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There are no permanent political victories

The fight for liberty never ends
The fight for liberty never ends

There has been much celebration in conservative circles today because of the victories in Florida yesterday in almost every school board election, sweeping leftists and Democrats from power.

Many of the winning candidates have been endorsed by the 1776 Project PAC, an organization that has been instrumental in flipping school boards from liberal to conservative across the country.

“We saw massive election victories all throughout the state of Florida tonight,” 1776 Project PAC founder Ryan Girdusky told Breitbart News Tuesday. “It shows the desire of parents and residents across the country for some normalcy in our education system, and that means pushing against transgender ideology, critical race theory, critical gender ideology, and equity which destroys merit in education.”

“The 1776 Project PAC hopes to take these successes across the country,” he said.

The sense I get, similar to the same sense I got when the Republicans finally regained control of the House of Representatives in 1994 — after decades of uninterrupted Democratic Party rule — is the false belief that yesterday’s victories at these school boards puts an end to bad and oppressive COVID policies and the teaching of the queer agenda and the racist and Marxist program dubbed critical race theory.

And as happened after 1994, the victories yesterday do no such thing. In 1994 the Republicans retook Congress, but the federal bureaucracy was still controlled by Democrat operatives, and the Democratic Party had no intention of changing its stripes after this defeat. Instead, over the next decade it pushed hard to win back control, even as Republicans either rested on their laurels or actually teamed up with the Democrats to continue the leftist agenda, aimed at concentrating power in Washington that could be corruptly used by politicians of both parties.

The result was unending spending during the first six years of George Bush Junior’s presidential term — even though Republicans controlled both houses of Congress for most of that time — followed by the return of Democratic Party control in 2006, with a party that was even more leftist than before. Once Barack Obama was elected in 2008, that party moved quickly in Congress to impose its communist agenda nationwide, with Obamacare its more visible example.

The same thing will happen now in Florida and in the public schools nationwide, if conservatives don’t wake up. Republicans might now control many school boards, but if they do not recognize that the administrators and teachers in many of their schools remain devoted to the queer and Marxist agenda, nothing will change. The new school boards have to mercilessly clean house. Principals and superintendents have to be fired. Teachers pushing sex on kids need to be removed, and even prosecuted in some cases for child abuse. The Florida public schools have to be washed clean of these ugly and perverse ideas, and no amount of compromise will make that possible.

The same situation applies locally throughout the country. Simply taking over school boards once is not enough. Those reconstituted school boards have to be brutal and uncompromising in their policies and actions. They have to also push to win not one election, but many, over many years. No single victory accomplishes anything. It merely begins the battle.

They are a lot of Democrats out there now
They are a lot of close-minded leftists out there

You see, we are no longer a nation unified in support of freedom, personal responsibility, and the fundamental beliefs epitomized so well by the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Instead, a very large minority, possibly as high as 40% nationwide, and in the majority in many Democratically-controlled states like New York, Massachusetts, and California, rejects these ideas utterly, and wants instead to push for a reborn Soviet Union, using Orwell’s 1984 as their instruction manual. These people cannot be compromised with. They must be defeated, removed from power, and the policies they have imposed cancelled, as fast as possible. Doing so however will not be easy or quick, because there are a lot of them, they will not go quietly, and will use the policies they created to fight back hard.

If the new leaders at these school boards, as well as the parents who elected them, don’t recognize this difficult reality, they will all fail utterly in their effort to return schools to their fundamental purpose of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Instead, the schools will continue to be indoctrination laboratories for queer sex and communist ideology, though in a covert manner harder to recognize, even as the schools increasingly fail to teach kids any of the three R’s.

Eventually, as happened in the federal government late in Bush Jr’s term, that entrenched leftist school bureaucracy will bloom again, and once back in power it will quickly move to wipe out any gains these new school boards tried to impose. In fact, if the gains were meager they will evaporate away in an instant.

The time has come not for one victory, or minor action. The victory now must be continuous, relentless, and never-ending. Conservatives who want to defend freedom, our constitutional rights, and the American dream have got to keep the pressure on, not just on this first election day but during the entire school year followed by every subsequent election for years to come.

The war can never be won, but the battle now can be a real victory, if we recognize that it is a long struggle, not a one day election triumph.

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  • Cotour

    Political warfare yesterday, political warfare today, and political warfare tomorrow.

    Political warfare every day, it is the only way that those who seek political power are forced to reveal themselves to the people.

    Political warfare is essential for Americas survival.

  • Concerned

    “ The new school boards have to mercilessly clean house”

    This is exactly what the other side has been doing for a while, but Obama really made it obvious when he said he was going to “fundamentally transform America”.

    Bob’s warning is like a person after feeling the first symptoms of cancer and deciding to finally visit the oncologist, thinking all he has do is see the doctor once and all will be cured.

    Instead of the cleaning house allegory, I would liken the challenge we have ahead of us to a long, painful course of chemotherapy.

  • Bob Wilson

    No victory is permanent or total but we should take time to savor the victories that we do get. The Republicans in Arizona passing the most sweeping school choice bill in the country is another major victory. The left is really afraid of the schools issue because it drives a wedge between their key constituencies of black and Hispanic voters and the teachers union.. It also impacts another key constituency of the left, suburban women. Interestingly, the paying of the college loans of wealthy college graduates is not getting uniform praise from the left. This morning I listened to left wing talk radio here in the ultraleft Frisco Bay area. Many of the callers were POd because they paid their loans off. Yes, the left is in a position of power in our culture but their ideas are so preposterous and unworkable that we have the force of gravity working for us. We should be of good cheer and continue the battle.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Mr. Z. Is right to warn us of the long struggle in front of us.
    In that struggle many conservatives will cite our Constitution as the primary instrument in many of the fights ahead.
    The Constitution imposes limits on the powers of government, and it is written so that these limits are not mistaken or forgotten. Unfortunately in the last hundred years the Constitution has been severely diminished. I could cite numerous historical examples but I doubt many would read through that. So here are a few questions to ask yourself:
    How far off kilter is the proper relation between the States and an imperious Federal Govt?
    How warped is the current day understanding of Rights by a large percentage of the populace versus Rights as described in the Constitution?
    What are the powers of State & Federal Governments in perilous times?

  • Cotour


    THOSE WHO CAN (Please copy and share)

    “Those who can, do; those who cannot, teach.”

    Harvard Announces Former NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Will Be Teaching In Fall 2022 | The Daily Caller

    Big Bill’s first class? “Che Guvara, the man and the myth”.

    Bill DeBlasio: “Time for me to leave electoral politics and focus on other ways to serve.”.
    (Yes, Bill you have done enough.)

    Bill de Blasio on Twitter: “It’s clear the people of #NY10 are looking for another option and I respect that. Time for me to leave electoral politics and focus on other ways to serve. I am really grateful for all the people I met, the stories I heard and the many good souls who helped out. Thank you all!” / Twitter

    Parents are going to pay good money to Harvard to have this useless, Leftist, “Progressive”, moronic, stellar *X* hole failure teach their young men and women? Makes perfect sense.

    Why not? Money is free now!

  • GWG

    Well, Mr. Z, you are 100% right: The fight for freedom never ends.
    But to every rule, there is an exception. In this case, the exception is the Republican Party. It’s sole tenet (value, belief, foundational operating principle) is “It’s just a game. Today we win. Tomorrow they win. It’s just a game. And only those of us — Republicans AND Democrats — are allowed to play. Only those of us ‘in the club’ are smart enough to even understand what is going on. There’s nothing really SERIOUS at stake. Life will always go on. Don’t get excited. Let the silly ‘cultural warriors’ do their thing. It’s got nothing to do with us…. We’ll always be here…”
    Which, by the way, is exactly what the Romanovs said before 1914,,,only I think they said it in French (French because “Heaven forfend that we should speak Russian! It’s such a low, ugly language…. Like the people who speak it…”).

  • pzatchok

    America is the greatest nation on the planet.

    With one major flaw.
    We allow our enemies to work from inside our boarders by law.
    If we do not watch and work against them actively daily and just as vigorously as they work against us we eventually let them take power and take over.

    Freedom of speech is a two edged sword. We must always use it to fight against the speech that threatens to bring us down.

    We are far to powerful to fall to enemies from outside our nation but we must always watch and fight against enemies from within our boarders.

  • GWG: You are correct. And you express exactly why Trump-endorsed candidates nationwide are doing so well. The public doesn’t want a go-along-to-get-along Republican Party any longer. In the past it might have naively looked the other way, or tolerated that childish gamesmanship, but today the public is quite sick and tired of it.

    However, the new Trump candidates cannot be trusted. They must be watched incessantly, and dumped the second they begin to play the Washington game. There is no room any longer for that crap.

  • GaryMike


    “Those who can, do; those who cannot, teach.”

    Neil deGrasse Tyson

    In his PhD dissertation, his second attempt, he surveyed stellar population types along the vertical axis of the Milky Way’s bulge. He observed and recorded stellar populations that differed by distance from the bulge’s center.

    To my knowledge, he has published no other scholarly treatise. I haven’t really investigated such an assumption.

    I do know that he has for many years been Hayden Planetarium’s Director. Having been a planetarium director myself, Mr. Tyson hasn’t actually been a professional astrophysicist for quite some time, if ever.

    He is by profession a science explicator. He has made much more money for himself and his family than he would ever have made as a professional astrophysicist.

    When asked, he claims he is by profession an astrophysicist. I’ve always wondered why he has always chosen not to define himself to others as a much more successful science explicator.

    The ego is a harsh mistress.

  • Cotour

    Tyson has found his niche.

    Sagan was good at it, and I suspect he is more of a formal scientist. Kaku is good at it, and I suspect he is more of a formal scientist.

    Kaku has a habit of putting everyone in their proper place when he professes and “explicates”, he slips in the distinction, “We Physisists” and exalts himself and his collogues. He cannot help himself, every time you see him.

    But they are generally good at what they find themselves doing as Ricky Ricardo would say “Splaining things” to people :)

    And while Tyson is probably just as Liberal (?) I really don’t know, I would never put him in the same company as the entirely useless Leftist, *X* hole DeBlasio. You know he decided to go in a different direction and find a way new to serve.

    He will Teach. Oy.

  • GaryMike

    I’m thinking that actually accomplished folks have a certain right to brag: put in the time, put in the effort, put on an occasional end-zone performance.

    Get a free pass.

    I think what we’re both saying is that really smart people are not smart in everything they do. Einstein married his 1st cousin.

    RZ allows comments.

  • wayne

    I consume a lot of science-video (good material is hard to find) and completely dislike Tyson. I sorta lump him in with bill nye the grifter-guy.
    On a higher level of grift, Sean Carroll is a total Trump-hater, he has a smooth non-threatening delivery & interesting theories, but ultimately he thinks Trump is a fascist.

  • Phill O

    “No single victory accomplishes anything. It merely begins the battle.”
    “However, the new Trump candidates cannot be trusted. They must be watched incessantly, and dumped the second they begin to play the Washington game. ”
    The problem is that the leftists have an agenda for subjugating all others to their will. They are more enlightened and deserve this. Each individual must contend daily because the leftists will certainly contend with the new elected people, and who ever squeaks the loudest—-. IMHO

  • Ray Van Dune

    “Einstein married his 1st cousin.”

    So THAT’S why relativity and quantum mechanics produce weird results!!

  • “No single victory accomplishes anything. It merely begins the battle.”

    Or ends it. Not there yet, by a long shot, but perhaps The People are agitated enough to consider alternatives. Like, well, you ever hear of a place called ‘America’?

  • David135

    A well said alarm for what so few recognize in the war against the progressive left. It’s eternal, without rest. Progressivism really is a zealous, intolerant religion that has its own values and historical interpretation. Totally incompatible with Western ideals. There is no middle ground or compromising for sake of social cohesion and civility. There is never a lull in the fight and our ‘victories’ is only their tactical retreat.


  • GaryMike


    “…dislike Tyson…”,
    “… bill nye”…
    “Sean Carroll…”

    I actually respect Sean Carroll. I’ve trolled him relentlessly over the years. Just because he thinks too much of himself doesn’t mean he’s actually wrong.

    I’m an a-hole. It’s what I do.

    A-holes don’t deserve respect.

  • GaryMike

    Ray Van Dune;

    “Einstein married his 1st cousin.”

    “So THAT’S why relativity and quantum mechanics produce weird results!!”

    Thank you for the laugh. I’ve needed it.

    Reality and probability have an uncertain relationship.

    The Universe’s software engineers are totally failing us.

    We’re not supposed to see the glitches.

  • Will Cate

    Never take your foot off the gas.

  • Cotour

    “Parents are going to pay good money to Harvard to have this useless, Leftist, “Progressive”, moronic, stellar *X* hole failure teach their young men and women? Makes perfect sense.”

    That is failure from the perspective of an American that is. From the perspective of a philosophical Marist insurgent, he has done well. DeBlasio, who in all fairness was elected twice has in major ways destroyed the icon of America and capitalism, NYC.

    He will profess at Harvard and finish the indoctrination of the young “Progressive” minds that the Democrat party machine needs to administer the corporations and the government in America to drag it down even further to “EQUALITY”.

    Big picture success all depends on your perspective.

  • BLSinSC

    All these Conservative controlled School Boards will face the FEDERAL AGENCIES in most of the GOOD that they attempt to do. Be STRONG and make absolutely SURE that you are CORRECT and have IRON CLAD EVIDENCE! If a “teacher’s” contract is up for renewal and you have evidence of poor performance or moral issues, then simply DO NOT RENEW! Establish GOALS for the Schools and hold Teachers accountable. Hold STUDENTS accountable! Hold PARENTS accountable! These brave people are in for a LONG and HARD term. We should all PRAY for their SUCCESS!!

  • Ray Van Dune

    From what I read, the whole Big Bang concept is in doubt, and the JWST may put the last nail in its coffin!

    Sean Carroll: Actual theoretician
    Neil Degraded Tyson: Mike’s less articulate brother
    Bill Nye: Carnival barker

  • Cotour

    A prime example of the power of advanced degrees:

    Dave Ramsey:

    This is an example of what is driving the bus in government administration.

  • Cotour

    A little more from those who are holders of advanced degrees:

  • David Burns

    You have to consider the political left in our country as a giant ratchet. With each click of the government mechanism, a new normal is locked into place and they begin to work on the next notch. Those on the right have been content to try to keep the next notch from being achieved. The only solution is to break the ratchet mechanism. I fear there will be blood.

  • Cotour

    Win, lose or draw the Left always moves the ball in their favor. Choose your metaphor.

    They are the equivalent of the Borg.

    The “Inflation Reduction Act”? = The Democrat party machine 10 year finance fund as the public relieves them of their political power for a while.

  • Cotour

    Evidence, in NY anyway:

    (This must clearly be ended by the voters in November)

    “We really proved that socialism wins! We are not going anywhere, and we will not stop until we see a socialist slate across this city!” Gonzalez shouted.

    Gonzalez is a former intern for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

    And why it that she lives in America and not in Peru? (That is a rhetorical question)

  • Col Beausabre

    Bob, There are permanent victories, at least in the minds of the Left. Pass legislation revoking what we passed? It’s the law of the land, idiot!

  • sippin_bourbon

    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

    -Ronaldus Magnus.

  • J.P.

    You are correct that the Left has an agenda; the Right does not; that the Left will not stop to get what they want; that the Right will not remain vigilant and, eventually, this will lead to the Left winning; that the Right will collaborate with the Left in ruining the country, while the Left maintains (what is in effect) ideological purity.

    They’re evil but they’re not stupid. We’re stupid.

    As a rather wise philosopher once observed:

    1. In any conflict between two men (or two groups) who hold the same basic principles, it is the more consistent one who wins.

    2. In any collaboration between two men (or two groups) who hold different basic principles, it is the more evil or irrational one who wins.

    So who’s more consistent with their ideology – the Left or the Right? Who nominates Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton – AND also nominate Lisa Murkowski, Mehmet Oz, Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham?

    Who collaborates with the other side – the Left or the Right? Say, for starters, which side leapt at the chance to contribute to helping to craft that new anti-2A bill that passed into law a few weeks ago – the Left or the Right? How’d that work out?

    The Right’s fundamental error is that they think that they’re not responsible for this mess. The Right spews on about the “dangers” of socialism to whip up the base but they’re the ones that collaborate with the socialist state, if not outright endorse and contribute to its upkeep. In the past 100 years, the Right has united against one – just one – political crusade: Obamacare. Yet when they had the Congress and the presidency afterwards, they did NOTHING to repeal it — nothing. In ’94, they ran on term limits, won for the Congress for first time in over 40 years and failed to enact term limits. Since Nixon, federal spending typically increases MORE during Republican administrations than Democratic. Who’s more consistent? Which side collaborates with the other?

    So, we “just fire” all of the “bad” principals, superintendents and teachers. Sure! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? Does the word “unions” mean anything to you, as in federal, state and local? Oh, so we just get rid of all public sector unions, you might reply. I agree. But HOW do the Republicans do it if they can’t muster enough support for term limits or to repeal Obamacare?

    My point is: you can’t REFORM your way out of this. You can’t compromise your way to freedom. The Right can’t continue to participate in what it thinks of as “manageable” socialism with its attendant welfare state. This goes back to the first observation: what’s more consistent – partial socialism (i.e., I’m only going to give you some freebies) or total socialism (i.e., I’m going to give you everything for free)?

    We have to strip it all down to the studs. There’s no way to make socialism “manageable”, Republicans. Once the State controls business, it controls YOU.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Side note: SWAT-ing has resulted in fatalities. This is well known.

    Therefore, it is my humble opinion that the repeated attempts at SWAT-ing at the residence of a member of Congress is an assassination attempt.

    The left will not just break a few eggs to make an omelet. They will break 10-20-50.. throw in the hen, melt the frying pan, while setting fire to the kitchen and burning down the house.

    A house divided cannot stand, you say. The left accepts those terms. They will rebuild a new shack in its place, all while dancing on your graves.

  • Ray Van Dune

    Somebody has to run on the platform of purging the criminals out of the government. The people will support it strongly! Only Trump has the guts to do it! Everyone else is for compromising… with crooks!

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “ The new school boards have to mercilessly clean house.

    It is a bit like raising children. They must be closely watched as they slowly learn the realities of the world. In this case, the Democrats are the children, and they are ever so slowly learning the reality that their policies are fallacious. Letting boys pretend to be girls and then compete against girls does nothing but destroy the progress made with Title IX. The transgender movement has angered the gay and lesbian communities, because they have gone way too far and are now the discriminators.

    Democrats and progressives thought they knew better healthcare, but Obamacare is a disaster and the recent Wuhan flu fiasco is being exposed for the cluster bleep that it was. They also think that they know more about running businesses than the businessmen, and now we have inflation, shortages, and still have ships offshore waiting to come into our undermanned ports. And the bad guys are still robbing trains in Los Angeles.

    California’s railroads are so poorly run (undermanned?) that last month there was an emergency shipment of feed grain to Foster Farms to save the lives of tens of millions of chickens and turkeys, as well as tens of thousands of dairy cattle. This is what all that central-controlled governmental interference is doing to our formerly free-market system.

    Democrats and progressives think that giveaway programs were the cat’s meow, but it only makes everyone dependent upon an ever-expanding, ever-more-expensive government, and it allows the lazy to be drags on the economy rather than contributors to the economy.

    They think that wealth is the problem and must be distributed, but wealth — or more correctly: prosperity — is the solution. Prosperity does not come from gifts but from being productive for yourself and especially for others. When I make two spears for hunting and trade one with someone who made two baskets for gathering, then we are both better off, each with a spear and a basket, and each with a hunted rabbit and some gathered berries. But if the other guy can’t be bothered to make a basket, he probably won’t run out to hunt with the second spear, either, so I will probably have to share half the rabbit that I caught with my spear, and then we would each have half a rabbit and no berries (no basket to hold them). With the other guy being productive, we were both more prosperous, but with him living on my welfare, we are both poorer and suffering from shortages.

    Somehow, we let the children (Democrats) play house and play businessman, but they have no idea what they are doing. When they play house they believe that if it feels good then do it and don’t worry about the consequences (which should be aborted anyway). When they play businessman they believe that business is for the sake of the employee, not the customer. The rest of us know better.

    What is that famous quote? Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty? When and how did we stop being vigilant? Maybe it was when people started saying that “it can’t happen here in America.” Yet it is happening.

    Unlike the war to end all wars, we can’t win just once, but we have to keep vigilant and make sure that we win all the following ones, too.

  • David

    So, how is adopting purity tests going to improve things? Who gets to decide the makeup of such tests? Donald Trump? Cruz? Hawley? Or our new savior – DeSantis?

    If we conservatives adopt narrow one-size fits all approaches, how are we anything but birds of another feather? If we stop listening to “others,” how is that liberty?

    I realize being a moderate these days is considered a scarlet sin by many on the right (and maybe many here), but I’ll continue to think for myself and defend the right of all to participate.

    Oh, me and my fellow LOCAL citizens look after our schools just fine! We don’t need California or Florida, Texas or New York to show us, nor tell us the way.

  • wayne

    Gangs of New York
    William Cutting & Walter McGinn
    “The Minority Vote”

  • GaryMike


    “…the equivalent of the Borg.”

    I am Dyslexic of Borg. Your ass will be laminated.

    (Not original)

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