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500 healthcare workers, fired for refusing COVID jab, win $10.3 million lawsuit


Bring a gun to a knife fight: Because NorthShore University HealthSystem in Illinois refused in 2020 to give any employee a religious exemption from getting the COVID jab and thus fired 500 healthcare workers, those workers sued, and last week they won a $10.3 million settlement from the university.

As part of the settlement agreement, NorthShore will pay $10,337,500 to compensate hundreds of health care employees. NorthShore will also change its unlawful “no religious accommodations” policy to make it consistent with the law, and to provide religious accommodations in every position across its numerous facilities. No position in any NorthShore facility will be considered off limits to unvaccinated employees with approved religious exemptions.

In addition, employees who were terminated because of their religious refusal of the COVID shots will be eligible for rehire if they apply within 90 days of final settlement approval by the court, and they will retain their previous seniority level.

The non-profit law firm that brought the case, Liberty Counsel, is taking a 20% cut of this class action, rather than the traditional 33% cut. As for the 500 fired workers:

If the settlement is approved by the court and all or nearly all of the affected employees file valid and timely claims, it is estimated that employees who were terminated or resigned because of their religious refusal of a COVID shot will receive approximately $25,000 each, and employees who were forced to accept a COVID shot against their religious beliefs to keep their jobs will receive approximately $3,000 each.

The 13 health care workers who are lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit will receive an additional approximate payment of $20,000 each for their important role in bringing this lawsuit and representing the class of NorthShore health care workers.

The lawsuit occurred because in 2020, during the Wuhan panic, NorthShore announced that its employees must all get the COVID jab, and it would provide no exemptions for religious reasons. Several employees then enlisted Liberty Counsel for help, which sent a demand letter to NorthShore to stop violating the law. NorthShore refused, and thus it now is forced to spend $10 million plus and rehire those fired employees, should they wish to return. As noted by Horatio Mihet of Liberty Counsel, “This settlement should also serve as a strong warning to employers across the nation that they cannot refuse to accommodate those with sincere religious objections to forced vaccination mandates.”

A lot of people have suffered needlessly because of the panic over COVID. There was never any reason to lockdown, to social distance, to require masks, to require the jab, and to fire and destroy people who refused any of these actions. Freedom requires that you ask someone to comply, and if they choose not to you smile, and go about your life as you choose.

In 2020 our society went mad, forgetting this most fundamental American concept of freedom that is also well established in law. NorthShore is one of the first to now pay for that madness. Expect many more companies and individuals to pay up as well.

More important, this victory is making it very clear that companies don’t have the right to suspend a person’s Constitutional rights, just because its managers are afraid. Tough luck. If you are afraid, then you can hide in your basement. Don’t think you have the right to drag everyone else in there with you.

Expect the upcoming attempts to manufacture a new crisis over monkeypox (with the leftist states of New York, California, and Illinois all declaring monkeypox emergencies this week) to fall very flat. While the Democratic Party sheep who live in those states might kow-tow to this stupidity, most of the rest of the nation has learned its lesson. Even if some politicians and company officials elsewhere agree with the fear behind these emergency orders, they now know that they will face real negative consequences if they let their control freak tendencies get out of hand. They can no longer mandate much of anything, and if they try, they will find themselves ignominiously ignored.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • David Telford

    I got the jab. But I was not first in line: let those who worship Science! take the bean for this experiment. After many weeks and no one turned into stumbling zombies, I felt comfortable with it. Zero side effects (lucky me.) Later I had to lament my colleagues who elected not to get it: the company dismissed them. I think that was wrong, and I hope one day to see a story like this on their behalf.

    In 2020 our society went mad, forgetting this most fundamental… <– yes it did

    Democrats, dispositionally afraid of their own shadow, certainly of my shadow and that of many others that drove this madness.

    …if they try, they will find themselves ignominiously ignored. <– I hope you are right.

  • Jeff Wright

    Love the cats.

  • Max

    More lawsuits on the way;

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) coordinated with major social media and technology companies to control information about the coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccines, according to internal agency communications obtained by America First Legal.”
    Not exactly legal, now they have the emails to prove it. CDC conspired and coordinated with big tech to sensor speech, commit fraud, and remove the opposition.

    The data on the vaccines is being collected, it’s getting harder and harder for the government to lie for the pharmaceuticals… or to control the narrative.
    “People who’ve received four doses or more are around 100 times more likely to be hospitalized than those who are unvaccinated against COVID-19”

  • Max

    One must not forget, Bill Gates Ted talk about using healthcare and vaccinations to reduce the population 10 to 15%… One minute

  • cheeflo

    I have several friends who were fired from Carhartt for declining the jab. There was a process to apply for religious exemption and an appeal, such as it was. My former department manager was on LinkedIn looking for replacements before the appeal process was even over.

    Dozens of people were canned … depending on how hard you were to replace. For example, domestic sewing machine operators were safe as was the foreign workforce, notably in Mexico.

    I think it was a workforce reduction under the guise of workplace safety … most who were fired, if not all, had been working remotely for two years.

    Carhartt is privately held. I’m sending this link to my friends anyway. Some have landed on their feet, others haven’t.

  • Robert F.

    I have two questions:
    1) What specific law or set of laws did the plaintiffs argue Northshore violated?
    2) What about those of us who objected to being coerced into the jab not for religious but for freedom of conscience reasons? My employer flat out stated that vaccination was a condition of employment with no exemption allowed whatsoever. My belief is, “Eff that. My employer isnt my doctor.”

  • cheeflo: My column today is going to take a look at the growing number of non-profit law firms that take and win these cases. This will be info you want also.

  • Rory

    So they got roughly $20,600 for being fired? seems like they needed to add a zero to that.

  • Col Beausabre

    Rory, Just what I thought

  • Call Me Ishmael

    “Love the cats.”

    Although the ears don’t say “We won”, but rather “I’m gonna kill you.”

  • Max

    So many companies hurt by the recession, here’s another list of companies laying off a high percentage of their workforce. (this list does not include the ones you’ve already heard about) not vaccine related, but caused by government poor management just the same.

    Wayne Allen root put together at 21 page report compiling all of the negative feedback from vaccine roll out.
    “My List of Studies & Government Data from Around World Proving the Covid Vaccine is Dangerous and Deadly, and the Worst Heathcare Disaster in World History”

    Don’t look to the hospitals for help, medical schools have been told that if they’re not teaching progressive principles and woke ideals to their students, that their graduates will not have accreditations to work in this country.

    Big Brother is watching you…

  • Cotour


    Israeli professor: Last week, Twitter censored Prof. Shapira—who was “physically injured” after his third Pfizer vaccine—and forced him to remove a post which said: “Monkey pox cases were rare for years. During the last years a single case was documented in Israel. It is well established the mRNA vaccines affect the natural immune system. A monkey pox outbreak following massive covid vaccination: *Is not a coincidence.”

    Makes sense to me. The government lied about Covid and in many cases forced people to have injected an experimental drug in their body without choice, the government lied about the “Vaccine”, they lied about masks and therapeutics and the Leftist “Progressive” media backed them up with censorship.

    Every such action has the potential to have unforeseen results especially when you are forcing mRNA based experimental therapies on the population of the world. All potentials now exist regarding this biggest human biological experiment in history.

    Pre Covid Monkeypox was never heard much of before except in deepest darkest Africa, but now? Apparently, it’s all over the place. If this turns out to be so, thank you Dr. Fauci and company. The midterms are 90 days away. Coincidence? Or just plain stupid?×580.png

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