’t even count all the nominees who have been threatened after their personal info has been leaked.

  • SDN

    I had a comment, but your censorware didn’t like it.

  • Cotour

    Reading all of these comments is very uninspiring and they all come to IMO an incorrect conclusion. You are all displaying signs of depression.


    Whether Trump is successful in his efforts to get to the Supreme Court and extract a measure of justice and truth from this system that we live within, he has galvanized at least one half of the population of America to the Conservative cause and he has forced at least some light to be shown on the dark and corrupt inner workings of that system of all systems of governance.

    Without Trump there would have been a Hillary presidency and the ultimate sell out to the Globalists and the Chinese, and Trump amazingly stopped that “Eventuality”. Can anyone imagine what our country would look like if that woman were to have become president? Then I will hear, “But Trump only delayed that eventuality, now we have Biden, same thing”.

    And that would be correct to some degree, but if Joe Biden does indeed become president I strongly suspect will be a very transparently weak president. And his vice president? This vapid woman will also help to reveal their weakness and drive what will without doubt continue to roll out in America, the solidification of the Trumpublicans and a more Conservative voting populace.

    Without Trump providing a contrasting view of what their politicians could be, the most productive and Conservative president in modern history. More in line with the Founders of the country than the proforma politics of the day and a true leader of men and country’s. Instead of what we have all been programmed to expect, non productive wordy say nothing political tools of party power retention and bureaucracy for bureaucracies sake. Like a Joe Biden or any number of other potential plug in Democrat party leadership presidential candidates.

    Trump is the mirror that forces the country to look into.

    And remember, if not for cheating, threats, intimidation and bankrupt politics the Democrats would never acquire or retain political power. And a very good slice of America is now able to see what must be seen. Lots of positives come out of the Trump era.

    In the era of Trump all will be revealed, and then the people will have to take action. But it will not be easy, nothing worthwhile is easy. And so it will be hard.

  • Chad Bigly

    Wow, what a bunch of [deleted]. Trump will prevail, you mealy mouthed cowards.

  • Chad Bigly: You should read the rules, right above the reply box, in plain English. No obscenities or insults. You did both in a mere two sentences. This is a warning. Do it again you are suspended for a week. After that you are banned forever.

  • SDN: Rather than accusing me of censorship, you should read the rules, in very plain sight right above the reply box.

  • James Street

    Good things happened in Gettysburg yesterday.

  • wayne

    time for some Jocko Motivation….

    Jocko Willink / Akira –
    I Wake Up Early

  • F16 Guy

    A few weeks ago I got yelled at in Crested Butte, Co for not wearing a mask while I stood in a corner of the store all alone.
    I refused to put it on, and instead, walked out of the souvenir shop.

    For those times I feel I must wear one, I have opted for the face visor. No one has said a word about it. It’s a compromise between getting kicked out of a store and having to wear a mask.

    Never the less, I resist the mandate for face coverings as much as I can.

  • Wm

    They can’t take God away from us, if people even care about the Almighty anymore. But you had better fight to the death before you voluntarily let them take your guns. As our forefathers knew, many Americans with many guns cannot be defeated. Let the communist democrats and their antifa/BLM thugs bring it on. Americans have never been a people who will just lie down and die.

  • JackinSanDiego

    First time visitor to your website.

    I find your analysis superb, and spot on. And even more commendable that you can make these observations since you live so close to that cesspool that has contaminated the rest of the nation with its politics.

    Agree that should be Biden be installed, we would head closer to socialism, authoritarianism and/or communism.

    But I have another fear and that is that Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Industry and the Military Industrial Complex will usurp or control the power hungry money-whores and possibly create a Corporate Society, an all powerful business executives conglomeration, as depicted in the original Rollerball with James Cahn.

    These companies, executives & military officers are already fully involved with the Democrat Party and hold a very large amount of influence with them, as they do with many Republicans, but not at the party level.

    Of course, a Corporate Society may be a better life than the one depicted in George Orwell’s 1984.

    Just a thought, seeing it from my corner of the country. Thanks for your commentaries & observations.

  • Cotour

    (Went to Thanksgiving dinner the other night at my Democrat friends house, we ate outside. It was a pleasant and clear night after it rained earlier in the day. (I made giant stuffed mushrooms with crab stuffing) My friend is fond of saying to me: “I have a question for you”. And my response is: “Yes, you are a man of many questions, go ahead”. And invariably it has to do with a point of politics that he believes he has a handle on. And I generally answer him directly and authoritatively when I am up on the subject he asks about. But I have promised his wife that I will not engage in political discussion because of the potential of escalation, and I generally hold to that promise. So I have taken to answering his questions in a more thorough manner in an email the next day. And this was my follow up to last night.)


    (I feel at this point if you ask me specific questions about what is ongoing and I am not able to fully answer them that I should follow up on them in written form)

    1. Sidney Powell is not a “Crazy Lady”, as you characterized her. She is a very well respected and successful attorney and former Federal prosecutor. (Ask yourself, “where did that imagery about, Sidney Powell come from?”) What is she up to? In this 2020 election she has a problem with the outright fraud and the corruption of our system that has indeed taken place in this election. There was without doubt fraud, corruption and violations of our Constitutional Rights to equal treatment under the law in this election that when added up did indeed influence the outcome of the election. That is 100%. Now it must be incontrovertibly proved in a court setting as you correctly pointed out, and I agree with you 100%. Will that be able to be proven to the degree necessary? We wait to see, I give it a 50 / 50 chance at this point in time.

    And if you are not aware of any of that I suggest you must stop watching the MSM news that you trust and watch that you think is informing you, and stop reading the NYT’s and the like. Or at least watch and read them keeping a much more skeptical perspective in mind. You are not as informed a person that you like to believe that you are. You are in fact miss or only partially informed.

    (And I say that as your good friend of more than 20 years understanding and knowing that you are a good, well meaning and honest person.)

    These many media outlets, primarily populated by millennials who are without doubt Left leaning to say the least are not your friend. They are biased and are in pursuit of a Liberal / Leftist / Socialist / Globalist agenda for America and the world. And that is without doubt and if you like I will provide the multiple examples of their bias and this agenda that you are completely unaware of or concerned about.

    2. The Internet and those who are in control of it are again, without doubt, in pursuit of a more Liberal / Leftist / Socialist agenda for America and the world. And in engaging in this agenda they must as a political movement raze what it is that you understand as being what America means and everything that goes along with that, your freedom of speech and your freedom to listen and read what you please in order to come to the conclusions that YOU as an individual American deem important. These company’s are unreasonably and actively censoring what you, me and everyone else can see, say, do and think. They “Know better” what is best for you. And that should terrify you.

    3. As a simple example of what I am pointing out to you I post this video by someone who is a fly in the Leftist ointment, Mark Dice, and he generally uses humor and sarcasm to make his points on this subject, and goes over what I am attempting to point out to you: ; 8 min.

    4. As your friend I suggest you familiarize yourself with this book, 1984, by George Orwell and clearly see the parallels between what Orwell saw and what is going on right now in America and the world in real time. For as long as I have known you you have always been conscious that “You did not go to college”, and are not as educated as you might like to be. Well I suggest that it might be time you begin the education that you believe you are missing, and this is an excellent place to start.

    Everything that Orwell identifies as the many abuses of power that “The powers that be” in elite politics will in time attempt are very prescient and we are seeing it right now attempting to be universally executed in America and the world today. And none of this can be instituted by the Left if one thing remains solidly in place, THE CONSTITUTION of the United States Of America. And that is exactly what must be “adjusted” (Read: Made irrelevant) before these people, who you tell me you identify with, the Democrat party, which is mind blowing to me, must accomplish to become successful. I say, no thank you.

    (I posted a picture of the cover of the book: 1984, by George Orwell)

  • MJ P

    “And woe to any conservative student who speaks out.” As a former student of a liberal arts college under the guise of a public school, this is terrifyingly accurate. The only professors I’ve met that will even discuss the conservative side of politics are political science professors, and they do so sparingly. I fear that each new generation that gets involved in politics is increasingly liberal, which isn’t the problem. The problem is that as they become more extreme and active in their opinions, the less likely it is that they will even consider listening to someone point out the contradictions that riddle their arguments.

    I may only be a student with a few political science classes under my belt, but my studies have lead me to believe that the solution to our problem lies in reestablishing the foundations of modern conservatism in the American mindset. We’ve forgotten, or rather it was never explained, that modern conservative thought comes from a blending of classical liberalism and classical conservatism. Classical liberalism starts the movements in support of a free market/ laissez-faire economic style against “slave power” by asking how a paid worker is supposed to compete with slave worker. Eventually this split into modern liberalism, which relies heavily on the government to solve the issues of inequality and market failures and modern conservatism. Classical conservatism evolved as a response to the French Revolution and criticisms of classical liberalism. Classical conservative thinkers believe that the major problems of the world come from a decline in the significance of community and tradition, as well as a sense of hierarchy being essential to human nature. Modern conservatism combines these principles despite their critiques of each other to create a combined force against what we fear may be growing under our noses: a communist, totalitarian society. If we could begin to remind the common people of American society of the moral benefits (which the left seems to be so fond of) that come with support for modern conservative ideologies, such as individualism and equal opportunity.

  • wayne

    MJ P–
    highly recommend you plug some Rothbard into your reading-list.

    The American Economy and the End Laissez-Faire: 1870 to World War II:
    Lecture 12, “The Great Cooperation”
    Murray N. Rothbard New York Polytechnic University 1986.
    (Recorded by Hans-Hermann Hoppe)

    “Public housing, planned cities, government power plants, and coerced unionism were all part of the great cooperation between corporations and government through WWI and WWII. Milton Friedman proposed the withholding tax in WWII. Statistics came into being. Cartels were created to manage many industries, e.g. railroads and food. Unions were pro-war forces. Fascism was considered great. Civil liberties were dropped. Coolidge continued as a Morgan man…..”

  • wayne

    Dave Rubin
    Rubin Report 11-25-20
    “Special Message to NYC Mayor DeBlasio & Oregon Governor Kate Brown”

    ->adult language warning<-

  • David

    Trump being removed under suspicious circumstances you say?

    No amount of proof otherwise seems to satisfy you and those like you. No matter the recounts, lost court cases aplenty, other court cases where Trump’s lawyers withdrew their filings, and it goes on. No proof in court of massive voter fraud, of algorithms changing votes, votes not being counted, or counted twice, or… it just goes on and on. Just accusations piled upon accusations.

    And Republicans who dare speak truth to power about the election results are ridiculed as RINOS or weasels (if they’re lucky it stops there). Or they’re fired (see Chris Krebs as an example). Or they, their spouse, their family are now being threatened with violence and death as several Republican elected officials are enduring. And we must not ignore the too many Democratic officials and their loved ones who are also enduring horrible threats.

    Like our soon to be departed President, you seem to immunize yourself to facts, to truth, to reality on this matter. Very sad that like you millions have narrowed their view, their ability to be open minded, to accept truth. It breaks this old guy’s heart.

    And the hope I retain for the future is further strained now that I see you advocate for actions you have rightfully decried repeatedly in past months, past years when I have visited your site. Actions at times by radicals, at time by thugs with no care for our Republic that you’ve stood against with potent essays. Now you show yourself as no different???

    Trump will be leaving the Oval Office because he lost the Electoral College soundly 306-232. Trump called that margin a landslide, an overwhelming defeat in 2016 when he also accrued 306 votes.

    This doesn’t even consider the national popular vote margin of six million votes. By percentage of the popular vote obtained by the challenger, it’s the worst popular vote defeat of an incumbent President since Hoover (51.1% for Biden).

    At a time when so much needs to be done, when Americans need to be focused on the challenges our country, this world faces you would rather just be a part of the Trump mob?

    Love is what we all need more of now. Not hate. Forgiveness is what we need more of now. I forgive you for the irrational anger you’ve repeatedly expressed these last few months about the election. Do you forgive me for disagreeing with you?

    And then there’s trust. How can our country last if you and those like you are willing to point to the more than half of America (Democrat’s, liberals, Republicans who don’t approve of Trump) and say “they” are to blame for all seen as wrong? That “they” can’t be trusted?

    Please sir, please think about this. Always my best to you and yours this Christmas season. My schedule is packed for the next week or two, so I’ll stop by your site when time allows.

  • wayne

    Ref David above:
    A drive-by, anti-Trump screed.

  • Cotour


    Your constant boiling down the world of politics to, “We need more love”, physically sickens me.

    And there is PLENTY of evidence that there was an enormous amount of fraud and corruption in this last presidential election, that is a certainty. The two questions that remain are, 1. Can this evidence be gathered and assembled in a proper manner in a state court environment? And 2. Can the evidence that relates to the clear to my mind violations of the Constitution be properly and and in a timely manner be presented to the Supreme Court?

    This situation reminds me very much once again of the Lois learner / IRS case where Ms. Learner needed no formal instructions from anyone because she was a good soldier and took care of business in regards to NOT granting Conservative organizations their rightful tax status so they could more powerfully organize and pose a threat to the Democrat / Obama agenda. She should in the real world still be in prison.

    And then you have the evidence of these voting machines that permeate our system that are or can clearly be compromised and manipulated. And their pedigree is without doubt suspect and how they were funneled into the position that they found themselves. How can one state determine that they posed a severer security threat as was determined in Texas? And in other states, coincidentally Democrat states, found them to be perfectly OK?

    Our entire voting system through evidence has been IMO compromised and the will of the people has been perverted and we the people are no longer choosing our representatives. And at that point when we no longer have confidence in our election system we are just human cattle, owned and managed by those who are smarter than we. Just like chimps in a zoo.

    And THAT is what your “We need more love” theory of politics produces.

    Are you happy presenting a beta philosophy of politics and existence and being an owned human being? Are you happy essentially being a chimp David?

    I say, no thank you.

  • MJ P


    “Like our soon to be departed President, you seem to immunize yourself to facts, to truth, to reality on this matter. Very sad that like you millions have narrowed their view, their ability to be open minded, to accept truth. It breaks this old guy’s heart.” I’d like to point out that you may be guilty of being just as narrow-minded. If there wasn’t any fraud in the election, why are the Democrats and their supporters so against an investigation? We may not be able to see any evidence, that doesn’t mean its not there. Most politicians are lawyers by trade, which means its literally their job to manipulate the public into agreeing with them and that the other guy is wrong. Politicians take it to another level by turning the manipulation into a power grab, regardless of which side of politics they stand on. So I ask again: if there isn’t any fraud, why are they so against an investigation? This struggle should be a massive red flag, signaling that they might be guilty of something. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but when it comes to deciding the next president in one of the most powerful nations in the world we should all be a little more cautious but for the sake of our local politics and global politics.

    “Love is what we all need more of now. Not hate. Forgiveness is what we need more of now. I forgive you for the irrational anger you’ve repeatedly expressed these last few months about the election. Do you forgive me for disagreeing with you?” I’d almost argue that “love” is why we are in the political situation that we’re in now. I put love in quotes because I pretty much equate politicians to pond scum and last I checked pond scum doesn’t have emotions. Humans are emotional creatures and politicians use that to manipulate us to gain our support. This may be a bleak view, but when it comes to how much control the government has over my daily life, I think its better to always be suspicious of their true motives rather than just nod my head and go along with them. Anger is not necessarily irrational, especially when one feels that their well-being is being threatened by an overwhelming number of people that seem to have lost the ability to think for themselves. I may not know Mr. Zimmerman, but I can see where he’s coming from. Like many others, his knowledge and experience tell him that we could be destroying ourselves by continuing down our current path. That being said, I also think I understand where you are coming from. Over the recent decades, we’ve become more and more polarized in our politics. This has incited more and more anger and hatred from the extremes of both sides. Renewing our faith and trust in each other seems to be the only way to do that, but the world’s problems can’t be solved with sunshine and rainbows. We can try all we want to make everyone happy, but there will always someone who is unhappy.

  • janyuary

    MJ P, Cotour, David … certainly MJ P speaks obvious truth by pointing out that if the election was clean, the Democrats would welcome an investigation. If I was innocent, I would seek investigation to clear me.

    The word “hate” is the most telling of all words ever to be used in politics. Right now especially, Americans are afflicted by confusion between what are rules and what are laws (humans manufacture rules to control people, God/nature makes laws humans must abide by or suffer). Americans are very much righteously angry at being made to suffer solely because others are needlessly fearful. Those who are fearful accuse them of “hate.”

    Robert, I hope I don’t break your name-calling rule, but ever since I first became enraptured by politics in the sixth grade a half century ago, the only people in my circle who used the words “hater,” “hatred,” and “hate” to define or describe the motives or qualities of those who objected to their opinions or behavior, were third grade girls.

    It is a very useful red flag.

  • Edward

    No amount of eyewitness accounts from the observers seems to satisfy you and those like you that unusual and suspicious events took place. No amount of proof of these will satisfy you, either. Courts refusing to look into these reports, especially since those courts are Democrat-run courts, is hardly evidence that fraud does not exist. Indeed, refusal to investigate is evidence of coverup.

    Your irrational hatred of all things Trump is exposed. Leftists loved him, back when he was a Democrat (he still is but ran as a RINO, making him the hated enemy — no love lost there), except he failed to go far left, in 2006, like a good Democrat.

    Trump will be leaving the Oval Office because he lost the Electoral College soundly 306-232

    A lot you know. The Electoral College has yet to meet. Indeed, its membership has yet to be chosen.

    I forgive you for the irrational anger you’ve repeatedly expressed these last few months about the election.

    Ah yes. The old “disagreement equals anger, hatred, and both” routine from leftists. Any who disagree with the leftist position is a hater. Maybe even *gasp!* a denier. Oh, my!

    I have some very difficult problems believing your supposed forgiveness, considering the commentary in the paragraphs preceding it. You fail to seem genuine. After four years of hearing pure hatred from the left, suddenly people are supposed to forgive the left for such hatred? You read as though you also want us to forgive the left for rigging the election to prevent what happened to Hillary from happening to BiteMe.

    And then there’s trust. Apparently, trust is supposed to go one way, from the right to the left. Same for love, because there has yet to be any love going the other way.

    Here is some love for you: I love the way you drop this inanity into our laps, then decide to drop out of the discussion for a while. I suppose I could forgive you for that, but my tone in the previous sentences would likely be taken as negating that forgiveness.

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