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The growing revolt against the bigoted left across the entire education community

A little child shall lead them, by James Johnson
“A little child shall lead them,” painting by James L. Johnson.

For the past year and a half in my daily column “Today’s blacklisted American” I have been documenting the oppressive actions of the intolerant left by noting the numerous times its members have aggressively blacklisted, censored, silenced, and destroyed anyone who stands in their way.

Take some time to glance through that full list. Some of the stories are truly horrifying. such as the time a 9-year-old was denied a kidney transplant because his donor, who also happened to be the child’s father, had not gotten his COVID jab.

Almost all are examples of the routine intolerance of the left. No one is allowed to think differently from them, act differently from them, speak differently from them, and even feel differently from them. If you dare to step out of line, their answer is to smash their boot into your face, as hard as they can. Once, that smashing was metaphoric. Today it has become literal.

Much of this oppression has been centered in the education community. The racist and Marxist ideology of critical race theory had it origins in the black study departments forcibly established in the 1960s in universities after violent protests. From there, these communist bigots spread outward into departments teaching the soft sciences of education, literature, psychology, and social science. They then moved downward into the high schools, and in the past decade into the elementary schools. Only recently they added to their program the queer agenda, aiming at perverting young children in the most vile ways possible.

For example, just last week was it revealed that the Los Angeles Unified School District has decided to train its teachers “to introduce radical gender ideology to children as young as kindergarten,” with rules that require the school’s staff and teachers to hide this perverted program from parents. It appears LA doesn’t really care that parents are upset about this, and is going to push this queer agenda as hard as it can.

Scottsdale, Arizona is another example. There a high school teacher, with the support of her superiors, has been teaching kids that “only four percent of men and two percent of women are ‘exclusively heterosexual’ and that ‘sexuality is a continuum.'” And this person is doing it without the knowledge of parents.

Neither of these cases appear to be outliers. Deeper research has consistently found that these ideas, promoting racist beliefs and the queer agenda, are now found throughout all public school curriculums. For example, there is evidence that when state legislatures specifically ban the teaching of either critical race theory or the queer agenda, the education establishment then goes underground, continuing the teaching but renaming it or hiding it so that elected officials and even parents don’t know. In some cases the teachers even openly defy the state legislature.

At the same time, the number of elementary school teachers who have been charged with child sex crimes has skyrocketed.

“The most comprehensive report about sexual abuse in public schools, published by the Department of Education in 2004, estimates—on the basis of a 2000 survey, conducted by the American Association of University Women, of 2,065 students in grades eight through 11—that nearly 10 percent of K-12 students have been victims of sexual misconduct by a public school employee,” he wrote.

If that figure is correct, he noted that it would “translate into an approximately 4.5 million children nationwide suffering sexual misconduct by public school employees, with an estimated 3 million suffering physical sexual abuse.” That figure, Rufo said, could be “more than 100 times greater than the physical abuse committed by Catholic priests, who, at the time the report was published, were undergoing a reckoning for the crimes within their ranks.

This increase in school sexual abuse should surprise no one, since it is this same education establishment that is now demanding that teachers promote perverted sexual activity in the classroom, as part of the curriculum.

The recent arrival of these ugly ideas into elementary schools however has finally sparked a growing rebellion that I think has only just begun, and will get more angry and determined the longer the education establishment continues to resist reform while demanding parents and teachers accept without question its queer and racist agenda.

For example, student enrollment at all levels of public education has plunged in the past two years. Colleges have lost more than 1.3 million of its students, while public schools in New York have lost about 120,000 students in the past five years, a little less than 14% of its total enrollment. Nor is New York unique. Across the board public schools nationwide have been tracking steep drops in enrollment, with much of that drop concentrated in the youngest grades.

More and more parents are getting their kids out of these schools, as quickly and as early as possible.

Instead of relying on the public schools, parents are increasingly sending their kids to charter schools, or homeschooling them. For example, in Virginia alone homeschooling increased by 40% in the two years. Nor is this trend in Virginia unusual. Census data confirms this is a nationwide trend.

Aquinas International Academy

Charter schools and other independent venues are seeing their largest growth in years. Moreover, independent education venues are providing new and different alternatives. For just one example, consider the Aquinas International Academy. Classes are taught virtually to no more than six students at time, with close interaction between students, parents, and the teacher. As the academy’s vice president Jennifer Williams wrote me in an email,

We are solely focused on reading, writing and arithmetic with accurate history and science courses. Our teachers are not allowed to give opinions on anything political or religious. Just the facts according to history. We are in alignment with the parents that are pulling their children out of public school due to indoctrination.

Aquinas has about 800 students internationally, teaching what it calls “a traditional American education.” It is now focusing on offering that program to American kids. Williams was gracious enough to provide me access to the curriculum for a large number of their classes, from grade two through high school, and I can confirm her statement above. They focus on teaching the traditional three Rs, not racism or queer sex.

Aquinas of course is not alone. I have reported on other private school alternatives, all of which have discovered there is a gigantic demand for their traditional services. Moreover, the home school movement itself provides parents a host of options, from forming teaching pods of local homeschoolers to providing teaching materials directly to parents.

Aquinas also illustrates that the traditional education community is now beginning to join the revolt. More and more teachers have begun to openly object to the perversity and dishonest anti-American propaganda being taught in the public schools, even though their actions have repeatedly led to blacklisting and their firing.

Some teachers, out of fear of this persecution, have made anonymous reports of the horrible conditions in the public schools. Expect more such anonymous reports.

Many teachers however have responded to the persecution not by giving up or by hiding but by suing, and winning.

Except more such court suits, from both parents and teachers. And expect more to win.

What must happen next is that many of these teachers must voluntarily flee the public school systems themselves (as parents are doing), and set up their own schools (as the Aquinas International Academy has). Homeschoolers need teachers. Parents need tutors. Let freedom and and the free market provide more effective alternatives and either force the public schools to change, or cause them to go bankrupt because of the loss of students.

At the same time, state legislatures have to step up and take concrete actions. They must stop passing empty feel-good measures, such as passing bills that make believe they have banned critical race theory and the queer agenda from public schools. Such bills don’t work.

Instead, state elected officials must end these corrupt teaching practices by denying schools that practice them any funds. The lack of money will either kill these bad schools, or force them to very very very quickly change their way. Shift the funds instead to these new alternative educational options. Arizona has already done so. More states need to follow that lead.

After decades of inaction by the general public, it is finally joining the battle. Rise up. Do not fear. Make this change happen, not for you but for your children and the generations of children who will follow.

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  • Cotour

    Its all related:

    Eric Adams “He is prepared” (?):

    Eric Adams has been politically gelded; Eric talks a lot of self-aggrandizing and egotistical mental masturbation BS and is just spinning his wheels. A hollow political poser, just another Democrat facade for the party.

    We imagine Eric Adamas has a sit down in Albany:

    Him: Eric, come in, so good to see you, happy you made the drive up here. How can I help you?

    Eric: I think you know why I am here; this woke, progressive political agenda crap is killing me and mostly the black and minorities in the city, the natives are out of control! You have to do something to help me, you must dial down or fine tune these progressive no bail no jail BS laws. I have got to lock people up and keep them locked up!

    Him: Eric we have had this conversation already and you know that that is not going to happen, not as long as I am in control.

    Eric: But you see what’s going on, the craziness going on in the streets, the violence, the murders, the guns, the crime, the disrespect for the police, no one fears being arrested or fears the police. You have got to do something; you’re killing my political career and future plans.

    Him: You mean your future plans to run for president, Eric?

    Eric: Yes!

    Him: (After he stops hysterically laughing and shaking his head) Eric you know that the progressive Democrat agenda is the future for New York State and hopefully a majority of the country, we are changing things. And it is about rectifying the wrongs of the past where so many young black and Hispanic men were incarcerated by the white man’s colonial slave laws and rules. You know what BLM is about, don’t you? It’s time to even up, Eric.

    And let me remind you that you are not going anywhere in politics unless the party says you go there. Capece, brother?

    Eric: I will go directly to the people if I have to, the people are not happy, and they are getting wise to what is underway.

    Him: Now you know who really controls NY City, and NY State right? You are going to have to work with what you have got and if you make too much noise and bring me grief, I will end your political career just like if the governor gives me grief, I will end her political career. You or she goes nowhere if you make any moves against me or the movement. So, let’s get your political head out of your political *** and on straight and work within these new progressive laws and rules, you get me, brother? This is the future.

    And Eric, never ever threaten me again.

    Eric: No, no, I did not mean to sound like I was threatening you. But what about all of the violence and crime in the streets? I can’t do my job! This no bail no jail / Defund the police BS is dragging me down, I cannot make any real progress. The people of New York are living in fear.

    Him: You will suck it up and the population will suck it up and survive it, we have fundamental transforming in America to accomplish, we run things now. It will work out for you. Got it?

    Eric: Got it.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Do not expect them to give up so easy.

    They will re-brand, modify, re-name it, whatever way to disguise it to keep it in place.

  • sippin_bourbon: Which is why I conclude by suggesting switching to alternatives, while cutting the funding entirely from the corrupt schools.

    No money at all should be going to these bad teachers and schools. That way they can’t “re-brand, modify, re-name” to disguise their perversity.

  • m d mill

    I can only repeat:
    Voucher based schooling (and the resulting competition) has always been the best way to go, without question. And its effect would be the most profound in the inner city
    disaster zones. But the Democratic party has the black vote in its pocket, and the Teachers Unions have the Democratic party in their pocket.
    Even the Welfare State of Sweden allows any parent to fund their selected private school this way, which no Democrat knows or would acknowledge.
    Unfortunately, I know many conservative republicans that are loath to move away from Publicly administered education, although recent events have been changing minds. We can only vote and hope

  • “only four percent of men and two percent of women are ‘exclusively heterosexual’

    I would think if that were remotely true, the species would have ceased to exist a long time ago. What does ‘exclusively heterosexual’ even mean? Gotta define terms, people.

    I thought education was supposed to give one the tools to evaluate the Universe. What you can sense around you. It has been a long time since Big Education emphasized critical thinking. Since Reagan was President, anyway.

    A new chant for the Left:


    Not Education

    Get Used To It!’

    ‘sexuality is a continuum.’

    I agree with this. I think gender is a social construct, too, but not sex. A Human is born XY or XX, and that’s it. Science is Real.

  • “And The Children Shall Lead”


    11 October 1968

    A scathing commentary on the then contemporary counter-culture. Works just as well today.

  • Concerned

    Vouchers are a good first step, but why not go all the way and get the government middleman out of the loop altogether? Just abolish all taxes that go to education and people will have more in their pocket to use for their kid’s education at the venue of their choice. In fact, that goes for just about every other government “service” we’re generously provided after our money is forcibly taken from us.

  • wayne


    Season 1 Episode 8

    (with the subtext that the life-prolongation experiments released a plague that killed all the old people…)

  • “(with the subtext that the life-prolongation experiments released a plague that killed all the old people…)”

    I once shared an office with a gentleman over 70. He and his wife went to get flu vaccines (the ‘real’ ones), and he mentioned that ‘It was a line of old people. If the government wanted to get rid of us, that would be a good way to do it’.

    We shared a laugh, but he was also a sci-fi fan, and Soylent Green not far from mind.

  • Cotour

    Education: It is all related:

    I happened to stumble upon who appears to be the main high I.Q. progenitor of the “Climate Change” / Globalist / World Economic Forum Leftist political power movement: Carl Sagan!

    Carl Sagan Keynote Speech at Emerging Issues Forum:

    Venus: Dr. Sagan observes: “”Presently, the atmosphere of Venus is mostly carbon dioxide, 96.5 percent by volume,”

    Earth: “According to NASA, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO 2) in Earth’s atmosphere was about 416 parts per million (ppm) in April 2021. ”

    Does anyone else see the glaring problem with a famous scientist / presenter who holds three degrees proposing that the earth is in danger from CO2?

    Carl Sagan IMO is at the foundation of this as he essentially proposes that our extinction is going to be as a result of our own actions regarding the earth.

    I disagree, Venus is NOT the earth and to draw an analogy between the two is incorrect and misleading. There is no lesson, no reflection, Carl. Comparing Apples and Oranges and you should have known better, Carl.

    Clean up our technology and pollution 100%, but what you propose IMO is a bridge too far Carl.

  • Cotour


    Clean up and improve our technology and reduce our pollution over reasonable amount of time, 100%. But what you propose IMO is a bridge too far and is irrational, Carl.

    Those who are politically aspirational can never resist such an intellectual proposition opportunity of doom made by a very smart and well-known scientist and the political opportunities that lead to absolute political power and control. It becomes a political tool and weapon.

    Which is the worse potential for America and humanity, Carl?

  • Milt

    Speaking of defunding…

    Has anyone else considered the pivotal role that (so called) public broadcasting plays in the radical “transformation” of this country? PBS and NPR promote the woke / queer / green agenda 24/7/365, and they are doing it with your tax dollars. In addition to receiving funding from sundry “foundations” and large corporations that are devoted to advancing these causes, they are also supported with donations from local businesses in your community. And, yes, individual viewers and listeners contribute to them as well, as evidenced by their interminable pledge drives.

    As in the case of schools that have gone from education to indoctrination, isn’t it about time that people began pulling the plug on these woke propagandists?

    The key, here, is to NOT CONTRIBUTE. And to do everything possible to persuade other people — including local businesses that you may use — to NOT CONTRIBUTE. Let it be known that you as a customer do not consider such contributions to be in your best interest or in your community’s best interest, and you will — if necessary — find other places to spend your hard earned money. In short, we need a nationwide “do not contribute” meme that directly confronts the source of this evil. Understand going into this that the person with whom you speak — possibly a “diversity and inclusion” officer — will likely be astonished that (1) anyone could object to such a noble act and (2), that anyone could possibly be offended by the content of PBS’ programming. These people truly believe that they are doing “God’s work” (they heard it on NPR), and who are you to question it?

    Letters to the editor of you local paper might also be sent, suggesting how perverse it is to be forced to fund such propaganda through tax dollars and the contributions of thoughtless, virtue signaling local businesses. Again do everything that you can to spread the word about defunding the current incarnation of public broadcasting. (One hopes that after the November midterm elections, the new Congress will also act to defund this monster, but I’m not very optimistic. )

    Sure, this is all a “lot of trouble,”* but do you *like* paying the salaries of people who want to destroy the country / culture / society that you live in?

    *But so is going to school board meetings and pulling your kids out of public schools.

  • Cotour

    I have never really drilled down on understanding what PPM is in the context of CO2 in earths atmosphere:

    There are 10,000 parts per million in one percent.

    Current CO2 measured in earths atmosphere is: 416 (PPM CO2) X’s 0.0001 = 0.0416 percent.

    So there are 416 ten thousandths of one percent CO2 in the earths atmosphere if I my math is correct. (Any high IQ BTB math nerd can please check me)

    And so Venus which is what Carl Sagan used as an example in his fear campaign of what earth might become has 96.4 X’s 10 thousand times more CO2 in its atmosphere than the earth. (?)

    96.4 X,s 10,000 = 964,000 times more CO2 in Venus’s atmosphere than earths atmosphere.

    If accurate and I think it is, does that seem reasonable that the entire population of earth must come under an international Globalist control model in order to “Save the earth”?

    Does CO2 on planet earth in quantities of almost 100,000 times more dilute than Venus’s really drive and determine what the climate / temperature is on earth? That does not seem reasonable to me.

  • Andrew M Winter

    Well then. If the connection is “communism” lets cut through the superfluous crap and get down to work. The Communists do not seek to heal the worlds woes. That is total BS. This should be known. Marx states in plain simple horrfying terms exactly what The Communists are all about in the Communist Manifesto here,

    Chapter Four is the conclusion, here

    Marx’s concluding paragaph, where all real academics put their most important point is right there at the bottom of the page, and I quote

    “The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.”

    There is no HEALING. There is only IRRADICATION! Any discussion about dealing with this or that Communist Based aspect of anything is meaningless. Each and every one of them is about the OUT and OUT IRRADICATION OF YOU AND EVERY THING YOU HOLD DEAR! That is what is meant the “forcible overthrown of all existing social order.”

    Now. I want to know how we, who are the beneficiaries of our existing social orders which includes such quaint things as HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTY ans FREEDOM, how are WE going to go on offense and do something about it.

    This is what the entire Cold War was all about. I did my time on the Iron curtain, armed for bear and ready to kill everything in my assigned line of fire 4 years active duty at the age of 30, and 8 yrs inactive reserve.

    I am still ready. I am just waiting for the sound of guns so I might move in the correct direction.

  • David Telford

    Following up on Milt: and Blair Ivey:, I happened to catch some We the People (tax) funded NPR, an author interview of a self claimed ‘queer’ _man_ (my assessment) and his book. The author and interviewer were quite chummy and apparently operated from the same precepts. Gender is a continuum, being among them.

    It’s been coming to me slowly, and this interview drove home my point: we use the same words, {Gender, Sex, Queer} but clearly have differing practical definitions. And in truth, I have no idea what their definitions are. I think it would be helpful it if they would dare to put some meaning behind these words beyond mere implication.

    I also think there is a power play behind this kind of verbal gamesmanship.

  • wayne


    “Dr. Sevrin, is insane.”

    ST:TOS Se3 Ep20
    “The Way To Eden”

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