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Time to face some hard truths about America’s political future

Doesn't exist any more
This document does not exist anymore. If you rely on its
words to defend your freedom you will lose.

This essay is not one I wish to write. In fact, I stalled for about an hour today before beginning. I am generally an optimistic person, but I also try to be an intellectually honest one. I do not shirk from bad news, but I also do not like reporting it.

Today’s news is so bad it almost makes me physically sick.

On January 4, 2021, shortly before Joe Biden was officially installed as president, I wrote an essay describing that event as the “ultimate [in] Republican Party failure theater.” Though that party controlled all the levels of government designed to control elections and prevent a steal, it had refused to use those tools and had allowed the very questionable election victory of Joe Biden to move forward. I concluded,

The problem will be that no future election will be trustworthy. If the Democrats had stolen the election with voter tampering, they will now know they can do it with impunity. Even if every American voted Republican, the Democrats will use this power to manipulate the totals to guarantee victory forever. They might allow some Republicans to win to create the illusion of a real election, but only for awhile. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Given such power the Democrats will eventually move to eliminate elections entirely. Why bother with the charade when they know they’ll win anyway? [emphasis mine]

The election last week demonstrates we are now in the stage indicated by the highlighted words. In almost every single case nationwide this week the Democrat won the close votes, often several days later in a manner that suggested time was needed to figure out how many fake votes were needed to manufacture a victory.

In fact, for the past twenty years you could have made a lot of money betting on the Democrat in any election where the vote tally was either delayed or disputed (requiring a recount). Since Democrat Al Franken beat Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in Minnesota in 2008, when late in the recount enough Franken votes in Democratic Party strongholds were suddenly found to put Franken over the top, the pattern has been repeated over and over again. If the vote is close, suddenly a lot of questionable Democrat ballots are “discovered” and always counted. Or if the vote is close the counting process suddenly slows, or even stops, so that more time is gained to “find” more Democratic Party votes.

And in between elections the Democratic Party has aggressively resisted any reforms that would stop such abuse, with the Republicans only weakly fighting them. Thus, nothing gets fixed, and the abuse becomes more blatant and obvious from election to election, so that we have now reached a point where the Democrats always win these disputed elections. Always. Statistically, this is impossible. The results should go both ways in recounts. They haven’t now for two decades.

In other words, the evidence points to Democratic Party malfeasance that is more and more in control of our government.

Worse, we are beginning to shift into the next stage, whereby elections will be abandoned entirely. The first signs occurred during this election season, when suddenly the Biden Justice Department realized it would suffer no consequence if it misused the FBI to arrest and harass its opponents. If they can do that and get away with it (as they have now apparently done), they can abuse their power to do almost anything.

However, this election tampering (and the increasing likelihood that future elections will become irrelevant) is not the worst news. The worst news is that it would not have worked if most Americans rejected it and the Democrats who are doing it. Stealing elections in a system where large numbers of people expect the results to be honest is very difficult. If the cheating becomes too large it becomes too evident, and will fail.

We must now recognize that a very large plurality of this nation’s population is so enthusiastic about getting Democratic Party victories that they have no problem with election tampering. Instead, they are eager to name-call anyone who points it out as an “election denier,” an ugly term expressly designed to squelch debate and any investigations.

That same plurality is also enthusiastic about blacklisting and censorship and even the arrest and imprisonment of their political opponents. In fact, many of them have made it clear that the vile misuse of the FBI by the Biden administration before the election had not gone far enough and considering its harassment of conservatives to have been too mild and wimpish.

And when election time came they enthusiastically vote in favor of such actions, thus making the cheating easier. Nor are their numbers small. In fact, in many parts of this nation these authoritarians are now the majority. The Bill of Rights is now irrelevant to them. They will ignore it now with impunity, as they did during the Wuhan panic in 2020 and 2021.

Does this mean we who love freedom and the rule of law and the essence of western civilization should give up? Should we no longer even bother voting?

No, what it means is we have to face the hard truth that we are now in a vicious war with some very vicious and vindictive people whose numbers are not small and who have many allies in power working to aid them. Good will and playing nice in any way will not work. Relying simply on legalities will not work either, as they have shown more and more that they do not think these laws apply to them.

If we wish to stop this large corrupt immoral part of our population that is all-in with dictatorship and oppression, we have to meet them on their terms, while also recognizing their strength.

Be prepared for violence. Be warned that if you speak out for freedom you now risk arrest.

The words of Thomas Jefferson carved in the Jefferson Memorial: “I have
sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny
over the mind of man.”

But above all, be courageous and do not stay silent. Now more than ever we need people willing to yell loudly in defiance, even though the consequences might be horrible because the other side is quite willing to do evil to protect its power.

Looking the other way and going along to get along are no longer acceptable if you believe in freedom and the rule of law. No one can stand aside and say the fight is not their problem. It is everyone’s problem. And if you agree with me in any way and you are still willing to look the other way or go along to get along, you are lying to yourself and instead allying yourself with the brownshirts. In fact, you are endorsing their victory.

As Thomas Jefferson said so wisely, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” We are fast approaching that time.

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  • Coolpapa

    The horrible truth is that Republicans (GOPe variety) are in on the steal and have been for quite awhile. The original goal was to create the illusion that the country was a 50/50 split between Left and Right. In 2020, it was to get rid of Trump. Now, the goal is to insure that Trump never has no chance in 2024.

  • Edward

    I the third paragraph, you meant to write the year as 2021.

    You wrote:
    And in between elections the Democratic Party has aggressively resisted any reforms that would stop such abuse, with the Republicans only weakly fighting them.

    The Republican Party and its voters have moved too far to the left to rescue us from the growing tyranny. I used to think that a third party was needed, but after the 2020 election it became clear that We the People cannot regain our country through the election process. It has been too badly compromised, and it no longer matters which of the two major parties is given power, both have embraced the evil. No matter whom we vote for, we will end up with evil.

    The real question is: with the number of government agencies turning against We the People, can we regain our country without violence on our part? We already know that the other faction uses (Only Selected) Black Lives Matter and Anitfa (Anti First Amendment) as proxies for their own violence, but what can we do to counter these evils?

    The most important election we had in our lifetimes was 2008, and we lost that election.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free.

  • Gary H

    After forty years of the left working to indoctrinate the young through education and mislead via mass media, including social media, I’m not convinced that this is simply cheating. The young and single women are two groups that put the Democrats in power. Abortion until birth and apathy / lack of personal interest in self education overcame inflation and all the rest. The pain will be greater in two years, but the biggest obstacle to positive change might just be Trump’s ego combined with the war against Trump, which has no limit. Unfortunately, Trump will prevent DeSantis from turning this country around. Trump was a great president, but he is also toxic.
    Time for all of you to move out of the deep blue states. Join me in Texas, or move to Florida, Wyoming…. I moved out of California, where in many races only 50% of votes have been counted. You will never see election fairness in a state full of subjects ruled by self appointed aristocracy.

  • Andi

    I am really concerned about the amount of time it is taking to settle the remaining House elections. Although the Republicans currently have the lead (212 to 204 I seem to remember), the Democrats are catching up quickly. Late last week it was 210 to 192. I fear that something’s afoot.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Mr. Z. – “The Bill of Rights is now irrelevant to them. They will ignore it now with impunity, as they did during the Wuhan panic in 2020 and 2021.”
    That’s a very perceptive statement – but only describes a small slice of the relevant History.
    I’ve previously commented on how our Constitution has been incredibly weakened for the last hundred years of American History.

    But the principle of Federalism is not dead yet. Daniel Horowitz has developed an interesting proposal for a ‘Coalition of Federalism’ consisting of governors, attorneys general, and state legislators who utilize federalism to interpose against extreme federal tyranny.
Here are some key objectives from his article in the Conservative Review:

    *Criminalize the enforcement of any federal COVID mandate – whether by a federal, state, or private actor – within the boundaries of the states. This would include so-called federal lands within the state.

    *Order all education and health care institutions within the state to stop complying with recent edicts on transgenderism or COVID with the threat of severe fines.

    *Block the distribution of any new vaccines that have not been properly studied.

    *Create a commission to study who is responsible for the COVID response and the botched therapeutics, along with an audit of what other therapeutics are in the pipeline that violate bioethical norms.

    *Nullify onerous federal regulations on energy and mineral exploration and production within the coalition of states so that states can begin protecting their residents from the coming nuclear winter on energy use.

    *Impose severe penalties on tech companies that censor political opponents of the regime until they come clean on the scope of collaboration with the federal government against these individuals.

    *Provide legal and financial backing to those political dissidents being targeted by the federal government primarily for their political views.
Here is the link for the article:

  • Cotour

    PREPARE TO BE SACRIFICED!? (Please copy and share)

    I pretty much generally agree with this American Thinker piece. The evolving problem (for Republicans) is all of the many layers of corruptible modes of voting that the Democrats have instituted in the states that they control and operate in in order to perpetuate and secure their political power. From computer-controlled voting and tabulation to no I.D. voting, to mail in voting, to ballot harvesting, to vote collection boxes, to voting 4 weeks before election day to 4 days after election day in some states.

    ALL Democrat instituted and insisted upon.

    With This Obstacle in Place, Republicans Can’t Get the White House – American Thinker

    All of these and several more modes of voting, collecting and counting the vote that we all understand are inequitable to say the least are primarily Democrat party instituted modes of voting and each one of them are designed to diminish the vote reliability and favor their candidates. The Democrat party must have and needs these, Period!

    And of course, the Republican leadership and their RINO’s and their self-interests in retaining their power do just about everything they can to subvert the rank-and-file Republicans and their desires for a more Conservative policy for their party and the country. And Trump has his effects, but warts and all like him or despise him in the end IMO he or someone much like him is the best solution for our country and the world.

    Strategy Over Morality now becomes much more understandable and tangible for the everyday American.

    “CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Politically empowered Political Realm leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “Its” subjective agenda interests and “It’s” political power prevailing.” JGL

    The everyday Pedestrian Realm American expects some degree of fairness in elections, and those in power and who need to maintain their power have no interest in such Pedestrian Realm expectations and fairness dreams. There are no rules in warfare, and make no mistake about it, this is warfare.

    And in the end Trump takes the weight. Which is not saying that its all Trump’s fault, but he takes the weight, and he suffers the consequences. Like it or not.

    Trump desperately needed a big midterm win to secure his power and position and now he has been diminished and has problems because he made a sideways Trumpian Pedestrian Realm political move instead of an elevating Political Realm political move while retaining his Pedestrian realm ideals and interests. And I do not know if this current Trumpian situation is fixable.

    Time will tell the tale, but it don’t look good in the short term. Politics is an objectively brutal game, and you will be discarded and shat upon as soon as it is thought that your usefulness is done, and you have become irrelevant or have become a liability.

    All elections are fixed in ways that both sides fix them as best as they can, that is just a part of the game. The Democrats IMO are just better situated to execute in their Political Realm power retention interests. Republicans must elevate their political warfare game and that is just the cold hard reality of where we find ourselves today.

    Things are not ideal right now if you are a more Conservative minded American and God only knows how much further down and to the Left the Democrat party is willing to drag our country. God only knows because I certainly do not.

    Politics: The dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt activity that human beings participate in. Perpare to be sacrificed!

  • Cotour

    Something is a foot?

    Something is an arm a leg and a foot.

    I have to say that I expand this entire thing into the Globalist realm.

    The Globalists in the form of the likes of John Kerry (Anther person that I despise and find to be a traitor) are selling this existential “Climate change” story which many are on board with and feel good wrapping themselves in. And once you are on board with an existential cause that and you serve a part in elections you may be compelled to force certain results that are required to stave off from your perspective that existential event from happening.

    Paranoia? Crazy conspiracy theory?

    Think I am overreacting? Unlikely? What would you think of a political party that would actively destroy their own country’s energy industry and try to arrange to buy energy from their Socialist adversaries? And that energy is being produced in a much dirtier manner than their own country produces it.

    Yeah, it’s probably me.

    “By any means necessary” means just that.

    Trump and anyone like him who is not on board to “Save” the entire planet and humanity can be justifiably denied power.

    And we have all seen and heard that kind of rational being proposed in the self-righteous now Leftist censorious media and in the permanent government.

  • pzatchok

    I am moving to Texas.
    Mainly because I still have family there and I like living there.

    But also because I can find cheap land. Someplace close top a very small town. And off grid. I want to go out on my porch in the morning and not see my neighbors, ever. I can live on solar power and well water just fine.
    Now that Elon is bringing us better internet connectivity I will still have that and I can make up a cell tower boaster if I need to.

    The demographics of the US has swung to the young idiots and urban areas. When one city can control a whole state things are bad.
    Taking over the education system is our only hope but that will never happen.

    None of this has a thing to do with those republicans who lean left sometimes. There has always been people like that. The same with Democrats who leaned right.

    Even if ALL military and prior military voted republican that would only make up less than 17% of the US.

    Its basically over for now. All we can do is hang on and watch as the left ruins themselves and this nation. Then we can start to offer a different approach to saving it. Just keep pointing out that the troubles are not our fault. We are not the ones in power.
    They are the party of the rich now. They are the party of the ‘educated’ elite.Just watch them attack the rich enough to upset them. It will not be soon but it will happen. Encourage them to do everything they want. And watch as they burn down the nation to get everything they want.

    I am personally tired of talking to young people and 60’s drop outs. They think they know it all and I want to watch them prove it.

  • Cotour

    Supporting evidence:


    Stupid, idealistic, indoctrinated children seek to run the world.

    I say no.

  • Gary H

    My kids are teenagers and they know which way is up and what is really happening. Lots of kids in Texas can see what is going on. Educating my kids and teaching them to love and respect history and moving to Texas were the best that I could do for my family.
    That said, lots of Teslas and solar cell covered roofs are moving in. Many areas of Texas are now suburbs of San Francisco. What DeSantis did in Florida was just amazing. He was on my radar. He must have converted more than a few liberal-lite voters.. It isn’t over yet.

  • Doubting Thomas


    Been here in Texas for 24+ years. IMO Texas politically is less solidly Red than Florida. We are about 60 -40% Republican to Democrat but several senior people in Texas are real RINOS. Stay well clear of the Austin and Houston areas, even fairly far out into the rural areas.

    Suggest looking into following counties: Johnson, Hill, McClennan (Waco is here. Benefit: McGregor is here, and you can rocket motor watch just outside the fence of SpaceX.). North try: Jack, Clay, Montague, Cook and Grayson. The last two are on the TX – OK border.

    Google and look at Texas Scorecard to see some of the problems in Texas from a conservative perspective.

    I have my tickets to watch Elon’s first Starship orbital account. See if Rocket Ranch still has tickets available at the observation site. They are sorta expensive, $400 for my son and I but I hope worth it.

    Best of luck.

  • James Street

    Another American Thinker article:

    “How Wisconsin Streetfighters Disrupted a Democrat Ballot-Gathering System”
    • This article is about the difference between “votes” and “ballots.” Republicans focused on winning votes; Democrats focused on gathering ballots. Gathering ballots won.
    • Democrats, leftist non-governmental organizations, Big Tech invented every conceivable way to manipulate the ballot process: collect ballots of tens of thousands of dead or moved voters, drop into streetside bins, fill them out when the voter doesn’t.
    • Republicans remained stuck in the same “voter strategy” for the last decade: yard signs, fundraising, obscure websites, TV ads.
    • In Wisconsin Republicans applied Fractal Programming technology, funded by Mike Lindell, to identify phantom ballots. They took their proof to county registrars and challenged thousands of phantom voters. They helped clean up addresses that were wrong — either typos or fake. On Election Day, the Wisconsin Democrats did not have enough phantom mail-in ballots to win.
    • Fractal analysis provided by Mike Lindell and the Fractal team is expanding to every state.

  • James Street

    On the other hand America’s political future may be the least of our worries. Our world leaders are intentionally killing the economy and food production to bring about their utopia. This week they’ve flown on their private jets to COP27 in Egypt to discuss over 7 course dinners how we plebs use too much oil and eat too much beef.

    “There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.”
    – Alfred Henry Lewis, 1906

  • Milt

    As Robert observes, “what [the way in which the midterm elections were conducted] means is we have to face the hard truth that we are now in a vicious war with some very vicious and vindictive people whose numbers are not small and who have many allies in power working to aid them. Good will and playing nice in any way will not work. Relying simply on legalities will not work either, as they have shown more and more that they do not think these laws apply to them.

    Yet earlier this evening, Tulsi Gabbard, subbing for Tucker Carlson, opined that — far from being warriors in an existential conflict with the Jacobin left — what the newly elected Rs need to do is to sit down with the resurgent Democrats, sing Kum Ba Yah, and ask them nicely to do “what is right” for the country. That’s right; once we “splain” the error of their ways to them, the Ds will then see reason and join with conservatives to reform our election process and renounce their agenda to obviate the Constitution, ignore the Bill of Rights, and subvert the Rule of Law. (Hey, Tulsi — is that a formation of rainbow-colored unicorns that I see flying over there?)

    Yes, we *are* in a war, we just lost a very critical battle, and we had better figure out what kind of a way forward there might be for us at this point. Recognize, as well, that although the left has jiggered the election process in far too many cities and states to do its bidding (it was announced a few minutes ago that Kari Lake lost her race to become the governor in Arizona) we face a number of other critical challenges as well. First, while I don’t believe that “demography is destiny,” the generational shift toward a younger cohort of voters is very real, and it is not working to our advantage. See:

    Likewise, elements of the current “leadership” in the Republican Party have worked assiduously to make sure that the hoped for red wave *wouldn’t* happen and upset the decorum of their “members only” congressional country club. (See for an allegorical view of Mitch McConnell and his RINO friends fending of congressional trespassers.)

    Finally, also illustrated by the article about the influence of younger voters in the midterms, there is the question of just how far along the road to Newspeak (if not actual serfdom) we have progressed, and whether or not the deliberate degradation of our language itself can be reversed. As the author of the piece writes, quoting an eighteen year-old activist:

    “The far right would have won on Tuesday if it were not for young voters,” [Jack] Lobel said. “Young voters showed up in key districts where it really mattered and *tipped the scale in favor of democracy.*”

    Did you get that? For young, college educated people like Mr. Lobel, “democracy” is not *about* holding free and fair elections where the candidate with the majority of votes actually wins, but doing whatever is necessary to preserve the rule of the clerisy who have effectively taken over the management of this country. No matter that this is the selfsame definition of democracy that is used in Cuba, in China, or in North Korea, it is nonetheless what the word connotes for many if not most younger people today.

    Echoing Robin Williams famous line “Reality… what a concept,” what Robert describes is the real world that we are living in, and, no, the Ds aren’t playing fair. But they are paying to win, and they are playing for keeps.

    What are we supposed to do?

  • wayne

    If we ever want to actually fix the Senate, we need to repeal the 17th Amendment.
    Only then will Senators actually be accountable (again) to their respective State Legislatures.

    Doubting Thomas:
    I’m in Michigan, Trump put us in-play for 2016, but we’ve reverted back to our normal lefty ways, including reelecting a tyrant of a Govenor, and losing control of our State House.

    Could you speak to what these people have been up to n Texas?
    I distinctly recall hearing about this 7+ years ago, and it appears they are succeeding.

  • TallDave

    too late

    they will no longer suffer your doubts

    you will be disarmed, your assets will be seized, your children will be indoctrinated and mutilated

  • Dave

    One question that all those concerned over election integrity should be asking themselves has to do with the “uni que”results that took place in Florida.

    The predicted “red wave” occurred in Florida, much as predicted. Hell, even deep, long time “blue” Dade/Miami has flipped red!

    Florida has strict Voter ID, strict laws against voter fraud, severe prison terms for anyone caught trying to commit voter fraud, no mail-in ballots sent to every voter, no ballot drop boxes, no ballot harvesting. no ballots accepted for days after Election Day, and no COUNTING for days. I don’t know if ballots can be “cured” – such as does Arizona and other states, but it took Florida election officials but a few hours to count over 7,000,000 ballots to determine the results!

    The obvious question when taking the above facts into consideration becomes “why”? Why did Florida reflect results consistent with expectations created by polls and pundits, that gave rise to the larger prediction of a “red wave” – while when compared to other states, Florida was almost unique as one location where anything greater than a “ripple” took place!?

    Perhaps there is a logical, provable, answer. If so, I would like to understand it! Circumstantial evidence for subversion of elections is becoming overwhelming!

  • Cotour

    “Yes, we *are* in a war, we just lost a very critical battle, and we had better figure out what kind of a way forward there might be for us at this point. ”

    The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is simple. (Simple?)

    The Democrats are willing to present to the public, the audience shaped big picture issue imagery to the public, hit all of the buttons for their audience monolithically as if they were reading a script and then they all stick together Ala the Borg. Not a true leader among them just followers for the most part. They are hive minded.

    The Republicans are not at all as organized and are unable to present those big picture imagery issues in an organized, shaped manner to the audience and they refuse to act as a monolithic unit as the Democrats are able to. And most of them see true leadership as being within their ability to imagine and administer. They are not monolithic.

    Think a beehive or an ant colony V a lone male lion trying to gather his pride together and build power in that manner.

    And the audience? Many in the audience in a childish way need to see repetitive and consistent imagery in order to *FEEL* leadership. They like watching movies and like being told what to think by someone else who writes the script. The colony in many ways appears to be more civilized, but it is a colony all the same. Do you want to live as an ant in a colony?

    The world however and those who inhabit it are not at their core civilized, they are all just “9 meals away from chaos”.

    I like lions.

    Insects are interesting and you have to respect them, but you can never appreciate and respect just one. You must always see and appreciate them as a unit. And they are creepy and unnatural related to flesh and blood humanity.

    BUT, you must respect an insect’s ability to survive and prevail.

    The audience, the voters, need to be served what they like and *FEEL* comfortable with. The lion must learn to give not just its captive audience what they need and what makes them feel comfortable even if it is not exactly how the lion is.

    (Why do politicians lie? Because they have to. That is how the politician bridges the gap between the Pedestrian Realm reality and the Political Realm Reality, this is where the two conversations exist)

    Asking a lion and his pride to be more like an ant and a colony is counter intuitive and phony, but adaptation ensures survival. Adapt and survive because the audience is selfish and many among them need to be lead.

    What will the lion say tonight? Can the lion adapt and shape the audience’s reality even after he has once again revealed his nature in an uncontrolled distasteful manner trying to establish his dominance? Can the lion rise to the occasion and remain whole and intact and respectable in his leadership roll?


  • Cotour

    “BARR: The GOP’s Problems Are Far Deeper Than One Election Cycle”

    Yeah, and long-term inside political players like you are a part of the problem.

  • John Schneider

    Julian Jaynes explains it succinctly in: “The Origin of Consciousness and the Downfall of the Bicameral Mind.” Just that the “Downfall,” initiated by the amazing Greeks was sporadic and is perhaps now superseded. The Collective Mind versus the Individual. Kenneth Clark in “Civilisation,” HG Wells in the “Time Machine,” and Lewis Mumford in “The Pentagon of Power,” also take it on.

  • Andrew M Winter

    Basically we now know exactly why the second amendment was added to the Constitution at the demand of all of the 13 original States. We are supposed to be prepared for violence at all times. Otherwise our rights will be dismissed out of hand.

    This is one of the very few undeniable and universal truths that History has to offer.

    This is going to be a mess.

    But, seriously? We need a Republican Party more interested in it’s constituents than in their individual power bases. Personally I think Sen. Cruz has the right of it. What we need is a far better messaging apparatus than we are using now. We need to get the vote out a LOT better than we have. That’s how you beat this crap. You don’t tolerate “close elections”. If you can’t win by a LOT then your message has failed.

    We conservatives have a GREAT message. We absolutely SUCK at getting it out. And there is no excuse for it. There used to be when “The Media” was monopolized by the New York Times, NBC, ABC, and CBS. We have not lived in that world for a long long time now.

    What’s our excuse? Facebook? Twitter? Social Media Hates Us? Don’t make me laugh. We just suck at yelling loudest.

    We need more Patric Henrys. We need more loud, brash, contentious candidates who will do what they promise when they get into office? You said it all when you pointed out,

    Failure Theater.

    That’s the problem. There really seems to be no such thing as a two party system. They are all “Republicrats”

    There is push back. We need more. We really don’t need violence. We need more stridance. We need more of those “loudmouths at the end of the bar”. People with strong opinions getting down in the gutter with the politicians and giving them hell.

    Sorry for the rambling rant. But this is nothing new. This is the exact kind of crap Kennedy used vs Nixon back in the early 60s. It was just better hidden back then.

  • Cotour


    The difference as I think about it is.

    You me and many others understand that the country desperately needs a political revolution in order to cleanse it and move positively into the future and Trump was and is the leader of that raw and disruptive effort.

    Many others seek safety in what they know, even though they understand at some level that it is perverted and corrupt. But they embrace what they know and feel secure in.

    “Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response. It occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of captivity or abuse.”

    Two totally different perspectives.

    And therein lies the battle and the war.

    It is the scared masses that seek security in what they know that is the danger in America today.

    It really is a form of mental illness.

  • Cotour

    And now, after the American midterm election has been secured for who it needs to be secured for, we are invited to war:

    There are no coincidences.

  • pzatchok

    Its hard for the republicans to get out a message and keep to it when every single time every person in the press attacks it at any and all levels, from logic to philosophic. If they can not beat us with logic they cover us in bs feelings.

    This would be fine if there was only one republican to defend against their attacks but they hit all republicans with attacks. If one republican says something they can attack they ask every single republican to defend him. And if even one miss speaks they carpet bomb the whole group about that mistake.

    Unless they are following real close think that since the press is attacking someone that someone must be in the wrong in some way.

    Ad in the press ignoring the mistakes of the democrats and the left along with the constant praise they lavish on them and what can the republicans do? 10 billion a year in good press for the dems and bad press against the republicans works.

    It works so well high school kids are actually led to believe that Lincoln was a democrat. The KKK was a republican armed militia and rising taxes can pay for everything.

    Do you know what a sinking ship with a thousand journalists on it is called….. A good start.

  • pzatchok

    Doubting Thomas

    I lived for 4 years just outside Austin while in the Air force.
    Dallas for almost three.
    Summered in San Antonio as a kid for almost 10 years.

    Traveled all over it and hopped the Mexican boarder more times than I can count.

    My final plan is to find a 25+ acres in the north east of Texas. North of Huston and east of Waco. Someplace outside a very small town.

  • Andi

    I’ve heard that the best thing about Austin is that it’s not too far from Texas.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but it’s not a compelling pitch to say ‘speak up, but you may be jailed for it’.
    To go to the actual quote: “Be warned that if you speak out for freedom you now risk arrest.” I have seen people in England and Germany being arrested for Facebook postings. And Canada has issues.

    But can you name an American who has been jailed for speaking up recently? I can’t. Is this hyperbole?

    OK, let’s stipulate that it’s not. You continue:

    “But above all, be courageous and do not stay silent. Now more than ever we need people willing to yell loudly in defiance, even though the consequences might be horrible because the other side is quite willing to do evil to protect its power.”

    This seems ridiculous. What is going to be accomplished by people speaking out and getting arrested and jailed. We have 600 political prisoners in D.C. Does anything think they accomplished something with their years of wasted life in the D.C. Gulag? I sure don’t. I think we’d all be better off with them still out there on the streets.

    If we are at the point where dissidents are being arrested for merely saying things the Regime (Bidon Occupation Government, or BOG) doesn’t like: we are past the point where people should be shooting their mouths off.

    We are into the phase where we need to be organizing a resistance, with a strategy to harass and defeat the enemy, just like the French did after the Nazis seized France. What you didn’t see a lot of people in the French Resistance giving public speeches that got them arrested and thrown in jail. Because it doesn’t accomplish anything useful.

    We need a new plan, a serious plan. Maybe we need to start a secession movement. States like Florida and Texas are still in danger from the democrats control of the main levers of government power in D.C.

  • Cotour

    “The World Will Look Differently After We Have Gone Through This Transition” – WEF’s Klaus Schwab on the Great Reset to World Leaders at G20 Summit”

    As far as this agenda and those who magically find themselves in positions of power goes, by any means necessary is the way that things must go in order to save the world from “Climate change” and the restructuring of the world in the way that it needs to be.

    There are coincidences at this level IMO.

  • Nocaster: Point very well taken. In fact, my next essay will be addressing your point directly. In fact, thank you for your comment because it helps me enormously in clarifying what I want to say.

    Though I repeat, in American still speaking out is a viable option, ESPECIALLY if you are not a big player (like myself). The more that do it, the harder things will be for the thugs.

  • Cotour

    And the Globalist / Socialist / U.N. Agenda 2030 redistribution of the world’s population and the reorganization of America through the Democrat party machine has just begun in earnest.

    “Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks US From Expelling Illegal Aliens Under Title 42 Policy”

    In two years where will our election system be?

    (That is a rhetorical question)

  • Joe B.

    “Just Stop Oil” was referenced in an earlier comment box. To the rabid activists in that camp, and also to the simply ignorant, crude oil is utilized in the production of thousands of products., not just fuels. “”One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest (over half) is used to make things like:”

    May I respectfully suggest to the activists and ignorant, immediately stop using any of the above mentioned products, which include your nefarious, crude oil. To not stop using those products, makes you complicit and a hypocrite.

    Also consider the irrefutable truth of: Proverbs 12:15

  • Joe Blow

    Elections are dead and buried.
    They have been for decades, but the last 3 really proved it. Hillary slipped when she said the quiet part out loud (we’ll all hang). They have been stealing the elections for YEARS. Now nobody participates, so the stealing is even easier!
    RIP USA.

  • Cotour


    By the headlines, take note of the current trend in America and the world.

    How goes America goes the world.

    “Illegal Migrant Entries To EU Have Passed 275,000 In 2022”

    “Number of illegal migrants who entered US since Biden took office approaching two million”

    “Almost Comedy’: Biden Dismisses Possible House GOP Investigation Of His Family”

    “Hunter Biden Probe Not a Top Congressional Priority for Most Voters”

    “HOW IT’S DONE: Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal!”

    “Arizona Governor Election Results 2022: Hobbs defeats Lake”

    “John Kerry, the U.S. Climate Envoy, Has Been Heavily Involved With COP27″

    “The World Will Look Differently After We Have Gone Through This Transition” – WEF’s Klaus Schwab on the Great Reset to World Leaders at G20 Summit”

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