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Where to get legal help if you have been illegally blacklisted

Today’s blacklist column is a follow-up of an earlier column from August 2022, when I provided a detailed list of the various legal non-profit firms that now take on cases to defend the blacklisted. The number of such firms has grown, and I decided it was time to provide a new more complete list.

These non-profit law firms are all dedicated to fighting the left’s shameless effort to illegally and immorally blacklist, blackball, censor, and destroy its opposition, and have been increasingly successfully in winning their cases. The list, though obviously not all inclusive, describes what appear to be the most active and successful non-profit law firms presently winning first amendment cases nationwide. (Note too that the ACLU is not on the list, as that organization a long time ago abandoned its foundational goal of protecting free speech and has instead become an agent acting to increase the left’s power over ordinary citizens.)

In choosing among these law firms, make sure you review their entire website and the many cases they are handling. Some firms might be less appropriate for your situation, and it is necessary on your part to do the due diligence to figure this out.

ADF logo

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

The ADF appears to be the most active of all these new organizations. Time after time in my reports it shows up as either the law firm handling a new lawsuit, or as the winner of a new victory. It also appears willing to take the widest range of cases. From its website:

ADF is the world’s largest legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, parental rights, and God’s design for marriage and family.

We were launched in 1994 by leaders in the Christian community. While many of our clients are Christians, we’ve also defended the rights of Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and people of no faith. Religious freedom is for everyone. In our campus free speech work, we’ve represented students of varied religious faiths as well as libertarian, conservative, pro-life, pro-conservationist, and LGBT students. And outside the United States, ADF International has worked to stop genocide against Christians, Yazidis, Shia Muslims, and other religious minorities.

If you think after reviewing ADF’s webpage it can help you, you can submit a request for help here.

First Liberty logo

First Liberty

First Liberty has also been quite successful and aggressive in winning cases involving violations of the First Amendment specifically focused on religious liberty. From its website:

First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious liberty for all Americans. We believe that every American of any faith—or no faith at all—has a fundamental right to follow their conscience and live according to their beliefs.

Our nation’s Founding Fathers established this right as our First Freedom nearly two and a half centuries ago, and we intend to keep it that way.

You can submit a request for help here.

Institute for Free Speech logo

The Institute for Free Speech (IFS)

IFS is specifically focused on defending free speech, essentially taking the place of the ACLU, which abandoned that cause decades ago. From its website:

The Institute for Free Speech promotes and defends the First Amendment rights to freely speak, assemble, publish, and petition the government through strategic litigation, communication, activism, training, research, and education. Our dedicated professional staff works tirelessly to protect political speech under these freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. We are the nation’s largest organization dedicated solely to protecting First Amendment political speech rights.

Free political speech guaranteed by the First Amendment is the most important right. It is the right that allows citizens to criticize, challenge, and ultimately improve their government. Despite its importance, the Institute for Free Speech is the only organization with a dedicated professional staff and mission seeking to promote and defend American citizens’ First Amendment political speech rights.

If this firm is appropriate to your case, you can submit a request for help here.

Thomas More Society Logo

The Thomas More Society

The Thomas More Society is one of the older of these law firms, founded in 1997 to successfully fight a class action lawsuit by NOW and others in the abortion industry that attempted to block the release of documentary against abortion. Since then it has widened its focus. From its website:

The Thomas More Society is a not-for-profit, national public interest law firm dedicated to restoring respect in law for life, family, and religious liberty. Based in Chicago, the Thomas More Society defends and fosters support for these causes by providing high quality pro bono legal services from local trial courts all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

For example, the society now has departments specifically dedicated to fighting the COVID mandates.

Requests of legal representation can be submited here.

Liberty Counsel logo

Liberty Counsel

Liberty Counsel was the law firm that recently won the $10 million lawsuit for 500 fired healthcare workers. Its main focus is that of a Christian ministry dedicated to advocating that view to the world. However, it also considers that advocacy to include the strong defense through litigation of religious liberty. From its website:

Natural laws are laws that transcend time, cultures and political institutions. The Declaration of Independence recognizes those laws as “laws of nature and of nature’s God.” The first rights recognized by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution are the freedom of religion and speech.

Religious freedom, often referred to as the free exercise of religion, is a natural right and is part of the inalienable rights affirmed by the constitutions of the United States and every one of the states. Liberty Counsel advances these liberties on behalf of pastors, churches, ministries, corporations, students, teachers, parents, and others.

Liberty Counsel advances religious freedom by advocating, supporting advancing and defending the good news about Jesus Christ. Liberty Counsel works collaboratively with churches and provides counsel and legal representation on issues consistent with our mission and values.

Liberty Counsel attorneys have represented clients before the United States Supreme Court, federal courts of appeal, federal district courts, state supreme, appellate, and trial courts, and administrative agencies, and have spoken or testified before Congress, state legislative committees, and in local government meetings.

The submission form for requested help is found here.

WILL logo

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL)

Though dedicated to a wide range of issues defending “the rule of law, individual liberty, constitutional government, and a robust civil society,” unlike the other law firms above WILL is mostly focused on defending those rights within the state of Wisconsin. That focus however has made it extremely successful in shifting the policy and government of Wisconsin away from the left’s oppressive policies. From its website:

Before the formation of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (“WILL”) in 2011, conservatives and libertarians in Wisconsin were severely outnumbered in the legal arena. One report estimated that the left could call upon the services of five public-interest law firms with estimated annual budgets of $7 million. Those forces were opposed by only one conservative organization with a part-time lawyer and a budget of less than $60,000.

…After our first decade, we have become one of the largest state-based litigation centers in the country, with a lengthy string of victories in state and federal court. In addition, we are now the most active and influential free market policy organization in the state of Wisconsin. These groups are commonly known as “think tanks” – and we certainly believe that thought is important. But reflection must lead to action, and based on our litigation, policy output, and ability to move the needle, we might more accurately be called a “do tank.”

Despite the localized nature of its focus, WILL has repeatedly shown up in nationally covered stories. Its ability to shift the debate across the entire U.S. has been quite astonishing.

You can submit your request for help here.

MFI logo

The Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI)

Like WILL above, the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) is focused on defending the rights of families and citizens in just one state, Massachusetts. From its webpage:

Recognizing that healthy families are indispensable to the preservation of a strong and free society, Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) is dedicated to strengthening the family and affirming the Judeo-Christian values upon which it is based. Established in 1991, MFI is a non-partisan public policy organization dedicated to strengthening families in Massachusetts. MFI engages in research and education on a wide range of public policy issues to strengthen the well-being, health and safety of families – its individual members and the collective unit.

While many of the issues in which MFI engages are complex, we believe that the best solutions are found through a system of valuing the life and well being of every child, woman and man. To that end, we seek to reduce barriers that threaten family stability and to create a political and social environment where families can thrive and prosper.

Though its effort is focused on Massachusetts only, considering the leftist and intolerant tilt of that state’s politics, MFI should have ample work.

You can contact MFI here.

Mountain States Legal Foundation 	logo

Mountain States Legal Foundation

Though Mountain States Legal Foundation appears to be similar to WILL and MFI in that its name suggests it is focused in defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights for a specific region, it actually takes on cases nationwide. From its webpage:

Mountain States Legal Foundation is a non-profit law firm, dedicated to restoring those rights enshrined in the Constitution, at zero legal cost to our clients. MSLF is focused on protecting property rights and economic liberty, defending the right to keep and bear arms, championing free speech and association, and upholding the principle of equal protection. From our headquarters in Colorado, we litigate crucial cases across the nation at every level—even all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

If after reviewing their webpage you think they can help you, you can submit your case to them here.

NCLA logo

New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA)

Like the other law firms above, NCLA is focused on defending the constitutional freedoms of Americans, though its focus appears aimed more at what it calls “the administrative state.” From its website:

NCLA views the Administrative State as an especially serious threat to constitutional freedoms. No other development in contemporary American law denies more rights to more Americans. Although Americans still enjoy the shell of their Republic, there has developed within it a very different sort of government—a type, in fact, that the Constitution was designed to prevent. This unconstitutional administrative state within our U.S. government is the focus of NCLA’s concern. NCLA urges Americans to recognize the administrative threat and join our civil liberties movement against it.

NCLA files original lawsuits and amicus curiae briefs asking judges in state and federal courts to overturn unlawful and unconstitutional actions by federal agencies that violate people’s civil liberties. These cases cut across multiple state and federal agencies and fall into one of seven problem areas where administrative power tends to evade the U.S. Constitution’s permitted avenues of control: (1) Administrative controls on free speech; (2) Agencies operating outside the scope of their statutory authority or using improperly divested legislative power (Nondelegation); (3) Judicial deference to administrative agencies (Chevron and its ilk); (4) Unlawful administrative searches; (5) Due process violations, especially in administrative adjudications; (6) Guidance abuse; (7) Spending conditions that purport to bind conduct.

Its website does not appear to have a page to submit an application for legal help. If you think your case fits NCLA’s focus, contact information however can be found here.

Speech First logo

Speech First

Speech First, is a bit different than legal firms on this list. Instead of being simply a law firm dedicated to fighting constitutional violations, it is a member organization designed to bring together like-minded people freedom-lovers, providing them aid and support, including legal help. It does not appear there is any fee to join. If you are a college student and a member of Speech First, it will act as your representative should you find your free speech rights under attack on campus. From its website:

By coming together, we’ve created a nationwide community of free speech supporters to reassure students that they won’t fight these cases alone and that they’ll be supported every step of the way: on campus, in the media, and in court. We’re a membership association of students, parents, faculty, alumni, and concerned citizens who’ve had enough of the toxic censorship culture on college campuses, and who want to fight back.

We believe that free and open discourse is an essential component of a comprehensive education. We are committed to restoring the freedom of speech on college campuses because we believe that by exposing students to different and challenging ideas, they will emerge stronger, smarter, and more resilient.

Speech First will protect students’ free speech rights on campus. Through advocacy, litigation, and education, we will put colleges and universities on notice that shutting down unwanted speech will no longer be tolerated.

The organization has also gone to court to defend students’ rights on campus. I suspect if you are not a member but have found your free speech rights violated on campus, it will still be very interested in hearing from you. A tip line is provided here.

AFL logo

America’s First Legal (AFL)

America’s First Legal (AFL) appears to have a more wide-ranging purpose than many of the other law firms on this list, using lawfare to fight the blacklisting culture on a number of political fronts. From its mission statement:

The radical left is using its power inside and outside of the government to destroy our country. It is opening America’s borders, shutting down American energy, trying to take over American elections, and violating the fundamental civil rights of the American People.

At America First Legal, we are building a team of some of the nation’s best legal, political, and strategic thinkers to challenge this lawlessness at every turn. We will use every legal tool at our disposal to defend our citizens from unconstitutional executive overreach. We will also stand up against corporations that restrict free speech and violate our citizens’ civil rights.

We are committed to fighting for all Americans–regardless of race, color, religion, or creed. We will defend the rights of all Americans from attacks by anyone, in any party, who would seek to attack their freedom, their dignity, and their equal rights under the law.

If you think after reviewing AFL’s webpage it can help you, you can send them a description of your situation here.

LJC logo

Liberty Justice Center (LJC)

The Liberty Justice Center is similar to the ADF, in that it takes on a wide range of cases involving violations of the rights of Americans, covering as its website outlines “government overreach, free speech, school choice, and workers’ rights.” From its about page:

Our groundbreaking lawsuits stake out Americans’ constitutional rights. In 2018, Liberty Justice Center restored the First Amendment rights of more than 5 million public employees in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court victory in Janus v. AFSCME. This decision determined that government employees no longer have to pay union dues or fees to government unions they don’t believe in and which take positions with which they disagree.

Our talented attorneys also fight to protect students, families, entrepreneurs and other Americans whose fundamental constitutional rights have been violated.

If you think LJC is right for you, you can submit a request for help here.

HFDF logo

Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF)

Though the Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) is focused on defending the rights of Americans to have freedom of choice when it comes to health issues, there is a great deal of overlap between the legal cases it takes on and those defended by other legal firms on this list. From its mission statement:

At Health Freedom Defense Fund, we stand for freedom, we stand for choice, and we stand for the most basic of human rights, bodily autonomy.

HFDF asserts that no person, business, institution, organization, or government has the right to force a person to put something into their body against their will. If any of those entities have or claim that power, we are not free and we do not live in a decent, moral, or just society. As has been agreed by all free nations for decades, the practice of ethical medicine requires prior, voluntary, and informed consent. Period.

Thus, many of HFDF’S recent cases have focused on fighting the various COVID jab and mask mandates. If you have found yourself blacklisted because of your personal health choices, HFDF might be the right the legal firm for you. You can contact them here.

AFF logo

Advocates for Faith & Freedom (AFF)

Advocates for Faith & Freedom is very similar to First Liberty, in that its focus is religious freedom and defending those whose ability to practice their faith has been threatened. From its website:

Advocates for Faith and Freedom’s purpose from its founding has been to serve as a nonprofit legal ministry dedicated to protecting religious liberty in the courts. This firm subsequently engages in cases that deal with important religious liberty issues that deserve to be heard by our nation. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to the mission of the organization, regularly teaming up with allied attorneys nationwide to achieve this mission.

You can contact them here.

Becket logo

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is another example of a non-profit legal firm dedicated to defending religious freedom, though it emphasizes strongly its non-denominational approach. From its website:

Our mission is to protect the expression of all faiths, from A to Z—Anglican to Zoroastrian. Becket was founded on a simple principle: that because the religious impulse is natural to human beings, religious expression is natural to human culture. We advance this principle in three arenas—the court of law, the court of public opinion, and the academy—both at home and abroad.

You can contact them here.

Independence Law Center logo

The Independence Law Center

The Independence Law Center also fights this battle for free speech and liberty, both in the courts and in the halls of the legislature, as well as partnering with many of the other non-profit legal firms listed on this page to help fight their cases. From its about website:

We defend human life at all stages and defend the rights of the people to freely exercise their religion, as well as all the other First Amendment freedoms that depend on that first freedom. We protect and advance these and other self-evident truths through advocacy in courts of law and courts of public opinion, and through legislative, local, and educational policy development.

You can contact them here, or request help here.

The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court,
from AAFER’s webpage

American Alliance for Equal Rights (AAFER)

The American Alliance for Equal Rights is a non-profit law firm, run by Edward Jay Blum, that led the court fight that resuled in the Supreme Court ruling against the use of affirmative action and racial quotas in admissions policies. It describes itself as follows:

The American Alliance for Equal Rights is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) membership organization dedicated to challenging distinctions and preferences made on the basis of race and ethnicity.

You can contact them here.

FIRE logo

Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE)

Last but not least is the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) (previously called the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education). Founded in 1999 to defend free speech on college campuses, in 2022 it changed its name to expand “its mission to include the defense of free expression across the United States.” In many ways FIRE was the first organization to replace the ACLU when that non-profit law firm stopped defending the First Amendment and became a partisan leftist advocate in the 1990s. From FIRE’s mission statement:

Freedom of speech is a fundamental American freedom and human right. It is essential for democracy, scientific progress, artistic expression, social justice, peace, and our ability to live as authentic individuals.

Yet, across our nation, this cornerstone of our free society is under serious threat. Far too many of us fear sharing our views or challenging those that seem to dominate. Nearly 6-in-10 Americans believe our nation’s democracy is threatened because people are afraid to voice their opinions.

FIRE therefore defends and promotes the value of free speech for all Americans in our courtrooms, on our campuses, and in our culture. Our vision is an America in which people overwhelmingly believe in the right of others to freely express views different from their own, and expect their laws and educational institutions to reflect and teach this belief.

You can submit your case to them here. Because it has been around the longest, FIRE has in many ways had the most impact in this battle. That so other non-profit free speech law firms now exist simply illustrates that it is no longer possible for one organization to fight the battle. The freedom of Americans is being abused on too many fronts, which is why today’s fight for freedom requires many legal warriors.


If any of my readers know of other non-profit law firms that are defending freedom in similar ways, please provide that information in the comments below. I will make sure to include them in future updates, as this list is certain to grow in the coming years, as the rise of today’s illegal blacklist culture makes the need for such legal firms a growth industry.

That growth also tells us that Americans are increasingly willing to fight, and fight hard, for their rights. The bullies who decided since 2020 that those rights no longer existed are only beginning to find out the cost of that arrogance. These law firms, combined with the courage of many Americans, can make that cost high in the coming years.

I will say it again: Americans have got to stop running and begin fighting. The reason the blacklist culture of the left has been so fearless in its oppression in the past few years is because it has not been challenged much by ordinary Americans. Too often Americans have looked the other way — out of fear or apathy — when these thugs moved in to destroy someone less.

This fear and apathy must end. If you are involved in a situation that might be applicable to any of the goals of any of these law firms, don’t sit home, do nothing, and accept defeat. Let them know. Because these freedoms are so thoroughly enshrined in American jurisprudence, the odds of winning in court is very very high.

But you can’t win if you don’t fight. It is time to fight, at all levels.

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  • Alton

    Thanks for the UPdate..

  • Man in the Middle

    Still missing from the updated list: (Advocates for Faith & Freedom), my personal favorite such charity, for their help defending Calvary Chapel, San Jose from local officials trying to fine them into oblivion for the crime of reopening for worship during COVID-19. They’ve already won at the U.S. Supreme Court, but their county isn’t accepting its loss there and still trying to punish them.

    Your top entry, Alliance Defending Freedom ( is also a personal favorite, having recently helped defend our online church Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills from a similar issue.

    I’ve also donated to some of the others you list, and wish them well, but stopped donating to the ones that began sending me daily or weekly begs for additional donations. No point in sending money to people who would only use it to spam me to give them more.

  • Man in the Middle: Faith-Freedom will be added to the list.

  • Col Beausabre

    Shouldn’t that be “Illegally Blacklisted” ?

  • Col Beausabre: I am puzzled. “Illegally blacklisted” was what I put in the title. What are you suggesting needs to be changed?

  • sippin_bourbon

    Have you looked at these guys?

  • sippin_bourbon: Oy, FIRE should have been on this list from day one. I am ashamed I left it off. It will be added.

  • Cotour



    I and many others like the Zman, have made the argument soon after it all began, over and over, in the context of the news items below that the Covid19 virus contagion and the government forcing mask mandates and the authoritarian forcing of the so-called free people in AMERICA to take into their body an experimental drug was overreach at a minimum.

    Your government and this current administration (D) are attempting to very robustly align with international organizations, specifically in this instance the World Health Organization. With the end result being giving the American people’s Rights and sovereignty to the W.H.O. regarding their and their children’s healthcare and what they will be required to do and the drugs they will be required to take. You think about that for two seconds.

    2/22/23: “The US Department of Energy has assessed that the Covid-19 pandemic most likely came from a laboratory leak in China, according to a newly updated classified intelligence report.”

    Woody Harrelson SNL, 2/25/23: 1 min.

    We will see what happens to Woody and his veiled attack on Pfizer given what we saw recently happen to James Okeefe and his being removed from his own company, Project Veritas, right after he produced a very revealing Pfizer expose.

    From the start I and many others in the private sector and some in the defiant media had assessed and stated that the evidence clearly indicates that the Covid19 event and where it came from, probably escaping from a Chinese CCP military research lab, in concert with Dr. Fauci and associates funding it, the denying of qualified doctors in proscribing proven drugs and therapies at the risk of losing their medical credentials, people being locked down and if they refused the clearly experimental mRNA drug therapy they would lose their jobs and the many other ultra very well coordinated authoritarian measures that were taken was an OUTRAGE!

    And as time rolls on the truth of the Covid19 event and exactly what your own government intends for you and your children and fellow citizens was exactly the truth. And we clearly witnessed the perversion of the now clearly corrupted media and big tech that buttressed that attempt by your own government to usurp your and your family’s freedoms as Americans.

    At the minimum if you identify as either a Democrat, and I know many of you, or as a wishy-washy RINO, at the minimum please consider now identifying and voting as an Independant.

    I point out once more to everyone: America (and its Constitution) is the ONLY country that those Globalist authoritarians who seek absolute control on a planet wide level over everyone is the last bullwork that stands in their way.

    Are you paying attention yet America?

  • Andi

    Thank you for the list, Bob, saving it for future reference!

  • Cotour

    Related and relevant:


    A couple of nights ago Florida governor, Ron Desantis was interviewed by radio talk show host, Mark Levin.

    I listen to Levin, when he is sane and not screaming. And I understand why he screams through his microphone; he understands just how much in peril we all are regarding the diminishing of our Constitution and our Rights and Freedoms. But when he begins screaming, I change the station. I can’t take it.

    So, Levin was calmly interviewing Ron Desantis the other day and I heard a clip from it and governor Desantis made a very important fundamental point that in the chaos and confusion of the political warfare we are all witness to we forget to emphasize and embrace.

    And this point really describes exactly why the two political parties in America are sooo divided.

    Governor, Ron Desantis: “Our Rights come from God and not the government, the Founders rejected the divine Right of Kings.” “We (the people) loan power to the government under a Constitution to protect those Rights.”

    A key unique to the Constitution concept contained in the structuring of America. Understand it.

    Levin / Desantis interview: 13 min.

    And this, a fundamental and key titanium in a world of wood concept, whether you are religious, spiritual or are an all-out niellist or atheist who believes in nothing you must understand that whether you agree that there exists a God or creator or not the government does NOT bestow your Rights upon you. You are born with them. A very brilliant and unique concept in governance.

    Why is it so easy and natural for the radical extremists in our politics (D / RINO / Marxist / “Progressive” / “Woke”) to seek total control over you and those Rights that the government does not possess and who does not give to you? Because they reject that fundamental concept of where those Rights come from. THEY SEE THEMSELVES AS KINGS. Or worse.

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