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The dam is about to break on the COVID shots

Democrats might soon enter the Truth booth
Advocates of the jab are about to be forced, against their will,
to enter that door.

The research continues to pour in every day showing increasingly that the COVID shots that Democrats and Joe Biden forced down the throats of ordinary Americans are not only relatively ineffective at stopping COVID, they are downright risky to take, especially for the young and healthy.

One story however — having nothing to do with this scientific research — suggests strongly that the left’s fantasy-world about the jab is about to break, and break in a big way. These mind-numbed robots are suddenly discovering directly and personally how harmful the jab can be, in the worst possible manner.

Before I tell you about this one story, however, we first must review some of the new research and data that has popped up in just the past week. (For the substantial previous research about the harmful risks and uselessness of the COVID shots see Part 1 of my three part series on the COVID lie from the end of September, with parts 2 and 3 here and here.)

First, the uselessness of the jab:

Second, the unhealthy immediate effects of the jab:

The data for these last three stories comes from the forced release by the CDC of its V-Safe database from more than 10 million individuals. (V-Safe was created by the CDC, allowing “users to report ‘how they feel’ after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.”) When the CDC refused to release the data, two lawsuits resulted in court orders forcing its release.

And why did the CDC hide this data, as the third story asks? The answer “Because it clearly shows that these vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines we’ve ever created, that’s why.”

Third, the longer term serious health threat from the jab:

The last story I admit is a repeat from my September 28th column, but I note it again because it pertains directly to the most important story of all, which involves no scientific research at all but highlights how the evil mindless mandates forced on millions have caused untold pain and death, for absolutely no rational reason:

Why is this particular tragedy about the sudden death from heart failure of a healthy 17-year-old so significant? It is significant because Casten — a Democrat who supported the COVID shot mandates — admits in the family’s statement about Gwen Casten’s death that “She was fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Up until now, most stories and notices describing these terrible deaths of young people from inexplicable heart failure have avoided mentioning COVID — though it is almost certain that every single one of them was jabbed. Instead, the standard response is to make believe their COVID shot status is irrelevant, and only say the person died from inexplicable heart failure.

Casten’s family however is the first I have seen from a Democratic Party politician that actually admits their daughter was “fully vaccinated” (though the family statement also tries to imply the shot was beneficial, and that the cause of their daughter’s heart failure remains unknown). By mentioning their daughter’s COVID shot status, however, they lay open to the public the possibility that the shots and the heart failure might be linked, something you would think a Democrat congressman who pushed for the shot mandates would want to avoid.

Casten however does not avoid this possibility. Democrats like Casten — who have have been blindly advocating the jab while refusing to see its possibly harmful adverse effects — are beginning to be trapped by reality, resulting in a horrible tragedy for him and his family.

Expect more such terrible tragedies. It will not be long now before the failure of the COVID shot will be recognized clearly by all. When that occurs expect a storm more powerful than the worst hurricane.

And if you think that storm will be mild, watch the videos at this link, showing the self-righteous, smug, and almost vicious demands by the COVID shot advocates during 2020 and 2021.

As the site notes, “Never ever forget what they did.”

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  • t-dub

    PureBlood 4-ever. I’ve been disabled for over 17 years with an incurable autoimmune arthritis so I am definitely a “frequent flyer” in the medical system. This experience has taught me the importance of reading everything you can about what you are considering to put into your body. I am no stranger to biologic medications. Now, these advanced medications go through very long trials and they cost a lot of money. In fact, my biggest problem has been getting the drug companies to give me my medicine for free since I can in no way afford it and insurance basically won’t pay for it. Most of the biologic injections cost over $10,000/shot. I am constantly filling out forms, making phone calls etc. to get on patient assistance programs. When the jab came out with hardly any clinical trials and it was free alarm bells started going off in my head. Why, if this drug worked, would they give it away for free? The government won’t pay for my biologics. And why did the latest covalent booster come out after it had only been studied on 8 mice? That doesn’t sound right either. I told my doctor that I would never take the jab and I can see I was right. I haven’t spoken to him since so it will be very interesting to see if he has anything to say on the subject. To be fair, he didn’t try to sell me on the jab so I do still trust him.

  • James Street

    The Skull King @GathererSkull
    Remember when all the experts said, monkey pox was only spread through gay sex, and then it started popping up in kids and the entire story went away
    8:03 AM 10/4/22

  • Mitch S.

    I do share your skepticism regarding the vaccine/masks/mandates. As we look in the rear view mirror we can see some of the policies were based on panic/ignorance/cowardice/perhaps greed.
    But I hope you, as someone familiar with “the uncertainties of science” will help us sift through the data and see what happened, what was unknown and now known, what was known and hidden and what is yet unknown.
    Looking for evidence to illustrate how “evil” and “vicious” the authorities were lends a bias that weakens the argument.

    A few quick observations.
    The article showing vaccines caused more deaths in the UK links to data that shows early in the pandemic (presumably when Alpha was prevalent) the vax did lower mortality. Lets remember when Covid broke authorities were panicked that Covid would spread rapidly and cause millions of deaths. (Fauci and friends were especially panicked knowing that the virus was not natural but created in a Chinese biolab that they funded).
    Were elected officials (including Trump) participating in an evil plot or were they simply desperate to save millions even at the possible cost of thousands of casualties from the vax?
    Ultimately did the vax (or other measures) save more lives than they cost? I’m sure that will be the subject of much argument and the timeline is important – maybe yes during Alpha, perhaps no during Omicron.
    But let’s be careful with the statistics – remember what Mark Twain said…

  • Edward

    Mitch S.,
    You wrote: “Looking for evidence to illustrate how “evil” and “vicious” the authorities were lends a bias that weakens the argument.

    Are you serious? Mandating an experimental pharmaceutical is not a terrible idea? Doing so for personal or political gain is evil. Doing so after evidence comes in that it is harmful is worse than evil — it is outrageously evil. Doing it in such a way that those who are smart enough not get the jab are ostracized is even worse than that!

    An evil has befallen this country and the world, and far too many people have not only accepted it as normal but have embraced it as necessary. How are we ever to recover from such a horrific political and social environment?

    The article showing vaccines caused more deaths in the UK links to data that shows early in the pandemic (presumably when Alpha was prevalent) the vax did lower mortality.

    You have forgotten that 1) early faux vaccinations were given to those most vulnerable, 2) Robert’s point is that as time passes the faux vaccines become less effective and even counterproductive, and 3) the data shows that the young and healthy not only do not need the faux vaccine but are the most vulnerable to its dangerous effects.

    Were elected officials (including Trump) participating in an evil plot or were they simply desperate to save millions even at the possible cost of thousands of casualties from the vax?

    A better question: were the elected officials fooled by experts who stood to gain by recommending mandates?

    However, to answer your question, Mitch S.: Trump and several other elected officials did not mandate the faux vaccines. It is not immoral, illegal, or fattening to allow each of us to choose on our own, but it is horrific to mandate experimental medications or procedures. It is even worse than evil to refuse medical attention to those who choose not to participate in this massive, unscientific non-test of these experimental faux vaccines.

    Where are the ethics of continuing a mandate when it is proving to result in worse-than-the-disease for many or most demographics?

    Ultimately did the vax (or other measures) save more lives than they cost?

    As we are seeing, the answer is: not among the young and the healthy. We are seeing that over time it makes people even more susceptible, not less. The time for arguing the efficacy of the faux vaccine was a year and a half ago, before the mandates, the ostracizations, and refusals to treat the smart ones for their medical needs. For too many it is already too late. Some are already dead, many are already ailing, and we do not know how may may die in the next few years from the ill effects of the faux vaccines.

    The political, social, and medical reactions to the Wuhan flu violated centuries of medical lessons. Why our fearful leaders ignored these lessons and advocated the worst possible measures is a mystery, one that we should and must get to the bottom of so that we can be sure it never happens again. How we, in the 21st century, ended up with 13th century medical practices is something that we should have avoided. How we ended up with 13th century social reactions is also a mystery. One would think that we have not learned the lessons of the mistakes of history and thus have repeated them. It makes our fearful leaders (political and social) look pretty stupid.

  • Edward: Very nicely put. Also, to imply that Trump had something to do with the COVID shot mandates is intellectually dishonest. Those mandates were entirely the responsibility of Joe Biden and the Democrats. Based on all the evidence during Trump’s administration, it is extremely unlikely he would have ever imposed them. And he certainly wouldn’t have done it in September 2021, when Biden did, based on what the government knew then and kept hidden from the public.

  • mac

    My employer was making noises about forcing all of us to get the vax. I told them that they needed to have my replacement available within one hour on the day I was told the vax was mandatory, because I was leaving at the end of that hour. I told them I would not take the jab under any circumstances whatsoever and that, should they fire me for refusing it, I would see them in court for trying to force me to accept being injected with a vaccine issued only under an Emergency Use Authorization.

    I think they heard that from a number of other employees as well. Whatever the case was, they recognized that trying to get bitterly opposed employees to accept the jab was going to cost them more than half of their workforce. They finally decided this wasn’t the hill to die on and slowly backed away from the idea of mandatory vaccinations. I am sure that now they are incredibly grateful they didn’t make that mistake. I expect to see a LOT of lawsuits against employers who forced the vax and, if I get to be on a jury deciding one of those cases, that employer is going to leave court owning nothing and wearing nothing but a barrel. Payback for this is going to be the proverbial bitch.

  • Florida Fred

    Using the ‘logic’ of Mitch S. Vioxx, Celebrex, thalidomide and Fen-phen would still be available in the market. They killed a lot less people than the Covid shots and were pulled from the market. Covid has shown IMO how big pharma is like a RICO criminal organization that has corrupted healthcare putting profit over the patients’ health. Perfect example was the government, in coordination with big pharma, demonizing Ivermectin and HCQ for Covid use in order to push their EUA through and try to force the Covid shots on us. The Covid EUA has brought to light how big pharma has total control over the politicians and regulating agencies and uses such power to the detriment of patients’ health. Sadly Covid is the latest in a long history of big pharma corrupting healthcare. A corruption that goes back over 70 years. If anyone is interested I’d recommend reading “Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime-How big pharma has corrupted healthcare” by Peter C. Gotzsche. The author is a Danish doctor who has worked in government and private practice. The book was written in 2017 and shows that what has transpired with big pharma and the Covid shots is just another revenue maker for them in a long line of revenue making drugs that don’t do anything good for the patients’ health.

  • Milt

    As Robert suggests, we may be on the verge of a much wider acknowledgment of the problematic performance of the mRNA “vaccines.” Indeed, their less than stellar performance is by now so widely known that even the lapdog social media are having a hard time suppressing this data. Soon enough — and particularly if the November midterm elections turn out as anticipated (and if Mr. Musk succeeds in acquiring Twitter) — there will be something like full disclosure, at least for anyone who wants to know, and then the recriminations and assessing of blame will truly begin.

    The real question, however, will be the nature of this reaction, and the degree to which people will be able to embrace both the culpability of the authorities and their own complicity in this process. In terms of individuals, Gwen Casten’s family is the
    perfect case in point, and while they acknowledge the reality of what happened — “sudden, unexplained heart-failure among young, healthy people is rare but real. We are left gasping at the wrong end of random chance.” — they are still a long way from connecting the dots and admitting that there was far more going on here than random chance.

    In such cases, there is usually a strong psychological barrier to openly acknowledging one’s own mistakes and errors in judgements, particularly in Rep. Casten’s case, where his daughter probably paid the ultimate price for his caviler acceptance of the medical status
    quo. Who among us would wish to admit to such a terrible thing? So, too, in terms of admitting that one’s chosen group / ideology has made an error, and it will be tremendously hard for many Democrats — even in the face of all of the accumulating evidence — to admit that “their” government / party made any mistakes. (As for the Marxists behind the Biden Administration, massive deaths from whatever “mistakes” might have been made have NEVER been of much concern to them — remember, for Marxists deaths aren’t a bug but a *feature* — so don’t look for any contrition from this corner.)

    Obviously, there are different schools of thought as to what kind of public / political reaction all of this emerging evidence might engender, but, sadly, I do not anticipate that there will be any kind of national consensus about this. People who tend to be more
    conservative will probably embrace the idea of government / private sector complicity in this disaster and demand some kind of an accounting, but those on the left will likely resist the idea, maintaining that the government was acting in an “emergency” capacity,
    and they did it all in the name of the public good.

    Likewise, there are the two conflicting narratives about life in the United States. One suggests that it is up to *individuals* to make rational, responsible choices for themselves and their families, including choosing whether or not to get the mRNA jab. The other asserts that ONLY through the heroic actions of the government, acting collectively with the media to suppress any doubts or dissent, can the existential threat of COVID be vanquished and our society be saved.

    If you believe the second narrative of an heroic, infallible, all-powerful government acting boldly to “save society” (essentially the narrative promulgated Dr. Fauci and the media catamites who shilled for him), it will take a tremendous effort of will to conclude that, well, maybe — just this once — the government was “wrong” and should be held responsible. But how many on the left, let alone their representatives in Congress, will have the psychological capacity to conclude / act on this? My fear, again, is that all of the facts coming out abut the COVID “vaccines” will only further polarize this country, and there will never be a common narrative about “what happened” or what to do about it.

    Lacking any common agreement on what is “true” — or what might be done in the light of this truth — how do we go on as a country?
    I suppose that we’ll quickly enough find out.


    While agreeing with the dangers of making available and mandating an untested product, one should not lose sight of the germaphobe Orange-man who made his first mistake of agreeing to shut down the economy to flatten the curve and then jumped into warp-speed development of a vaccine — a product that takes years if not decades to develop. He provided an opening, paved with good intentions, to the commies — aka Democrats — to drive a Mack truck through it.

  • Ron Norman

    Fauchi and Blix were awarded a $300,000,000 prize by a pharmaceutical company and. both accepted the “prize” and retired. Do you know anything about that or did it go under the radar?

  • MLR

    The reason that the mRNA vaccines have been a failure and a danger is because like other drugs when given to inappropriate patients they cause more harm than good. You wouldn’t give chemotherapy to someone who didn’t have cancer. So why would you give a vaccine to someone who had essentially no risk of dying from covid-19?
    It was known early on that old people and people with certain risk factors were at risk for dying from covid-19. That population alone should have gotten the vaccines, not 5 year olds for example!
    But this is a result of the idea grasped by and forced upon us by Fauci et. al. that a respiratory virus can be eliminated. And that universal vaccination could accomplish that goal. It cannot. In fact universal vaccination may have promoted the development of the variants.
    Masking, lockdowns, school closings, none of it works. The experimental vaccines should have been offered to those at greatest risk from the disease and only with their permission.
    Politics and an election year made a sensible approach to this epidemic impossible because of the Marxist/Democrat/Hate America Party’s pursuit of power.

  • Edward

    Florida Fred mentioned thalidomide and Fen-phen. Oh, god. What reminders of the terrible lessons we should have learned before mandating experimental drugs. Neither thalidomide nor Fen-phen were mandatory, and both had been tested, approved, and were thought to be safe. It turned out that they were not so safe. When that can happen to tested drugs, what could happen with the untested?

    Oh, right. We are finding out now.

    You wrote: “And he certainly wouldn’t have done it in September 2021, when Biden did, based on what the government knew then and kept hidden from the public.

    What a good point. The government of the people by the people and for the people keeps hidden from the people information we need to make informed decisions. Because this information was hidden, we have some people who believe that it is OK for our baby-sitting government to sacrifice some lives in order to save others. Perhaps this is for the “greater good,” but how many people have died in the name of some sort of “greater good?” Anther road paved with good intentions, in addition to DEEBEE‘s.

    From Mitch S.: “Ultimately did the vax (or other measures) save more lives than they cost?”

    Now that we know that the faux vaccine eventually makes people more susceptible, how many more lives are about to be lost than have been saved?

    The cost is more than just lives lost but also the lives destroyed or forever badly affected. How many people have lost their careers or livelihoods due to these mandates? The government has gone very much deeper into debt as a direct result of its stupid, ignorant reaction to the Wuhan flu, and We the People will pay for this for decades to come. How many children have lost important education due to the bad government reaction? How many children have lost the ability to properly interact with others (play well with others) due to the mask mandates? Is the world’s population now more fearful of more things than before? It is more than just the children who have lost the ability to properly interact with others. You, Robert, pointed out this last problem when you linked to a video showing the problem: “watch the videos at this link ( ), showing the self-righteous, smug, and almost vicious demands by the COVID shot advocates during 2020 and 2021.

    This tragedy goes far beyond lives lost. It goes deep into adverse changes in society and relations between people, where some people fear the smart people, those who were and are not willing to take the terrible risks for virtually no reward. It goes deep into a dramatic change in government that now treats We the People as subjects of governmental rulers instead of treating us as the owners of government.

    Two and a half years ago, the once-governor of New York said that it was all worth it if only one life were saved. What a cost to save one life, only to find himself in the lower-quality world that has been created for all.

    Did the other measures save more lives than they cost? Hardly. Those other measures didn’t save even one life. We worked hard for two years for that one life to be saved so that New York would relax the other measures. Two years, and not one life saved, but plenty of lives and livelihoods were destroyed, and plenty of government spending to make up for all the economic devastation. There were also other disruptions as people fled the terrible conditions created in many places. American refugees migrated all over the country. There are even companies advertising to help Californians get the hell out to the state.

  • just a thought

    I find this blog post very informative; a good summary of what we know to date about the utter failure of the safeguards that were supposed to protect us.

  • mcglynn

    within a few years you will see a front page ny times piece signed by 27 virogists proclaiming that they wanted more time for research but trump insisted that operation warp speed was more important than anything. he needed the vaccine out there before the election. it was all his fault

  • Tommy T

    One only needed to conduct a simple risk analysis (Risk=Frequency X Consequence) to determine if the “vaccines” made sense. Remember anything multiplied by 0, like for example, the consequence of covid in children, equals 0 (risk). You can do 3 three things with “risk”; accept it, transfer it, mitigate it. One does not mitigate low (or 0 risk in the case of the congressman’s daughter). Why you ask? Because any mitigation strategy has to be subjected to to a cost/benefit analysis. If the mitigation strategy does not have more benefit than cost, you don’t implement it. This is simple decision making. It WAS government policy to make decisions using this process.

    BTW that process also works for “climate change”

  • Milt

    I think that Edward has perfectly described the many costs associated with our government’s horribly botched response to the COVID-19 debacle. Not only, as he says, has it cost unnumbered lives, it has stunted the social development of many children and engendered more irrational fear among the adult population. Even worse, as he observes:

    “This tragedy goes far beyond lives lost. It goes deep into adverse changes in society and relations between people, where some people fear the smart people, those who were and are not willing to take the terrible risks for virtually no reward. It goes deep into a dramatic change in government that now treats We the People as subjects of governmental rulers instead of treating us as the owners of government.”

    These are the true “costs” of the COVID epidemic, and they will, as Robert surmises, quickly enough become part of the public consciousness of how this terrible — and totally avoidable — chapter in our history unfolded.

    But then, what? And what might be learnt from this experience?

    First, what will likely be the public / political *reaction* to these revelations? Will Congressional hearings be held, and will special investigations along the lines of the Rogers (Challenger) Commission be conducted? Who will be found responsible, and who should bear the burden of their mistakes / malfeasance? And might this even include the loss of Big Pharma’s current blanket immunity with respect to any harm caused by its “vaccines”? Likewise, the culpability of governments and agencies who instituted vaccine mandates and summarily fired their employees when they refused to conform to them. So, too, those who reflexively closed schools and places of worship while keeping Walmarts and strip clubs open. Just *how* outraged will people be at what has been done to them — if not remorseful for allowing it to happen — and what will be determined as adequate legal redress for all of this?

    The second, and probably more portentous, question is whether or not such revelations and investigations will succeed in creating a commonly accepted history — an agreed upon national narrative — of how this rolling disaster actually played out and what lessons might be gleaned from this national Dark Night of the Soul. That is, can there even be a coherent, commonly accepted “story” about this debacle that will serve as an impetus to national restoration and reconciliation? Or, as may be more likely, will we remain divided into two, mutually opposing camps who go on believing radically different narratives (the stories that we tell ourselves about reality so that it makes sense to us) about the COVID pandemic and who was responsible for how it was handled? Indeed, even after the dam breaks and all of the actual data about these events becomes known, one can anticipate that, at the end, there will still be Fauci apologists / Democrat True Believers maintaining that “if everyone had just *taken the vaccine as they were supposed to,* none of this would have happened.”

    But beyond this level of willful, invincible ignorance, how many people — including the parents of Gwen Casten — will be able to suspend their disbelief and accept that, yes, in this case at least, the progressive view of how government ought to work *failed,* and they supported such actions? And will we as Americans — essentially learning nothing from all of this about the nature of ourselves and our society and clinging to two, diametrically opposed narratives about this chapter of our history — then go on as an even *more* deeply divided and polarized country?

  • Milt

    Addendum: Invincible ignorance — if not true evil — made manifest:

    Does anyone still fail to understand what we are dealing with here?

  • Mitch S.

    I wasn’t able to respond for a while but I’ll take some credit for sparking the conversation.
    Milt’s comments align with much of my thought so I’ll borrow his language:
    “can there even be a coherent, commonly accepted “story” about this debacle that will serve as an impetus to national restoration and reconciliation? Or, as may be more likely, will we remain divided into two, mutually opposing camps who go on believing radically different narratives”

    This is an important subject. Not just to understand what happened and assign blame/credit but because our understanding of what happened will guide policy and actions the next time something like this happens. And even regarding the current Covid some are still pushing endless “boosters”.
    While I agree there has been and will be a powerful cohort seeking to block and hide the discovery of “inconvenient truths”
    I believe there is a large part of the population than can be persuaded to open it’s eyes but it’s going to take patience and careful discussion to get there.
    But we have to remember that people really believe in the dangers of Covid and the efficacy of the vaccines.
    I’m concerned that an aggressive, cynical approach will simply result in the fact seekers being labelled as “anti-vax science denier conspiracy theorists ” and being thrown in a box with Alex Jones.

    Thalidomide, Vioxx etc? They weren’t for life threatening conditions.
    For deadly diseases with no alternative treatment (such as aggressive cancer) drugs are often authorized before full safety studies. Covid was presented as a “clear and present danger”. And let’s be clear, Covid did kill thousands before the vax was available. And people were convinced that the population at less risk such as the young, needed to be vaxed to protect the high risk population such as the elderly. People were also convinced that there were no effective alternates (the greed of the drug companies shows here – for example why didn’t officials recommend Vitamin D?)

    I’ll add some thoughts later….

  • Edward

    I very much like Milt’s phrase: “this national Dark Night of the Soul.

    Mitch S. wrote: “For deadly diseases with no alternative treatment (such as aggressive cancer) drugs are often authorized before full safety studies.

    Except that for Wuhan flu there were treatments that were banned or confiscated by government. Government banned the use of approved drugs. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were banned for use in many states, and Monoclonal Antibodies were confiscated by Let’s Go Brandon and were largely unavailable after that. One would think that the government that is supposed to protect us had instead wanted a large death toll.

    In addition, the untested drugs for use on deadly diseases are used on people who are going to die anyway, so there is not much lost if the drug is not safe or is not effective. In the case of the faux vaccines, they were being used on healthy people, so any ill effects would be a very bad thing — and are very bad things.

    The faux vaccines were under an emergency authorization. To allow individual choice on trying the faux vaccine is not the problem. The problem was the mandate of the incompletely tested faux vaccine (as well as to call it a vaccine, because it does not work as a vaccine and turned out not to protect as a vaccine protects).

    Additional problems were present, but they did not relate to voluntary use of the faux vaccine. They relate to the mandatory use of it, not just by government but by workplaces and by frightened people who were going about town. That last group had members who also wanted the faux vaccine to be mandatory for anyone who went out of their house.

    My own county declared that the faux vaccine did not work when they returned to the mask mandate for even those who had been jabbed. The county declared that even vaxxed folk could spread the disease, despite Brandon’s claim that the jab would stop the disease and stop the spread. My county had implied that those who were vaxxed are carriers of the disease. Thus the busybodies who want everyone they come in contact with to have the jab are wrong. The jab does not protect them. My county said so, and so did a large number of others.

    Many people realized early on that the faux vaccine was a failure. Now there are many others, busybodies, who refuse to believe in this failure and are trying to rationalize their irrational fears.

    Other social problems that arose from this Cluster Fiasco includes social media bans and cancellations. There was even a ministry of truth created in the proud-to-champion-free-speech United States, just to make sure that no one said anything that was not “true.” Only certain views could be expressed, and dissent was not tolerated. These views always correlated with the government’s position on topics.

    How do we recover from a tyranny that does not allow dissent? We may have saved a few lives (or maybe not), but the cost was the loss of our country. We lost truth, justice, and the American way.

  • Cotour

    You will want to see this about Covid and where it comes from:

    From Gateway: “I attest that I reviewed the proposal that was submitted to NIH which detailed the gain-of-function virology work that was being conducted to create the agent known as SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease known as COVID-19,” Huff said in his declaration.”

    And now I think someone, many someone’s needs to be held responsible.

    Can that in reality actually happen? It needs to whether it actually happen remains to be seen.

    (You isn’t wrong Wayne.)

  • Cotour

    Finally! Sanity related to Covid and the mRNA experimental “Vaccine” hesitancy:

    The Australian government offers to pay for your funeral apparently if the Covid “Vaccination” kills you.

    Now we are talking.

    Can’t make it up.

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