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Instead, they wish to shut you up, and oppress you if you happen to disagree with them or have the wrong skin color. This evil must be exposed.


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Today’s blacklisted Americans: All Republicans who questioned the November election count

The dead Bill of Rights
The now cancelled Bill of Rights.

They’re coming for you next: The list of Americans whom the left and Democratic Party wish to blacklist just keeps getting longer. Now, in league with its chief slander organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), any Republican politician who wanted an investigation into the numerous and often very credible allegations of fraud and vote tampering in the November presidential election has been slated for cancelling and the destruction of their lives.

The SPLC, which has routinely slandered ordinary conservatives and organizations by falsely labeling them as a racists and hate groups merely because they believe in certain entirely mainstream positions, such as being against abortions and in favor of family rights, is now demanding the removal and deplatforming of more than half the Republicans in Congress, because they questioned that election.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has an answer, and it amounts to blacklisting more than half of the Republicans in Congress — if not expelling them altogether. For good measure, the SPLC also calls for the permanent social media “deplatforming” of every “public figure” who questioned the 2020 election results.

The SPLC’s annual “Year in Hate and Extremism” report presented this cancel culture overdrive as the solution to “far-right and racist narratives.” While the SPLC has long branded mainstream conservative and Christian organizations “hate groups,” listing them alongside the Ku Klux Klan, and urging Big Tech to blacklist them, this latest cancel culture demand seems extreme, even for the SPLC.

To quote the report itself:

Hold former President Donald Trump and those who helped incite the deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol accountable. Action by the House of Representatives to impeach former President Trump was absolutely necessary to protect the future of our democracy. Now the Senate must have the courage and true patriotism to convict him and permanently disqualify him from holding public office. In addition, Congress should discipline, censure, or expel all of the 147 Senators and Representatives who supported the insurrection and baseless “Stop the Steal” lies by voting against Electoral College certification of President Biden’s victory.

The above paragraph as well as the report is filled with lies, slanders, and libels against Republicans, accusing them of doing things they simply did not do, and demanded they be silenced forever for simply exercising their first amendment rights when they raised legitimate questions about the election, prompted by those allegations, none of which have yet been investigated properly.

Moreover, neither Trump nor any Republicans incited the invasion into the Capitol on January 6th. This is an outright lie. There is extensive evidence that the most aggressive attacks were planned well beforehand — plans that all mimicked standard Antifa and Black Lives Matter operations — and were irrelevant to anything Trump or any Republicans said.

More important, we are supposed to have a first amendment, which by law allows all Americans the right to say what they think, without threat or harm.

No matter. The left’s effort to destroy its opponents now includes anyone who dares challenge them in any way. To their mind, if you have the nerve to express dissent, you are by definition now a hater, a racist, and a bigot. You must be hounded from public life, and if possible destroyed in every way possible.

Welcome to the future. It will only get worse, because it is clear that too many Americans don’t care. The left isn’t attacking them, so why should they be concerned?

Just give them time, however. They will come for you.

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  • Edward

    From the article: “The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has an answer, and it amounts to blacklisting more than half of the Republicans in Congress — if not expelling them altogether. For good measure, the SPLC also calls for the permanent social media ‘deplatforming’ of every ‘public figure’ who questioned the 2020 election results.

    Didn’t the Democrats insist upon and get four different investigations into the 2016 election results, based not upon evidence of any wrongdoing but upon innuendo and speculation? As I recall, each investigation came up with no evidence of wrongdoing. None at all.

    It looks like actions by Democrats and The Party do not have to meet any standards. Democrats may question election results at a whim, but Republicans may not question election results even with eyewitness accounts, video recordings, and suspicious activities.

    Indeed, the Democrats believe that the riot at the Capitol building was an insurrection against the government, but it was Trump’s government that was in power at the time, so the insurrection would have been against the Trump administration. Why would Trump supporters hold an insurrection against him? It happened at the very time that Congress was going through the procedure that Trump wanted to happen in order to give him a last chance to show that the election was fixed by Democrats. Why would Trump supporters want to disrupt this process? It would seem more likely that the Democrats would have staged such an action in order to disrupt the procedure and discredit Trump.

    Oh, wait. That is exactly what happened.

    Plus there is evidence that it was planned long in advance and that some Democrat Congressthings knew about it at least a week in advance.

    We have seen countries before where there is one political party that may act freely and with impunity but all other political parties are either outlawed or severely restricted in their activities. None of them were the United States, and all were run badly and with terrible corruption.

  • pzatchok

    Why do I get a happy feeling thinking that the left should run with this as fast and as far as possible.

    It really is for our own safety and mental well being.

    The re=education camps will be fun and just full of productive activities.

    They really are smarter than the rest of us and we do need their leadership.

  • Ian C.

    “you are by definition now a hater, a racist, and a bigot.”

    Reads like my dating site profile. Chicks love it.

  • buddhahs

    The SPLC?

    That’s the proper response to *anything* coming from that corrupt bunch of grifters.

    The response to anyone citing them, however, should be immediate and forceful, showing their bias and their greed.

  • Luke

    I question that “too many Americans don’t care”.

    The relatively apolitical moderate leftish folks I know are @#$&ing terrified.
    They don’t want to attract attention, and have no idea what they can do to stop anything.
    They care.
    Their anger hasn’t overcome their fear, especially with no clear path forward.
    But they care.

  • pzatchok

    If this does not scare someone them they are ignorant.

    Ignorant of basic human rights, our constitution and history. Or just ignorant of the whole situation because of not being informed.

  • Sam L.

    I used to get missives for the SPLC, asking for “contributions”, until I returned one saying that I found them to be a hate group.

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