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The public wakes up, but the window for freedom will remain open for only so long

Is a real house-cleaning about to happen?
Is a real house-cleaning about to happen?

The barbaric massacres committed by Hamas in Israel last week along with the left’s endorsement worldwide of those atrocities has appeared to awaken the long dormant outrage of the general population. Suddenly, people no longer seem willing to accept the lies and slanders of the left. Claiming Hamas was justified in killing babies and children while also taking many women and children hostage is a position that even many leftists cannot tolerate.

If you don’t believe me, watch this short clip from Bill Maher’s show, Real Time. Not only does Maher — a proud self-admitted lefty himself — trash the modern left in academia, the audience joins in to cheer that trashing.

It isn’t however only the left’s recent open support of Hamas that has inspired this disgust. It is also likely inspired by the many other abuses of power by the government (an arm of the power-hungry left) during the past three years. Those abuses, from lockdowns to censorship to blacklisting to mask and medical mandates, accomplished only one real thing: The abuses turned neutral ordinary people into ardent warriors against the left.

This shift was evident in three elections worldwide in the past few days.

In New Zealand the communist Labour Party lost badly to a conservative coalition this past weekend, almost certainly because of far left policies it has pushed for the past six years, including a “zero COVID” policy that made the nation an island prison, isolated from the rest of the world under a strict lockdown with exacting mask and COVID jab mandates combined with a severe effort to censor any dissent.

During most of those six years (until January of this year), that Labour government had been led by Jacinda Ardern, who only a few weeks ago said essentially that free speech is a weapon of war, and it must be silenced to protect the goals of those in power.

It appears her own district, which has been a lefty stronghold for years, might also fall to the conservatives in this past weekend’s election. And though the vote is close and the Labour candidate might still win, that it was a close vote in this district says that in New Zealand many past knee-jerk leftists are no longer jerking that knee.

Meanwhile in Austrailia this past weekend the voters rejected a change to its constitution, by a decisive margin of 60-40%, that would have given the aborigines a special and priveleged status in government and rule.

The change, pushed by Australia’s ruling leftist Labor Party, would have “recognize[d] Indigenous people in the constitution and create[d] an Indigenous body to advise government on policies that affect them.” Its claimed goal was to give these people a voice in the government

The public saw through this absurd claim, recognizing instead that the change was a typical modern Marxist ploy, based on racism, that would have given the aborigines special powers while making them superior in power over all others. It wouldn’t have helped them at all. Instead, it would have engendered more race hatred and resentment, to the benefit on no one but those on the left eager to use that hatred and resentment to garner more power.

This same weekend saw an an election in Louisiana in which the Republicans took the governorship there for the first time in eight years, with Republican Jeff Landry decisively beating the Democrat with more than 50% of the vote and thus avoiding a run-off.

“Democratic turnout has been weak,” Louisiana-based pollster John Couvillon told The Hill earlier this week. “Normally, early voting tends to favor Democrats, and Republicans as of Saturday night cumulatively have a plus-5 lead,” said Couvillon, who usually works with Republicans.

Chief among the warning signs was low turnout among Black voters, a key constituency for Democrats in the Pelican State.

And why has Democratic Party turn-out been so poor? It appears those American knee-jerk Democrats no longer can jerk their knee for the Democratic Party, home to power-hungry bigots who also support the killing of babies and children in Israel. Rather than pull the lever for Republicans — who have their own problems — these former Democrats simply stayed home.

What does this all mean? Are we seeing a major political shift worldwide away from the leftist, socialist, communist, globalists, and above all top-down rule that had dominated government for decades?

The Bill of Rights still exists, but barely
The Bill of Rights still exists, but barely

Maybe. Maybe not. But if we are seeing that political shift, the public must be warned that the window of opportunity to wrest power from these leftists will be short and will close quite soon, if blunt action is not taken immediately. The newly elected leaders must act quickly to clean house, or else they will experience what Donald Trump has experienced. He did not clean house from 2016 to 2020, and during his entire four year term the deep state in Washington did everything it could to stymie his policies. Then it acted to rig the 2020 election, making absolutely sure Trump would lose, and has since followed that up with numerous indictments against Trump to not only silence him but to hopefully prevent him from running again.

That deep state fears a Trump victory more than anything else, and is determined to prevent it, by any means necessary. It knows that if Trump should win again he will likely finally do that house-cleaning he should have done the first time.

That same fear percolates throughout the deep state worldwide. It was caught off guard in 2016 by Trump, and this past weekend in New Zealand and Australia. It will now work hard to prevent any further defeats, and it has no compunctions about breaking the law and oppressing its opponents in order to guarantee future victories.

The opportunity to re-establish freedom in America now is very short, if it exists at all. We had better use any opening without fear and with great force, or else we will not have the chance for many many decades to come.

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  • Ferris

    There isn’t a moment to spare. Even as more and more video evidence of Hamas’ brutality in its unprovoked attack on Israel and its innocent civilians is brought to light, the various mainstream media entities, including CNN, ABC, and MSNBC, are doing all they can to blame Israel for the violence, and to excuse Hamas’ savagery. The Biden administration, for its part, is doing its best to prevent Israel from properly defending itself.

    If allowed to do so, the Left will spin the crisis in favor of the terrorists, and against the freedom loving people in Israel and the United States.

  • Sometimes in existential circumstances you just have to take care of business. What other choices are there? None.

    And no matter what any outsider has to say about it, you take care of business.

    In our modern fantasy “civilized” reality where lawyers and laws and politicians and governments and arguments about colonialism and “equity” and racism, and Rights prevail, sometimes you just must take care of business and how you get there might disturb some.

    My assessment of this situation is that Israel understands that if the Globalists are successful, and they are making progress, because they are all Subjective “progressive” authoritarians and see Israel as a colonial occupier very similar to the United States from its inception they as well as the United States must be at the minimum made moot or at the maximum erased and replaced.

    This is what they truly believe, and they are moving towards those goals. AND they tell you exactly what their goals are.

    And that is the key argument and Subjective moral justification that all of these now in the open Marxist operatives that have been pumped out of the institutions of intellectualized higher “learning” in America and around the world that now populate the government and corporate seats of power make. And they are religious about their beliefs of historical retribution and making the world into what it “should” be in their so very highly intellectualized educated and oh so very “moral” opinions. (Be afraid)

    And that should scare the hell out of any rational thinking person in America. Why do some not listen?

    Sometimes you just have to take care of business and how you get there may be convoluted and counter intuitive.

    ” * Remember, the radical Leftists within the current American administration (D) in power right now as well as the Globalists despise Israel and if that paradigm power model continues to be the trend in America where will Israel be in the coming decades? Question asked, question answered. ”

    “Such strategic action potentials and justifications beginning say over the last 20 or so years due to technology have become more and more difficult to keep in the shadows. The evidence indicates what it indicates.”

    If the Globalists / Marxists / Authoritarians / “progressive” prevail in time, there is no Israel and there is no America as founded. The Globalists prefer the CCP model of Social Credit Scores and absolute compliance with the directives that issue forth from the Globalist government.

    And I have to say, no thank you to that.

    Israel will I am certain take care of business.

  • James Street

    There are only two types of people in the awakening right now:
    1. Normies just waking up to the truth about the world
    2. People who have been aware for a while and are just enjoying the Show
    (39 second video)

  • Cotour

    Awakening, but with qualifications:

    Always with qualifications.

    When they make an irrefutable observation and statement, we will all be better off.

  • David

    Here in Australia voting is compuslory. There are arguments here for and against this, but there can be no doubt about the fact that every adult gets a say.

    Regards this Referendum to change our Constitution, ALL six states voted majority NO. And one of the two Territories voted No as well (the Northern Territory which has the highest percentage of Indigenous Voters is the one that voted NO). The only State/Territory that voted majority Yes was the Aust Capital Territory, ie the seat of Gov’t/Bureaucracy, which is telling.

    A majority here is both >50% total individual votes Nationally AND a majority of States (ie 4 of the six states). The two Territories are counted in the total votes but not the State majority. Called a Double Majority to pass.

    The YES campain was a big $ saturation campaign with celebrity and corporate endorsements galore.

    The No campaign was not. It did have two very good campaigners who whilst also being Indigenous, have for decades been staunch defenders of all Australians’ rights.

    IMO bullet dodged.

  • Ray Van Dune

    Best Oz news I have heard in a while.

  • Jeff Wright

    Trudeau applauded a NAZI and that needs be put on a constant replay.

    Perhaps a candidate will call for Israel to get money instead of Ukraine

  • William

    There is plenty of evidence that the Hamas attack was allowed and/or created by some part of the Israeli government. The border wall was left undefended, the Media were told not to report the attack for hours, and there was no military response for hours. Israel had been warned about this attack days earlier by Egypt, and have the most professional intelligence services in the world, supposedly. Prior to the attack, the Israeli government was facing corruption charges and citizens had been protesting the government in huge street demonstrations for months. Now the world is focused on this conflict between Israel and Palestine, and NOT on Israeli government corruption, or the open US southern border, or Biden’s corruption, or the skyrocketing excess deaths rates worldwide after the mRNA jabs, or the unending price inflation of everything, or the US national debt–which spiked by almost a quarter billion dollars in one day last week.

    How convenient.

    This looks a lot like the 911 attack, done by pretty much the same people, to distract from their hidden agenda and to further their goals.

    Note that Hamas appears to be a creation of the Israeli government.

    I all this is hard to believe, all I can say is that the world is not run the way we were taught in school. The psychopaths controlling the world from the top of the power pyramid have no allegiance to any country. They lie, deceive, create illusions and manufacture crisis after crisis in order to manipulate and control the world’s population. Right now they are at war with the rest of humanity.

  • Alton

    One Open Congressional seat in Louisiana was taken by the Republican 61 to 31 a flip from DIMs, Biden took the seat in 2020 by eight points.

  • wayne

    James Street–
    Is there a full-frame version of that cat-video?

    “The Sad Reality Behind Ana Kasparian’s Red-Pilling”
    Rubin Report, Guest: Carl Benjamin (10-4-23)

  • wayne

    Pink Floyd
    “One of These Days” (1971)
    Animation- Nassos Vakalis: “Dinner For Few” (2020)

    “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces.”

  • Col Beausabre

    William, I have never read a post so filled with outright lies in my life. I will saying it to your face you are a DESPICABLE LIAR

  • Col Beausabre: While some might immediately think I am playing favorites by not suspending you for calling William a “despicable liar”, they will be wrong. Name-calling is only inappropriate when it isn’t based on any demonstrable facts. William’s post was exactly as you state, filled with so many incorrect facts fit together in a mish-mash of lies that to call it anything else is to be dishonest.

  • Cotour

    Are the words “Despicable Liar” name calling?

    Isn’t that an opinion based on an interpretation of the established or questionable facts?



    Information? Or disinformation?

    And if the answer to either question regarding either question is true, then where does that leave Col B and his moral outrage?

  • William

    Col B,

    >>William, I have never read a post so filled with outright lies in my life. I will saying it to your face you are a DESPICABLE LIAR

    I wish they were lies. I wish we lived in a world where we could trust our governments and our Media. It is only in the last three years that I have lost faith in these institutions because The Powers That Be went too far with the C19 scamdemic and woke me up. That caused me to do some research, and I had a lot of free time to research.

    All I can say is that the world is not run the way we were taught in school. Politicians are just puppets, political parties are all run by the same hidden cabal. They are there to give us the illusion of choice. Crises and events are created by TPTB to manipulate and control us and we are living in a matrix of lies. 911 should have woken me up but it didn’t. But now I can see the matrix.

    I understand why what I am saying would make you angry. However, I am confident that you will see what I see too eventually. People all over the world are waking up to the inherent corruption and unreality of the system we are living in.

  • William, your comment reminds me of the social conservatives of years past, who were always looking for the backwards messages from Satan and decrying the “demon beat” of the music of my generation,

    What I found, was that in nearly all cases the bad stuff was evident when you played the record in the normal direction,

    Sooner or later, no effective conspiracy can remain hidden. What you describe about the TPTB is true … but out in the open for anyone willing to look.

    They only have the power they have, because …

    > WE have put formal education and celebrity on pedestals of worship, as possessing the insight, wisdom, and virtue of superhuman deities … while summarily dismissing wisdom presented outside those channels as not worthy of consideration or trust.

    > WE have come to consider the consensus of authority, as conclusive proof of fact.

    > WE put “non-profit” status on a pedestal of worship and trust, while treating those honest enough to state their intent to profit with perpetual suspicion and the application of restraints in a manner reminiscent of Gulliver.

    > WE have come to believe that rules are the answer to every problem, assuming that compliance with them removes the need to think beyond them – and deal with their failures by creating more rules to cover the exception to the rule.

    > The above has combined to establish the conventional wisdom that all of us, except the elite few on the above pedestals, are incapable and unworthy of competently managing our own lives … and therefore WE should be given a pass on the responsibility to make our own decisions to get through life; instead being content to just go to work, or to school, and trust The Pedestaled to make our decisions, use our resources, and dictate what you and I can and can’t do from their lofty heights as though they are standing right beside us … all in the name of establishing their definition of the “greater good” as though it is one-size-fits-all.

    Under these assumptions – benignly accepted by millions as simply the way an “advanced” civilization is to live, and is beyond question – the incentives to develop and exercise competence are highly diminished among the masses, who come to believe that they can’t really rise above their situation and should just trust their “betters” in grand Flounderian fashion.

    OTOH, The Pedestaled come to expect such trust and OUR SUBMISSION, regardless of their actual competence, oblivious to their own human limitations and capability for perpetrating evil upon others like a bull in a china shop.

    By this way of thinking, reinforced by The Pedestaled for decades, we have been led to sell OURSELVES short as though we’re shares of GameStop, and let them establish their rule over us.

    This also has the effect of effectively unplugging most of the distributed intellect in the world from the problem-solving processes. Intellect that might not meet the standards of MENSA or rocket scientists, but combined with its proximity-informed insight is far better equipped to solve the problems around the individuals possessing it.

    Instead, we have centralized decision-making by an elite few, who come to believe that faceless, industrial approaches and economies of scale can be applied to solve problems with up to 330 million living, breathing INDIVIDUAL variables in this nation alone. That’s akin to trying to text on your smartphone with a sledgehammer.

    It is this way of thinking, on OUR part, that is being leveraged by the TPTB and crises-not-to-waste to open the door to the Great Reset, and the intergenerational decline under the then-entrenched oligarchic rule that will follow.

    If we want to reverse this lemming parade we are on now and make it stick … getting ordinary people to not only question the world around them, but build trust in their own insights and NOT delegate their decisions to others – even if that looks like more risk and effort for them – is essential to diminish the power of The Pedestaled and engage that distributed intellect.

    Meet the enemy … he is us.

  • William, kind of like there are two conversations underway? And the conversation that government presents is apparently not exactly what the developing evidence supports.

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”-William J. Casey, CIA Director”

    Sometimes when it is determined that you must get from point *A* to point *B* certain things must happen.

    Many are confused about exactly what government presents as truth. The government is not in business to tell anyone the truth. And the public believes that anything that their government officially puts must be the truth. Why? Because that is those in the publics perspective that they assume their fellow human beings are also constrained by.

    And THAT is a reality perspective confusion.

    William, you are more correct than not IMO and the Zman, and Col. B and the others are just unable or unwilling to disrupt their personal moral reality perspective. People have morality and live within that reality perspective, those who are empowered and populate government are transformed and live within a reality where morality depending on the established existential agenda is optional.

    And I make the point again: The level of technology that the general public has access to has changed the ability of those who operate under the two conversation reality model, like Mr. Casey plainly points out. These necessary (?) actions undertaken by government or government arm’s length proxies are much less able to be kept in the shadows then they were in the past. Lets say starting about 22 or so years ago.

    I worked this all out as best as I could based on available evidence as a result of that new level of technology, common sense and what is plain to see in 2011:

    And this may sooth you in the knowing, or it may disturb you the realizing. But there it is all the same, reality cares not about what you WANT to believe.

    But know that this or something very close to it is how real power is expressed in the world and this is throughout history and is not isolated to our modern times.

  • Andrew Winter

    I have to chuckle.

    The “window” of freedom will always be open, or at least openable, so long as there is one angry malcontent who is willing to throw a rock through that miserable piece of glass. Or fire a bullet through it. Either will work.

  • Andrew, denying an individual his rights has a chafing effect upon that individual. Eventually he/she will reach for that rock, and/or that gun, unless the chafing is relieved via respect for/protection of their rights.

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