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Genocide is coming to America

In my last visit to Israel in 2018, my brother and sister-in-law took me sight-seeing to the northern parts of Israel near the Sea of Galilee. On our first night, we stayed at the home of one of their older friends, a man in his seventies.

That night we sat around their kitchen table so that they could catch up on family matters. At one point in the conversation our host reminisced about an older woman, now gone, who he had known in his childhood in the 1950s who had lived in Germany before and during World War II and had survived a concentration camp.

To paraphrase the story he told us, what this woman always remembered most starkly about that time, especially in the 1930s, was how difficult it was to get German friends who were not Jewish to believe the horrors she and other Jews were going through. To her, their calm nonchalant dismissal of the Nazi bigotry and oppression of Jews — too unbelievable to take seriously — was what had horrified her the most. Even twenty years later, it was this dismissal that appalled her the most, despite her time in a concentration camp and the death she had seen around her.

As he told us this story, what struck me was how similar my own experience has been. Time after time for the past four decades my liberal friends and relatives have refused to believe anything I say to them — always based on actual events — about politics and the growing corruption and bigotry within the Democratic Party. Like those decent Germans in the 1930s, these decent Americans find reasons to quickly dismiss what I say, without making any effort to find out if there is any merit to it.

In fact, less than two days after this very conversation it happened again. At one point I made mention to my brother, who remains a very typical Jewish liberal, the growing pro-Democrat partisan extremism of modern American journalism, to the point of blackballing conservative writers. He immediately told me that couldn’t be true. When I then told him I have experienced this shunning personally because of my political positions, often resulting in the loss of jobs and the rejection of my writing, he shrugged, giving me that same look of dismissal that I am sure that German woman in 1930s Germany saw many times. What I said was simply too unbelievable to be true, even though I had actually experienced it.

In the past few weeks the United States has had the following stories, all also clearly too unbelievable to be true. First we have documented evidence that the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter organization — that many decent people and large corporations are now throwing lots of money and support to — believes whites are subhuman and should be wiped out.

“Whiteness is not humxness,” the statement begins. “infact, white skin is sub-humxn.” The post goes on to present a genetics-based argument centred on melanin and enzyme. “White ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual,” the post reads towards the end. “white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.” [emphasis mine]

I could go into detail about the aggressive Marxist and violent agenda of Black Lives Matter, but they form only a small part of the general hateful trend.

Consider Senator Tammy Duckforth (D-Illinois). After Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech, she summed it up like so, “He spent all his time talking about dead traitors,” such as many Confederate war heroes.

As Charles Cooke at the National Review correctly noted,

This is a flat-out lie. It is entirely untrue. It is invented from whole cloth. You can read the speech here and see for yourself. One doesn’t have to like President Trump — or to have enjoyed his speech — in order to acknowledge that Duckworth is lying. One needs only to read what was said.

Not only did Trump spend only a small portion of his speech discussing the Civil War, when he did he focused on Lincoln and his successful effort to end slavery.

Duckworth’s lies here however are only a small example. Lying and slander has become for the Democratic Party its standard operating procedure, no different than the methods used by the Nazis.

So also has outright bigotry become normalized among Democratic politicians. For example, during a zoom meeting of a local New York City education council, one member became outraged because another member (Thomas Wrocklege), who happened to be white, held a a black child of a friend on his lap.

This innocent image of a man holding a child was the target of scorn by his fellow council members. Rachel Broshi told Wrocklage, “It hurts people when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap and they don’t know the context. That is harmful.”

Broshi, and several other council members, argued that the image of a white man holding a black child was inherently racist. When Wrocklage asked Broshi to explain why holding a friend’s nephew was racist merely due to their differing races, Broshi refused, yelling at Wrocklage, “Read a book. Read Ibram Kendi. Read ‘White Fragility.’ Read ‘How to Talk to White People.’”

Hard to believe, eh? The problem is that it happened, and worse, it will be impossible to get ordinary Democrats to believe it.

Then there is the student who had been accepted to Marquette University, posted a pro-Trump video of herself, and then found the university threatening to rescind that acceptance because of her conservative beliefs, even as she was menaced repeatedly on social media for those beliefs.

Pfefferle’s post has been watched nearly 600,000 times and has since caught the attention of the Marquette community, some of whom began harassing Pfefferle. Others threatened her life. “I hope you get shot,” one commenter told Pfefferle. “I’d pray for you but you’re not worth it,” another user added.

“I was extremely disappointed by the incendiary comments,” Pfefferle told The College Fix in an interview. “The response from my peers has been repulsive.”

Pfefferle explained that following the TikTok, she was contacted by Brian Troyer, dean of undergraduate admissions at Marquette, who she said told her her acceptance to the school was far from certain. “[He] had the heart to tell me I wasn’t a student,” Pfefferle said. “This means that my classification is still in limbo and is currently being decided by the administration. I have been accepted, I paid for my housing, I have my roommates, I even have a complete class schedule. If that doesn’t make me a student, what does?”

Some Marquette administrators also asked Pfefferle a series of questions meant to judge her morals, she said. [emphasis mine]

Marquette officials have since backed off and reassured her that her acceptance will not be revoked, but I do not envy her. Should she continue to publicly express her political views, she should expect some quite vile treatment once a full time student there, not incomparable to the bigotry and violence experienced by Jews in 1930s Germany.

I could go on and on. The above stories are only a small sample from the past few days, and only give a taste of similar stories that have been never-ending practically every day since early in the 2016 election campaign, beginning with actual rioting and violence against attendees at various Trump election rallies.

And yet, though these examples of leftist bigotry and oppression actually happened, I know from experience, even recent experience, that it will be nigh on impossible to get many Americans who have traditionally aligned themselves with the Democratic Party to believe them.

Thus, the reason I fear that genocide is coming to America. My fear is not engendered because of the documented examples above of individuals spewing hate and the desire to kill their enemies. My fear exists because, though these hate-mongers really exist and have made clear their hate, too many decent Americans who are not filled with hate will simply look the other way. It doesn’t involve them, and besides, this is just too unbelievable to take seriously.

Instead, they will continue to make believe the documented facts above don’t exist, and so these evil people will gain in political strength and support, and will eventually be in a position of power to instigate their programs of hate and genocide.

Though these power-hungry thugs will be personally responsible for the evil they do, the larger blame will fall on the millions of Americans who looked the other way when something could have been done to stop them.

As always, I hope I am wrong. I hope that my past and recent experience is not a prediction of the future, that these same liberal but decent Americans are finally waking up. Though I remain pessimistic, no one will celebrate more than I if I discover I am wrong come election day.

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  • FC

    In my opinion a Jew who does not have an Israeli passport is one who has not learned from history.


  • John

    I doubt it.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t do away with those racist hateful irredeemable deplorable people. But even after we ban guns too many of them will remain armed.

    We’ll have to dox them, cancel them, censor them, make their lives as difficult as possible. They won’t even recognize their own children after re-education in our schools.

    If any of them get out of line, we’ll get them on red flag or hate thought crime charges.

    Sure, a little violence is needed for meaningful change. But we’ll be careful in its application.

    They won’t have anywhere to aim their guns.

  • Andrew _W

    I worry that no matter which side loses in November there will be people unwilling to accept the result to the point of thinking they’re justified in resorting to a prolonged violent campaign.

  • Cotour


  • Cotour

    Is that not the most ironic play on words?

  • Cotour: My, that was actually most clever and amusing. And right now, I need amusing things.

  • Tom Billings

    “My fear exists because, though these hate-mongers really exist and have made clear their hate, too many decent Americans who are not filled with hate will simply look the other way. ”

    True, they are not filled with hate. They are filled with fear, … fear that opposing this evil will destroy the worth of what upholds their own status, and in many cases, their financial prospects. That is, … their college degree. Most of these power hungry thugs would not be paid any attention to without their college contacts and certifications. That is the basis of them claiming moral authority.

    However, for many otherwise good people, to admit that the University community has been handing out certifications for anything so vile for the last 40 years, is to admit that the concepts of the University that certified their *own* expertise and authority were possibly fallacious to the point of incompetence. The problem is that they are sitting out there, on what looks like, to them, the same tree limb, that you are asking them to saw off! Some will go ahead, anyway, with courage. Courage, however, would not be so highly prized if it were as common as we wish it to be.

  • Cotour

    The comma is optional, maybe even more amusing without? More intuitive.


    Getting back to what appears to be your depression or apprehension, all of this contention in our country and the world will work out properly. We need this to sort things out. Its only this contentious because of one reason and that is because Trump represents a real threat and he is an iconic and in your face kind of threat.

    And that truly terrifies the Democrat leadership and their media lackies. Tell me what they have? Joe Biden? Trump hatred? Their close association with BLM and the “Progressive” / CHOP / CHAZ agenda? “Defund the police”? Really? Good luck with that and the American people. When it all comes down to it people are going to have to make a choice.

    That is what I take out of all of this going on in the country, the contention is good its a sign of desperation on the part of the Democrats and they are without doubt behind it all. And that is why this must be fought every day at full throttle and hammer and tong, no prisoners.

    I hope that cheers you up :)

    You want to cheer yourself up a little bit more? Think about being Trump every day, every day, and he keeps on going. Why does he keep on going? Because that is the only thing he can do. Because that is what needs to be done and there are no alternatives. If he can take it so can you and so can we all, this is political warfare.

  • Shaun

    Has anyone taken a look at Jo Jorgensen? She’s the apparent Libertarian candidate and fairly new to the field. I’m researching her but if you’re thinking 3rd candidate she might be worth a look. Of course any Libertarian candidate doesn’t stand a chance in today’s two party system but she’s worth at least checking into. Wonder how she would do on the debate stage if given a fair chance. Personally I don’t like having to choose between the lesser of two evils that we are left with by a two party system. I don’t feel that Trump is the answer and I don’t even want to think about what things would look like if a puppet like Biden took the office (reference everything Bob has posted above).

  • Cotour

    Is she a billionaire?

  • Shaun

    Millionaire I think.

  • Cotour

    No good, forget about her its 4.5 months to the election.

    It Trump, that’s it.

  • John C

    Mass genocide did not happen by the Nazi’s in WWII because of simple Anit-semitism. It was a prolonged dehumanization of Jews. After years of dehumanization by propaganda and bigotry by the Nazi party many people saw the Jews as something more equivalent to an animal, than a human. I think this is difficult for us to wrap our minds around this living in such a good country. Can you think of something dehumanizing in our current situation? Masks? We are already starting to see each other as carriers of death. Don’t violate my 6 feet or I could die! Wear a mask or you are guilty of causing mass death. Does that ring a bell? I’m not saying mask wearing will cause mass genocide, but it sure doesn’t help our current situation.

  • Shaun

    That’s everything that’s sad about this whole thing. We’re stuck. Even if someone doesn’t like Trump they have to vote for him so that someone worse doesn’t win.

  • Cotour

    No everyone is always happy Shaun.

    What is it that upsets you so much about Trump? His style? Or what he is doing?

  • Shaun

    Why Cotour, whatever do you mean? I respect and agree with so many of your posts but surely you aren’t asking me to breakdown the entirety of the the Trump administration’s history in this post? Bob and many others have posted about how Trump was elected to “drain the swamp” and failed to do so.

    My main thought was that a two party system doesn’t serve us. If that isn’t an acceptable concept to anyone then we are doomed to continue this cycle of decisive madness that just seems to be getting worse and worse. There is this notion that you have to have it one way or the other. But what if there is another way? I completely acknowledge that it’s too late in the election cycle to introduce a 3rd candidate but my point was to point out that we don’t have to be stuck with the two candidate choice in the future. I also acknowledge that this has been trumpeted for many years. How do we get there?

  • Shaun

    Correction- I meant “devisive” rather than “decisive” of course. Thanks for correcting Bob…

  • Cotour

    If you have indeed been reading what I write about over any amount of time then you understand that I see this entire chaotic situation as a necessary process of political warfare. And the Constitution designed this system for the exact purpose of sorting things out. And this particular moment in time is sooo contentious because the Democrats have been executing their Leftist agendas for the last 30 plus years and Trump is a president that stands fully against them and is undoing their “Good” works and he represents an existential threat to their existence. And that makes them extra nasty and desperate and dangerous.

    Our system is not really intended to have all of these fractionated factions like in a parliamentary system that you propose. The powers that be are basically on one side or the other, its just more efficient.

    And yes, if you could list what it is that Trump has accomplished that you do not agree with that would be helpful. If you just do not like Trumps style and personality then that is just your personal / subjective reaction to someone. And I can understand someone reacting to Trump in a negative way because of that. Trump operates on lets say a different level and not everyone appreciates or understands that.

    So if your unhappiness with Trump is based solely on that then I would ask you: Do you need to love the surgeon that specializes in the operation that you desperately need? IMO you do not need to love him, and he does not have to love you. You hire the best surgeon that you can get your hands on, and in 2020 that is Trump.

    But if you are saying that Trump is acting in un or anti Constitutional ways and doing things or enacting policies that you think are harmful to the country, then that is different and I would like to know about it.

  • Edward

    Shaun wrote: “There is this notion that you have to have it one way or the other. But what if there is another way?

    Some of the Founding Fathers were against a system with political parties. It was supposed to avoid the “us against them” philosophy and help to unite these United States.

    Robert wrote: “To her, their calm nonchalant dismissal of the Nazi bigotry and oppression of Jews — too unbelievable to take seriously — was what had horrified her the most.

    I’m sure that the Germans thought that such things couldn’t happen in their country. They were the superior, virtuous ones, after all. Democrats undoubtedly believe that such things could not happen here in America, either, and certainly not happen by the Democrat Party, which is unflawed.

    Who was it that sent American citizens who had Japanese ancestors to concentration camps in the United States? There was not enough protest to stop that, either.

    The Democrat Party was founded by President Jackson for the purpose of defending slavery from the abolitionist movement — slavery being a tyrannical concept. Jackson is also the one who ordered the Trail of Tears. The Democratic Party has always leaned in the direction of tyranny.

    Democrats are also unwilling to believe that Jim Crow laws were created by the Democratic Party or that The KKK was created by and composed of Democrats. They also believe that it was Democrats, not Republicans, who were behind the Civil Rights Movement. If it weren’t so sad, it would be laughable that Democrats now believe that minorities should be segregated, just as they believed half a century ago, except that back then minorities wanted integration and now they have been carefully taught to want segregation.

    These aren’t personal tales that can be dismissed as having been made up in order to create emotions that change minds; they are documented facts. Irrational or emotional people find it easy to ignore facts and favor their own emotional desires. They easily dismiss that the Democrat Party had an imperfect past and focus on the imperfections of the United States and its most important citizens.

    It is hard to get people to believe that they are following and electing people whose values are the complete antithesis to their own. This goes against their emotional desires. After all, how could their heroes be less than perfect? This would explain why they are destroying the statues and references to anyone who was less than their ideal. They deny that the Founding Fathers had any good in them, because some of them had inherited slaves and the laws made it too difficult to free them until the owners died. This is a dichotomy that liberals and Democrats just cannot get their heads around. In their minds, things are just too black and white (pun not intended, but what the heck), and anyone less than perfect is a bad person. They even toppled a statue of an abolitionist who freed a slave that had been gifted to him; just the act of freeing a slave has become a mortal sin, because he had to possess the slave in order to free him.

    Indeed, the goal of the left, of liberals, is to make everyone virtuous. (8 minutes, Bill Whittle, “Constrained vs. Unconstrained”).

    How do you make humanity a virtuous species, a perfect species? Get rid of those who are flawed and those who do not agree with the philosophy. Isn’t that what the NAZIs were doing in Germany? Isn’t that what communist and socialist nations have done by sending people to concentration camps or “forgetting” to send food to areas full of naysayers (e.g. Ukraine)?

    And yet, though these examples of leftist bigotry and oppression actually happened, I know from experience, even recent experience, that it will be nigh on impossible to get too many Americans who have traditionally aligned themselves with the Democratic Party to believe them.

    In addition to my examples of Democrat behaviors, above, what happened to the white farmers in Zimbabwe when blacks took power there? What is happening to white farmers in South Africa today? How many liberals or Democrats do you know who are willing to believe such things can still happen, even in other countries?

    In the past decade or so, many thing have happened in America that two decades ago Americans would have said could not happen here. They couldn’t happen because the country followed the Constitution, but our leaders stopped following it, and the Supreme Court continuously misinterprets it into a blueprint for tyranny.

    But these things couldn’t happen here. This is America, after all.


  • Shaun

    Yes. Trump’s nature has forced the left to reveal themselve’s in very real and extreme ways. Never in the last 30 years have we seen them so honest about their anti-US and anti-capitalistic stances. He really is generating a singularity that you either fall into or are repelled by. People can make their own decisions on this.

    That being said: You continue to try to draw me into a “why is Trump bad” debate. I’m not interested in that. What I AM interested in is why you think that a two party system is more efficient or better.

    244 years after this country was founded we now have two parties that are are so entrenched and unassailable that we can’t break in and introduce someone that they don’t endorse. Why? Follow the money. This has nothing to do with ideology and what the people want (other than that which can be used to grab a block of voters to help them get ellected). Both parties will say whatever they think is necessary to get their candidate elected but will never deliver on those promises because they can’t. Those same parties are so mired in special interests and promises to donors that nothing tangible will ever be achieved. Trump can’t actual change anything without the consent of the RNC and all of their extensive network. If what he does (not what he says) runs contrary to their interests then forget it. Same goes for the Dems.

    Say what you want. This isn’t so much an opinion against Trump as it is against what we’ve come to accept as the way we do things. If we keep fighting political battles with the assumption that things work the way they did 244 years ago then we’re doomed. The same basic ideals that drove the constitution apply and ABSOLUTELY should be fought for. But the DMC and RNC aren’t playing by the same rule book anymore.

  • wayne

    recommend this, and the previous 6 episodes.
    (two Anarcho-Capitalists)

    Michael Malice
    “Your Welcome” episode #110
    w/ Dave Smith

  • Brad

    German parallels? That’s a stretch. A danger of genocide? Probably not.

    America and Germany are too different. The times are too different. If an American dystopia threatens, then a likelier model of that danger is the socialist catastrophe of Venezuela.

    Venezuela may not have genocide, but they do have socialism induced lethal poverty, de-facto dictatorship, a sky high rate of murder, and thousands of extrajudicial killings by government death squads.

    The official murder rate of Venezuela is 15 times higher than the murder rate of the U.S., not counting the death squads…

    NYT 7-4-2019

    GENEVA — Venezuelan special forces have carried out thousands of extrajudicial killings in the past 18 months and then manipulated crime scenes to make it look as if the victims had been resisting arrest, the United Nations said on Thursday in a report detailing wide-ranging government abuses targeting political opponents.

    Special Action Forces described by witnesses as “death squads” killed 5,287 people in 2018 and another 1,569 by mid-May of [2019], in what are officially termed by the Venezuelan government “Operations for the Liberation of the People,” United Nations investigators reported.

  • pzatchok

    This is not a two party nation and it never was.

    At one point the Republican party was the third party.

    The reason third parties in America don’t get any traction is that they don’t have any new ideas.
    Save the animals? Both major parties already agree and the only argument is over how.
    Save the environment? Again both parties agree on this but differ on exactly how.
    Stay out of foreign wars? No one wants to get involved. Neither party. Until you hear about the humanitarian crisis.
    Free schooling? Both parties agree something needs done but one party wants free and unlimited schooling to be fully paid for by the government and the other party pretty much wants the individual to pay for it.
    More government services? Both parties agree some government services are needed but only one wants a few limits.

    Please any ‘third’ party should stop even trying to run for president until it can take over a city then a state and prove to the rest of America they are the best option out there.

    The Republicans had ending slavery as a goal.
    What do modern ‘third’ parties have that is comparable? Save the whales?

  • pzatchok

    As for any Jewish people being sent off to slaughter in America.
    Sorry, but not while anyone in my family is still on top of the dirt.
    I will not have any political prisons in the United States.

    A little while ago I did an internet research on World War 1 German Jewish fighter pilots.
    It turns out there was a huge amount of Jewish heros and medal winners in the German military. More than I thought. Sadly more than one has been forgotten because the NAZIS purged not just the Jewish people but also their historic contributions to Germany. Almost every single German military record of a Jew was burned.

    That was a different time and we are a different people. Something like that will NOT happen in America.
    They can play with a few statues and even attempt to edit history books. But we have to many records of exactly what happened in history. The truth will always be right on their tails.

  • john hare

    I see one silver lining in one of the dark clouds. The Twitter, Facebook, Hashtag, Whatever generation is generating trillions of researchable comments that will in turn be teaching the users to be skeptical of anything not cross checked. The trillions of lies out there will in due course create a reaction in those participating. The multiple search engines available participate in slowly educating those capable of learning, while those incapable will slowly become less relevant. This is not a quick process over a few months or a few election cycles. It is something evolving over decades and generations. I don’t personally know where things are going, but I do know that I am seeing some signs of the change. It is necessary to survive the present to reach the future, which is what is being discussed here.

    I am not a Trump fan. Being the best available option does not make for greatness. Some of his preferred ideas are harmful to the country, just as many of the Obama concepts were harmful. But there is tremendous inertia in this society that is more than one president can destroy in four or eight years. Harm yes, destroy no.

    It is beyond what I need to put in this particular comment regarding the harmful policies of this and other administrations. Trump fails on trade and immigration. The Obamacare was criminal. I am not influential enough to waste everyone’s time debating all this beyond short and simple comments.

  • Michael G. Gallagher

    One, Trump is the army you have, not the army you want.

    Two, America may not go the way of Nazi Germany or Venezuela because it possesses around one-half of all the civilian firearms on the planet.

    Three, there’s always this option, too. In fact, it could work quite well in tandem with the guns.

  • commodude

    Michael, You’re forgetting the Freikorps which existed in Weimar Germany. They had all their weapons from WW1. An armed populace isn’t enough.

  • njlamer

    Nobody is taking our guns without DYING first.. The Democrats are in for a rude awakening. We are about to Purge this country of our enemies for good. Don’t love it, Leave it while we let you.

  • Moshe Ben Avram

    As a Jewish Vietnam Vet whose family has been in America since the late 1600’s, and also whose family has served in every conflict America has ever been in, I say this to those Jews who either will not fight, or want to cut and run to Israel: To you who will not fight. You live in a country where you are allowed to have a weapon or weapons and are also allowed to defend yourself. Grow a spine and go get trained in a gun, any gun, and practice and keep it by your side, and G-d forbid should the day come and you have to use it to defend yourself or your family, at least you’re prepared. For those who would rather cut and run to Israel, or anywhere else for that matter. If America is your home and your country, then you fight for her. If you cut and run from her, you will cut and run from anywhere you go as well, and you are nothing but a spineless coward. If what I just wrote makes you upset…tough, get over it.

  • Cotour


    Why is our system more efficient or better? I will simply identify 2 other systems that are even more chaotic and crazier than ours, 1. The Brits with their Parliament, and 2, Israel and its Parliamentary form of governance. Their form of governance expresses itself in the fractionated and chaotic model that you seem to desire or see as “The answer”. Is that really what you want?

    And these two examples as we are all witness to live and in color have been moved even more to the Left through this system of many party interests. This system favors such treachery. Our Constitution can be seen / Is, the evolution of this form of Democratic governance. And there is no law that states that there can only be 2 political parties, there are in fact many other political organizations and political parties in our country.

    So reasonably explaining that I ask you again, why not Trump? You stated that you were not happy with him, why is that?

    And one more thing I would like to point out, an absolute statement: EVERYTHING REGARDING POWER AND MONEY IS OR WILL BE CORRUPT OR CORRUPTABLE. And that includes our political parties, all of them. None is much better than the other in this regard.

    Why is that?

    What is the American Constitution? Simply: The American Constitution is the counter balance to the nature of man related to power and governance.

    What is the nature of man related to power? The nature of man related to power is to abuse power.

    And if you absorb these truths and see them in the context of: what did the Founders attempt to accomplish? Founders: How do we design a document and form of governance given what our own personal experience is regarding an abusive and tyrannical King, and what we understand about history and the abuse of power? The answer to that question is the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights, which focuses on the abuse of power and in addition the freedom of the individual. And no other more brilliant document focused on this criteria has ever been formulated by human beings. Ever.

    And so we look at these truths (Assuming you agree with my interpretation) and step back and see how its has expressed itself in the real world over time, 244 years. This truth in combination with Capitalism is the most powerful combination of concepts crafted by human minds to counter balance the abuse of power and to ensure the freedom of the individual. Ever. Good bad or otherwise.

    And so when I hear people talking about how they have a better idea about how things should run and be executed I say: If your idea about such things is as good as you think it is then take your vision and manifest it in the real world where it can be tested. Sell it, Manifest your vision. And being able to do that requires that you fight the good fight and through political warfare and cajoling and convincing you make it so.

    Why is that? Because the Constitution lays out how such “Evolution” can be realized. Through confrontation, political warfare and battle in one form or another. Its all really very simple, but it is chaotic and confrontational. The battle and chaos has a direct correlation to the nature of things and so the best and most workable ideas survive to transfer those tested and proven political “genes” into the future. Simple.

  • Cotour

    The ridiculousness of the “Progressive” logic and why it must be rejected.

    Mayor of NYC Bill, the junior Sandinista, DeBlasio:

    “We don’t just decree we want things to happen regardless of the human impact. We look at the science, we look at the data. The data is telling us, it is not time for large gatherings.”

    And then:

    “just not time” for gatherings that “can mean not just thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people,” but protests represent “an area of sensitivity.”

    “We understand at this moment in history, people are talking about the need for historic changes. Today in New York City, recognizing the power and the meaning of the message of Black Lives Matter, which we did in front of Trump Tower today, this is a historic moment of change,”

    There will be no formal permits for gatherings, but if you are BLM you can protest all you like with the mayors blessing.

    And of course DeBlasio is one of them, Marxists all.

    And the Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is right behind him. Joe Biden for president, 2020.

  • Patrick Underwood

    njlamer, are you a plant? Our side doesn’t do Purges.

  • commodude

    Don’t forget….Sports Teams are exempt from quarantine for travel restrictions as well.

    The rulez iz just for us little peeps.

    Church is unsafe.

    Political rallies are unsafe.

    Protests and sports teams are fine.

  • Cotour

    Just remember to always carry your BTBLM sign with you where ever you go and hold it up if any government representative approaches you : (Behind The Black Lives Matter)

    They will not know what to make of that, and of course because they will not know what you actually support and because the letters BLM are included on your sign no one would dare to shut down what ever it is that you are doing.

    Just keep on protesting and doing as you please.

  • Cotour: The comma is essential. I do not approve of any sign that lacks it.

  • Divingengineer

    The democrat party has been hijacked by radicals.
    I see growing antisemitism everywhere I look and while it’s a fringe and frowned upon on the right, it is open and simply ignored on the left.
    This is to accommodate the radical left, how long can you coexist with them when they openly call for harm against you?
    You know, don’t you, that they consider Jews white too? They’re too stupid and too high on drugs to understand historical allegiances and sheeeit like that.
    You have let fanatics who preach hate take over the dem party, they preach hate and your elimination, but you’ll still go pull the lever for Straight Party Democrat this November.
    I don’t understand you, at all.

  • Screwtape

    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  • Marcus

    Mr. Zimmerman’s post is about people ignoring evil in front of their faces because it is “too unbelievable to take seriously.” And yet we have an open advocacy of genocide in njlamer’s comment above. Is it too terrible to take seriously? I’d like to be on record as saying it is unacceptable. Patrick, maybe njlamer is a plant, but thank you for standing up against the comment in any case. Given the entire purpose of the original post, how can such a comment be ignored?

  • Sarah T. Yarbrough

    No one can understand the FEAR in the heart of a mother…who when she become pregnant nature inspires in her a NEW TYPE of FEAR. I remember the first time I dreamed it, felt it. And when people make passing comments like my mother in law experienced when my husband was born in 1939 in NYC in a maternity ward…some non-Jewish women who could not see her (curtains) made the comment, Jewish women should just stop having babies. Can you imagine how that comment affected her? OMG, should I take him now and RUN and hide? When I had my two daughters I also from time to time felt the subtle nastiness of prejudice. I made the comment to my sister…they are not a religion they are simply two little white girls…and she flatly said NO THEY ARE SEMITICS!!!! WOW, I thought at the time…I had no idea there was such ignorance in my own family from my sister who had graduated from EMORY. Their Grandmother was from Warsaw Poland and as white as one could be and their grandfather was from Russia and also WHITE. So where she got the idea that because they were Jewish they were Semitic…well it is simply rampant ignorance…and until people are stopped for AGENDA REASON OF MARXISM from drinking the “racist” kool-aid…there is little that can be done for them…but as a TOTAL CAUCASIAN WHITE GIRL FROM SE MISSOURI with a father that was a minister in the Christian and I am Jewish BY CHOICE and marriage, just like RUTH…then people can and will believe hate over “GEE, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE and judge them only by the CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER.

  • Gern Blanston


    That’s what will keep the Whites in this country from being exterminated. We have too many of them, and we train, and we have ex-military on our side (and most of the military NCOs and junior officers, at least philosophically).

    We are going to have a race war on our hands pretty soon. The Bible calls it ethnos vs ethnos. It won’t be north vs south it will be east vs west. Eastern religion, Eastern politics (Communism) and Eastern thought. The West needs to realize this. Eastern religion has been entering the Church since the late ’60s. Modern evangelical churches in the West want “an experience,” not Jesus. They have dismissed the book of Revelation and think the King is coming back to a church that has conquered the world. The king they will get will be the anti-christ, and when he performs REAL miracles, they will fall all over him. And they will persecute not just the Jews but the true Believers who won’t “get with the program.”

    It’s happening. Right before our eyes.

    What is it about Jews and their inability to see what’s coming? How can a Jew in this country vote Democrat? That’s like voting for Stalin or Hitler. How can Jewish politicians pass anti-gun/2A measures repeatedly (Michael Bloomberg) and not think for one minute about his parents or grand parents being gassed in a German concentration camp? Taking guns away from people is asking for a death sentence. Have they not learned anything? I pray for the Jewish people to wake up!

    I’m not saying I want to have to point a gun at anyone. God forbid that day comes. But we will not go down easily when it does come.

  • Edward

    Thank you for so eloquently making my point.

  • Deeper Info

    The islamist elephant in the room is not being mentioned. The core of the resumed worldwide expansionist jihad, erupting antisemitism and islamlist terror street attacks is the fundamental precepts of the violent cult called islam. {BTW: mohammed was a sex slave owner – should he be cancelled?}

    The “othering” has reached a peak level in the US, just as in Germany. “Mainstream” protestant and lutheran churches have been turned into social justice crusaders against Israel, joing with BDS, the enemies who want to destroy Israel and genocide its Jews. Even the actual looting and desecration of Jewish stores and Synagogues has begun in the American CrystalNight Antifa / BLM riots. Schools are shunned, writings are censored, Jews on the Street are attacked, teachers are fired, journalists are physically assaulted, and students intimidated and dismissed from Student Councils. Speakers calling for violence against Israel and Jews are permitted on campus but ‘incorrect thinkers’ are shouted down and prevented from speaking.

    This is the result of the importation of the tactics of The Arab Street, who adopted and expanded the Nazi stategies. The outright assault on Jews worldwide began with the murder of a Rabbi in Geneva. The knifings, shootings, acid attacks, rape gangs, decapitations, have exploded since. The riots in Ferguson were agitated by palistinian rioters. Look at the ‘young lady’ lawyer recently arrested for throwing a molotov cocktail at a Police car. Read her history. islamist.

    The Mulsim Brotherhood infiltrated the White House, US Intelligence and military which obama facilitated. Specifically worked to soften defenses to islamic terrorism by creating “islamophobia” shield.

    The thing to remember about the Nazis is that they had great assitance from the local police, labor unions, and church leadership in mobilizing locals to slaughter their neighbors and their children. It was not the Nazis who killed many of the Jews who survived Concentration Camps when they returned to Poland, or elsewhere, after the war.

    The Mob is very real. The Guillotine should be their logo.

    The difference now is that individual Americans are armed.

    It is time to Prepare to Protect your family.

    Send support to Jewish self defense groups forming: Magen Am and Legion.

  • Cotour

    Once again the reality is not exactly what is portrayed in the “Progressive” political narrative universe that is pumped into the world by the media:

    BLM? Black lives literally matter, however BLM the organization is just a bait and switch Marxist psyops and it is funded, you guessed it, by Mr. Soros. To the tune of $33 million dollars that is funneled through a West coast Foundation called Thousand Currents which provides the tax deductible status for those contributions.

    Politics, its the dirtiest, filthiest game that human beings play.

  • pzatchok

    George Soros is an old sick man.
    I can list off all the bad things written about him but few would believe it who already don’t.

    But the scariest thing about him and his money is that he no longer manages and directs most of it. His children do and he has taught them very well.

    They will carry on his work for the next 50 years.

    The democrat party has fought for the last 20 years to change our fund raising laws just to get their hands on this foreign cash.

  • creeper

    The psychology here is simple…if you don’t believe something you can refuse to acknowledge its existence. See how easy that is?

  • Cotour


    Terrance K. Williams, from 2016, from long before Black Lives Matter really began to reveal themselves to be the radical and anti American, anti white racist and Marxist based organization that it has been recently revealed to be. (And racist BLM is chained now to the Democrat party) 7 min. (Some adult language)

    Too funny, truth and reality all while eating the all too symbolic in the black American culture, fried chicken. Do you know why stereotypes are funny? Because there is always a solid foundation of truth to them.

    Guess what? He could have done the same using Moet champagne, Hennessy cognac, Patrone tequila and Franks Red Hot hot sauce in his rant.

    The truth can be a “female dog”, and funny as hell.

  • Fast182

    The two party system hasn’t failed us. The problem is that we’ve had a one-party system for 50+ years, where you get the same government no matter which way you vote. The politicians get rich while we lose our liberty. With Reagan we just lost them a little slower.

    To get back to the subject of the article, I think this was inevitable. Western society has simply gotten too spoiled. We’re too comfortable to run the risk of standing up to the mob. The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time be the blood of patriots and tyrants alike.

    I agree that neither side will accept a loss in November. And China will do ANYTHING to prevent a Trump victory. Keep your powder dry.

  • Andrew M. Winter

    I have to echo the sentiments of others posting here: Namely “Get a gun. Learn how to use it.”

    The coming “genocide” is real. I have watched it build since about 1970. I have watched, as an “anti gun control” guy as the absolute dearth of reason and thinking were born and have since flourished.

    Once reason is gone, and it is on the liberal left totally gone. There is no more dialogue. There is only preparation for the worst. I have the means, but I a am 65 yrs old. If it comes to it, I am reasonably certain I will not survive my first firefight. My first firefight will be a death run.

    I pray for my children every day. They are both under the age of 10. I am a late bloomer it seems.

    For those still interested in an academic perspective I found this just today. I have been looking for a version from the old Cold War Days, and couldn’t find it. Yet here it is. This is how our world will fall, if it falls. It happened elsewhere, and is continuing to happen here.

    Here is a video of a lecture of his:

    and here is the book he wrote:

    Well then Wikipedia to the rescue: That original doctrine/protocol was called “Active Measures”

    Read it all and weep folks. I have been aware of this since the 60’s in General and later in the 70s when it was oh-so-popular to denigrate anyone who tried to warn about Marxism and Communism as simply “paranoid”. The Gun Control Crowd married into that theme right around 1969, shortly after the passage of the

    Also, if you can even find it, read:

    That is if you are still interested in the academics. I am not much anymore. I am more interested in being physically prepared these days. I thought I had done my duty, 85 -89 during the Cold War on duty on the Iron Curtain, (for those who count beans, yes I enlisted when I was thirty years old.). It is now plain to me that I really really seriously need to, as the old saying goes, keep my powder dry.

    Good Luck, and if it comes to that, Good Hunting.

  • Anonymous

    I think about South Africa and the slaughter and persecution of white farmers (who’ve only HELPED the country). I can’t think of a single thing except propaganda and pure evil & hatred as to why anyone would want to hurt white south africans, they’re hard working people who’ve done nothing but dedicate their lives to that land. I have without any doubt at all, come to the conclusion that what happened in South Africa will be what happens in America but tenfold due to slavery and jim crow [deleted] from a century or two ago. The overly dramatic Democratic party is recreating devils for votes. They’re so evil that they are willing to sell out their opposing party as evil bigots and racists just to get [deleted] votes >:(

    Our politics and immigration is extremely out of control here, and the vile nature of what we’re seeing in people of 2020 spells N A Z I P A R T Y, all over again… but this time with a new identity and a new race to be persecuted. Antifa, BLM are just pet projects for what is to come. Their hatred of white society, white families, white people… it is becoming their slogan for the Democratic Party. This is NOT a good sign for what is to come in 20+ years when the minority is our official majority. The saddest part about it is we’re literally open arms to these ethnic groups, we’re not afraid to allow them to stay here even though we’re becoming less and less loved by the day.

    I must add, as a caucasian male… we’ve been nothing but respectful to minorities my whole life. But the bad eggs do exist in minority groups, in fact when I was about 1 years old. My parents were surrounded and threatened with me in the backseat of our car at a park. My father told me these latino’s would not let us leave the park, they shouting things at my parents who was literally in his car waiting to leave. My dad told me it could have been a gang, because he had never seen anything like it before. They were circling the car, and it ended with him forcing his way out, much like how these drivers are doing in Portland trying to get through rioters. Keep in mind, they had a newborn in the back and that was me heh.

    So, the point is… it might not be reported or publicly accepted, but there are some very vile people in the demographics of our minority groups that would not be obliged to genocide if they had nothing stopping them. They wouldn’t be against hurting other people for their race either. They also would not be against killing a married couple, and who knows what the hell they would have done to me.

    We have about a 1% chance of resolving ethnic differences in America the more we become ethnic. Because the solutions will only become more diverse and complicated. Once they’ve done away with White Americans, they’ll move onto each other. Asians are already being bullied and threatened in black neighborhoods, these are not good signs. Then Latino’s will become the majority, and blacks will be at their throats. This probably wont end, the land is cursed for eternity.

  • Anonymous: I have deleted your obscenity. I am getting tired of saying this, but read the rules! I do not allow such language on Behind the Black. You are warned. Do it again and you will be suspended for a week. Do it a third time and its banishment.

  • Andi

    Robert, might want to double check. I think you missed an obscenity in that post.

  • Andi: Thank you. It is now deleted.

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