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The FBI must be wiped clean, or wiped out, on Day One of the next Repubican administration

Christopher Wray, the world's most powerful mobster

Should Donald Trump become president in 2024 and the acts to make major changes within the federal executive bureaucracy, cleaning house from top to bottom with major firings and layoffs (something he should have done in his first administration and failed to do), without question the first agency he must attack mercilessly is the FBI.

There are numerous documented examples in the past decade where the FBI has been weaponized against conservatives and Republicans, investigating, harassing, and even arresting people because they held beliefs that opposed the agenda of the Democratic Party. In some cases the individuals attacked were simply religious Christians who opposed abortion. In other cases the victims were ordinary Americans who simply made public their support of Trump.

Nor were just everyday Americans attacked. The FBI has arrested Republican candidates for office. Its officials have altered evidence to justify illegal seach warrants against Republicans. Its management also targeted and framed Trump officials it did not like. Officials there also abused the FISA court, submitting error-filled applications that were used to get warrants to spy on Americans. It redacted information to hide its misbehavior, claiming dishonestly that the redactions were for national security reasons.

This list is only a very small selection of the many such stories reported in the past decade. Any one of these corrupt actions would justify firing everyone at the FBI and zeroing out its budget as quickly as possible. Last week however the Ninth U.S. Court of Appeals provided us another reason: It ruled that FBI agents literally committed theft in rummaging through hundreds of security deposit boxes at a bank in wealthy Beverly Hills, confiscating millions of dollars it had no right to grab, simply because the cash was there and the agents and the agency wanted that money for their own pockets.

The decision slammed the FBI for overstepping its authority when it opened up hundreds of renters’ boxes, conducted criminal searches of them all, and attempted to permanently keep everything in the boxes worth more than $5,000, all without charging any box renter with a crime.

…For years, the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) insisted that they did nothing wrong at US Private Vaults. Even though the warrant authorizing the raid only permitted the FBI to open boxes to identify their owners and safeguard the contents, agents rummaged through hundreds of boxes, ran currency they found in front of drug sniffing dogs, and made copies of people’s most personal records. The DOJ then filed a massive administrative forfeiture claim to take more than $100 million in cash and other valuables, again, without charging any individual with a crime.

In other words, the court has ruled that the FBI is really a criminal organization that routinely abuses its power, and in this case it did so in order to literally steal millions from innocent Americans.

The ruling [pdf] returns the case to the lower courts, which had previously ruled in favor of the FBI, for further action. Its language also appears to demand that the FBI must destroy all data it obtained during these illegal searches. It is unclear however whether the decision requires the FBI to return the stolen money. Further litigation in the lower courts will likely settle this issue.

Regardless, the FBI’s behavior in this one case alone demonstrates its utter corruption. Not only has its officials been more than willing to help Democrats unfairly by attacking Republicans for political reasons, the case shows that those same officials are crooks as well. They need to go.

Moreover, they need to be frog-marched from their offices on the first day of office of the very next Republican who gains the presidency. There should be no mercy or grace period, which is what Trump did in 2020. The result was a four-year-long quiet insurrection within the FBI to undermine his entire administration.

The broom must sweep clean, immediately and without mercy
The broom must sweep clean, immediately
and without mercy

That must not happen in 2025, should Trump win in November. On inauguration day every FBI agent and manager must either submit his or her resignation or be fired. They should told in no uncertain terms that they must not report to work, and that they no longer have any authority to enter any FBI facility or use any government equipment, from email servers to computer desktops. This will not only allow the new administration to start fresh, it will make more difficult for these thugs to do anything to sabotage that administration.

Nor am I being paranoid. These corrupt FBI officials have demonstrated quite openly their willingness to cheat, lie, defy the law for both political and personal reasons. To leave them in power for even one nanosecond after Trump has the power to remove them would be allow them the opportunity to defy that new administration, in ways that are too awful to contemplate.

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  • Directly Related:


    “There has in recent history been a very concerted active effort to destroy America as founded and usurp and make moot the Constitution that structures it. And you could probably make the argument that this began under the F.D. Roosevelt administration?”

    Read it and share it with a friend if you dare………………

  • F

    In recent years, the thinking was that the rank and file FBI employees were good, but that the managers and administrators were bad, but more and more it seems that the cancer exists at all levels.

    This is a situation that is both saddening and terrifying.

    A real cleansing, as Robert describes here, is sorely needed.

  • F: You hit the nail on the head.

    Look at Texas as the president pits two law enforcement agencies against each other in order that he and Obama force their Socialist “Transformational” agenda on the country.

    At some point in the future if the country is to survive the rank and file within law enforcement in the cities, in the FBI and on the border is going to have to say NO to their leadership.

    Might it begin in New York City?

    The radical progressives in NYC are going to go too far.


  • Related, its all in the same pot:

    Dr. John Campbell:

    “Disease X is attracting a lot of attention”.

    Next up for the 2024 presidential election?

    Stand by.

  • pzatchok

    To even get into the FBI you need a collage education
    To gain any collage education you need to go through their system of indoctrination and vetting before they will let you graduate.

    The collages have control over who can even apply for the FBI and many other federal government bureaucracies.
    The ROTC system was the last holdout against their indoctrination because they set their own requirements. And any university which could not control the ROTC tried to get rid of it.

    Our local collage has an ROTC system and unbeknownst to the VAST majority of the rest of the student body they even have a firing range and armory for rifles on the campus.

  • James Street

    “There are numerous documented examples in the past decade where the FBI has been weaponized against conservatives and Republicans”

    I can remember when this was a conspiracy theory.

  • Jeff Wright

    What do we know about the US Marshalls?

  • Tom Donohue

    This fiasco could have been nipped in the bud if only former Attorney General Jeff Sessions had shown up for duty to his country and his President with a strong spine and a working pair below. Instead, he went native and turned loose the dogs of war to pounce on President Trump. Because of him and his utter lack of gumption (to say the least) we got Comey, Wray and Barr. That man should be forever hiding his face in embarrassment. He was certainly President Trump’s worst appointment decision.

  • BLSinSC

    The FIB is just the beginning! There are way too many FEDERAL ee’s with too little to do! First thing I would do is get the LIST of NON-ESSENTIAL EE’s from the last shutdown and make those PERMANENT NON-ESSENTIALS!

    Senator Cruz has the right idea concerning the IRS – flat tax and ABOLISH IT!

    Dept of “INDOCTRINATION” – return oversight to the States and ABOLISH IT!

    One thing the LEFT screams about is “EQUITY” – not EQUALITY! BUT, if you check the RACIAL MAKEUP of our Federal Gov’t you’ll find an overwhelming skewing of the races! Why is that not a concern? Use the “MUSK RULE” and fire 75% right off the bat and see if you need to replace anyone fired – probably not – but you’ll have to replace many of those left since they will most likely “stand with our brothers and sisters” and refuse to work!

    PRESIDENT TRUMP will need a STRONG VP who has a REAL JOB and not just “impeachment insurance” like the bozo Kamala or Joe before her! Maybe the best FIRST JOB for the VP would be to head the “REMIGRATION” of ten or twenty MILLION ILLEGALS! That would free PRESIDENT TRUMP to work his magic on the PAID TRAITORS in DC!

  • Guest

    Purging the FBI is necessary, but not sufficient. The entire structure of FedGov needs to be purged, starting with purging the military of the Obama loyalist generals that Trump left in place during his first term, which was one of his biggest mistakes. Second, the entire Department of (in)Justice must be purged and radically restructured. After that the Department of Homeland Security, State Department, IRS, and Department of Commerce, etc.

    Existing Departmental leadership must be replaced with Trump loyalists, or more broadly with MAGA loyalists. To accomplish this, Trump will need to make aggressive use of Acting Cabinet members and lower-level appointments in order to bypass Senate confirmation, as the Senate will only confirm weasels. Acting appointments are allowed to a first term of 300 days, then two subsequent terms of 210 days, for a total of 720 days. That’s more than enough time to restructure FedGov.

    Once this is complete it is time to turn the power of FedGov against corruption in DC, and specifically against the Democrat machine. The mantra needs to be investigate, indict, and imprison political enemies. Time to bring back Treason Trials, Roman style.

  • “This fiasco could have been nipped in the bud if only former Attorney General Jeff Sessions had shown up for duty to his country and his President with a strong spine and a working pair below.”

    If it were only that simple.

    The knives were out for Trump long before he took office.

    An outsider (Trump) is a direct threat to the uni party political machine. Why? Because he came to the office of president with an idealistic America first, as corny as you may think that is, perspective and became a disruptor in the delivering America to “The Agenda”.

  • Jason

    The 4th Amendment appears to be completely dead. I’m not a lawyer, so I’m not sure how that happened. I also don’t understand why the people whose phone and banking records were turned over to the Feds on January 6th haven’t sued the banks, phone companies, and the feds. Truly, why is that? Where is the plaintiff’s bar when you actually need them?

    All I know is that if that behavior goes unpunished, it will absolutely happen again – and is probably happening right now. While I hold out hope that the FBI will get reformed or disbanded by a future president or congress, I have very little faith in that outcome. Besides, if the conditions for the abuse don’t change, it will simply return in another form eventually. Some federal legislation buttressing the 4th Amendment privacy protections would be welcome if it assisted the plaintiff’s bar in sinking their teeth in to these companies and government agencies.

  • Guest: I agree with you entirely. I definitely did not wish to imply in my essay that only the FBI needs to be purged.

    However, the present FBI and its corrupt managers and agents have the power to do great direct inmediate harm to the President and allies, as proven by what it did to Trump in his previous administration. Above all it must be castrated at once, before any other agency, or else everything else will likely be stymied.

  • Bob in Idaho

    I am not willing to bet that Trump will ever hold office again. Even if he were to “beat the cheat”, I don’t doubt that the FBI wouldn’t arrest him for the heinous crime of being a Trump on a Tuesday, or perhaps bring Lon Horiuchi out of retirement.

  • Robert Pratt

    Jeff, U.S. Marshalls are presidential appointments.

  • David

    Don’t be fooled, if the DNC rig this election or if a Trump wins, it won’t change anything at all.
    Any president is just the frontman façade, the fall guy, a scapegoat if it all gets out of hand, the decision power lies elsewhere in deep state.

    The FBI have always been sketchy, I sometimes get the impression that Hoover was a gangster himself.
    A convenient set of circumstances lead to the creation of the FBI and, the NFA (1934 or 36? I forget off hand) had a field day destroying Constitutional firearm rights post prohabition/gangster era.

    Odd that the government only attacked the 2nd Amendment rights after the gangster full auto tommy-gun and grenade wielding era ended; rather than when it was an actual a problem.

    I smell a dirty rat. It is almost like the gangsters were agents of some kind, out to fortify/justify the need for more unwanted government.
    (There was also an attempted treasonous fascist coup in America that same decade, several famous American names were involved in that. Look up Major General Smedley Butler, he exposed the plot.)

    We see a similar setup with 911 and the subsequent creation of the unconstitutional DHS. Dig around for a video of Ronald Reagan with the Taliban in the Oval Office, read Operation Northwoods.
    Result; yet more violations of rights, more government and pure autocracy.

    Followed by the unconstitutional “Patriot Act”, irony being that it was actually Anti Patriot !
    Bush signed part I, Obama signed part II of the Act. There is no difference between the “2 parties”, they are the same crooks. Red vs Blue is only mind games to keep the public divided.

    Manufacturing consent.

    I will guarantee that anybody wanting to take down the FBI or CIA is going for a nice Presidential motorcade ride in an open top in Dallas. Watch out for a man with an umbrella on a sunny day, he is the range finder for the real shooter.

    Trump also claimed he would jail Clinton, he never did. All politicians will tell you anything and everything to fool you at election time.
    Just empty promises, and when in office, it’s screw the public and business as usual as if elections never even happened. I have watched them do this for decades, rinse & repeat.

  • wayne

    FBI established in 1908– one of the Progressive Era’s inventions.

  • To your point David:

    “And so, the dual law and justice juggernaut system in America barrels on. Just one more James Comey laying out all of the multiple reasons that Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State should be indicted, and then justifying not doing so event?”

    Joe is guilty, But cannot be prosecuted?

    Its not about truth, its all about power and the continuing control of it.

    Let us not be naive.

  • David

    Thanks for pointing out my FBI error.
    Not sure why I remembered it as a later date… Ooops, my bad, sorry folks.

  • Talking about leadership:

    I never saw this clip before and thought it was entertaining in its British lady honesty. Which I will have to assume she has doubled down on (no pun intended) given the performance of the American government over the past 3 or so years in the world.

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