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Today’s blacklisted American: Doctors fired and blackballed for calling for race-neutral policies in medicine

Lysenko with Stalin
Trofim Lysenko preaching to Stalin. His policies destroyed
Soviet plant research, persecuted anyone who disagreed
with him, and caused famines that killed millions. And they are
all policies now being adopted by the American medical field.

Persecution is now cool! Last year, the University of Pittsburgh fired cardiologist Norman Wang because he wrote and published a peer-reviewed paper calling for race-neutral policies in medicine.

In addition, he was publicly denounced by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the journal retracted his paper, even though no one could cite any errors in his work.

As the criticism mounted, Wang was removed from his position as the director of a fellowship program in clinical cardiac electrophysiology at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and was prohibited from making any contact with students. His boss reportedly told him that his classroom was “inherently unsafe” due to the views he expressed.

Unsafe, eh? Can’t have those students hear any opinions or facts that might contradict the modern “woke” narrative!

Wang is suing both the AHA and the University of Pittsburgh for defamation and violating his first amendment rights. Whether he wins or not remains quite unknown, especially considering the increasingly intolerant nature of today’s society.

The article at the link however goes far beyond simply telling Wang’s story. First, it describes the cases of two other doctors who were forced to resign for similar reasons: they questioned the modern obsession with race and suggested that things would be far better if “race was taken out of the conversation.” The mob immediately rose up against both, and their medical organization, the American Medical Association (AMA), then moved to get them fired or removed.

The article then however goes even farther, outlining how this evil oppressive blacklisting culture is beginning to have a much wider and very negative impact on the practice of medicine and the treatment of patients.

For example it cites examples where there is pressure not to focus on the treatment of a patients but to lecture them on their racial attitudes. It cites examples where in support of this new bigotry some doctors are actually declaring that

I’m not going to go treat that white guy, I’m going to treat the person of color instead because whatever happened to the white guy, he probably deserves it.

Similarly, it cites the many recent examples, especially in states controlled by the Democratic Party, where the distribution of vaccines was determined by race, with minorities getting favored treatment over whites.

In other examples it describes situations where medical students are no longer being properly educated because doctors are afraid that any criticism they make against a minority student will cause a mob to rise up against them and destroy their career.

Possibly the most frightening story however is how the medical community is beginning to mimic the academic community’s decades-long blacklisting policies against anyone who dissents:

Some of these doctors say that there is a “purge” underway in the world of American medicine: question the current orthodoxy and you will be pushed out. They are so worried about the dangers of speaking out about their concerns that they will not let me identify them except by the region of the country where they work.

“People are afraid to speak honestly,” said a doctor who immigrated to the U.S. from the Soviet Union. “It’s like back to the USSR, where you could only speak to the ones you trust.” If the authorities found out, you could lose your job, your status, you could go to jail or worse. The fear here is not dissimilar.

When doctors do speak out, shared another, “the reaction is savage. And you better be tenured and you better have very thick skin.”

“We’re afraid of what’s happening to other people happening to us,” a doctor on the West Coast told me. “We are seeing people being fired. We are seeing people’s reputations being sullied. There are members of our group who say, ‘I will be asked to leave a board. I will endanger the work of the nonprofit that I lead if this comes out.’ People are at risk of being totally marginalized and having to leave their institutions.”

Such a purge started in academia in the 1970s, and over several decades created a community of leftists that tolerated no alternative points of view. By the 2000s it was impossible to be a conservative on almost any American college campus, and if you tried you were certain to face blacklisting and eventual firing.

It now appears the left is targeting the medical community to accomplish the same thing. And it will succeed if doctors continue to bow their heads in fear and not fight back.

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  • Geno

    It sounds like the Red Guards of Mao’s China.

  • Jeff Wright

    He should say his muzzling was an anti-asian hate crime.

  • James Street

    From the Babylon Bee

    Yale Med School To Stop Teaching Medicine Discovered By White Males

  • Ian C.

    James — Speaking of Yale, here’s a nice one. Since it’s not a blacklisting, I’m not robbing dear Bob of a story. :)

  • Ian C: No need to worry about “robbing me of a story.” There are so many in my queue I could probably devote BtB entirely to blacklisting and drop space entirely. That however is exactly what I don’t want to do.

  • Max

    Here’s a Canadian professor that works for the government, but not for much longer after this article. (The last Canadian Doctor who made these claims was fired out right)

    The science community has been trying to perfect a immunization shot that can be spread by contact with others to immunize them also. Unfortunately, every new invention that can be used for great good, can also be used for great evil…
    The Gene therapy shots that turn your body into a spike proteins factory, produces a toxin that harms others in close contact.

  • wayne

    The article to which you linked, is very intriguing.
    I downloaded the translated internal Pfizer document PDF as well. (It’s hotlinked toward the start of the article) Haven’t had a chance to drill into it in any fine detail but, they were definitely expending resources aimed at the topic you brought up.

  • Cotour

    I think in the end concerning the medical field and Covid this is what will turn out to be the truth: 8min. I agree with these PHD’s in biology on this issue and their observations about just how perverted this entire thing has been driven to become.

    1. America was funding research in China that is not allowed in America and it included gain of function and it included Covid 19.

    2. It escaped the lab due to sloppiness.

    3. Wuhan, a city of 11 million people was shut down cold.

    4. The Communist Chinese government strategically did not inform the world of the condition and allowed flights out to Italy and other parts of the world. The thinking being: If we are going to suffer the effects of this weaponized virus, so is everyone else.

    5. Dr. Fauci and the rest of the players in the WHO and the CDC realized just how much of a lasting effect this particular virus would have long term on the world and the economy and are pushing hard the vaccination program where the entire world must take the shot. in order to cover their butts.

    6. The medical world, the political world and the media / social media gangs will be culpable in denying and force ably shutting down and not allowing any discussion of the various other therapies that have been demonstrated by real world front line doctors to be effective and would have saved many, many, many lives

    7. The “Vaccines”, all experimental and not long term proven safe were a hail Mary pass and have been what the powers that be thought would counter balance the foolishness and ambition, corruption and perversion of those involved.

    8. The Globalists, like the Democrats who never allow a disaster to go to waste are leveraging it all into their “Great reset” for the “good of man kind”. And big picture this may all have been “arranged” for that exact purpose to spread fear and the need for government economic intervention in order to create the mass dependency on it.

    And THAT IMO is how this entire thing appears to be rolling out as the truth is dragged out kicking and screaming from the darkest recesses of humanity.

    And the same will generally turn out to be so I suspect for the 2020 presidential election.


  • Cotour

    #32 Who will make the best Global citizens in the future? Those who unhesitatingly know:

    * Dr. Fauci never purposefully lied or misdirected America regarding Covid, he is just misunderstood by irrational people. Its them, not him.

    * The Covid virus is clearly the result of a bat to human transmission in the Wuhan wet market (Although they are having great trouble finding ANY animal with it in the market to catch it from)

    * The Chinese are not known for sloppy work conditions and weak security in their research labs. Although two of their scientists were among the first to die from Covid, in Wuhan.

    * All the vaccines designed to deal with Covid are effective. No argument. And everyone on the planet needs to receive at least one of them although they have been rushed and there does not exist any of the normally required by the really smart people double blind clinical trials. That is the gold standard, that is the scientific method. So says some very well informed very smart people.

    * The 2020 presidential election was the most secure election in American history. And do not ever dare question that, in a Democracy.

    * The Communist Chinese pose no threat to America and the world.

    * The guy with the buffalo horns and the painted face was going to take over the government after the “Insurrection”. But apparently in his genius planning sessions he forgot that in an insurrection you need lots of guns and ammo and people behind them and willing to die when they take over following him.

    * Barack Obama conducted the most transparent and non racist administration in American history. And you are a racist if you suggest anything other than that fact.

    * There is no such thing as Globalism, although the World Economic Forum clearly states: “In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy”.

    * You always blindly follow some royal douche who uses the term: “We must make bold and imaginative changes”. And he is not a Globalist.

    * And of course, the cherry on top qualification: Lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy. So said J. Edgar Hoover and The Warren Commission. And they would never not tell the real truth to the American people.

    These are the required qualities of everyone who will make exemplary Global citizens.

  • Cotour

    I would like to make a change above, I mistakenly included a term that should have just read: “Royal”

  • Milt

    The medical institution, too, has apparently been infiltrated — if not taken over — by the cultural Marxists, just as Antonio Gramsci first laid out in his theoretical writings in the last century. Indeed, almost everything that we are seeing and / or experiencing in our Brave New Woke world can be traced directly back to his insights into how to overthrow a culture.

    For a short discussion of this, see

    For a longer one,

    Without understanding the Gramscian agenda, there is little hope of countering it, and — sadly — many conservatives still haven’t a clue. Even Former President Trump, in his address to the Republican Party in Greenville, NC on Saturday, seemed blissfully unaware of how the left has, one by one, taken over the institutions of this country and (with a little help from voting “irregularities”) translated this achievement into exercising political power in Washington*. A highly successful Gramscian revolution. Evil triumphed, and (far too many) good men did nothing.

    *President Trump, like many other Republicans, still seems to view his election loss (at least in terms of what he speaks about in public) only in conventional *political* terms, without understanding how the ground was cut out from under him by the subversion of all of America’s foundational institutions. (A case in point, the courts — and even most state legislatures — did nothing to check the “irregularities” in the 2020 election debacle. Nor did most of the presstitute media. Almost no one, in fact — short of Trump’s ever loyal rank and file supporters — spoke up about any of this.) How many Republicans / Conservatives DO actually understand what is going on?

    Our job, put simply, is to (1) become thoroughly aware of the “game” that is being played, and (2) TAKE BACK THE INSTITUTIONS OF AMERICA. Probably also one by one, just as they were gradually stolen from us.

    Along these lines, education is probably a case in point. Because most schools are locally run — and paid for with local taxes / fees — it would be easy enough for knowledgeable parents, if sufficiently motivated, to “take back” the administration of these schools. Likewise, parents can play a large part in determining where their children will attend college and make strategic decisions about which institutions of “higher learning” they will or will not support. Even in The Peoples Republic of San Francisco, there seems to be a sort of awakening along these lines:

    Taking back our schools will require courage and determination — you will be called a racist and a hater, and you may actually suffer in the short term for your convictions — but it *can* be done, and it will be good practice for taking back all of the other institutions of America. So, too, with doctors, lawyers, teachers, journalists, and all those other people who have seen their professions turned into bawdy houses for the radical left.

    But will anyone bother / have the courage to do it?

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

  • Edward

    Milt wrote: “Even Former President Trump, in his address to the Republican Party in Greenville, NC on Saturday, seemed blissfully unaware of how the left has, one by one, taken over the institutions of this country and (with a little help from voting “irregularities”) translated this achievement into exercising political power in Washington*. A highly successful Gramscian revolution. Evil triumphed, and (far too many) good men did nothing.

    I think that the problem was that the good men in the voting population had sent Republicans into office in order to use the political arena to combat the evil. The voters not only did something, but they did the right thing. However, it turned out that the elected Republicans were not the good men that they had seemed to be, so they aided and abetted the evil. Our representatives failed to represent us but represent the evil, instead.

  • Cotour

    IMO ALL elections in America, especially in Democrat party controlled cities is extremely suspect.

    ALL and every election needs to be properly vetted and we need to revert to hard paper ballots counted by hand or some other manner that is less able to be hacked and perverted.

    If it has to do with politics and who is empowered it is suspect.

  • Cotour


    “Ted Cruz: Facebook’s Actions and Correspondence with Fauci Shows Big Tech Operating as Extension of Government – Opens Them Up to Legal Liability”


    Not blood in the streets, its lawyers, in court in front of judges, in a public forum presenting evidence and being measured against duly passed law. That is the political warfare that the Constitution structures and that is where some measure of truth and justice for all resides.

    And that is why the “Woke”, “Progressive” Liberal now Leftists who now control the Democrat party push racism and retribution and must work to destroy what is in order to replace it with “What should be”.

    And God help us if they are able to succeed.

    Trust the Founders and their imperfect but most effective attempt at counter balancing the nature of man related to the abuse of power. That is what America is about.

  • Milt

    I think that Cotour has it just about right. As he suggests, “it’s lawyers, in court in front of judges, in a public forum presenting evidence and being measured against duly passed law. That is the political warfare that the Constitution structures, and that is where some measure of truth and justice for all resides.”

    It is parents — perhaps with an attorney — standing up at a local school board meeting and challenging the legality of policies and curricula based on Critical Race Theory. (They are patently unconstitutional, but hardly anyone dares to speak this uncomfortable truth.) It is people standing up at city council or county commission meetings, chiding them for proposing to defund the police or to not enforce laws against shoplifting and open drug use in public places. It will be people working together to vote Marxist governors, mayors, and Soros-funded district attorneys out of office and to put in people who actually have an allegiance to the Constitution and to the people of this country. And, it may be as simple as not contributing to Public Broadcasting during their pledge drives and publicly urging others not to contribute. (If there were ever an entity that exemplifies what Dr. M. Scott Peck has termed “The People of the Lie,” it is today’s relentlessly woke PBS / NPR.)

    It may also mean becoming a member of the executive committee of the local Republican Party and redoubling the effort to both get out the vote and see that it is fairly counted. It is, in short, using every means that the Constitution affords us to take back the institutions and the government of this country. So, too, in all of the professions and in the unions as well. People will have to take courage and challenge woke / Marxist orthodoxy wherever it raises its head.

    At the end of this, millions and millions of Americans will have gotten a priceless, real world education in civics and how our Constitution actually “works.” (A hint: it is NOT self enforcing, and it is only as efficacious as people make it through their understanding and actions.) Moreover, should we succeed, we will have secured the blessings of liberty for at least the next generation and — never say never; they will try again — once again discredit the Big Lies of the radical left in the sight of everyone.

  • Milt

    Robert — It’s Cotour — can you fix my error?

  • Cotour

    Just one election away.

    That is how tenuous freedom in America actually is.

    Who stands in the way right now and today?

    Joe Mansion (D) West Virginia. Just one man.

    And the brilliance of the Founders once again shines through by structuring what they structured in the form of the Constitution.

  • wayne

    Joe Mansion is going to save us?

    The Judicial Branch is going to save us?

    “Conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit.”
    Michael Malice

    Dave Smith
    “On the Red Pill”
    December 2020

    “…everything you perceive to be reality is (expletive ), and it’s (expletive) to enslave you. It’s not (expletive) to help you, it’s (expletive) to enslave you….”

  • Cotour

    Joe Mansion has already stated that he will not sign the 800 page federalization of elections bill Democrat leadership now Leftist operatives who need to deny the people honest elections that they are unable to control and influence through such a bill.

    Yes, Joe Mansion.

    Joe Mansion is your, my and every other sane Americans best friend today in politics.

    Love him and his sanity.

  • The senator’s name is Joe Manchin.

  • Cotour

    Noted, thank you.

    Love, Joe Manchin and his sanity all the same.

  • Cotour

    Still, Joe Manchin is your best friend right now, Wayne.

    No one cares what his Liberty Score is, on this issue he has sanity. And without it?

    Q: Are there democrats that score higher than a 16?

    What do you expect? THEY ARE DEMOCRATS, being measured by CONSERVATIVES.!

  • wayne

    If Manchin is “my best friend,” then we are ALL doomed.

    Full Metal Jacket (1988)
    “This Is My Rifle” Scene

  • wayne

    Joe Manchurian completely aside;

    Thanks for getting in some interesting Sky News Australia video-links the past few weeks.

  • Edward

    Milt wrote: “It may also mean becoming a member of the executive committee of the local Republican Party and redoubling the effort to both get out the vote and see that it is fairly counted.

    We did this last November, but government has taken sides, and the courts (part of the government) chose to say that those watching the count were not eligible to claim that the count was not fair. No one was eligible, according to the courts. The courts refused to support the watchmen or the population. They only supported the ruling class, as though the courts are part of the ruling class. Whether or not we have poll watchers, the results are the same.

    The most important election of the past 150 years (Sesquicentennium?) was in 2008, and the country lost that one, so the country has been lost. It is taking most people a long time to figure out this one, but it is true. Due to that election, the government need only apply a tax in order to tell us what to buy (e.g. health insurance), what to do, what to say, where to go or not go, what to wear (although they chose not to bother with the tax requirement), or who or what to be.

    The Constitution may not be perfect, but it is better than what we have now.

    The ruling class ignores it, the courts refuse to uphold it, and the military failed to defend it, so now they are becoming woke marxists. The police didn’t defend it, either, so now they are being defunded and disrespected around the country. It does not matter whether we act locally or nationally, our actions are not supported.

  • wayne


  • Edward

    As the song says in the musical South Pacific, you have to be carefully taught. (2 minutes)

    How ironic that an anti-racist song gives the secret of racism to today’s racists. Oh, right, the Democrats were always the racists, with their Jim Crow laws and KKK organizations. They always knew the secret.

    Today’s students are being just as carefully taught as those that they decry, the racists of yore. Unlike the song, they weren’t taught before they were six or seven or eight. They weren’t taught at home, so they have to be carefully taught at the government-run schools.

    These days, the teaching extends into professions that we thought were immune to modern racism. Why were we so foolish as to think that? Because unlike the racists, we believe in Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. But then, King was an evil Republican, not a racist Democrat.

    wayne wrote: “sesquicentennial

    That seems to apply more to an anniversary, and I was looking for something to apply more to an arbitrary time span. Maybe I should spend less time trying to make up polymultisyllabic words as though English were the German language.

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